Newcastle Grooming Gang

Emergency cunting for the Newcastle Grooming Gang, convicted of the trafficking and sexual exploitation of schoolgirls between the ages of 13 and 16, in a reign of terror that lasted for an astonishing seven years.

Oh – and what a fucking surprise: they just happen to be Kurdish immigrants exclusively preying on white British girls. Yet another case of “misogyny” then since we’re repeatedly told by the PC brigade that despicable crimes like this are definitely nothing to do with race.

These nonce cunts need dousing in petrol and setting alight – four real live Guys on  Bonfire Night: Palla Pour, Ribas Asad, Soran Azizi and Saman Obaid. In fact one of their defence counsels should be cunted as well for offering in mitigation the fact that the defendants had problems with alcohol on account of being so worried about the fate of their relatives in Iraq. Very plausible indeed – . I’m sure we all know people who deal with stress and anxiety by getting drunk and raping a fourteen year old…

Nominated by Fred West.

77 thoughts on “Newcastle Grooming Gang

  1. As some here may know , I worked for HM Immigration in a medical capacity until retirement. ( FME ) Not once in 14 years did I ever meet a genuine asylum seeker. I only ever met a bunch of vacuous retarded opportunistic cunts of the lowest social order, taking huge advantage of the crass stupidity of the UK ( stop me and have one ) Government.

    I have witnessed bungs given, Bungs received, I have seen corruption on a scale that you could never fucking dream of.

    The Newcastle cunts are pretty typical of the twats I have met over the years. Uneducated, unemployable in their own country, and ever ready to rob/rape/take anything that they fancy in the stupid cunt white shites country.

    There was a nasty little cotract deal with NASS ( google it, think, and then get pissed off ) which included most major cities in the UK. Newcastle, we funded Shieldfield,West End, Denton,Scotswood etc. We even went as far as fucking over Whitley Bay.

    None of these turds should ever have been let into the country. Ever! Yet here they are, free to roam, free to rape, free to commit crime, and worst of all, allowed and SPONSORED to breed!

    I am racist ( never used to be ) and I am now very extreme in my views. Refugees my arsehole! Fuch em all.

    • Sounds like a dream job pimple arsehole. Did your work in “a medical capacity” include wearing rubber gloves and giving the kiddy fumblers internal examinations? That duty should be part orf our civic responsibility like serving on a jury. Oh yes, join the queue.

    • Corruption indeed.
      I did some electrical work (cable pulling) just outside the back of a prison recently.
      Naturally, we were assigned a team of prison officers to watch over us, which was just as well, as half the sparks crew didn’t turn up, and they pitched in – decent of them.

      Apparently, the back of the clink is where most of the drones fly in to deliver the usual stuff…hence us being under surveillance.

      Although one officer admitted quite openly that the biggest problem with illicit supplies was…the officers themselves.

      • I’ll tell you the electrical work I would like to do to the cunts.

        A piece of electrical conduit pipe up their arse, followed by the insertion of a length of barbed wire through conduit. Remove the conduit leaving the barbed wire, which I would attach to the back of a fast car preforming a 0-60 mph test.

      • I believe all nonces should be chemically castrated… couple of gallons of petrol over their perverted bits, light a match, and leave to roast until it can no longer scream.

    • I do the occasional locum at weekends in an immirgration removal centre (psychiatry.) As such I can confirm that the above is FUCKING BANG ON! The centres I work in are full of cunts all claiming the have been ill treated in their home country: bollocks.They all demand free health care : dentistry/optical/chiropody,etc. The all claim to be depressed, psychotic , PTSD, etc.. I have read hundreds of bleeding heart letters from NHS staff beggingbthe Home Office to let someone stay because they need this or that drug/procedure, etc.I have personally witnessed hundreds of cancelled removals due to someone not having enough tax payer funded medication to take home. Fuck off: enough for the flight and then fend for yourself. If you kick up enough fuss you WILL be released from a centre. Food refusal nearly always works! I could go on but I will be sick over my phone……

      Oh and the fucking leftie doo gooders that try to help them. Not as funny as the lawyers who rip them off (boo hoo hoo)……

      The system is a joke. You would not believe what goes on. The documentary about Brook House shows you the type of cunts that are detained in them. If I had a pound for everytime I am called racist I would have enough money to buy myself a Justin Bieber wax work model. It would soon be covered in jizz…..

      • Too many of our MP’s working tirelessly to serve them and their every need. While sticking two fingers up to the rest of us.

        Just to claim to the Tories at the weekly squabble that they are doing “the right thing”.

        Now we have them competing against each other to pander to the peaceful cunts needs.

        For the “too many” and bugger the whitey few.

      • Yes Krav, I have worked in many centres, Harmondsworth being one. The IAS, RLC scam was a good little earner, and the regular visits from MP’s ( representing constituents (Really! ) and going home with their little brown packages.

        I recall one case in particular, and I guess you may have come across this one.

        A terror lord from Afghanistan enters the UK with his 18 yr old nephew, having murdered an entire village, and claims asylum from the British Army on the grounds that they ( and the yanks want him back home ), and they will not give him a fair trial )

        He got T/A immediately!

        Fuck the system!

        And in good measure ( and while Im here ) Fuck Kieth Vaz

      • Yes, it’s all very well patting ourselves on the back for being racist and hating the peacefuls and every other foreign cunt encouraged by our hapless system to pile into the UK…but surely we need to save our fire for the real culprits:

        The enabling UK Government, authorities, Parliament, the unions, PC fuckwits, etc – in other words the overwhelmingly WHITE elite indigenous Leftard Cunt ESTABLISHMENT, without whose blessing we wouldn’t be in this hideous situation in the first place.

        Won’t be fooled again? Some fucking hope!

    • Obviously a 100% solid cunting. Well done.
      Didn’t you already hear about these four scum on the BBC & ITV news though?
      No? Neither did I because as usual It’s kept quiet by the PC lets not offend anyone brigade.

  2. Grim and inevitable Fred. I suppose now we wait for the joke orf sentencing. Not so long ago a tariff meant what it said, a minimum term in which to contemplate the errors orf one’s pervy little ways in the company orf bible reading nonce haters. Got to the point now where the good old British psycho villain who loves his mum has virtually drowned in a sea orf multi-ethnic camel fuckers. Can’t rely orn the lads inside to do the bastards any more. Too many orf ’em.

    ” I’m sure we all know people who deal with stress and anxiety by getting drunk and raping a fourteen year old…”

    I do Fred. They are called actors.

    • A member of my wife’s family ferry’s the cunts around their holding pens and he said most end up in prisons and they would be as well renaming the detention centres prisons and save people becoming victims of their crimes and legal aid / court costs.

      Even cheaper just to return them to sender the minute they break the law along with their extended family for good.

      Maybe if they had something to lose and it also jeopardized the liberty of their family, they might toe the line.

      Examples must be set and the right message needs reported in the media. I mean footage of families being marched out to the planes, Con Air style when any laws are broken.

      I can’t understand how someone here on a temporary basis can qualify for British citizenship when they have offended in the waiting process.

      So wrong in so many ways.

  3. A possible uncunting here (although I’m not holding my breath…):

    “Pestilential” Peston has now said that Brexit voters were on the right side of history…

    I wonder if the BBC (Brussels-sprouts Broadcasting Conspiracy) would like to comment ?

    Nah, didn’t think so.

  4. I was never a racist child, or even a racist young adult… Then i saw a pattern, one that could not be by accident and one that cant be easily denied. I can see ‘whats’ going on, plain as day, i can even guess correctly whats coming next (most of the time) but i just cant put my finger on the ‘why’. Why anyone in there right mind would want or allow these camel fuckers in european borders, let alone blighty. What possible benefit could they (or at least the next 3 generations of there offspring) bring to anything, anywhere. Its not as if we are just ‘not kicking them out because it costs too much’, we are encouraging them here, spending vast sums to keep them housed / fed and out of the papers. Why? Ive gone through many whys.. White genocide, ponzi penaions reasons but none really stack up. Why would white MPs encourage a white genocide? Bringing a million low skilled people who will make 10 million more (who will all want pensions) into a country with a pensions crisis will not solve anything. Why oh why….

    • This once great country has unfortunately been lost for ever. Now run by complete fucking spineless cunts (frightened of the PC brigade and what they might say) who absolutely do not know what they are doing nor care enough to try to do anything about it. Easier to do nothing, blame the mess on anyone but themselves and just carry on taking the money.

      • I’d have Icke in no10 before Corbin any day of the week.

        He is well informed and certainly not the stupid crazy cunt “our media have tried to make us think he is”.

        If its not the media trying to control us its the financial / bank cunts, though I heard a rumour our energy companies are throwing crazy amounts of cash around trying to thwart brexit.

        That explains British Gas recent price increase, for us to fund their derailing plans.

        Stumbled across Icke’s website last week and found some interesting reading on it.

    • The EU fuckers didn’t care as they knew they were only “passing through” theirs to get to the land of milk & honey.

      Now they don’t seem to be moving as quick and some not at all so now its a problem.

      We need a “Trump style ban & total shut down” until we know what we currently have here.

      And then start deporting 3 out for every 1 in, until we have control.

  5. Been doing a lot of soul searching. I don’t like to be branded a racist, it doesn’t feel nice. But come to have realised, the term racist is used far too liberally. It’s not racist to recognise there’s a very real problem with race. There are a few brave politicians who try to address the situation, only to be enshrined in a cacophony of protests from fucking Clegg clones. I guess the question should be asked, what %age of terrorists and rape gangs are not muslim. Probably close to minus 273 degrees kelvin.

    • “I don’t like being branded a racist.”…….that’s the trouble,isn’t it? For years people have been cowed into silence by being accused of being “racist.” The word has been used to stifle any debate or questioning of the policy of allowing unfettered immigration by an alien,hostile stream of parasites.
      I am “Racist” (whatever that actually means) and have no problem being so labelled,if it means that I actually want some semblance of realism introduced into immigration policy.

      • Damn right, Mr Fiddler. I’m proud to admit to being selectively racist. Don’t mind an oriental (apart from their treatment of dogs), don’t mind a pleasant bunch of Indians, don’t mind a UK born and bred golliwog. It’s just pakis (including afghans, north africans, saudis, etc – all under the same muzzie umbrella) that I can’t fucking stand. They are (at best) a bunch of self important, honky-hating, paedophile worshipping, smelly, stone-age cunts. I wouldn’t give one a dogshit sandwich if it was starving.

      • I have no problem being branded a racist, if that’s what a British citizen is called who cares about the safety and security of his country, his fellow citizens, his country’s customs, traditions, values, future and its place in society and how other countries look to us.

        Right now our government and media have told the world we are soft touch mugs, easy targets and that’s why we attract most of the scum.

      • Unlike Mr Fiddler, for whom I have the greatest respect, I am not a racist. Unless you count my hatred for the predominantly white, indigenous UK idiots who have facilitated the disastrous betrayal that is multi-culturalism we are now paying such a terrible price for.

        Race alone has always been irrelevant to me. But the importation of alien cultures and their adherents who want to foist their ignorance, mumbo-jumbo and barbaric practices upon us certainly is not. It’s bad enough having to cope with our own religious nutters and political incoherents without importing cunts who want to take us back to the Middle Ages.

        And being told by PC leftard bastards to embrace these cunt cultures or I’m some sort of enemy of Humanity is cuntishness of the highest order!

  6. A few years ago a story like this would have caused national outrage. Not now. It’s just another ” immigrant kiddie-fiddling gang.” story. We have become desensitized by a never ending stream of stories about filth and scum being ushered into this country.
    A while ago I was told that it’s not all of a certain “community” involved in this kind of behaviour,just the odd “bad apple”. No,it fucking well isn’t. These scum will have lived in a “community” which knew perfectly well what was going on…their community leaders,their families,their “work” mates will have all been aware,but will have done nothing.
    I’m sick of reading every day about fucking immigrants and how it’s our moral duty to help them. What? Help them with their raping,murdering,fraud,drug-dealing leeching? Fuck the parasites. Enough is enough. Unless the government reverses the last few years craven submission to a foreign,malevolent “culture”,they will discover that people will start taking the law into their own hands.
    I have no moral responsibility for these scum,nor belief that our government have the will to turn back the tide. Although I’m sure that nobody,myself included, on this site would ever advocate direct action,I suspect that we’d find it hard to condemn anyone who just said “Fuck them” and applied a bit of Old Testament paypack to these valuable contributors to diversity.
    Fuck them.

      • I suffer from a common problem. I am a white male born in England. I am therefore by birth a racist and am not sympathetic to gender bender transgender neutral etc’s.
        must not forget an inbuilt desire to torture nonces.
        Guess what, I have never been so happy in my life I live up to the stereotype big time and never cease to be amazed at how easy it is to wind up so many people. Joking aside we are fucked if we do not curb immigration and the goatfuckers.

  7. I can’t cunt these men, they ain’t cunts, they are shite and filth, they don’t need cunting, they need torturing and then hanging.

  8. Emily Thornberry claims she was groped and flashed at…………you wish you fucking commie cunt

  9. Eagle! Hahaha. If it comes out she has been fondled then deviancy has sunk to an all time low

    • Wouldn’t be too suprised on that one. What is homosexuality other than allowing the pleasuring of your genitals to dictate your every action, decisions and lifestyle choices. Take the dirty dossier.. The tories have a few (openly) gay MP’s, and they are all on there, with the exception of one… From rent boys, bumming to the smell of chanel no5 all the way to the golden rapids… It does seem apparent that these types dont just marry and settle down to monogamy and eventual fuckallogamy, seems every waking hour is dedicated to carnal pleasures (and thats only the stuff they were caught for)… Its apparent that if thats all they think about, they cant be putting much thought into the other things.. You know, like the running of the country or some such…

      • Point of order.
        I is a gay and have lived with a man for 17 years and don’t play away.

        However if Harry the fit tight arsed barista in Starbucks (who also works in a gym) ever has a desire for a fat, balding, middle aged man then I could be tempted…..

      • I suppose you have a valid point. It’s quite possible to be gay and not constantly be thinking about where your next ejeculation recepticle is coming from… in the same sense that it’s quite possible to be heterosexual and have the mindset of a bonobo, but in my unfortunate experience your in quite the minority there – somewhere up with Eskimo ice cream vendors, or desert dwelling pork scratching salesmen. I know a couple of lasses (3, known em for years and they don’t know each other).. all had different jobs / career paths, came out, all joined the police force. Clearly not because of any sense of duty to public protection, but because there’s loads in the force and it’s a veritable mixed bean salad once you’re in there. Oddly enough, they all hate the job, but they seem to have a new friend every other week. Was this a decision based on brains or was it based on something a little wetter?

      • I worked with a large Metropoliran foce for 16 years and in prisons since 1989 ( currently in a female prison). You are bang on! Loads of bean flicking lezzas’s. Always with an agenda and hairy armpits…

      • Indeed, and its the point i was trying to make. What checks / balances are in place to make sure the decisions these people make are in everyones interest or simply for furthering there own gratification. Take Keith Vaz, was his prominant voice in immigration matters a result of him actually thinking that this would be a benefit to us all (socially and economically), with good reasoned argument, facts and figures – or was his penchant for Romainian arse holes (and rooting people who probably wouldnt instantly recognise him) the driving factor? Are these people, whose career choices, life choices etc were clearly driven by their libido making good decisions for all of us? Or simply themselves? If a person in authority had financial vested interests they would be usually be investigated / found out but there is more to life than money for some people. What if there vested interest was the organisation of the best fisting orgy – how can we be sure any decision they make is in anyones interest but their own? Why are these types of questions never asked – The end result of this behaviour is we all get fucked, whether we want to, or not..

      • As long as Starbucks Harry, is indeed Harry with an H and not a peaceful version such as Arri.

  10. I don’t know the ins or outs of what Harvey Weinstein did or didn’t do with various females. What I do know is that all these British split arsed bitches that poked their noses in to give themselves a bit more limelight and media exposure have not come out and said what a pile of cunts those four turdish Kurdish paedos are.

    • Well they wouldn’t want to offend anyone would they?
      Might be seen as racists and we can’t have that.
      How would they sleep at night knowing that folks might think they’re racists, THE most hideous crime imaginable.

  11. These sick p@edo muzzie cunts should be shot, chopped up, minced, mashed, then flushed down the bog with absolutely no ceremony…

  12. Bunch of cunts of the highest order. Btw Fred , found your recent posting about Fallon really interesting.More to follow.

    • Sadly none of the Sunday papers seem to be running with the *real* story – anything more extreme than the usual slap and tickle seems to frighten them off.

      But I ask you again to consider: would a senior cabinet minister really be sacked for three instances of knee-touching more than 15 years ago…?

      • Quite agree Fred. Nothing is as it seems these days. There is a darker and deeper side to all of this .

      • Still very interested myself. Aside from rumour and conflicting gossip / possible misdirection are the specifics out there in the wild yet… ? (If you know the right place to look…) Purely for academic purposes, of course.

  13. I fucking hate muslims. I’m sick to bloody death of the cunts commuting this sort of shite. Surely there’s enough fucking evidence to show they won’t integrate here, deport the fucking lot and if they say no shoot them.

    • Wonder if Adolf left any of that gas hanging about?
      I tell you, Der Fuhrer went after the wrong lot…

      • Yes he did. Funny how the Nazi’s were more than happy to keep Jewish experts alive whilst they needed them: forgers, scientists, radio engineers, etc.

        Look at Israel: A country that produces more PhD scientists, pro rata, than any other country on earth. Anyone who wants to boycott Israeli products would , literally need to go off grid, live in a cave and not take medication!

    • Seconded.

      It’s funny, in my younger days I mixed readily with many races and creeds with no hesitation. But as has been echoed a few times here today, at the present time I feel an increasingly intense hatred building toward certain ideologies and the associated countries at their epicentre.

      There was a time in my life when I genuinely didn’t see or distinguish people based on their colour or background; hard as that may be to believe from my various rants here on ISAC. Years of being ground down however, seeing a huge influx of piss-takers ruining this country with segregated greed or worse, brutal violence; then having to listen to these self-same bastards tell ME and my fellow nationals how bad we are, how we need to accommodate them at every turn, how we must distort our way of life for every fucking Tom, Sadiq and Pavel… no more, just no fucking more.

      Multiculturalism is a badly, badly failed experiment – yet successive bastard shitcunt government insist on keeping it alive, like that mutant dog in The Fly II, as it pitifully lurches around the poor areas of the North and London, fucking up working coass people even more than they already have been.

      I don’t know who I hate more – the fucking invaders or the bastards who facilitated their takeover. All I know is that yes, I look in the mirror and I now see something that is a very close approximation of a racist; at least towards those ruining the country anyway.

      • Couldn’t agree more, ECB… I grew up with Indian Sikhs, Jamaican Rastas, and plenty of English black kids… But these peaceful soapdodgers, those Iron Curtain white wogs, and those Bogo-Bogo Africunts are just mostly (over 90% easy) scum who refuse to adapt, refuse to learn the language and customs, and take as many liberties as possible… As Harold Steptoe said: they are morally, spiritually, and physically, a festering flyblown heap of accumulated filth….

      • Fantastic post TECB, couldn’t agree with you more – though don’t think you’re a genuine racist. I certainly is not…

  14. Wonder if the likes of Emma Thompson, Slagelina, Gwyneth Turkey, Fenian Fuckdoll McGowan, the latest Mrs Rod Stewart, and that ugly dago bint (Paz Dispenser, or something) condemn these flea ridden Islamist child raping human filth?… Of course they fucking won’t… There’s no publicity or money in it for them…. Slaaaaaaaaaags!

    • Many of these actresses (fuck off insisting on ‘actor’ you cunts) were only too keen to get their kit off for many films – Paz Dispenser (lolol) has been in some pretty risque stuff. So we are now to believe that they are innocence personified off-screen… no, I don’t fucking think so.

      Your point is valid and drives me fucking insane. It seems the Western world is so obsessed with demonising the white man, that the multiple evils rising up and threatening the very existence of our society are being given a free fucking pass.

  15. We are Sweden mk II. Imminently due to be permanently destroyed by the ‘religion of peace’ and third-wave feminism. I wish I had been born 40 years earlier.

    I genuinely believe that there is no saving the UK at this point.

    • Never mind Kravvers old thing…just think of Justin Beiber and that’ll sort you out.

  16. The mail reason for mass immigration into the UK is not the immigrants themselves but must surely be successive governments who have allowed free, unlimited and unchecked migration from the EU. Starting with Tony B Liar, to the current Treesa May. Never forget her assuring Andrew Marr that what he needs to understand is that “we do control our borders”. Stupid bitch.

    Integration where I live in East Anglia is clearly not working, and is deteriorating rapidly.

    In recent years we have had a flood of Eastern European immigrants come to our town, many of them seeming low life’s with nothing to offer, plus a growing number of Peacefuls who are breeding rapidly (and the inevitable conversions of existing buildings to mosques).

    As far as I can see the Eastern Europeans add little or nothing to the local community, comprising of men hanging around in groups talking loudly to each other (dropping their discarded cigarette ends and gum on the floor), leering at underage girls walking by (my youngest daughter said they stop once you get past 14), opening gentlemen’s barbers, ethnic food shops and cafés. One local café was asked to remove a “NO BRITISH” sign from their window.

    It is not evident that any of these people work for the NHS or essential services (the main reason that these people are reported by the Remainers to be here in the first place), however there are always plenty at our local doctor’s surgery so perhaps they are all working there. As it is becoming increasingly difficult to now get an appointment on the same day at our local doctors I am suspecting not.

    We also have a large Portuguese contingent, who also do not appreciate our Eastern European friends. This has led to escalating tensions between the two resulting in street fights.

    There has also been a noticeable increase in the local crime rate, the number of crimes ratio being committed by Eastern Europeans being disproportionately higher considering the percentage living here. Some are committing crimes (or are being caught) within a week of arriving here. The local press refers to them as being a local man, however when convicted the name would suggest many are not local.

    We are also getting a high number of drug related incidents due to the gangs travelling here from London which is adding to the crime wave and current unease. The local council is just in the process of selling some land off to Pikeys as they cannot afford the £400,000 a year to run the site. Needless to say, locals not happy, especially as the two groups of Pikeys currently living on the land are constantly at war with each other, so that should add some more work for our local police to sort out.

    In fact, yesterday’s paper included an article about a Romanian family from the town had gone missing. One comment said surely the Romanian family was from Romania? Anyway, apparently have gone back as conditions better back home!

    In 2016 my son was initially refused a place at the local high school (within catchment). Both of my daughters attended there. The reason was that the school was oversubscribed due to the large increase in population in the town. The fact that we had lived in the town for 23 years and had paid our taxes and council charge for the whole time accounted for absolutely nothing. If someone who decided to move here from Romania (for example), did not speak the language and rented a flat 10 yards closer to the school than our paid for house, then they would automatically take priority over us. We had to go through the appeals process. First stage there was a guy there who spoke no English (and needed an interpreter at cost to the Council), and had nowhere yet to live just in case he wanted to rent somewhere. Fortunately, we had a kind and understanding appeals panel, and our son was one of four who won their appeals (waiting list of nearly 200).

    My feeling is that the local indigenous population of the country should get priority over immigrants, and that we should get first pickings. Immigrants who have not paid a penny into the system should get anything that is left.

    The following year a local Indian lying scammer was found guilty of claiming £35,000 which she was not entitled to. The proceeds of her crime allowed her to purchase a second house close to the same school so that her children could attend there. She was found guilty of defrauding the state, and sentenced to a two-year suspended sentence. The judge was lenient and said he would not send her to prison as she had a young family. Understand she had to attend a proceeds of crime hearing (and hopefully sell one of her houses to repay the £35,000 plus interest), however unable to see that this ever happened. Did write to my local Labour MP to investigate but two months later he has not had the decency to respond. Cunt.

    Regarding integration again, my son regularly attends a sports club. One of the parents wears a hijab. In talking she mentioned to me that post Brexit she has experienced racial hatred. I pressed her to give me examples of the types of racial hatred she had encountered, she said nothing in particular but that she could sense it. I suggested whether she had ever considered wearing Western style dress, and she said, “I don’t see why I should have to”.

    I have never considered myself to be a racist in any shape or form, but I now feel that as a white ENGLISHMAN born and bred here I am being continually discriminated against, and that there are different rules for different people. I resent being told by the PC brigade what I can and cannot say, particularly as I consider myself to be a fair, honest and logical person, passionate about the standards we have in this once great country.

    The whole purpose of a democracy is to elect a government who represent, defend and protect the individual rights of its citizens. Not citizens from other countries.

    Successive governments have FAILED to do this.

    Voted for Brexit (as completely fucking fed up with the way things are going and the way the country is deteriorating. Probably too late to do anything now as too many immigrants here and no one strong enough to do anything about it (we need someone like Nigel or Donald in my opinion).

    Not to mention I hate the undemocratic arrogant fucking arseholes in Brussels/Westminster who want to destroy us in.

    Just want us to get out of the EU ASAP. Leave now without a deal is my advice, and stop fucking about.

    Apologies for the rant.

    • Job done √

      Should get permanent stickers to apply to their greasy foreheads afterwards to enable simple future identification like the boys did after a job back in the day.

  17. Ill tell you this fellow cunters Joe Stalin wouldnt be allowing these filthy paedos to be even sentenced neither would pol pot or papa doc duvalier (nor baby doc)
    At the least they should be hung drawn and quartered
    A much maligned man stallin but he got the job done

    • Gaddafi was a good cunt as well.

      He gave his people free gas & electricity. All they had to do was behave themselves and obey some simple rules & laws.

      He didn’t let the cunts through to the Mediterranean for the boats either. Maybe that’s why they wanted rid of him, and he was one of the richest men in the northern hemisphere in a country with no debts to any cunt while we were recession fucked.

  18. This is what you get when the establishment are too scared to approach a violent and vocal minority who in some cities have become the majority. When the City Councils will allow them special dispensation to allow building Mosque, Madrasa, Islamic Community Center, thereby reaping all the Government grants Lets face it a non Muslim is not going to go there it is a ruse. Allow them to breach the sound level and outside the permitted will not issue a PCN to the worshipers. Allow them to wear head scarfs and obscure their face whilst driving. Ultimately the people deserve the Govt they elect and being bought by a good curry they will sell their daughters and mothers and convert. I know I collected over 2000 signatures against a locale Mosque application, all the Sikhs, some Hindus, signed the Indigenous white English Christians did not sign but put there house up for sale! Now they are facing the problem they rant to and now wish to go to go to N.Z Austailia and their women are converting to Islam, or have a sprog that is spawned by a Muslim male. All will call Trump a racist and attack people who point out the modus operandi of the Muslims. Here the MP will not say dare not say anything and even joins them for Ramadan. He will meet with Muslims and champion their cause but will not have the time to address the radicalization, Islamic attacks, and will not take up any issue against Muslims. Jon Ashworth is a Cunt is a cunt is Cunt! You have sold the people of this country down so you can hava cushy salary, and they say MPs want to change the world for the better! They want their pay, their expense. Jess Phillips is another, most rape and grooming is done by Muslim men and focused on non Muslims. I got a flyer through my door stating that to convert a Sikh Women or Hindu women was £1000 reward to the converter and to a Muslim man who impregnates them, A white women was £600. A black Christian women was £50.

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