Lord Adonis [2]

Lord adonis (arrogant cunt) believes that everyone who voted for brexit is an ignorant populist.

I think most people understand that in a democracy a populist opinion is the one that wins the day , and this arrogant ******* is an unelected member of the peerage who sees himself as the only real intellectual in Westminster, apart from the likes of Mr Blair (another cunt) who also views democracy as a nuisance!

Nominated by Karlos

That weasel cunt Adonis is off on one again. While in the Austrian village of Alpbach he decided, while in the church on Christmas day to resign from his duties that Hunchback May had awarded to him. The next day, while skiing on the Alps he was going through his resignation letter. Show off cunt, why didn’t he break his fucking legs or his neck while on the slopes.

Apparently he has had only one job, on the Oxford City Council, where he was voted in democratically so all his other positions have either had him bending over or sucking off those above him.

He is such a fucking creepy little cunt, but I will be buying him a calendar for next year with half the months pulled out, hopefully the cunt won’t see the year out as I or a fellow cunter will pick him in the Deadpool.

Nominated by Ginger Balsac

The Gang of Three

Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg and Lord Adonis deserve a rigorous and sustained cunting with a knobbly Blackthorn stave for going to meet Michel Barnier, to tell him what good boys they were in not wanting brexit and promising to do their best to derail it, the absolute traitorous cunts, they treat the public with utter fucking contempt which is a bit rich from people who are themselves contemptible.

Nominated by Jack the Cunter