Nick Clegg [11]

Nick Clegg. A liberal cunt who wanted to keep the EU status quo so he would always have a job, whether it be in the UK Parliament or in some Commissioner of unelected cunting in Brussels, Luxemburg, Strasbourg or any other “Burg” that Messeur Junkett wants to piss up the UKs substantial contribution up the EU wall of fucktitude.

As that option looks over for Dear I Agree With Nick, open door immigration Cunting Clegg who left the borders open in 2010 in the name of Liberalism to let any old eastern European shitstain in is now leaving the sinking shit of England and heading for sunny California for a cushy job marketing more liberal drivel to a generation of cunts who can’t live without social meejia.

What a cunt.

Nominated by Speakyourmind

Nick Clegg (10)

Well fellow Cunters, I have long since resigned myself to the fact that just when I thought ‘it couldn’t get any worse’….. then it does.
Happily skimming through the usual MSM websites laughing at the usual bunch of SJW, lefties, libtard and snowflakes melting down about Trump, Israel, Brexit, climate change blah blah blah….

Then I see reported that Nick Cunt Clegg is in line for a new year honour….

Christ on a bike, Mo on a flying horse, ‘Sir’ Nick Clegg. Fookin Hell my piss is BOILING.

Please let it be fake news?

Nominated by LeonardoDiCunty

Words fail me.
Well, actually no! They don’t…

Nominated by Dioclese

I would like to cunt the honours system. Isn’t it about time this out of date heap of shite was consigned to the dustbin of history ?

The thing that has triggered this cunting ( which is heartfelt, believe you me ), is the news that Nick Clegg is to receive a knighthood in the new years honours list, presumably for his efforts to derail brexit although that won’t be the reason given. Of all the people that could receive an honour ,this low lying, persistent, lingering bank of perpetual fugshit is one of the least deserving. One can only hope that her maj is a brexiteer of psychotic proportions and takes the cunts head off with one graceful sweep of finest British Steel enthusiastically egged on by a chortling Prince Philip.

Don’t arise, Sir Nick of Cunt, you traitorous enemy of democracy and fuck the system that promotes cunts like Clegg.

Nominated by Jack the Cunter

The Gang of Three

Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg and Lord Adonis deserve a rigorous and sustained cunting with a knobbly Blackthorn stave for going to meet Michel Barnier, to tell him what good boys they were in not wanting brexit and promising to do their best to derail it, the absolute traitorous cunts, they treat the public with utter fucking contempt which is a bit rich from people who are themselves contemptible.

Nominated by Jack the Cunter

Nick Clegg [9]


Cleggers is an utter cunt

But so is AV – we’d have had even more tory MPs if it had been used for the 2015 General election. Clegg should have insisted on NZ style electoral reform referenda, which produced about 70% wanting a PR flavour, but he didn’t the fucking europhile cunt!

...and Miliband’s a cunt too!

Nominated by: Frottom

Nick Clegg wants to subvert the will of the people and swears he'll do everything he can to prevent Brexit. Probably because he sees his noce little cushy EU commissioner job going out the window when we leave.

The words 'traitor', 'head' and 'pole' come to mind...

Nominated by: Dioclese