Harriet Harman [10]


Just read a great one in the Daily Express. Apparently, Harriet Harperson was on the Sunday Politics being interviewed by Andrew Neil. He showed her photographs of seven of the top shitwipes in the EU, including Donald Tusk and Mario Draghi, and asked her to name them. She score 0 out of 7.

That’s right, the thick, feminist fuckwit failed to get a single one right. All she could do was ask, “who are they”?

Andrew Neil replied, “These are the people that you think should be running us. You don’t know who they are.”

She then apparently accused Neil of picking the photos at random, with Neil then telling her who they were. As Isobel Oakeshott pointed out, it tells you all you need to know about the EU, and the Remain campaign. Cameron and Gideon must have been sat at home, screaming at their TV’s.

Nobody has ever accused Harperson of being intelligent, but fuck me, if you’re going to campaign to have Britain enslaved by the EU, at least have the fucking decency to know who the slave masters are.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Harriet Harman [9]


Harriet Harman is another arsehole due a right Royal cunting. The source of her irritation today is the theatre and opera. Apparently, they are ‘too white, middle class and metropolitan’. Which translates as ‘not enough proles and mynoritees are experiencing these forms of cultured entertainment. And, being a patronising, hypocritical, liberal shitehawk, I’m incredibly guilty and offended’.

The fact that anyone can either go to the box office, or go online an purchase a ticket is, seemingly, irrelevant. OK, the tickets are probably pretty expensive, but I would argue that absence of mynoritees and proles from theatre, ballet and opera productions, would indicate that most such people considered it to be pretentious shite.

And why is it only recently that she’s become bothered by these publicly funded groups not attracting a more diverse audience? This was going on when her mob of retards was in government. She didn’t give a fuck then. In fact back then, she probably sat in her taxpayer funded seat at the opera and thought, ‘thank fuck the peasants aren’t interested in seeing a fat cow with steel tits and pig tails singing about how she’s a beautiful 19 year old girl’.

With all the problems this country is currently facing, most of which she and the previous government are responsible for, she has to get worked up about ‘ordinary people’ not giving a fuck about ‘the arts’. Time to fucking quit love. Get me some cheese on toast.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

The Feminista


Been bombarded and thoroughly arsed with this story doing the feminista friendly rounds at present. Only thing to do is to cunt it.

It has not escaped notice that the feminista misogynist cunts are getting a fine old head of steam up in the Guardian, on Panorama and on Channel 4 ect ect about reclaiming the use of the anglo-saxon epithet, “cunt”. Usual suspects such as Harman, Greer, Caitlin Moran ect, ect blame blogging on the internet (surely not) and proclaim outrage at its use as a term of abuse. What a load of cock.

Bugger me if I know, but why are fillies so obsessed with their cunts? They bejazzle ‘em, Brazilian ‘em, and generally femfresh ‘em and whip ‘em out after a few sherberts to entice and ensnare. An item, let us be frank, that in its unvarnished state, smells like a decidedly iffy and very whiffy fillet of fish from the reduced section orf the Co-Op. Dare to decline the offer and one is whacked around the bollocks with charges orf male misogyny and worse. MM – the new leprosy.

Now if any of you young fellow me lads intend to take that fatal step into eternal servitude may I council at least a close shufti at the filly’s dam. That biting prussic tongue, that sagging arse, those tits swinging like a pendulum in a grandfather’s clock. That, dear hearts, will be your beloved in years to come. Take it from one with previous. Generations of Stokes’ have replenished the family coffers by marrying ugly women with money. Delude yourselves now about her finer points but Tempus will fucking Fugit.

Many are the poor young lads that have been scarred for life by their first faceful of the female pudenda and the fillies wonder why it is used as a term of abuse. That mantrap – so difficult to enter but once in, impossible to escape – is a cunt.

Male Misogynist? Moi?

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke