Mo Farah (4)

An EPO-fuelled cunting for ‘Sir’ Mo Farah, por favor admin.

I’ll keep this as brief as possible. I have an interest in sports doping cases and have written minor pieces on the topic across various blogs, over the last ten years or so. I am a clueless cunt in most respects, but this is something I know a bit about.

Recently, the coach who brought Farah all that medal glory, Alberto Salazar, was found guilty of doping practices thanks to detailed USA anti-doping investigations over four years. Salazar’s Nike Oregon Project was instrumental in the coach’s practices.

Simple facts:
– Farah’s coach is found guilty of doping in 2019
– Farah was part of the Nike Oregon Project until 2017 when he retired from athletics
– Many athletes involved in the Nike Oregon Project have been linked to doping or posted very suspicious performances (i.e. Sifan Hassan in 2019 World Champs)
– Various whistleblowers claim Salazar doped with ‘an elite group of athletes’. Farah is arguably the most successful of all Salazar’s athletes to date
– Farah claimed a very dodgy exemption to use approved drugs for an ‘injury’ in 2008 and again in 2014. He seemed to ‘forget’ about the one he claimed in 2014 when asked by the press
– Galen Rupp, Farah’s friend and team-mate, strongly linked to doping
– Nike has a long history in staying faithful to doping athletes, such as Justin Gatlin, Maria Sharapova and cases with the NFL. Those in the know believe that Nike were fully aware about the doping under Salazar

So Farah’s coach, friends, team-mates and associates were doping or involved with doping practices; Farah is cagey about what legal drugs he might have been taking; and his career peaks as soon as he enrols the doping coach.

Based on the USA investigation report, there is just no possible way Farah did not know what was going on.

But Farah must be clean, right guys?

“Why do you care, you fucking cunt?” I hear you ask. No, I’m not some moral arbiter for sport. But the increasingly apparent fact that Farah must have known about doping going on with his coach, not least being involved with it, suggests that he is at best a lying cunt, and at worst a fraudulent, deceitful cunt who may have conned his way to wealth, sponsorship deals and even honorary titles when the cunt, by rights, should have spent his twenties carving doner meat in ‘Ashraf’s Grill’, Highbury.

This isn’t some kind of Earth-shattering revelation; doping in sport is rife. The real essence of the cunting here however is the attempt by the British media to paint ‘Sir’ Mo as an angel, when the facts suggest that he is a duplicitous fucking cunt and no amount of ‘init’ broken English patois can mask the fact that Mohammed Farah is shaping up to be an all-time record holder of cunt.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

Sir Mo Farah is a cunt.

Sir, yes SIR Mo Farah… that is the hardest part to comprehend, shoving your bony ass in a pair of glossy boxers then running like a waiter out the back door of a kebab shop when immigration come calling, does not make a knight of thee. Currently the media is awash with the Albert Salazar (not the best choice of name for someone involved in drugs) Nike Oregon Project being disbanded and Mr Salazar being found guilty by the US anti doping agency. Now one must be careful not to unjustly point the finger in these litigious times, but Sir Mo you did spend 5 years there 2011 to 2017 whence you broke many a record in that period and yes you doth protest your innocence whilst concurrently playing the race card, I feel one could come to our own conclusions on that front.

Sir Mo is famed for his little victory dance, which may bring a collective orgasmic rush to the sports media, but personally it reminds me of something appended to the arse end of a sheepdog.

Nominated by EVENING STAR

60 thoughts on “Mo Farah (4)

  1. I fondly recall Mo Farah in the Quorn TV adverts, heartily endorsing their products.

    Perhaps he felt he needed to make a distinction from his own physical form given the cunt resembles a burnt pork scratching.

  2. I’m sure I’ve cunted this cunt before. The somalian that lives in America is a british sportsperson? Fuck off.

  3. ” Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah” is the acceptable face of integration. The people needed a figure who would prove that importing an endless stream of filth wasn’t a bad thing at all…’You wicked racists,just look at Sir Mo. bringing honour to this country. Never mind his thieving,lying,murdering criminal Somalian roots,Mo. is one of us and he’s a credit”.

    I detest everything about the nasty little Cunt…his faux-patriotism,his stupid little dance,his criminal brothers,his greed,his ability to avoid scrutiny,his playing of the racism card but most of all his dump-truck of a wife and ugly children.

    Don’t expect to see Sir Mo. exposed anytime soon.He’s a National treasure and anyone who says otherwise is a racist.

    Fuck him.

      • It’s always baffled me that Pepperami haven’t got Mo to advertise their products, since he’s the spitting image of the Pepperami character in their adverts. And Pepperami can’t be any worse nutritionally than that fucking Quorn dogshite.

      • He missed a trick there Beemack didnt he?
        Hes a walking advert for pepparami!!
        Quorn is porn for quentins i think?
        Make it from wood shavings and rabbit droppings. True that.

      • I think you’re right, MNC, but I’ll bet my last £20 that Mo has never eaten that shite and never will. If they’re gonna pay some random sleb a fortune, why didn’t they pick Arnie, Van Damme, Dolph Lungren etc.. “I got this physique by eating Quorn!! Honestly!!” Who the fuck wants to look like a stick thin fucking Somalian? Skinny bastard.

      • Wonder if Hollands pies or Boddies bitter would be interested in me for a advert?

    • He truly is a cunt, as I have said before. You’re spot on about the “acceptable face of immigration” – notice they always call him “Mo” and not Mohammed. He’s a Somali, so probably right about the drug taking – in fact, he was probably the one dealing it, like the rest of his chums. Cram and the other BBC cunts were really on a roll bumming him up and saying her had nothing to do with drugs on the recent athletics thing in Qatar. Cram is also a mega-cunt.

      I hope Farah gets done for it, loses his title, and gets deported back to fucking Somalia with his honky bitch. See how she likes it there.

    • Far be it from me to ever be prejudiced or judgemental, ever – but there’s something positively excremental about Somalia.

      Aside from rape, murder, corruption, violence and pirating diddy old seafaring couples for ransom, what exactly is the Cuntry famous for?

  4. Another hero of the BBC/ Sly news bites the dust.
    Lefty types just don’t want to believe ‘our Mo’ would do such a thing as cheat.

  5. Another one of the “Untouchables”

    He can do no wrong according to the Left; and if you say otherwise its quicker to denounce you as an ignorant racist rather than seeking the truth and calling the cunt out!

    And this Honours shit really pissed me off as far back as the mid 1980s when they Irish cunt Bob Suckedoff received an honorary knighthood for his Band Aid bollocks. How the fuck does that work? Plus he hates Britain and especially the Monarchy (or at least he did do when he was a fucking nobody)

    Expect that other umbongo cunt, Dinner Asher-Smith to end up with a fucking knighthood for running rather quicker than other umbongos. Clearly for the likes of “Mo” and Dinner all that time running away from the police in their misspent youth has put them in good stead.


    • Why do most of the dark keys have double-barrelled names? Are they posh? Or is it that most of them are the product of an unwed couple, and more-than-likely absent father?

      Anyway, at least the BBC didn’t have to make up excuses for Asher-Smith as they had to for the rest of the useless cunts on team GB, despite them getting thousands of pounds of tax-payers money.

      • Spot on about the Honours system Techno, and especially that millionaire tramp Geldolf who hates Britain, although not enough to leave his big house in Faversham, Kent where he apparently haggles for tat in charity shops (!) despite £33million in the bank, the festering cunt.

      • Geldof in Faversham I never knew that, what the poor people of Kent have to put up with, a daily influx of immo’s, umbongo’s and euro trash and one of this country’s super cunts parking his bony ass there as well, no wonder they have that Shepard & Neame brewery in town, which I have longed to visit might give Sir Bob a kick in the cunt if our paths happen to cross if and when I visit

  6. I was pretty much neutral on him being innocent it guilty (and didn’t give a toss) until he started playing the race card, “The accusations are racism. I’ve seen this sort of thing with Raheem Sterling.”

    That pricked my nose and I instantly knew he was as guilty as the three year old in front of the Christmas tree with chocolate all over his face saying, “I did’n eated all the Chrismus twee choclits, mummy.”

    And I didn’t realise he was found guilty of doping this year. That was obviously hushed up. I wonder why? (Yes, sarcasm).

  7. Bent as fuck but we all know “the British” never cheat, not even when they are as British as a fucking Zulu with a bone through his nose. Once you have stepped off the rubber dinghy onto the beach at Camber Sands you are as British as Winston bloody Churchill.
    Well not Churchill obviously…..he was half Yank….and a racist murderer. Bad example, sorry. (embarrassed smiley face)

  8. Another Somali cunt who stands out (which is saying something) from all the other Somali cunts.
    I generally don’t like anyone but there is something abaaaht these skinny, never work, breed like rats, arrogant, speak like they’re gathering a massive phlegm, Africunt pikey’s I can’t stand… I dunno we hag it is though.
    They can go fuck themselves.

    • and they’re buck toothed cunts as well. They live in nice council flats in all the best parts of London.

      • Too right LC, apparently they all got here via Holland. They had Dutch citizenship but via the cunt EU got here where they get paid to stand outside their filthy Cafe’s all day, smoking, and shaking hands and contributing fuck all to this country except for each of the four wives having six kids. I mean what the fuck?

      • I know somebody whose family did just that (he came over as a kid from Holland with his parents). To be fair, he’s that very rare thing of a hard working, tax paying Somali (he’s a teacher in a normal government school, so he’ll have no choice but to pay his tax – he’s actually fairly normal and can’t stand most of his lazy, scheming countrymen). But most Somalis came to blighty from Holland because of the burka bans.

        Because we’re soft cunts and have no issue with large swathes of the country disguising themselves from the rest of us, the cunts come over so they can live like it’s the 7th century.

        This is why I get annoyed at those saying the that the burka bans are a distraction from the bigger argument about why they’re here in the first place. I think it’s fair to say that the families that have their women and girls dressed as letterboxes are more likely to be more radical, more of a problem (terrorism, anti semitism etc) and less likely to contribute (pay tax, be on the dole breeding like rabbits and interbreed causing retard and deformed offspring costing a fortune in care and treatment).

        The reason they’re here and not in other European countries, is (in part) because we praise the cunts for wearing their desert clothing! Stop them wearing burkas and watch the more ‘radical’ types bugger off to live with the Indian poofter in Ireland or the suicidal maniacs in Sweden.

  9. Another side cunting got him and others in Athletics, Rugby and Football especially who decide to represent a country they are even born in. FUCK OFF.
    For me you have to have a bit of that nation’s blood, and ideally but not necessarily be born there.
    I could play Sport for England or Jamaica but i would only consider England (if they ever needed a former cokehead kunt) as I am born here and half English by blood.
    So what the fuck are all these Africunts running for Norway and Denmark for?
    Somoans and New Zealander cunts playing for the England Rugby team? Africunts born in Africa playing for England for? And Gina Miller born in n Guyana or somewhere interering in the Brexit process?
    Mcfuck off you cunts. Piss off, and go fuck yourselves.
    I’m off to see if I can represent Japan in the ‘Dodgy Cunt’ championship.
    Go fuck yourselves.
    Ps I wanna fuck a Goth woman.

      • I’m one of the biggest racists out there LC.
        Coming from my background I have this inner turmoil which enables me to see the worst traits in black cunts, white cunts, Ravi cunts, and Jap Cunts, all kinds of cunts.
        Although my discrimination stops when it come to the fairer sex as when it’s comes to pussy I don’t discriminate.

    • As dear old Bernard Manning used to say “If a dogs born in a stable it doesn’t make it a fucking horse”.

  10. Great cunting! I cannot believe this skinny fucker has managed to pull the wool for as long as he has. The knighthood made me want to puke, but is par for the course these days. Recognised for what ? I would love to tie him to the back of my truck for 10 miles and see if the Buck tooth cunt could keep pace. Then when I stop we could see if anyone can recognise him…..ground down about 3 foot. Take your crook family and fuck off.

  11. Sir Mo must be the only Slaphead Somali cunt in Britain who isn’t dealing in drugs. Not that he’s here much any more. As soon as he got a big wedge he fucked off.
    Too many fucking w-gs in Britain.

  12. Seeing this nomination, it reminded me of something I eventually got out of my head, “Practice, protein, practice, protein, practice, protein, practice, protein, practice, protein…” ISAC you can of can’t.

    Mo Farah – wheel barra.

  13. How fucking ‘catchy’ that was eh? Making a letter M on your head just after you’ve cheated your way to victory.

  14. It’s not just the drugs. He’s had 2000 years of evolution running away from rag head slave catchers. African Americans win all the sprints after 200 years being bred like race horses.. But is a cunt non the less.

  15. They drag this cunt out as the poster boy for multiculturalism and how great all Somalis are for the UK.

    He is 1 out of 100,000 of the cunts in the UK, the majority of whom live in Londonistab.

    Now are all of those fuckers pulling in 7 figure salaries, or are they 99.9999% benefits buccaneers pirating the UK treasury? 🤔

    Moreover, is Britain (London) better with or without them?

    They’re also one of the largest “peaceful” groups in the UK.

    They came here because of war (and then kept on coming) and – just as it is now with “so called” refugees evading war zones – most were fighting age men. I say, stay there and fight fucking harder then you lazy cunts!

    All Africunts are cunts but the Somalis sit atop that pile of pointless immigration.

    Mo Farrah is about as British as a good Bordeaux! He only comes here twice a year to pick the sponsors pockets of the Londonistab marathon and Great North Run, the rest of the year he’s in the states.

    He can fucking bide there!


  16. He’s either guilty of taking drugs while working with Salazar or he’s an unobservant idiot.

  17. Though doping is seen as a no no in sport would it not be beneficial to apply doping to fucking useless politicians? Surely a carefully monitored program of mind enhancement drugs coupled with personality stimulaters and duty awareness medications would be to the benefit of all of us and a bright future for our children guaranteed. In view of the current collection of cunts giving it large on the expenses account the only other option is euthanasia if we are to restore credibility in our tiny isle.

    • Euthanasia is my preferred option, I don’t believe there are drugs strong enough to make these cunts do their duty.

  18. Breaking News!
    39 bodies found in the back of a lorry in Essex! Sounds like good news for the taxpayer.

      • Maybe it’s just a sample of the only meat we’ll be able to buy from Europe if, by some miracle, we ever get a Brexit.

      • Like the Python sketch – “Dead dogs for Bulgarian food hampers”…
        Or is it dead something else.

        Mo Farah is a shit. Didn’t some funny little Austrian colonel do a victory jig ?

    • I’ve no doubt the taxpayer will end up paying to bury them although, to be fair, it’s a one-off cost.

    • …now if we can only get the same result for the Lilos coming across the channel…

      Just flicked AL-BEEB Fake News 24 on. It’s being shown on the headline banner but it’s Derbycunt’s fizzog instead.

      Christ she’s looking more like Granny from Beverly Hillbillies every day!

    • The report said the lorry arrived in Holyhead on Saturday, it sounds like a complicated Irish fuck up!

    • They say the lorry came from Bulgaria.

      Bulgaria is part of the EU.

      (Unfortunately) Bulgarians can come here legally (for now).

      My bet is that the cargo isn’t from Bulgaria but from “peaceful” and/or Africunt shitholes.

      The AL-BEEB report “and one being a teenager” – well we all know what passes as a teenager in the AL-BEEB’s eyes!

      I’ll be amazed if the cargo wasn’t entirely made up of fighting age men!

      No tears from me, not even from my jap’s eye! 😛

      Fuck off!

      • If it arrived in Holyhead it could have come via Spain full of North African goatshaggers. I hope somebody is going to organise a candlelit vigil. Unfortunately I have a prior engagement.

  19. Steve Cram didn’t get overexcited in his commentary because he really thought Mo was British. He got over-excited politically- pretending he was British.
    David Coleman got excited because Kip Keino was a fantastic runner. When things were normal.

  20. Farah was trawling world champs in around 7th or 8th place at an age where overwhelming statistics say you don’t get better. Goes to Salazar and becomes the BEST LONG DISTANCE TRACK STAR EVER.

    Why don’t you just fuck off and take the mobot with you , you cunt

  21. The funny thing is , Salazar has been banned for doping offences but apparently the ones not taking them were his best performing athletes.

    Sifan Hassan went to the NOP when he was already under investigation. Wins an unprecedented world championship double and the world mile record in the same year.

    Then cries her eyes out after winning because people think she’s cheating😄

  22. Tar Baby . Always comes to a sticky end. Sir Allsorts should be fucked over big time. Skinny fuck faced cunt.

  23. It’s that fucking heart shape shit with his hands that he does that pisses me off. Every cunt does that now. Cunts!

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