Tim Farron [3]

Talking of Rats extremist cunt (by which I mean he takes being a cunt to the extreme) Tim Farron is now saying that Brexit is the theft of Democracy and and an attack on our economy. The duplicitous cunt has done nothing since June 23rd except attack democracy and a real attack on our economy involves voting cunts like him into parliament and possible power. As Clegg proved the LibDems would sell their own kids to get a seat near the table of power.

What a vomit inducing piece of work he is….the cunt

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

Please an emergency cunting for Tim Farron, I have been wiped out with the flu or some cunt of a virus. I finally get out of bed after being in the cunt for the best part of two days, eat some breakfast after not eating for a day put the telly on and that cunt Farron is going on about the ‘single market’ and blah, blah, fucking cunt blah. Apparently according to him his party are the ones who can represent the 48% and can pressure the government to get a deal for all or whatever. You can’t help but notice his desperation to try and save the Lib Dems who are a total fucking joke after that even bigger cunt Clegg lied about tuition fees etc and joined up with the Tories which is an even bigger joke considering their differences as parties. Anyways Tim Farron is a cunt who needs a kick in the bollocks everyime he mentions Brexit, the single market, or the people didn’t get a vote on the direction we are taking. Fuck it he needs a kick in the bollocks before he attempts to say anything.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt

26 thoughts on “Tim Farron [3]

  1. The Liberal Democrats… Political whores with a fondness for treason…
    Farron is the parliamentary version of a turd… Time he was flushed away…

  2. More priceless stuff from everyone’s least favourite mong….
    Not only is Lily a drooling, talentless, attention seeking, rapeugee loving, anti-British spazmo,
    she is also pig fucking ignorant…

    The aforementioned ultramong deleted the tweet which can be viewed below…. Because somebody pointed out to her that she was in fact wrong and ignorant as fuck… Now old windowlicker will probably be thinking up more ‘Taxi Driver’ style lies to tweet to justify her arrogance and her insane shite… She is a disgusting cunt…


    • I sincerely wish Lily would study the history of slavery. I am not going to bother to insult her, she is doing a fine job of that herself. She is totally ignorant of the world she lives in and yet see’s fit to broadcast her ignorance in the belief she is in possession of great wisdom. What is concerning is the amount of sheep out there who look at Lily as a beacon of light.

      I am starting to believe the theories that social media is in reality a control grid.

      Thank fuck for this little oasis of anti social media.

      Farron on he other hand is very well educated and knows full well he is selling snake oil.

    • Who did we, as in us, put into slavery ?
      And if it is us to blame, we should be forgiven coz we gave the cunts television.
      Without telly, they’d be nowhere.
      But shite, we didn’t invent telly , that was logie Baird, not us.
      What a little cunt.
      Why didn’t she just do the trendy thing and die in 2016 ?
      I see a bleak future for this one.
      Little cunt.

      • Of course the mong never mentions Britain standing up to Nazi Germany and fighting the cunts (who wanted to enslave the entire world!)… Why does Lily always remind me of the hangman from Blazing Saddles?…

      • I wish you’d have left her tweet until tomorrow afternoon, Norman.
        As I’m an insomniac, that little cunt is going to be on my mind all night.
        Usually i can laugh the little cunt off, but not anymore.
        Little cunt.

        Hedy, Hedy.
        That’s Hedly

    • 1) We were the first modern nation to abolish slavery

      2) many white men women and children were in fact abducted and enslaved by pirates who, didn’t give a flying fuck what colour or race you were
      3) young girls (children) are still enslaved today into forced/arranged marriages, mostly by Muslims and Romas

    • I have not decided if Lily mong should live and continue to show what a thick cunt she is or be put to death.
      This latest outburst must be a form of tourettes. Non thinking and just blurted out.
      The cunt obviously can’t read as even a minutes worth of research would have stopped her in her tracks.
      I would mention William Wilberforce to her but not worth the effort.
      Mong faced cunt.

    • I was a milk monitor in primary 7.
      It got me out of class for 15/20 minutes a day.
      Aah, simple times.

    • I used to think he had a little face, but now I think it is his head is way to big. And empty. What a prick.

  3. Awful thing guys… no cunt’s listening to us. The last bastion of common cunting sense, and no fucker is interested (apart from we cunts…). I’m glad I’m old…

  4. A very quick cunting for Meghan Markle.
    This is the Anerican actress cunt of a girlfriend of prince cunt Harry.

    Today she was bleating on about the terrible racism she constantly faces, being a black woman.

    Google her.
    Got news for you sugar- you are as white as Tim cunting Farron.
    Having black hair does a negro, make you not.
    Her mums half cast, but to look at this woman, you might think Italian at worst.

    It’s been winding me up for weeks, the media referring to her race and Harry’s black girlfriend.

    Call a spade a spade.
    And she’s no spade.

  5. God I would absolutely love to punch tim farron’s head in, what a sleavy little cunt he looks.
    I would trust him with 50p for a pint of milk the pink shirt wearing scuzzball. He’s got that Dario Gradi / Jimmy Saville / Garry Glitter look about him.

  6. Oh well, thank fuck for the WEF at Davos. All the usual celebricunts attending to save the world for us. Jamie Olive, Shitkira, Matt Demon. First thing Tess May should do is show her arse when she steps out of the plane. Self important cunts.

  7. The thing that most “Liberals” fail to realise (I put that in quotes because true liberals actually respect democracy) – and you see this after interview after interview – is the fact that we evolved two ears and one mouth for a reason.

    As soon as one of these cunts get in front of the mic or camera off there gobs trott with their brain’s panicking to keep up.

    When they do draw breath they never hear the next question put to them because old brainy-poo is still catching up with what they’ve just spouted.

    It catches up as the next question finishes – having not heard a word of it – and off they go again, much too the befuddlement of the interviewer.


    I saw Lily Allen’s tweat. What does that even mean? Is “cause” meant to be “cos” or ’cause? Or is she inferring Brexit will cause slavery? I don’t know but one thing is for sure, neither does she! Thick as day old porridge that one.


    Finally I’d like to cunt all of the anti-democratic parliamentarians who are going around stating: “There is no mandate to leave the single market! We didn’t agree to that! We need another vote!”

    Well let me tell you now, you greedy cunts looking for post EU gravy following your nondescript tenure as an MP: the mandate was given by “the people” – who you are supposed to represent – to leave the EU.

    The demands were simple and if Cameron had been able to pull it off there’d be no referendum: sovereignty over our laws, sovereignty over our borders.

    You can’t be in the single market unless you accept EU law and the free movement of people across the EU. We don’t want either and therefore the mandate to leave the single market is also as clear as a bell.

    Once again though your (remoaning MP cunts) two ears have yet to work in deference to your gobs, you cunts!

    You can’t be a “little bit pregnant” and so you accept the bastard child and then resent it for the rest of its existence, or, you get rid of the cunt once and for all and make a fresh start.

    We opted for the latter you treacherous remoaning MP cunts! If you don’t like it, leave office and let someone else in who will respect the will of the people!

    Oh but that’s right, you won’t because Westminster is a cushy little number and certainly beats working for a living. So here’s some advice, shut the fuck up for once and give your ears a chance YOU CUNTS!

  8. Cunty bollocks Farron had the brass neck after Teresa Mays speech at Lancaster House to say what was being proposed was “a theft of democracy”.
    You really couldn’t make it up. This from the little turd who wants to stay in the undemocratic EU. Not even a chance democracy theft there actherevis none to steal.
    The worm can’t accept the result and as for him saving us all he can fuck off.
    The best that could be done for him is to be put in a sack and thrown off the nearest bridge.
    What an absolute cunt.

  9. Wish old Henry VIII was in charge now instead of Madame May… Imagine a Traitors Gate with the bonces of Farron, Blair, Miller, Clegg, Izzard, Cuntberdinck, Gideon Osborne, The Musical Mong, Geldof, Albarn, Branson and ever other cunt who is going against a democratic decision by the people of Britain… I’d pay to see them go, the fucking lot of them…

    I’d personally spare Susanna Reid though, and give her a good spanking instead…

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