Francoise Hollande


This dodgy pinko french garlic monkey thinks he can usurp Cameron’s rightful place as Obama’s willy warmer. Now finds himself the only tosser in the ring with his dick out. Merde Alors Francoise!

And no Parliament or Congress to vote against going to war for you so you can zip it up again. France is a Presidential Dictatorship you see, not a Parliamentary Democracy.

So practice taking Obama’s cock up your shitty little arse monsewer. You are Obamarama’s principal ally now. Good luck Francoise.

Enjoy the friendly fire you froggie cunt.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

6 thoughts on “Francoise Hollande

  1. Well said. The war mongering froggy cunt. Remember when they wisely didn’t want to get involved in Iraq? They were cheese eating surrender monkeys then. Now according to John the doped up, giraffe lookalike cunt Kerry they are the bestest of friends, wankers. Childish, pathetic cunts, glad Camercunt got slapped down he would have loved this shit. Hollande is now out cunting the dwarf Sarkozy. That’s an achievement of sorts I suppose.

    • The truly cuntish thing about Hollande, is that he’s not backing O’Barmy because he believes it’s the right thing to do. The ONLY reason the French are being America’s butt buddy is because they think they’re getting one over on the UK. If they really feel so strongly that Assad should take an Exocet up the Champs Elysees, why don’t they go it alone? If it helps, the UN could ask Assad to temporarily change Syria’s name to Rainbow Warrior.

  2. Jamiroquai.

    I had to really concentrate on the spelling of this goons name because he is an enigma.

    A colonic enigma, peculiar to the british psyche whereby thinking that wearing a fucking idiotically stupid looking hat and getting twatted in the face by paparazzi is a cool thing to do.

    Fucking space cowboy. What a wanker.

    In a paralell universe this cunt would have crashed one of his riddiculous sports cars and killed himself outright years ago, but no.
    God is a cruel bastard and we’ll probably have to put up with some kind of hideous ‘comeback’ tour.

    More like ‘cuntback tour’ the fucking poodles prick!

  3. Nigel Slater.

    Would you eat something he’s out his ‘orrible little pinkies all over?

    Thought not.

    Probably been fingering his ringpiece beforehand the dirty little fairy.

    He’d probably like to shove a courgette flower stuffed with goats cheese and drizzled with honey up your council gritter given half the chance.

    Fucking fuck monkey.

  4. This guy is like the monopoly banker, he dips in and helps himself to the money from the european bank (bust it may be), whenever he needs it. The french (spelt with lower case) have always been pedantic cunts. The biggest cunt was de-gaulle, a first rate coward who spent 1939-45 hiding under a table in Berkhamsted, pissing himself. He was so pedantic that both Eisenhower and Churchill excluded him from a lot of the key meetings (including Yalta). Which forced him to stay in Berko and wank himself off (like most of the french cock suckers. The french should be treated as our enemies, the only trustworthy frenchman is a dead one. Paris is a beautiful city but for one thing, the french.

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