Angela Rayner (5)

Open your hearts or your legs for a red rosette cunting for the skanky MP and recently “sacked” wimminz who now has three jobs gifted by Keiro the Clown:

As with the knee photo both eyes firmly fixed on the media

So refusing to take the knee and saying why is now regarded as “waycisr”

Imagine the state of this country if this old whore ever gets her shitty fingers on the levers of power.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs 

47 thoughts on “Angela Rayner (5)

  1. Regarding that photo of Starmer the Farmer kneeling down looking awkward, pork-faced, and constipated, ‘Ranga Rayner looks doable. Not amazing or tidy but I’d say a two-pinter and I’d pork her face.

    • That’s nothing, my dog was a granny before she was 5. Dirty little slut. She was very pretty, but her fanny ended up looking like a spatchcocked chicken. Bear that in mind if Angela ever gives you the come on.

  2. Interesting how none of these cunts even thought about racism or the BLM (even though they’ve been around for years!), until Chicken George got toasted and social media went wild about it.

    Bandwagons come to mind. And I’m sure as shit not going to listen to some slag who not only got preggies outside of marriage but at 16, and without any scholarly qualifications!

  3. I’m not called Dan and I’m not Desperate 😉

    The only politician I “would” was a prime Virginia Bottomley-I met her once and she flirted with me -kept hold of my hand for ages after shaking it, put a hand on my shoulder whilst chatting, then trailed it slowly down my back-at a function with others about. Dirty little minx👍

      • You have excellent taste Norm-just Googled her: Pwhoooar!

        Classy looking lady 😚

      • That Marion Marechal Le Pen gives me the ‘orn too.

        Right wing, probably wants to walk on my back in nothing but goose stepping boots while shouting about invading Poland.

        Gives me the right ‘orn.

  4. Our Angela doesn’t see what all the fuss is about when it comes to dropping to her knees for BLM.

    Black length matters – just as much as white.

  5. The Speaker of the House of Commons can easily clear the House by simply asking Rayner to open her legs!

    In reality I can’t take a word she says seriously. And typically when you’re in Opposition you can slag off and criticise the government’s handling of a particular crisis, knowing full well you’ll never be held to account. And yet as soon as they move from Opposition to Government, they totally ignore any criticism because they think they know best!

  6. If I had my way I would outlaw socialists, communists and muslims from entering politics. Rancid Rayner always bleats about the poor, but her socialist policies would make people not just poor but more poor, then slaves – and I notice Mongela does not respond to my frequent communications asking if she is giving up her mountain of free food until we have no more food banks.
    How many primary schools are there in England again”Angie”?
    Rayner is just one of the more obvious examples of the parasites and “thcum” who allege to be politicians.
    Three and a half years and counting before the plan swings into action, I am counting the days.

    • Vern, you forgot women, socialists, communists, Muslims and women 😂

      And add liberals, gays and lawyers to the list.

  7. I’m white therefore I’m a racist. Now we’ve cleared that up I’m going to admit to being a misogynist because I’m male and homophobic because I’m not gay throw in transphobic because I believe you are whatever you entered the world as.

    I’m also socialist phobic and useless cunts who get elected phobic.

    All that taken into account Angela is still
    A cunt.

    • Theorists of racial intersectionality have rewritten Descartes famous maxim.

      Now it’s – “I think, therefore I’m racist”.

  8. Not sure who is worse – Tits Rayner or her tinned-tuna odour knickered friend Jess Phillips. The fragrant Ms Phillips was on the Jeremy Vine (cunt) BBCR2 show earlier wittering on about misogynistic crimes, right wing terrorism and about how her job is oh so much more than what you see in the televised HOC CBeebies shoutfest.

    You have to hand it to the lefties, they have managed to sleight the term ‘right wing’ so as to reduce any legitimacy it may have in UK politics today. ‘Right wing’ is now a dirty state of belief, held by a few old-guard Tories. The people associated with the right wing are intolerant, nationalistic, small-minded, racist bullies, according to our Jess.

    The left-wing, on the other hand, are lovely, caring, sharing people.

    What a crock of dinosaur shite. Worrying times.

  9. So disgusted was I looking at pics of Rayner that I had to bimble over to St Bees beach and ogle at some of the young totty wandering around with almost no clothes on!

  10. Im going down to the South coast like, King Canute ,and take the knee to stop the invasion of England. Im sure it will work.

    • If you have a boat you could always head out into the channel with some mates and do us all a favour and sink some of the criminals trying to break into Britain. Just a thought.

  11. You cunts must be gay if you don’t want to shag Angie. You only have to look at her to see she bangs like a barn door in a hurricane. I know the Labour Party ain’t up to much but how do you think someone that thick has got as far as she has?
    Angie has somehow, and we all know how, come to represent the lefties against Kweer’s Blairites. She might even be leader now if the cunt had lost Batley. Angie in number 10? As unlikely as it sounds just look across the Atlantic and see who is in the Whitehouse. Uncle Joe is about the same ga ga intellectual level and nobody wants to fuck him!

  12. With all due respect Freddy would you really want to go down on Angie? If so you would probably need a biohazard suit and an awful lot of alcohol.
    God forbid the day she becomes prime minister and goes over to the United States and eats out Nancy pelosi in order to win favour.

  13. BLM are a bunch of racist fucking cunts, who would have this silly bint fired from a position in Parliament. Then, when they come for ‘reparations’ (like the black Ugandans did with the Indians and the blacks in SA and Zimbabwe wid da honky) to her fucking home, getv a bit rapey and bump off her family in front of her, she can relax in the knowledge that the police can’t be called as they’ve been defunded, the stupid fucking cunt.

  14. Does she really bat for the other side? Just because like all politicians she is mad for the bandwagon does not mean that her words are not dripping with wisdom and that we who finance her and the multitude of other fuckwits should be awed that such a person is representing a very very small part of the English population. Or fuck off you woke wankers retribution is coming you culture murdering cunts.

  15. On a similar note, I heard the GB wimmin’s footy team took the knee at the Olympics the other day.

    In front of an empty stadium and, I’m sure, no TV audience.

    I recall on my travels through Asia, desperately needing a shit and running into a Chinese public toilet. The ‘cubicles’ had no doors. I splattered the bowl while two blokes were pissing and other having a shit across from me. They were looking at me, not in a gay way, I think in a ‘what the fuck is a honky doing having a shit here?’ way. It was fucking awful and there was no bog roll too. It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

    But I digress. I had some spectators.

    Indeed, I have had more Asians watching me take a shit, almost in tears, than the number of people the wimmin’s footy will have watching them at the fucking Olympics.

    Fuck off.

    • Way too much information 😂

      However the most disgusting public toilet I have ever seen, the bus station in Heraklion, i still have nightmares 😂

      • Bus station bogs in foreignland can be incredibly bad.

        You’ve just reminded me of bog at Nakhon Ratchisima bus station in Thailand, about 20 years ago.

        Swimming it was, in piss and shit. Dry retched a lot as I was pissing and caused a few locals to laugh. If I remember correctly, there was some cheeky cunt on the door that you had to pay (about 5p) to get in. Not the best ticket I’ve ever bought.

        Still a better ticket than watching the GB wimmin’s football team.

  16. No way can Labour ever be allowed back into power, with no marks like this talentless and vindictive back street slag, in line for a job in one of the great offices of State.
    The Tory party leaves much to be desired, but compared to Labour, they look like world beaters.
    What an absolute shitshow.
    Good afternoon.

    • And to think they had decent men like Tony Benn.. Roy Hattersley and John Smith. might not agreed with their politics, but sure as hell respected them as intelligent and decent people.
      To the vermin that masquerade as the Labour Party these days..beyond depressing.

  17. Angie, Aaaaaangie,
    How did those expenses claims disappear?
    Angie, Aaaaaangie,
    £250 of taxpayers money so you could hear.

    Angie, Aaaaaangie
    Where will it lead us from here?
    Angie, Aaaaaangie,
    With your 3 new jobs from Kier

  18. Angie, Aaaaaangie
    When did those expenses claims disappear
    Angie, Aaaaaangie
    £250 of taxpayers money so you could hear.

    Angie, Aaaaaangie
    Where will it lead us from here?
    Angie, Aaaaaangie
    with your 3 new jobs from Kier

  19. And to think they had decent men Tony Benn.. Roy Hattersley and John Smith. I may not have areed with their politics, but I sure as hell respected them as intelligent and decent people.
    To the vermin that masquerade as the Labour Party these days..beyond depressing.

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