Barack Obama [11]


I’d like to nominate Bollock Obama for trying to whip up a race war to distract the public from drone strikes on civillians, NSA spying and fuck knows what other shit.

This cunt is preaching about racial equality yet thinks nothing of killing innocent kids in Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan or wherever else the cunt feels like bombing. No morals and no empathy just another politico psychopath.

Syria next is it bollock? Get to fuck.

Nominated by: London Cunt

2 thoughts on “Barack Obama [11]

  1. Agreed. The degenerate Kenyan homosexual has to be the most vapid POTUS ever. Never liked the fucker, but he shit it for me on his first day in the Oval Office. He spotted the statue of Churchill in there, a gift from the people of the British Empire to their yank cousins to mark victory in yet another totally unnecessary war, then sent it back to 10 Downing Street. If that utter cunt Gordon Brown had got anything about him he would have told the crackhead that the ‘special relationship’ was fucked into a cocked hat and not to bother asking for UK assistance in any matters whatsoever. Fucking chancer.

    How the fuck he manages to diddle that ugly fucking ape Michelle I just don’t know. From behind, I shouldn’t wonder.

    Note to admin: I have given serious thought to who is a cunt, and more specifically how much of a cunt a person is or is not. Is it possible to have a Hall of Shame, or similar, with different cunts ranked differently according to how much of a cunt they are? I mean, everbody would agree that Eric Cantona is a cheating, frog, scumchester, kung-fu cunt but he’s streets behind Yasser Arafat, Pol Pot, Esther Rantzen or Jimmy Tarbuck, obviously.

    Perhaps a subsection on how much the world would be instantly improved if such and such a cunt were to die? How could London not be improved by the sudden, violent deaths of everybody that works at the Guardian, for example? Maybe a radiation leak in Tony Blair’s house, whilst he is having a dinner party for all his relatives and in-laws? William ‘I’m not a nancy-boy, not by any means’ Hague to die of a prolapsed rectum, live on Question Time?

    Just a thought, you lazy cunts.

  2. A respectful nomination

    Francoise Hollande

    This dodgy pinko french garlic monkey thinks he can usurp Cameron’s rightful place as Obama’s willy warmer. Now finds himself the only tosser in the ring with his dick out. Merde Alors Francoise! And no Parliament or Congress to vote against going to war for you so you can zip it up again. France is a Presidential Dictatorship you see, not a Parliamentary Democracy.
    So practice taking Obama’s cock up your shitty little arse monsewer. You are Obamarama’s principal ally now. Enjoy the friendly fire froggy. Cunt.

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