David Cameron [23]

New Year – same old cunts!

Now, good old Cunt Me Dave has taken a pop at Big Don for his constant ab/use of the ”Fake News” response. Now, admittedly I find Big Don’s use of that term rather tiresome now but Cameron is the last cunt on Earth to be calling him out on that.

Why? This is the same cunt who, along with his servile lackey and ”receiver” Gideon was the ultimate propagator of ”Fake News” in the form of his favourite electoral tactic – Project Fear! These turds often used Project Fear to great effect in the P.O.S IndyRef 1 and the 2015 general election. They also used it to diminishing returns, i.e. the people weren’t falling for their bullshit so much anymore, in the EU referendum last year. These cunts were quite happy to throw out ”Fake News” when it suited them, so for Cunt Me Dave to then get pissy about someone else decrying ”Fake News” has a stench of hypocrisy that stinks worse than what anyone leaves in the bog after use.

David Cameron, kindly fuck off you two faced, spineless, EU mark, petulant, silver spoon up the jacksie, obsolete mule cunt!!!!!!

Nominated by Prime Minister Sinister

David Cameron [22]

The cunt Cameron should have signed Article50 the day after the result was announced.
He is responsible for all of this fuckwittery. The cunt chose to resign and leave the door open to all of these democracy denying bastards to delay and fudge what the majority voted for regarding “Brexit”.

Miller,Farron, The Judiciary, Sturgeon and the rest of the cheating cunts wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on if that fucking shit had done the honourable thing and fucking well signed it before running away.

Blair and Brown might have been total cunts,but Cameron runs them a bloody close second.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

David Cameron [21]


David Cameron has announced he is fucking off, no doubt has a cushy EU job lined up or will tour the US lecturing cunts on how to be a cunt.

Anyways as he is the most cunted of all the cunts, surely he can get a final cunting which is an achievement he can add to his other achievements. The cunt.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

David Cameron [20]

David Cameron's last cabinet meeting

So the man with a van is in and Cameron fucks orf for the last time today.

Traditional to play the white man at times like this and wish him well after his six years orf stewardship orf dear Old Blighty. Indeed some Tory creatures are blubbing a few crocodile tears for “his great contribution” ect ect. Not yours truly. Always sniffed a smell orf fish aboit the man which as we married men know is a sure sign orf a cunt. Talking orf fish, Theresa May has the whiff orf a bum boat in Grimsby.

So what has Cave in Dave achieved? Bottled it against his mates the bankers, lorst a bollock in the jocko referendum, lorst the other one in the EU “renegotiation” and taken it up the arse in the EU Referendum. Stirring stuff what? Nice plum job waiting in the EU, Dave?

On the subject orf the “Quiet Word” have delivered it a goodly few times in me career and received it once so know orf what I speak. Bugger me, has been positively deafening over the last few weeks. Boris Johnson, Gove, Leadsom, Corbyn (but the old trot is too deaf to hear). Blood an’ gonads all over the shop.

Much talk orf a “new politics” arising from the carnage. End orf the two party system, end orf Labour, end orf Tories (certainly end orf pathetic LibDem tossers) ect ect. Time for a new party, time to strike, time to have a Quiet Word. Vote for Dioclese and get a real cunt in Parliament. Rally behind the stone faced one. Support and vote CUNT (Citizens Under No Tyranny).

Fuck orf “Call me Cunt” Cameron!

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

David Cameron [19]


I think David Cameron needs a cunting before he leaves number 10.

What a stupid cunt calling a referendum because of UKIP and now losing his job and forever being remembered as a cunt who caused his own demise. I voted to leave the EU, so I can take pleasure in knowing I helped the cunt to fuck off. Now let’s hope that Gideon Osborne fucks off as well.

Labour are a fucking joke as well, I come from a working class Labour voting family but I can’t vote for those cunts anymore. The BNP wouldn’t want a half black cunt voting for them I guess so that leaves the Liberal Democrats and they can fuck off. What a piece of cunt.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt