David Cameron [23]

New Year – same old cunts!

Now, good old Cunt Me Dave has taken a pop at Big Don for his constant ab/use of the ”Fake News” response. Now, admittedly I find Big Don’s use of that term rather tiresome now but Cameron is the last cunt on Earth to be calling him out on that.

Why? This is the same cunt who, along with his servile lackey and ”receiver” Gideon was the ultimate propagator of ”Fake News” in the form of his favourite electoral tactic – Project Fear! These turds often used Project Fear to great effect in the P.O.S IndyRef 1 and the 2015 general election. They also used it to diminishing returns, i.e. the people weren’t falling for their bullshit so much anymore, in the EU referendum last year. These cunts were quite happy to throw out ”Fake News” when it suited them, so for Cunt Me Dave to then get pissy about someone else decrying ”Fake News” has a stench of hypocrisy that stinks worse than what anyone leaves in the bog after use.

David Cameron, kindly fuck off you two faced, spineless, EU mark, petulant, silver spoon up the jacksie, obsolete mule cunt!!!!!!

Nominated by Prime Minister Sinister

19 thoughts on “David Cameron [23]

  1. What’s this posh cunt up to these days? Obviously I know he’s raking in money hand over fist, that’s a given, but anyone got any info on the bastard? Is he, for example, still offering his dick to the local swine?🐗
    Fucking cunt.

    • I think he is ment to be writing his memoirs FF, a £1.5 million advancement is some pretty expensive loo paper. Also got himself a special ‘writing shed’ for the task at £25,000 for a bit of peace and quite in which he can summon his inner cunt or get blown by Peppa the Pig.

  2. If he’d just said “come back on 24th June and give me an answer” and then cracked on with his job he could have been a legend. As it is he’s a cunt purely for not recognising that, and for running off in a hissy fit.

  3. I just thought……if Cleggy gets a knighthood how come Call Me Dave doesn’t get one? Oh yeah…..he’s the cunt who gave us a referendum and dropped his rich mates in the shit because we didn’t vote the way we were told.
    Silly cunt Dave……they won’t forget that in a hurry. Don’t expect an invite to the Eton Speech Day anytime soon soppy bollocks.

    • If Brexit is judged a failure, he’ll be blamed for giving us the referendum. If Brexit turns out to be a success, he’ll go down in history as the leader who assured us it would be a disaster.

  4. He of the pork sword, has rightly kept a low profile since leaving office, and has retreated to a new employment working for Greggs . His expertise in pork fillings has landed him a well paid job on the production line of sausage rolls.

    “Call me Dave” is of course the deluded cunt who came back from the Fuhrer Bunker waving a piece of paper saying “all is well , I have a good deal with Europe “.
    Well. We all know that the useless little shit had in fact negotiated fuck all of any kind. The gobble stains all over his tie were a complete giveaway, as was the stench of Merkels box on his breath.

    To fuck off and not follow through on delivery, is the hallmark of both a coward and a cunt who has sold his soul . Hang in there Dave ( with Greggs ) I hear they are starting a new line in pork products……..Cunt!

  5. It’s a tradition in our household, every January 2nd we gather around the stereogram and tune in to James Obrien in the hope that maybe, just once, he comes back less of a cunt than the previous year. But nope, he nails it every fucking time.

    • Did O’Shithead by any chance mention:
      This country is entirely dependent on hard working tax paying immigrants.
      Brexit is a disaster
      Trump is a racist Nazi sex offender

      Just a shot in the dark

      • Within 30 seconds (literally!) O’Shithead had blamed rail price rises on Brexit, via the fall in the £…ffs!

        And the poor chap couldn’t get his head around why Lord Adonis was not being universally praised to the heavens…

  6. Id sooner have my whole family raped and murdered before I’d have them witness men chanting while in the possession of tiki torches! FFS

    Murderers and drug dealers on my server?! no problem but white nationalists with tiki torches who are concerned with forced immigration absolutely horrifying and frightening no way jose https://i.redd.it/qz5y4rd8oj701.png

  7. Wankers who can’t drive properly in a bit of rain, and arses who join a health club in January …. Yep, them cunts….

  8. The correct meaning of ‘Fake News’ is surely a fabricated story with little or no element of truth at all – like The Sun and the Daily Mail habitually do, or like the Republicans and Fox News did with regard to the Clinton Pizza Parlour lie or the lie regarding the murder of Seth Rich – knowingly false “stories” deliberately invented by journalists for commercial sensationalism and/or to support the media outlet’s political agenda. But the lying orange cunt Trump, and increasingly others on both the right and the left of the political spectrum, now routinely misuse the term to dismiss anything that contradicts their preferred political narrative – even when objective independent research and/or objective independent fact-checkers can prove that their preferred position is either tenuous or downright untrue. Since it’s the media’s job to hold power to account – and Trump, like all demagogues, evidently has no wish to be held to account – the strategy is to use accusations of “fake news” to smear and denigrate the press so that his supporters will hopefully disregard any problematic revelations. I bet Nixon is turning in his grave, thinking “I wish I’d thought of that…”

    Very pleased to see the fat cunt Trump win the Overseas Cunt of the Year with TWICE the number of votes of Bono. Perhaps a “Bono” should become a measure of cuntitude? Two Bonos to the Trump. One and a half Bonos to the Morgan, etc?

  9. Cunt Cameroon will go down in history as the biggest coward ever to hold high office in this country. What the thick cunt should have said before the referendum was that he would sit on the fence as a neutral and then whatever the result would have done he best to back that decision. Their problem was that they didn’t see an out vote as a possibility, got their sums wrong big time and left themselves looking completely incompetent. The soft cunt was like a kid caught with his hands in the cookie jar who’s first thought was RUN!!! Cunt.

  10. Didn’t he go to “the other place” as Uncle Monty once said? Says it all, fucking Etonian cunt. O.H., myself (expelled – cunts).

  11. Old Hancock is a cowardly cunt of the highest proportion. I hear the music for Pythons’ Sir Robin play in my head whenever I see his shiny face.

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