David Cameron [22]

The cunt Cameron should have signed Article50 the day after the result was announced.
He is responsible for all of this fuckwittery. The cunt chose to resign and leave the door open to all of these democracy denying bastards to delay and fudge what the majority voted for regarding “Brexit”.

Miller,Farron, The Judiciary, Sturgeon and the rest of the cheating cunts wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on if that fucking shit had done the honourable thing and fucking well signed it before running away.

Blair and Brown might have been total cunts,but Cameron runs them a bloody close second.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

25 thoughts on “David Cameron [22]

  1. I’ve never recovered from the cunt announcing that the achievements of which he is most proud are legalising gay marriage and committing the U.K. to a massive overseas aid budget. What a legacy…what a fucking heap of shite,more like.

    Right from his “hug-a-hoodie” idea through to his “project fear” campaign during the Brexit campaign,the man has shown himself to be nothing but a weak,self-serving,shallow shit-stain of a man. Eton must be so proud to have produced such a quintessential example of a true cunt.

    Hurry up and feature in the Dead Pool,you cunt, it’s the only way I ever want to hear of you again.

    Hope your cock-sucking fag, Gideon, gets buried in the same coffin after suffering a bout of lock-jaw while pleasuring his master and you bleed out while Gideon quietly chokes.

    • Cameron and his batty boy, Gideon were priceless…
      Cutting our armed forces down to a ridiculous size, treating people out of work like convicted criminals, treating the sick and elderly not much better, favouring their fat cat corporate cunt mates, Being more soft with Merkel than Chamberlain was with Hitler, crippling public services, and their ‘Big Society’ bollocks… A prize pair of complete cunts…

      Would still do Sam though…

    • apparently obummer told dave to keep quiet about the trident missile test failure and that he’d give him a live pig to fuck

    • Etonians do not recognise the term cunt,they do however have an expert knowledge of cock.Both Gideon and that nice man Mr C have been described to perfection by the collective in these posts. Well cunted everyone.

  2. Cameron is a pig fucking cunt and another douche bag that has plenty of money in his pockets. He is a spineless cunt that ran off after the referendum when he should have stayed and followed it through. Camcunt thought the remain vote was inevitable, even after his shambolic showing when he went to the EU and said he had got Britain a good deal, the fuck it was. Doesn’t get my blood pressure high like Blair does, but he is still a fucking wimpy cunt.

    • He is a pig fucking cunt, but nowadays when I hear about him, i keep thinking that lucky pig fucker gets to root Samantha.
      How dirty must she be if she fucks a guy who’s fucked a dead pig?

  3. Just been checking Sam Cam out in her swimwear birdman, fit to root as hell. I imagine she is a dirty bitch and takes it up the shitter. Must remember to get the Mrs a Sam Cam face mask.

  4. Camercunt sold himself on his 2nd term as a man who would lead the UK out of the EU if we didn’t get change, offering the referendum only because he thought it was a fore gone conclusion that remain would easily carry the day, project fear had battered the Scots in their referendum and he thought when all his big guns like the IMF, CBI, the treasury, BOE , Obama and majority of the government inc assorted quislings like clegg, farron and co came to bear down the leavers would lose their bottle and go with the status quo, he made no contingency for losing.
    He made absolutely no effort in his re negotiations, it was stage manage, tusk came to Downing Street and was seen frowning and leaving early, implying camercunt had given him the news?, off he went into the lions den to fight for the UK?? And came back with virtually nothing, in fact as brave Dave was on his way home smug EU super cunt Shultz was on Sky tv saying anything that had been promised could easily be changed!!, poor camercunt sold out before he had arrived home.. I believe it was completely deliberate to make referendum not legally binding, a kind of safety valve, him falling on his sword ditto!, he had promised to activate 50 immediately after referendum!!
    This weasel apparently now makes £100,000 for an hours work … Jobs a good un!!

  5. A nugget for fellow cunters. When Cameron occasionally mentioned he was holidaying in Tuscany at a “friends” house, it was actually his.

    I discovered this after reading an interview with another cunt Angelo Galasso, who mentioned having to meet our dave to discuss property borders.

    It’s the wild oinkers on dave’s plot that have my sympathyies.

  6. Apparently all the luvvie cunts are going into snowflake meltdown: because Big Don is going to cut almost all ‘arts funding’.. Well, if the cunts are upset they can blame the likes of Schnozzer Streep, Madogga, and Ashlley Judd (Who She?) for getting up the President’s nose…

  7. Why is Pepper Pig running away from Dave?
    Is it because all that running he’s doing has made him want a bacon butty?

    Run Pepper, run……

  8. I never like him as PM, a spineless waste of space surounded by twats like Osborne.

    His wife is a leathery old dog too, would be like fucking a Punch and Judy puppet.

    Typical born with a silver spoon never had to work a day twat who will never have to live with the chaos he helped create.

  9. Just heard David Cameron, the biggest cunt in history, has been involved in a runaway car accident, apparently his emergency brake did not work. He has been named as the sole nominee for a new category at the oscars, The best and biggest cunt by nature with no acting required. Oscar winning cunt.

  10. Cameron is a massive arrogant, ham faced bellend , he and his creepy mini me pet gimp Osbourne thought they could scare the British public into voting to remain in the EU.
    Anyone who even dared to question immigration was dismissed as a ‘little englander’ or xenophobe. He maybe could have won the vote if he hadn’t been so spineless when negotiating with that troll faced munter Merkel but like every MP they hand their bollocks in at the door when they enter Westminster.

    Well, you silver spooned shit stain , like Southern Rail the EU gravy train has been cancelled and is going nowhere .

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