Chris Spivey [4]

Gentlemen and fellow cunters, there just has to be another priority, headline, emergency cunting of Chris Spivey and his sycophantic moderators. Go and have a butchers at his latest rant after his appeal was rejected and his fine increased. The absolute zenith of cuntitude.

Nominated by Grumpy Old Cunt

63 thoughts on “Chris Spivey [4]

  1. There aren’t many cunts I would seriously consider travelling to go and find and give a beating, but this cunt is worth serious consideration. The utter cunt.

  2. Yous are all fools, Chris Spivey doesn’t exist.
    They just photo shopped a pic of a bald guy outside the court.

    The doss cunt claims Lee Rigby didn’t exist and his family pics were photo shopped, then says his family didn’t care for him until his murder ( by a pair of cowardly cunts who should of been hung for treason).

    Make yer mind up ya doss cunt.

  3. It says in the mail that he’s a retired tattoo artist.
    How much of a doss cunt is he to retire from tattooing, when every cunt and his dog are getting tattoos ?
    This is boom time in the tattoo “industry”, yet this cunt retires and asks for donations.
    Get a clue ya madman.

  4. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Need I go on, the fucking slimeball cunt deserves a fucking good pasting.

  5. Maybe stick this tit rash of a man in the cell of the killers? I think Mr Spivey would go down well in prison (quite literally) he looks like a cast off from Right Said Fred. Tattoos are minging and common as muck now, tattoos are for boring people to make them appear to look more interesting. Mr Spivey, pull your lip over your head and swallow and your a stinking slap head – I’m a slap head too so I’m entitled to say that!

    • When I was young, I was violently raped within minutes of being sent to jail.

      You don’t play Monopoly with my uncle….

  6. Pure vermin, looks like some cunt off one of those channel five benefits programmes. What a steaming bag of piss.

  7. Is Spivey Happy Merchant now?! Maybe its just me but he looks like a untrustworthy jew in the above photo like a Sir Philp Green level of untrustworthy. I’d rate him 3 philp greens/ out of 10 philp greens as a point of reference

    • Still has it, the corrupt cunt saying he is shifty is sugaring coat what a horrible speck of shit Green is.

  8. Looks like the third brother from Right Said Fred, the one they kept chained up in the basement for 30 years and used as a cum dumpster

    • Right Said Cunt more like I contribute that song Too Sexy sickening existence to the cancer that is europop/dancepop. Your right tho he could be a surprise guest to replace one of the brothers of RSF and nobody would know the cunting difference

      • I think he looks more like the cunt who used to do the tango adverts. I was really pissed off off when it was deemed unsafe to creep up behind someone and slap their lug holes. I would like to do that to spiveyyyyyy as long as he had a couple of hand grenades hanging from his lugs.

  9. Well done! You’ve just given the cunt exactly what he wants – publicity and numbers on his hits counter.

    Ignore the fucker. Deprive him of the oxygen of publicity otherwise you’re a bigger cunt than he is…!

    • I agree but cunting is surely paramount? I had never heard of this cunt so I naturally put the hit count up by checking on him .Fuck me running, what a pathetic cunt and more important the absolute de luxe cunts that support the site, all conspiracy mad wankers.
      Makes you despair at the dregs of cuntitude washing about tin the bowels of our society.

      • I looked at his site once, after first discovering ISAC. A shite spouting retard pandering to other retards with nothing better to do than drink it all in. His followers seem to use his findings mostly as justification for not working for a living.
        Depriving him of oxygen sounds like a wonderful idea though…

    • I agree that this Spivey creature relishes any kind of publicity… He probably even saw the Rigby court case as a coup and a day out…

  10. Emily Ratajkowski is a cunt..
    This dizzy tart (who obviously has a brain the size of a smartie) cracks on she is a ‘feminist’…
    And her contribution to the ever raging equality debate?… Her feminist gesture?… Selfies of her flipping the bird with her tits out, alongside that other professional slapper, Kim Kardashian… If these two trollops were asked about feminism, they would have to get one of their ‘servants’ too look it up in a dictionary.. Thick as fuck… And these stupid slags wonder why they’re not taken seriously and object when they are objectified… Yet they use sex and flashing ever part of their anatomy to sell themselves… Scrag ends…

    • I wonder if she’d wear a burqa with transparent bits for her lady parts as a symbol of ironic support for her oppressed sisters ?
      Answer : No , because she doesn’t get irony and her face would be covered , so she wouldn’t get the publicity she so richly deserves….fatuous cow…

      • The daft cow also appeared dancing around billy bollocks on the video for that pile of shite ‘Blurred Lines’… A song that glamourises rape and violence towards women… Ask this daft trollop who Pankhurst or Astor were and she wouldn’t have a fucking clue… One can imagine her views on Joan Of Arc: ‘Yeahhh… Joanie, my sizter! She got in trouble with sexists cuz she burned the steak!’

  11. Whilst it’s probably correct that simply ignoring SPivey is probably the best policy it might be worthwhile for those unaware of his ‘record’ to give a brief resume:
    1. Lee Rigby ‘didn’t exist’. The whole incident was a ‘false flag'( not sure who the 2 men serving long prison sentences are then)
    2. A roof that collapsed at a car showroom in Milton Keynes was a ‘ false flag’ (yes really).
    3. The 2 girls who lost legs at the Alton Towers accident were ‘ crisis actors’ he did a full ‘forensic’ photographic examination of this incident which ‘proved’ precisely nothing.
    4. No one died in the runaway Glasgow bin lorry incident. More ‘crisis actors’ and another ‘false flag’.
    5 . No one died in the runaway lorry incident in Bath. The lorry company owner and his mechanic were recently found guilty of mention of this on SPivey. An apology? Surely you jest. one died at the Paris nightclub incident
    7 no one died in the Nice runaway lorry incident.
    8 a four year old girl who recently died of cancer, didn’t, it was all a ruse to raise money through gofundme.
    9. No one lost limbs at the Boston Marathon. They were ‘crisis actors’ of course no one who knew they had already lost limbs before the bombing. Came forward to mention that , no doubt they were all part of the ‘conspiracy’.
    There are probably more I have forgotten,but naturally he thinks the moon landings never happened and Holocaust is ‘exaggerated ‘
    And all this astonishing investigation is done from the comfort of his front room. To be fair to him the MSm media have accused him of being on benefits, he insists he isn’t. Just have to take his word on that.

    • He does rant on about his daughter who had to spend years in hospital with a spot the size of Vesuvius on her clock. Mind you now she is 15 she is growing nicely into the cuntish mode made famous by her blurt of a father. And who the tuck is the hag who hangs round with him outside of court. He doesn’t work because he doesn’t have to. In his last rant about the young girl, now dead, he accused the father of making money out of gofundme or whatever it is. Strangely, on the home page is a banner begging to have his fucking half wit visitors / contributors / supporters fund his sat on his big fat arse doing tuck all lifestyle typing shit and the cunt even accepts PayPal!!! And people actually do pay this mound of blubber to write the fucking white. An excerpt from “Barry from Port Talbot”. “I’m a bit skint myself this time of year Chris but I can always find a tenner to keep up the interesting and informative website, keeping us informed of all these plots and scams carried out on the public”!!!!! Seriously ?? How come I could never find a “Barry” when I was going through my “Son of Nigerian oil chief who wants to give you a million for your bank account details” phase?? Spot on cunting though, the man is masquerading as a human being, a real cunt in cunts clothing. Finally fellow cunters, he insists he is suffering from some sort of dreaded lurgy, personally, If I had the time / interest/ energy I would love to turn the tables on the big fat useless cunt and do a parody of how said big fat cuntish useless arse scab has been ripping his disciples off since day one. He didn’t say if it was terminal or not, sadly.

  12. Some bloke was in Sainsbury’s at the fruit and veg isle and his granddaughter aged six turned to him and said “Have these apples been named after Jo Cox?”

    Wonder if they’ll name some bananas after Gina MIller?….

  13. Debra Messing is a cunt…
    This (very shite) actress and self proclaimed ‘activist’ (Ha fooking Ha!) now wants a ‘virtual march’ to show solidarity with migrant parasites and rapeugee scum…. This is what the daft bitch tweeted: ‘I join the Virtual March in solidarity with Muslims and Immigrants’…

    Virtual march?! As in a march that doesn’t exist?… A march where nobody actually marches?… I also notice that this cunt was nowhere to be seen at the actual marches that happened last week… But a virtual fucking march?! What an airheaded botox filled clueless fucking mongtard of a cunt…

    And that celeb filled faggotfest, Will & Grace was fucking shite…

      • I meant to say remove the mask and shave off the hair Worded it wrong meaning her face is as ugly,hairy as the chewie mask

  14. Had to google the cunt and now I wish I hadn’t. He has added to the cunt overload that infests the world. Would be nice if some squaddies explained things to him sometime.

    • If you ever wanted to explore the real depths of cuntishness in this country , I dare you to read the replies from this cunt’s followers. Best not because you will be taking a broadsword to the furniture, the dark deep depths of mindless Wankshire will drive you to mindless violence…

  15. I want to cunt Arachnophobes…..Sorry.

    WTF is that all about, fucking spiders are tiny, compared to us and it’s mainly ladycunts that are terrified of the Incy wincy’s….Oh and my boss (a fella)

    Only today at work when I was deep in concentration (dozing off), did a blood curdling scream reverb around the room, I leaped up, thinking something terrible had happened, only to find one of my lady coworkers, acting like she was being attacked by a Velociraptor!

    As a friend to the Arachnid, I went over, cup in hand, expecting to see a spider the size of a cat, only to find it was tiny! And I mean tiny, I had to put my glasses on to see the poor thing.

    The ladycunt in question who seen this terrifying monster, had to go out for a smoke to calm her nerves.
    The poor spider, was understandably terrified, it had rolled into a ball and pretended he/she was dead.
    Don’t Arachnophobes realise the tiny spider is more scared of us, given one whack with a slipper flattens them on contact with the sole?

    I could half understand it if we lived in Oz, nasty little bastards they are, one bite and you’re history, but the uk?

    • I love spiders – fascinating wee critters . Anyone who casually kills them is usually a cunt .Those people who scream and flap about when a wasp appears are proper cunts as it’s never them who get stung but those poor buggers around them . Could be a metaphor for life …wimps hit out and innocents get shafted.

      • I watched Spider House on the beep some time ago, it was fascinating.

        I never kill them, they eat flies and I hate flies, the dirty little cunts.

    • I’m not bothered by the small ones it’s the big ones you get towards the end of Summer.They run out from under the sofa at about 50mph – cross the room and disappear under the telly. I would never kill one – I even help them out when their stuck in the bath.

      • We had one like that, we called it ‘lightening’ it took us two weeks to finally catch it, bless it.

    • Forgot to add, spiders eat flies, that gives them the upper hand, therefore spiders are the dogs…..

      I fucking hate flies, the dirty little cunts.

      They sit on dog shite, puke up on it and suck it up…..Hmmmm lovely.

      They then land on your alfresco lunch, without wiping their feet, Puke up on your burger and suck that up, if you don’t swipe them away quick enough.

      Dirty ‘orrible little cunts….

  16. Has any of yous (how do ye spell yous?) ever watched the Kardashians ?
    It started over here about a month ago on late night telly.
    I ignored it at first, just stopping for a couple if seconds and then moving on.
    But last week, with nothing else on telly, i gave it a go. Purely for research reasons.
    I’m aware that “reality” telly is nonsense, but these rich cunts take the piss.
    I should be able to list off loads of reasons that makes them cunts, but i cant.
    Why can’t i ?
    Coz the cunts do nothing, NOTHING. They are just a bunch of brain dead fuckwits being shepherded by the mother.
    Thick as fuck the lot of them.
    The reason i bring this up is that it has made them wealthy and famous as fuck, yet they come across as care in the community.
    Give it a geez, if you haven’t already and you have nothing to do. You get to see kanye West in all his gormless big jawed glory.

    The strange thing that got me was that Bruce Jenner was a pretty funny guy who pissed the rest of them off. Yeah, you heard right , the Bruce was funny and kind of cool in a crazy old uncle kind of way. And then he became one of them.

    Did you know Kim Kardashian used to be a PA for the Lohan ?
    And then she sucked cock on camera.

      • Jings crivvens help ma boab, thanks for the warning Andz.
        Just googled her.
        Speechless, I’m fucking speechless.
        Biggins is more attractive.

    • My daughters watch it. What a shower of insignificant small minded crisis ridden cunts they are. All they fucking do is either eat a bowl of salad from the big fuck off fridge or bitch about some meaningless event like the son’s got a cork stuck down his fucking eyehole or something. A sad sad indictment of our modern society. My poor old swede is getting evermore kettled.

      • “A sad, sad indictment of modern society”
        That was my point, but forgot to add, cheers Kendo nag.
        The money the whole lot of them have made and its on its eighth season, only proves that there’s a lot of fuckwits out there.
        A strange brood.

      • It’s fucking worrying what the hell the kids are gonna grow into. I know you can say that about all younger generations but with the advent of what mr Collymore calls sowshull meeja, this muck spreads like a forest fire. The worlds in for a rocky ride.

    • Wasn’t their proper (now dead) dad the uber cunt that got OJ off????
      The wife watches that mind numbing crap, they are self obsessed wank stains and it’s nothing but a shitter version of the ozbournes.

  17. Do yous get the Orange adverts where every cunt sings the Beatles song All You Need Is Love ?
    I’m in no way a Beatles fan and I’m even less of a one now.
    The ads are just copying a scene from Snorting Hill.
    There are a few variations of the ads, but every one has a cunt singing “love,love,love” and then everycunt and his Yoko joins in for the chorus.
    Its been going on for months, and you’d be amazed how quickly i can grab the remote and press mute, sometimes before the first “love”.
    So fuck these annoying ads, fuck the Beatles and fuck Paul McCartney,Yoko and Ringo for still squeezing money out of an old steaming pile of shite.

    • Magical mystery tour, was I thought a great album but was weighed down by the horrible All you need is love syrupy shite which bookended it. I think Magical mystery tour was even better then the overrated Sgt. pepper shite 3 good reasons to hate the beatles all you need is love , let it be and Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

      • Until my twenties, i though Ob-la-di-ob-la-da was a nursery rhyme, no joke.
        And then one day a mate put a Beatles tape on.
        I couldn’t believe that was a song by the biggest band ever.

        I do like Glass Onion and Rocky Raccoon for fun and While My Guitar Gently weeps is pretty great, but that was George Harrison i think.

      • ‘Gently Weeps’ was Harrison (with Clapton on lead guitar), and ‘Helter Skelter’ is a top track too… Ringo goes mad and kicks his drumkit over at the end of it…

        On ‘Ob-la-di’ it sounds like Macca is singing, ‘Desmond takes a trolley to the durex store…’

    • Fucking hate Adverts at the best of times birdman, especially this time of year.
      Thank god I can pause me telly, so I can fast forward the damn things…..

  18. Folks,wasn”t Ob la de ob la da sung my a band called Marmalade?………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  19. That Spivey picture looks like someone has just shoved a banana up his arse and he is enjoying it.

  20. Also worth noting that the Spivey cunt claims it costs him £300 a month to have his site hosted in Iceland by OrangeWesbite and yet the most bespoke ‘Platinum’ package that company offers costs just under 25 euros a month (£21.21). Spivey’s sycophants really must be cunts (and mugs) if they keep sending him £300 a month out of their benefits in the mistaken belief it all goes to OrangeWebsite…

  21. Has anyone nominated Irvine Welsh? This cunt lives in Chicago or Amsterdam or somewhere and thinks he can still comment on the effects of drug addiction in Scotland. If he’s that interested in it he should donate some of his millions to rehabilitation centres for people with these problems. He’s an out of touch middle class cunt that thinks people want to read or see his shite in films. He should go back to adult literacy classes. What a fucking cunt.

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