David Cameron [21]


David Cameron has announced he is fucking off, no doubt has a cushy EU job lined up or will tour the US lecturing cunts on how to be a cunt.

Anyways as he is the most cunted of all the cunts, surely he can get a final cunting which is an achievement he can add to his other achievements. The cunt.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

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  1. “I’m being bullied” is a cunt.

    Quickly superseding the slightly more niche “I feel like I’ve been raped” (previously cunted), “I’m being bullied” is the kneejerk response of cunts who can’t deal with being criticised and so immediately play the victim card for pity/sympathy. And as with “I feel like I’ve been raped”, the frequent misuse of “I’m being bullied” trivialises the experience of people who genuinely are being bullied or victimised at school or in their place of work.

    Currently rampant among the right and left factions within Labour Party, both sides are continually insulting the other and yet immediately run off to Twitter or The Guardian to claim they are being “bullied” as soon as they are on the receiving end of any namecalling or legitimate criticism.

    Fucking grow up, you cunts. You’re not being “bullied”, you’re being CRITICISED. And rightly fucking so.

    • You talk of bullying as if it was a bad thing. Unlike rape which is always a bad thing. Unless you want to fuck some one and they wont let you, in which case you pretty much have no alternative.

      Did you know that 80% of female rape victims have orgasms while being raped? Just saying.

    • Yes “bullied” is soon to be the new “robust” whether the term is in an appropriate in context or not.

      Mindless fuckwit cunts!

    • A lot of “bullying” is a result of peoples’ own behaviour. They should toughen up or learn how to manipulate others to avoid being bullied. Some people just have “victim” written all over them,and will be bullied all through their lives unless they learn how to deal with it.
      The whole victim-mentality thing pisses me off,we’ve all had to learn how to deal with people who would “bully” us if we were soft enough to let them.

      • The thing is nowadays these loser cunts wear it like a badge of honour and profess it in any way possible: “I’m a loser cunt, look at me!”

        In my day (school) I was neither a bully nor bullied but you knew who was, and you never saw the school “punch bag” professing his pride at being a bullying victim, no, cos that was a sure fire way get get a kick in the spuds come lunchtime from the class 7 gripper!

        Besides as Fred states, most of these nouveau bullied masses aren’t bullied at all, that merely exists in their own heads purely because it’s easier to compute than a differing opinion.

        E.G. On twat book…


        Just been to Sachs in New York. I love this handbag! #shoppingisgreat


        @SomeSadCunt: glad you like it but wouldn’t have been my first choice. #whateverfloatsyourboat

        @SomeNormalCunt: you’re just jelous and a bully and I’m reporting you to the moderators! #bullyingisabuse

        @SomeSadCunt: But mate, you’re there with your wife and kids FFS!

    • I remember a teacher when I was about 10 doing an assembly about the definition of bullying.She several times slapped down people also who falsely cried bully to get get people into trouble.I bet she would be sacked if she had done that today.Accusing a potential victim of bullshitting even if the evidence is clear is a mortal sin amongst the snowflake generation.Take that Hugh Mungus incident a guy tells a corny joke and the stupid bitch films him accusing him of sexual harassment and screaming the place down.The term harassment and bullying is thrown about by dumb cunts who cant win an argument.Pisses me off as it trivialises legitimate cases of bullying.Speaking of Labour being cunts on both sides of the civil war too right.Watching Campbell and McDonnell was like a cunt off about who is the biggest victim.

  2. When David Cameron got in I wasn’t displeased, the previous two Labour cunts had managed to fuck things up nicely (economy wise – Gordon Brown selling all our gold reserves, when gold was at a rock bottom price, only to piss it away on the work-shy and undeserving – was a particular piece of genius).

    Cleggy and his crew hanging around like a parasites didn’t help but when he got the seat of power all to himself he should’ve gone in and laid waste to those EU fuckers.

    None of them have any fucking spines and he could have hard-balled the cunts into seeing shit our way (our laws come top *THEN* EU law, fuck free movement). I’m sure he could have done it…if he’d wanted too, but it was soon after this that I realised Mr Cameron was already addicted to EU Bisto having already announced that he was stand down after the next term (and, no doubt, onto the gravy gondola).

    It was at this point I decided he was a cunt and to resign when he did, an even bigger cunt.

    Thanks for the vote David. Sorry it didn’t work out how you planned. Still the US lecture circuit is very lucrative, or, you could sell out completely and go and have a 7 figure salary working for the the oil rich “peaceful” cunts like that fifty-faced twat Blair?

    • The cunts stance on bombing Syria was what did it for me. Arming ISIS the height of fuckwittery. Good job Billy boy Hague wasn’t compromised in any way.

  3. Steve W Thrasher writes for the Guardian, so no surprise he is a cunt.

    He is unhappy Jimmy Fallon had a laugh with Donald Trump on a talk show because.

    “Giving comic cover to Trump just isn’t funny when he’s unleashed forces of anti-blackness and anti-immigrant sentiment”

    Whoa there mule, where is he anti black? Obamas own brother said he would be voting for trump and he is erm black. There are decent black Americans who want the American way of life restored and know that they have the same opportunities for success if they don’t adopt the life of a Gangsta and shoot each other. Democrats believe black votes matter, after polling day they shit all over black voters for the next four years same as they do everyone else.

    Immigration? So Don doesn’t want Muslims to enter the US without being vetted? Wow what a bastard, using common sense when dealing with members of the religion that has vowed to destroy the country.

    Don doesn’t think granting an amnesty and granting citizenship to 12 million Mexicans on the basis they just crossed the border is a good thing either, the racist bastard. So when I move into your house uninvited with no legal right to be there you won’t be complaining then Mr Thrasher?

    You paint Trump like he is really evil and out to destroy humanity, fact I he is threatening to reverse the damage done by your lefty liberal bullshit ideology and you and your ilk are running scared that the world will gain some sanity and the gravy train will stop

      • You are spot on, Tit.

        I know we all like to poke fun at Trump’s hair and some of his foot-in-his-mouth outbursts. I get it. Fact is, and I say this as a proud Brit – the world is better off with a strong, arrogant, prosperous and in-your-face America. 8 years of that uber cunt Obama with his divisive, Marxist, sorry-for-being-American agenda has wrecked America and screwed the free world. Some things he’s done might not be able to be undone and an election win for that cesspool of corruption Clinton would most certainly make it impossible. America could not recover.

        I kid you not, America is at the edge of an abyss. If Trump does not prevail, the ideal of the USA will be over. It’s fucking scary over here I can tell you. He ain’t the best there is, but the alternative is oblivion. Go Trump! And let’s be honest, it’ll be way funnier if he’s the President.

      • Fucking A, IY. I met a septic today who said America doesn’t have a culture. Stupid bint. Of course America has a culture. It might be a bit coarse and crass but it has a culture; American culture. It may not be the most arty farty culture in the world but the silly cow is the architype of the clueless lefty liberal cunt who is ashamed of who she is. Cunt.

      • Hillary looks to me to be insane, a complete headbanger, making Trump seem more plausible. Wouldn’t surprise me if she’s brain damaged or psychotic from whatever she’s pumped up with.

    • Oh but Steven, how does this bit of racism fit on with your ideology

      “The Guardian’s Steven Thrasher is allowed to predict with glee that a “revolution” will come soon with people of color overthrowing the “dying white majority” in America, but if you dare report on his own words you’re the racist and he’s the victim.”

      • Once googled”blacks are racist”and was inundated with shit loads supposedly educated cunts that it’s’ impossible for blacks to be racist. How the fuck can that be. I don’t look in the mirror everyday and say I’m white and proud ,i just see a handsome cunt and get on with my day. I once remember Chris eubank being asked if he was a proud black man and he answered that he was proud to be a good human being .oh and Obama’s black family couldn’t give a fuck about him until he became president….

      • A philosophy proffessor recently argued reason was a white construct and expecting other races to be reasonable was racist.

        So basically if a non white breaks into your house, shits in your fridge rapes your wife and kills your dog (or vice versa) you are racist for wanting them prosecuted because you are measuring them by white standards of behaviour.

        I would counter that if other races have naturally different standards of behaviour and no grasp of being rational they should not be living in majority white nations due to a lack of compatibility.

        Mr Genius Cunt sociologist obviously didn’t apply rational thought to what he was saying.


        In case you think I made this up the cunts name is Prof Caputo

      • I believe that is termed the racism of lower expectations and is rife with the lefty crowd. Cunts to a man.

      • Racism has been hijacked by blacks to punish white and ax an excuse to do what they like.

        West Indians and Pakistanis fucking hate each other but you never hear about that kind of racism…

    • I second that nomination what a cunt! I suppose Farage was Pol Pot to this Steve W Thrasher cunt!

  4. The Gammonshagger can never be cunted enough, ever.
    All through his run as PM I was half expecting him to peel off the “Mission Impossible” rubber mask and reveal the leering evil visage of the monster Tony Blair.
    That nauseating bollocks about being a “liberal Conservative” really meant…
    “Enjoy the continuing selloff of your country, culture and history you oiks. I’ll be laughing, trousering millions and stuffing my chinless face while the Neo-Liberal agenda dismantles the place around you and gives it away to Johnny Foreigner. Fwah fwah fwah!”

    Liberal Conservative… what the FUCK use is one of those?

    • I was a little suprised when I saw the pig fucker in the telly the other day. He looked completely ordinary. Gone the swagger of a self important little git with his finger on “the button”. A bit like a 3rd rate insurance salesman. Fuck off you hamy cunt.

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