Football fans


Football fans who refer to their club as “we”

We’ll challenge for the title, that was the year we did the double, we were unlucky there….

Fuck off with the we, you did fuck all and probably watched 99 percent of that success from your living room on Sky Sports.

Nominated by: Mr Cuntypants

Football fans in general are cunts. They buy overpriced club shirts, bore the tits off anyone stupid enough to listen while they talk about the latest wog that their club has spunked millions of pounds on,witter on about players as if they were “mates” with the cunts, hence the Giggsy, Scholesy, Becks etc. crap,get shit tattooes,and worst of all,give a platform for those cunts Lineker, Shearer and Ian Wright to spout their utter tomcuntery.

Rugby,cricket and horse racing are the only sports worth following.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

63 thoughts on “Football fans

  1. Women who pretend to like football are the most cunty type of fan. They think it will make men like them more. They are wrong.

  2. Lovely cunting.
    I have a mate I’ve known for 30 years.
    Man city obsessed.
    I used to go to Maine rd with him now and again in the 90s if I had nowt better to do.
    They were shit but it was an honourable struggle. Lots official players on the team.

    As years went on and they got bought by some camel jockey and started winning stuff and getting into more competitions..
    No one ever sees the cunt anymore.

    He blows out weekends away with his mates to watch a 90 minute game on a Saturday against Norwich or some shite.
    It’s obvious they are going to win.
    He could watch it on to anyway.

    I asked him if he got any pleasure from it knowing that all the success has just been bought, nothing has been strived for and that the entire team is made up of various Africans and a few Brazilians or whatever.
    I asked him if he could feel a connection to a team of strangers.
    He didn’t have an answer but would sooner watch those cunts for an hour than have a weekend in benidorm with mates he hasn’t seen for 3 years.

    If you ask me, it looks totally ludicrous to see some black as your hat Ghanaian bloke and a collection of other Africans wearing the football shirt of a local English team.
    Not because they are black but because it visually underlines to me that all these players have precisely zero connection to the area they are representing.
    It also underlines that all of it is all about money.

    And once you have that in your mind..
    It’s becomes about as interesting as Lewis Hamilton winning a Grand Prix.
    And he needs a cunting too but I have to go to the shops now.

    • *first paragraph- meant lots of local players on the team.

      Autocorrect- there’s another xunting

  3. Anyone who doesn’t like football is every kind of pretentious cunt, probably takes it large up the autostrada di chocolada and voted for Blair Brown and the cunt Corbyn, or Cuntbyn for short. Cricket is a sport , so is golf; rugby is a bunch of stupid tossbags who like pain playing a game that even they don’t know the rules, sorry old chap laws .
    Some footballers are cunts , I grant you, but all jockeys are tiny cunts and virtually all tennis players are thick small dicked cunts.

    er…that’s about it.

    • I hate football,but think that Ashley Cole is reeeeaalllly cute. Where does that leave me? I also like Tom Daley,does he play for Chelsea City?

    • I’m not a shit stabber and detest Blair and Corbyn but I find football overhyped and boring and played by overpaid self important tosspots.

      I’m not going to retaliate by saying you’re talking bollocks, just that I totally disagree.

      Football is surrogate warfare used to control the masses and part them from their money. Anyone who falls for it gets no sympathy from me…

      • True cunting. If you’re a bloke then you *must* like football. If you don’t, then you’re obviously weird, a poof, or both. This is the sort of stereo-typical bullshit we’re fed from when we’re young.
        As Lord Ferrigno rightly says, it might have meant something when most of the players actually fucking came from the country they represent playing for, let alone the fucking area if they are a local team. How you meant to muster up any loyalty for some cunt from Ghana who probably can’t even speak English, couldn’t point out the UK on a map of the world and absolutely could not give a fuck that little Johnny has spunked his last 12 months pocket money on some wanky football shirt that’s going to look completely different in a months time?

      • “You don’t like football?!!! Are you some kind of poof?” Yes, because watching sweaty men in skimpy shorts pawing each other, and then hugging your fellow fans when a goal is scored is 100% fucking hetero. FUCKING CUNT.

    • I hate football, overpaid bunch of spoilt bastards who always let the country down. Sucker fans who pay stupid amounts to watch ‘the match’ and wear the shirts. Boring bastards down the pub going on and on about something they have no control or influence over.

      Cunts the lot of em.

  4. All sport is designed to part total cunts from what pitiful money they have left after eating and drinking it away in huge cuntshops like McDonalds or Wetherspoons.

    Hence cunts on the border of financial ruin waste what little they have left on pre-packaged anal discharge like Sky Sports.

    Those cunts posing in that picture should be neck shot.

  5. By football fans I take it what is really meant is Liverpool fans. The victim cunt fans of the victim cunt club. Never their fault, always going to be their year. Fucking supreme definition of everything that’s wrong with football supporters.


    • It’s gonna finish:
      Man City
      Man United

      Get down the bookies.

      Cmon Liverpool

      • Jesus mate, we are all cunts sometimes but you just outed yourself in a big way. I will take your decent cuntings into account and allow you the benefit of the doubt……..

      • I am going to out myself as well. I love football. Always have and always will do.
        Never worn a replica shirt and never will do.
        Agreed players are overpaid but that’s the going rate. Suspect none of us would say no to the sort of money they get.
        No one forces me to part with my hard earned and as I neither drink (mates think I am a cunt) nor smoke I spend it on a Saturday/Sunday/Monday etc etc.
        No argument that some supporters are cunts and funnily enough they all support Tottencunt Hotspunk.
        Sky Sports need a cunting for pretending football didn’t exist until 1992 and making sure matches take place at inconvenient times of any fucking day of the week.

      • Yes I agree.
        Apart from the teams mentioned and the order you stack them in will be different.

        But I definitely agree that some teams in the league will finish in that order.

  6. Premiership football is total shite. The amount of people I’ve overheard saying that they are turning their backs on Premiership clubs has been a lot. I don’t really follow any mainstream sports as the passion for the sport itself has long since died. It’s just a corporate sponsorship circle jerk played by self appointed grossly overpaid Ferrari-driving saviours who think they’re the centre of the universe. Fuck that. Who needs it. Many people might disagree, that’s fine by me.

    These diehard pissheaded Stella Act-a-twat fanboys who paint these cunts as “heroes” are fucking deluded. The real heroes of this land are the ones who work their arses off saving people’s lives on a daily basis, not some strutting painted peacock manwhore who goes apeshit because they’ve chipped a nail in a nightclub. Fuck that.

  7. Been losing interest in football over the last couple of years until my beloved Leicester city only went and won the league, i mean the foxes for fucks sake , made cunts of them all..

      • I a m going to enjoy it ta very much.i know Leicester may never win it again but the joy of winning it before Liverpool is priceless. Every year the same old shite about,in the words of super cunt Brendan Rodgers “a work in progress”when the foxes won it in their second year back with a bunch of rejects.sorry to sound childish but fuck sliverpool..

      • A Liverpool fan willing to stop talking about Liverpool? Nah doubt it ,I’m sure there’ll more,you’re Liverpool ffs…

      • The one place you think you’d be safe from the 5 x shite but no. How many fans died attending LFC match’s is that a record to be proud of?

      • I’m with you Birdman. Down Filbert Street with me Dad in 1962 and always a fan. Dad was a Geordie but loved Leicester City because I did. My son in law is a plastic scouser, talks of “we” but has never been near Anfield, the cunt. And the fucker puts me grandson in a Liverpool shirt. Peter Schmeichel’s sperm won the Premier League faster than the Scouse bin dippers. Fuck Liverpool until they have annual Heysel Stadium services, cunts. Yes it is surrogate warfare, like counting coup but better football than guns. Football is a cunt these days because of the amount of money in it so as was said, to see Leicester City win it was fucking priceless. It screwed the whole thing over.

      • First time I went to Filbert Street was February 76… An FA Cup tie, with Daly and Macari scoring for United… The great Frank Worthington was up front for Leicester…

  8. Used to lo love Saturday afternoons… Take my place on The Stretford End and watch Tommy Doc’s United… Pretty much the same with Big Ron and Fergie’s eras too (forget Sexton)… But now it’s been tainted… The amount of knobheads in football grounds is a plague on a par with the black death… Twats with selfie sticks, half-half scarves, all those grinning, clueless cunts from the Far East that now infest Old Trafford, Anfield, and Stamford Bridge… And I used to go when I was a kid, but kids can’t get in any more… There is no more pay at the turnstiles on the day and the prices are extortionate anyway… I agree with Dio when he says it’s now all hype…. Clubs are owned by foreign carpetbaggers and most players are overpaid, ‘big I am’ cheating cunts…. I did love it years ago, when it was proper players, proper fans and a proper game of football on a Saturday… Fuck that Scouse wighead cunt, Wayne Rooney… Give me Jimmy Greenhoff and Stuart Pearson any day of the week…

  9. I love football and it will always be the beautiful game. Yes players are overpaid but it’s only because of the money in the game. Compared to the Americunt sports it’s not as much. What the fuck is going to a game and wearing your clubs shirt all about? Dress normally you cunts.

    • The Pool have started well… Watched a Sky documentary on Graeme Souness this week… He was immense: a monster of a player… And I say that as a Man United fan…. Gerrard was good, but he was no Souness….

      • Souness is also Sky’s best football pundit… I spent yesterday’s ‘Friday Night Football’ looking at Rachel Riley’s tits though…

      • A Sam Cam and Rachel Riley threesome would certainly brighten up a Saturday afternoon.

        The pig fucker would be changing the towels and refilling the drinks.

      • Proper people on here after all. Footie fans and Rachel Riley’s tits, fuck me running ,what is better?. Watched Clippety’s new ‘Pool serving up shit to the Chelsea mingers and wet meself with delight.
        So footie stars are overpaid ,so are most pop stars and luvvies, Bendyourdick Cumupyoursnatch in particular. It’s what the public want to pay for and see.
        It is ,as the lower orders are wont to say, the bollocks. Come on you Southend, pissed all over Millwall and another reason to go and shift a few pints of timmy Taylors ,how bad is that?

  10. Madonna is a cunt… The list of cuntitude where this faghag is concerned is already immense, but now she expects praise for actually looking after her own kid… And of course there are daft cunts who will give it to her… I heard some daft mare on the tram saying ‘Awww! Isn’t it great that she is taking an interest in her son?’ and some other thicko added ‘Good for her… Credit where it’s due….’ Credit? My fucking arse!

    Someone should tell that self serving old witch and those silly tarts that you’re ‘supposed’ to do right by your child… Credit and kudos doesn’t (and shouldn’t)come into it… Plus the slagwagon has the money to take care of her kids, when there are mothers who don’t who a better job at bringing up their children… Mind you, I sort of feel sorry for the lad… Being dragged onto the ‘Ellen’ show and other such shite… Even Norman Bates had better parenting than he has had…

  11. What the fuck are Scholes, Giggs and the Neville cunts up to with this Salford FC bollocks. ‘Still out of their league’ as they say in the advert. What a load of cunts.

    • Hope they all share a lift home and get wiped out in a frightening accident with a crane.

      Or a sewage truck

    • I agree… Scholes, Giggs and the Nevilles are cunts…. All (except Gary Nev) wanted Fergie’s successors to fail, so they could further their own careers at United… Mourinho saw Giggs for the poisonous cunt that he is (ask Moyes and LVG). so he forced the cunt out….

  12. Not many things can turn cunters against eachother bur football is one of them. Now let’s all agree that Liverpool FCbare the greatest and then we can all calm down calm down.

    • Would never turn against you @black and white cunt,you’ve entertained me numerous times.we are sound La .

      • Sorry B and W. Got carried away. Football sets me off. I wrote me shit before I’d read the thread. I remember I was looked after by Scouse lads at the Leppings Lane end in 63 before crowds were segregated. They took me to the front, sat me on the wall, offered me a ciggie (I was eight) just so a little short arse in blue and white could see the game. You could see how a tragedy could have happened as the crowd was heaving. It’s a day I’ll never forget. Not a cunt amongst us then.

  13. Overpaid?

    Yeah I’m sure someone playing for Darlington 1883 and Cowdenbeath are fucking rolling in it.

    There is football outside the Premier League.

  14. How the fuck is that Gareth Barry cunt still stealing a living in the Premiership. The cunt.

  15. I loathe gloryhunting ‘football fans’….
    When those mercenary bumpkin cunts, Blackburn Rovers, scabbed the league title in 95 (they wouldn’t have had a sniff if Cantona hadn’t got banned!) all the Bumpkin Rovers shirts that appeared all over Manchester was sickening… Of course you never see any Blackburn shirts these days (because they’re shite and back in oblivion)… Same goes for Chelsea… I see dickheads and even kids in Chelsea shirts… Nothing to do with any ties to London or Chelsea FC, It’s just because they won trophies… Ask any of these ‘Chelsea’ fans who Kerry Dixon, Chopper Harris, Peter Osgood, or even Jimmy Greaves are and they look like puzzled chimps… I’ve also seen this ‘instant fan’ with Forest in the late 70s, Everton in the 80s, Leeds in the 90s, and Arsenal at various times… Now Leicester shirts are appearing… True Foxes fans must hate these cunts, because I know I fucking do…

    • Of course Man United and City also get these gloryhunting scum in droves… When I mention Frank O’ Farrell, The Doc, or even Big Ron, these cunts gurn like cavemen looking at a wheel… Same problem for Blues: a Bluenose mate of mine told me some cunt in a City shirt he met in a pub didn’t even know who Giorgi Kinkladze (fairly recent City hero) was and he’d never even heard of Colin Bell… These sort of ‘fans’ really are top drawer cunts…

      • Because football is entertainment not sport now. No local connection anymore, all the clubs buy expensive shot from abroad and if a English player is any good he costs double his value and ends up at one of the big clubs warming the bench.

  16. And as for the ‘Irish’ fans who trotted out of the bogs after Jack Charlton’s team of mainly non-Irish players got to a couple of World Cups in the 90s,

    The Ireland team of the 70s and 80s was shite, and nobody (especially in Ireland itself) gave a fuck…. Then that ex-Leeds cunt, Jack Charlton, ropes in a load of Englishmen (and the great Paul McGrath) to play for the Irish and they get to the 1990 World Cup… Astonishingly they get to the quarter finals and these Irish ‘fans’ come crawling out of the woodwork…. Then four years later (USA 94) the whole world is infested with these ‘lifelong’ Irish fans who think football started in 1990… They were all over the place: celebrities, journos, comedians, members of U2 and so on… None of them ever showing any interest in football, but all of a sudden part of Big Jack’s green and white army… Seriously: in the mid 90s you couldn’t move for the cunts…

    Also, Paddies in Bogtrotterland who have never been to Glasgow, Manchester or Liverpool who claim to support Man United, Liverpool, or Celtic are cunts…

    • Living in Dublin in the late nineties, i used to laugh at the Irish Celtic fans partying on the plane over and then covering up their colours as the plane landed just in case some Brit knocked them out …

      • Paddy football fans are a special type of cunt, birdman…
        All those bogtrotting fucktards who have never been to Manchester who feel they have a ‘special tie’ with MUFC because of Bestie, or because Sir Matt was a Cathlolic… I don’t feel a bond with, say, Oasis, because they’re Mancs, and I don’t like them either… Such stupidity and twisted logic could only come from the Bogtrotters (to be sure, now!)….

      • It’s the same with the Scottish, absolutely worship anything to do with Scotland, so just ask them who their favorite killer is , Nielsen or Brady? Honestly if Hitlers mum had been fucked by a jock before his uncle ,they would be all over him.

  17. That’s the best one: when one mentions that Man United were relegated (in 1937 and then in 1974), and some nu-footie post-92 ‘lifelong Man U fan’ cunt says ‘United have never been relegated!’ or ‘What? United were relegated?! When?!’ Fucking knobends…. The same sort of clueless twats who think Beckham was better than Coppell (except the cunts don’t know who Steve Coppell is!)… And as much as I loved Cantona as a player, anyone who says he was better than George Best at his peak is talking shite…

  18. got to be man utd for the biggest cunting
    just broke the transfer fee on a player they fucking already had!!!!
    fergie the cunt got rid of him cos he was shit
    and guess fucking what surprise surprise
    hes still fucking shit
    bunch of cunts

    • And Fergie spent seven (fucking seven!) times the amount United bought Cantona for on that useless cunt, Bebe… 89 million for Pogba is a joke, I agree… Pogba is nowhere near Robson, Keane, or even Ince at his best.. Pogba was fucking shite against City too…

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