David Cameron [19]


I think David Cameron needs a cunting before he leaves number 10.

What a stupid cunt calling a referendum because of UKIP and now losing his job and forever being remembered as a cunt who caused his own demise. I voted to leave the EU, so I can take pleasure in knowing I helped the cunt to fuck off. Now let’s hope that Gideon Osborne fucks off as well.

Labour are a fucking joke as well, I come from a working class Labour voting family but I can’t vote for those cunts anymore. The BNP wouldn’t want a half black cunt voting for them I guess so that leaves the Liberal Democrats and they can fuck off. What a piece of cunt.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

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  1. Are the BNP even still around? I thought they disappeared up their own arses some while back.

    • Yes, they’re still going. Obviously, they’ve lost a lot of support over the years. But they are still hobbling on.

  2. While we’re on the subject of politics, I’m nominating Momentum and all the other far left, Corbyn supporting fuckwits. I’ve always known they were nasty, braindead, anti-democratic arseholes, and over the past couple of weeks they’ve proved it. It turns out that over the past few days, Corbyn’s leadership rival, Angela Eagle, has received death threats. And this morning police announced they were investigating, after some braindead monkey fucker threw a brick through the window of her constituency office.

    I’ve never liked the far left, and this is why. They despise democracy, they are despise anyone who disagrees with them. They support free speech only when it relates to THEIR right to free speech. If you speak out against them, then you have NO right to free speech. They form groups like Unite Against Fascism, completely oblivious to the fact that it is THEY who are the fascists. Then there’s Hope not Hate, again a contradiction, because THEY are the biggest haters going.

    Groups like Momentum, UAF HNH, etc, are the biggest threat to freedom and democracy in the UK since…well…since Hitler. Who, ironically, was a far left nutcase. Their hypocrisy is staggering. They will accuse groups like the EDL of being fascists, Islamophobes and homophobes. Yet they’ll defend Islam, a religiopolitical ideology that is not only deeply sexist, but believes homosexuals should be murdered, that it’s ok for grown men to marry pre-pubescent girls, is completely intolerant of all other religions, calls for the slaughter of ALL non-Muslims, and considers polygamy to be acceptable.

    I’ve seen first hand the sheer, barbarity of UAF. When I say they are barbaric, I mean it in every sense of the word. And I can fully believe the claim that all the trouble caused at EDL rallies, has been started by the savages of UAF during their counter-protests. These far left knobs would sooner douse you in petrol and set you on fire, than listen to your opinion if it differs from theirs. And then they will go to your house and burn it down. They harass and threaten your family if you dare to disagree with them. And if you back a candidate that they don’t support….get yourself a firearms licence and buy a shotgun.

    It disgusts me to think that I spent more than 18 years helping to defend freedom and democracy, only to see it pissed on by scum like UAF and Momentum. They really are modern day Nazis. Their tactics are identical. What disgusts even more though, is that at the EDL protest I witnessed a few years ago, the police actually turned a blind eye to most of the violence coming from UAF. When EDL supporters tried to exercise their right to defend themselves though, plod reacted without mercy. It makes me wonder how often that’s happened at other protests.

    • Agree with your points broadly, but it should be borne in mind that Portland Communications (Strategy Consultant: Alastair Campbell) has been exposed as being behind some of these recent excesses as a deliberate attempt to blame and smear Corbyn and his supporters (although arguably Corbynites are successful enough at shooting themselves in the foot without needing any extra help). Some death threats have been traced back to Portland staff, as have smears like the infamous “eradicate right wing vermin” t-shirt (found to have been photoshopped after Portland employees posted it online) as well a large proportion of the online threats and bullying, and the “planted” hecklers (Portland employees) which just happen to be filmed (by other Portland employees) and posted on the net.

      As for the brick through the window – it’s no secret that Angela Eagle’s local constituency party is likely to deselect her (and they are not comprised of hard left / Momentum members by any stretch of the imagination). It’s just as likely that an ordinary member of the local party did that as it is that it’s just another Portland stunt for which Momentum will be assumed to be responsible. Or it could have been a pissed-off Remain-voter or indeed the motive-less act of a vandal. But media spin (influenced by Portland) will imply that it’s Momentum.

      Like I said, I do broadly agree with you, but Campbell and Mandelson are fucking devious cunts and right now they are employing all the dirty tricks in their arsenal.

  3. Black & White Cunt is right, there are no mainstream parties representing the working class any more, Labour has cosied up to Muslims, a huge mistake on their part, hence the rampant antisemitism in their party.

    Cameron won the election in part due to his promise to hold a referendum on membership of the EU and promised to uphold the vote. Of course they didn’t expect Leave to win, they thought we’d all just go for the ‘easy’ option and we’d want to remain, but they didn’t bank on the majority to show a good deal of common sense wanting to get out of this corrupt and insane club.

    Cameron is a cowardly cunt who, when the vote went against him, not only resigned but did nothing to try to calm things when Remainer whining cunts went ape shit even though I’m sure he’s still taking the money. So a worthwhile cunting.

  4. All our politicians are so fucking hopeless or such self serving, fraudulent cunts that anyone who puts themselves forward for election should automatically be banned. A better solution would be to attach the general election to the Lotto so that you might win £25 but also become Prime Minister. It couldn’t be worse than the cunts we’ve got now or are waiting in the wings for their chance to shaft everyone but themselves. Unadulterated cunts.

  5. Black Lives Matter demonstrations. My second nomination. We’ve seen them in the US, now we have them in the UK. First London, and yesterday, it infested my beloved Manchester. Believe it or not, I don’t have anything against most black people. I actually have several black friends. And relatives. I do, however, have a huge problem with those black people who consider themselves superior to all others, and there are a lot of them. In the US, Al Sharpton is one of the most prominent. Here in the UK, Erinma Bell is one. Now I’ve met that woman, and believe me when I say that I have NEVER met a more arrogant, stuck up, RACIST, self superior person. And Sharpton is one of the biggest racists on planet Earth.

    I Object to the very phrase; ‘black lives matter’. It is inherently racist, and suggests that the lives of black people are somehow more important than the lives of others. They are not. One of my American uncles was a journalist. Back in 2008 he did a piece on the shootings of black men by white and Hispanic police officers. During his research, he was shocked to find that more white and latino men were killed by cops than black men. That’s a fact that has NEVER been mentioned in the media. Nor has the fact that the black community makes up around 15% of the US population, yet a disproportionate number of crimes are committed by black males. Or the fact that in a lot of the cases, the officers were subjected to extreme abuse and provocation. That’s not to excuse the officers, or to suggest that the dead men deserved it

    In my opinion, the media have never used those facts, for the genuine fear of the backlash they would attract. The problem is, those facts add context to an issue that for too long, the media, particularly the likes of the BBC, have been allowed to paint a false picture of. In the case of the BBC, it’s more because they’re a bunch of PC left wing idiots, but there is a genuine risk that if media outlets told the truth, instead of painting the death of every black male as an execution by corrupt, racist, white police officers, there would be violence from the black community. Remember a few years ago, when an inquest in London cleared those firearms officers of any wrong doing when they shot dead a known gangster, who it turned out was armed? What happened? Riots in a number of cities.

    There have never been any riots from the Caucasian/Hispanic communities whenever a white American or Mexican male was fatally shot by the police. No ‘White Lives Matter’ or ‘Latino Lives Matter’ protests. Although, they’d be met by counter protests by blacks, shouting them down as racist. President Obama has NEVER criticised the police for shooting dead a 17 year old white kid during a traffic stop, because he refused to obey the officer’s commands. As happened a couple of years ago.

    Don’t get me wrong me here, I’m not claiming that the police are completely blameless. The two most recent deaths of black men in the US were a complete disgrace. Both were unarmed at the time they were killed. And in the case of the guy who was shot in the car, his missus and daughter were in the car at the time. From the angle at which he was shot, I’m amazed his daughter wasn’t hit. HOWEVER, we’re talking about a minority of police officers, who are clearly not fit to wear the uniform. And it’s not that they’re racist, it’s that they’re completely incompetent.

    Black lives matter. So do White lives, Chinese lives, Asian lives, Hispanic lives, etc. ALL lives matter. And it’s about time that the PC brigade grew a pair and told all these protesters were told that, although these deaths should not have happened, black lives are NOT more important than others. Of course, if they did that, there’d be riots. And plenty of racism. And believe me, black people are some of the biggest racists around. It’s about time that balance was restored here, and the TRUTH told.

    • Talking of this ‘Black Lives Matter’ bollocks, Beyonce is a hypocritical fat cunt… This Tina Turner comedy act is milking the ‘Black Lives Matter’ bullshit and going on about how ‘proud’ she is to be black, when she goes out of her way to appear white and to appeal to white audiences and record buyers… Not tomention other astonishing acts of hypocrisy… If Beyonce’s ego gets any bigger it will be as huge as her thunderous thighs or her fat arse…

      The bloke in the video below does a good job on explaining Beyonce’s cuntitude:


      • Wow, that is a fucking brilliant take down of Beyoncé, and other black stars actually. I’ve never really paid them much attention, so I had no idea they lightened their skin. He was spot on with the cultural appropriation. If it’s ok for those pricks to lighten their skin, then it’s ok for non-black people to have dreadlocks if they wish. And fuck anyone who says otherwise.

      • The hypocracy and shakey factual basis of BLM is well documented in the media, just not the mainstream variety. The strangle hold the MSM propaganda machine has on the public is being challanged by alternative voices, including this site and a bloody good thing it is too.

  6. One final thing here. Micah Johnson’s mother has been on TV, trying to claim that he did what he did because he was affected by what he saw during his tour of Iraq with the Army Reserve. That may be true. But it’s also true that he was sent home in disgrace after sexually assaulting a female soldier. The truth is, that Johnson, like his dipshit sister, was a racist cunt who hated white people.

      • So he was made into a racist cop killing cunt by serving his country? Nothing to do with the racist double think of BLM? Typical regrasive left logic.CUNTS!

    • Agree there, QDM… You know if Raol Moat had been black he’d be seen as a ‘hero’ and they’d be mourning the death of a ‘brutha…’ Not unlike the masses who gave rapist Mike Tyson a hero’s welcome in Brixton…. And if Moat was a black American and was shot by American police they’d be rioting and burning cars, no matter how much of a cunt he was or if the cops were in the right….

  7. So what the fuck was he humming? Votes are “howards way” and “jesus christ superstar”!
    I was expecting “im in the money!”
    Bye bye porky penus!

  8. Summer entertainment now lined up. The lunatic asylum that is the Labour Party is the gift that just keeps giving.

  9. Back on topic; I actually have a very grudging admaration for the pig fucker. He nailed his colours to a very woodworm infested mast and the general public told the cunt to fuck off in no uncertain terms. To continue with the nautical theme he is now going down with his ship.

    In fuedal japan a samrai who failed his master would commit seppuku, it was the only honerable thing left to do. Obviously I would prefer Hameron rip his own guts out live on breakfast TV but we live in interesting times…

  10. Although Cameron is a cunt, sometimes it is a case of ‘Better the cunt you know’.

    With May at the helm and a cabinet full of actual cunts, I foresee interesting and possibly dangerous times ahead.

    Particularly for the male population.

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