David Cameron [18]


David Cameron is a cunt.

Cameron recently has hailed Labour’s Sadiq Khan as a “proud Muslim” and “a proud Brit” as he shared a platform with the London Mayor at an EU Remain Rally. Mr Cameron congratulated Mr Khan on his victory in the Mayoral race, saying: “I’m proud to be here with the Labour mayor of London – on this vital, vital issue.”

Take in to consideration that 8 weeks ago he said he was a potential terrorist. Staying in the EU must be really important to Cameron, if he’s willing to ally with terrorists. He claimed “more than half a million jobs” in London depended on the UK’s membership of the EU, adding: “A vote for Remain means jobs and opportunities.”

Yes but it also means the EU will still be overseen by mongs… like you David, Fuck off Dave you thick camp cunt!

Nominated by: Titslapper

David Cameron [17]


David Cameron is my nomination. Possibly a little obvious, but still, he deserves it. Despite having spent months flying all over the EU to “renegotiate” Britain’s membership of the EU, he has today confirmed what those of us who aren’t rabid, braindead Europhiles have known for the sometime. His “deal” with Brussels is worth far less than a 3 week old pile of dog shit.

Apparently, part of this deal is that the UK now has a ‘Special Status”. Although, what that special status is I don’t know, because as far as I can tell, this wretched deal is as hollow as the centre of Polo mint. And I’ll be surprised if Cameron knows what it is. Right now, Cameron is like a two year old who has just smeared the walls of his bedroom with his own shit, and is now proudly showing the brown coloured palms of his hands to his horrified parents.

I am not just angry, I am fucking insulted, that Cameron’s contempt for the British people is such that he actually thinks we’re all stupid enough to think he’s brought back something meaningful from Brussels. He actually brought back LESS than what he went with. And now we know that the June 23rd is referendum day, we’re going to have four months of lies and bellendery from those dumb fucks who hate democracy and want unelected foreign cunts who hate us to run this country.

My birthday is on the 30th of June. I’m hoping a majority of British people will give the best birthday present ever, and vote to leave the EU.

Nominated by : Quick Draw McGraw

Fourth Reich [2]


I may be an old cunt but I have a memory like an elephant. I well remember the slow inevitability orf the decline into war. “Sleep walking into war” was the newspaper phrase that described the wraiths orf Hell that almost invisibly blinded the nations on the path to WWI. Then barely twenty years later it happened once more, heads in sand, appeasement and deceit, Hitler’s war, Germany’s second World War. I feel it in me bones, stronger now indeed than during the mendacious machinations orf the Scots Scum.

This once great nation is now faced with the prospect orf total capitulation to the krauts and frogs without having firing a shot in its defence. We have been betrayed by David Cameron and his cohort orf arse leeches, all strangely silent and bloated on the blood orf the nation in these last few days (Thursday for Christ sake) orf negotiation orf a “deal” as fake as fuck. Germany’s bully boys know that they have only to sneer “nein” at Cameron and his arse is presented ready for the taking. Cameron has already repeatedly caved in to the irish, the jockos and the the yanks and any issue from bankers to tube drivers. This cunt has previous.

Take the advice orf an old blagger and card sharper. The only way to play this hand is to bluff and bluff again. If Cameron genuinely wants a deal that is good for Britain he must campaign to come oit and we must vote to come oit. Put the cat among the pigeons just like the jockos did over their referendum vote and thus extort the best deal. A vote to come oit is the best card we can hold. If they won’t ante up then we bugger orf. Rule Britannia ect ect and check the Kruger Rands under the bed.

All me guns orn the estate are loaded and the old tosser that cleans me ditches stands ready to bomb Berlin.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Cameron, the Calais cunt [19]


Bugger me butler, getting reliable gen orn the Calais chaos is like trying to count paedos in Rotherham. Cameron and crew are all about laying smoke screens orf lies to obscure what is going orn from the British people. The best that me intelligence committee can make oit is this. Far more wog scum are fucking orf from frogland and getting over to dear old Blighty to claim benefits than is being let on and this has been going orn for months. Police chiefs various across the country are saying that they are seeing 500 extra or more orf said wog scum orn a daily basis. Confirmed by what les frogs are saying, 1500 – 2000 a night storming the tunnel a day who then vanish to be replaced by similar numbers orf wog cunts and so it goes orn. Said wog cunts must be going somewhere and I have me shrewd suspicions. South Coast where we withstood the full force orf Hitler is once again under siege.

Know an old cunt does a spot orf farming down Hastings way. On the road is the ferry port orf Newhaven (run by the fucking frogs) and close to it is an old army camp name orf Tide Mills. Crawling with wog cunts, tents, cooking fires ect which the local council pretend to know nothing orf. Other land owners report much the same thing. Where once there were Poles and Romanians and now that they are nicely housed, their camps have been taken over by the wog cunts.

What is Cameron doing about this liberty? Bugger all. All the cunt does is fuck orf orn holiday. Red mist rises. To think that this once great nation possessed Calais. Take the piss hole back again and let the Paras run it. Sort the cunts out. Flog orf all the flash motors with UK plates that the frogs have seized from the dodgy cunts fronting for the wog cunts. Sell hunting licences to yank dentists and let them patrol the tunnel. This side orf the Channel we have our shot guns ready.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

David Cameron [18]


David Cameron deserves yet another cunting. For the past couple of years, he’s been droning on about getting reforms and clawing back powers from the EU. He’s been doing this, despite the fact the leaders of the EU, and heads of member states, having been consistently telling him he can go and fuck himself, and that he’d better do as he’s told.

To anyone with a brain, it’s been patently clear from the start that Cameron’s chances of renegotiating treaties and clawing back powers from the EU were roughly the same as a South African Mars probe finding Rupert the Bear moonwalking with Michael Jackson. Tonight, he’s finally admitted that there will be no treaty change before the referendum. Which means that despite talking to the heads of each member state over the past few months, he has absolutely fuck all to show for that jet setting, except a huge fuel bill that you and I will have to pay for.

Cameron is an arrogant cunt. Even his own his mother once admitted that he never listened to anyone but himself. He knows full well that He’s not going to get anything from those spunk monkeys who run the EU, but he carries on regardless with the pretence that he’s going to renegotiate Britain’s membership of the New Soviet Union. So arrogant, and contemptuous of the British people is Cameron, that he seems to assume we’re all a bunch of drooling morons, who won’t notice that he’s wasting his time.

We all know that Cameron, like most of those tools in Westminster, is a rabid Europhile. And the reason he’s running around all the EU countries, is that he’s stalling on holding the referendum. He seems to be hoping that something is going to happen that will turn the heads of the British people. Something that will give him a unanimous yes vote to staying in the EU. He’s wrong. Just like he’s wrong over winning concessions. Every President and Prime Minister of an EU member state has told Cameron that Britain will not get any treaty changes. They were unequivocal. Yet Cameron deliberately doesn’t hear them.

And it’s not just the EU charade that ignores the will of the British people over. There’s also foreign aid, immigration, defence, education, etc. He has his own plans for what should happen with them, and those are the plans his government will be going with and fuck everyone else. I’m at a point now where I hate Cameron even more than I hate Gordon Brown. And I fucking despise Gordon Brown.

Eventually, we will get the referendum. Personally, I think Cameron and the EuroQuislings will get their way. If, however, a miracle happens and the majority vote to leave the EU, that won’t be the end of it. Does anyone seriously believe that Cameron and most especially, the EU, will simply accept and respect that decision? Of course they won’t. France and Ireland both had referenda on some issue regarding the EU about ten years ago. Initially, both countries voted no to whatever it was they were having a referendum on. So there you had it, the people had spoken. Democracy in action. Except it wasn’t. Because the EU refused to accept defeat and made the French and Irish hold another referendum.

The same will happen here. If we vote to leave the EU, Cameron will make us vote again. And again. And again. Until we vote to stay in. And even IF the result is respected, Cameron and the EU will make our withdrawal as prolonged and painful as possible, in the hope we’ll get fed up and decide to stay in the EU.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw