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David Cameron is my nomination. Possibly a little obvious, but still, he deserves it. Despite having spent months flying all over the EU to “renegotiate” Britain’s membership of the EU, he has today confirmed what those of us who aren’t rabid, braindead Europhiles have known for the sometime. His “deal” with Brussels is worth far less than a 3 week old pile of dog shit.

Apparently, part of this deal is that the UK now has a ‘Special Status”. Although, what that special status is I don’t know, because as far as I can tell, this wretched deal is as hollow as the centre of Polo mint. And I’ll be surprised if Cameron knows what it is. Right now, Cameron is like a two year old who has just smeared the walls of his bedroom with his own shit, and is now proudly showing the brown coloured palms of his hands to his horrified parents.

I am not just angry, I am fucking insulted, that Cameron’s contempt for the British people is such that he actually thinks we’re all stupid enough to think he’s brought back something meaningful from Brussels. He actually brought back LESS than what he went with. And now we know that the June 23rd is referendum day, we’re going to have four months of lies and bellendery from those dumb fucks who hate democracy and want unelected foreign cunts who hate us to run this country.

My birthday is on the 30th of June. I’m hoping a majority of British people will give the best birthday present ever, and vote to leave the EU.

Nominated by : Quick Draw McGraw

29 thoughts on “David Cameron [17]

  1. Today’s version of Neville Chamberlain waving the non-aggression pact signed by Hitler. Pigfucker thinks he’s something special and he can outmanoeuvre the lying bastards of Europe. What a prick.

    • Succinctly put. And completely true. This is Cameron’s “Peace our time”, moment.

      • “I have in my hands a piece of used toilet paper that guarantees cuntishness in our time”

      • To be fair to Neville Chamberlain, he was trying to avoid a similar war to the one that had claimed millions of lives only 20 years previously, including his best friend. He was at least honest, if somewhat naive.

        Cameron is trying to preserve the privileges of the Euro elite. Perhaps he’s got his eyes on the presidency of Europe which his idol Blair failed to secure?

  2. I just love its the 17th time he has appeared. Is it near time for an ISAC Hall of Fame? Could also feature some lifetime achievers.

  3. Never forget that his twin cunt G Osborne personally handled all the negotiations up to this point. Cameron has only come in as front man recently when he was assured by his fraternal Euro partners that he was in for a result. Thus Cave in Dave gets drenched in shite while Osborne lurks in the background waiting to come up smelling orf roses and take the leadership.

  4. The only issue with successfully leaving the EU is that the enormous grinning maw on Nigel Farage’s face will grow so absurdly huge that he might accidentally swallow the rest of Europe and the have an almighty revenge dump in Thanet South resulting in the entire populace of Europe being resident in the UK.

    I guess we could just send them all round to Emma Thompson’s house.

    • Or even Jude Law’s house, since that cunt is now getting in on the ‘bring refugee children to the UK’ bollocks. I’d have less of a problem with it if ALL these “children” were medically tested, to ensure that they actually are children, rather a 26 year old bushy bearded cunt.

  5. Well at least BoJo has come out in public support of the brexit campaign (even if he did waffle on like a bumbling idiot)………. but he’s OUR bumbling idiot!

  6. Its only going to sink in that those Eurocunts aren’t going to let us leave until the ‘IN’ campaign miraculously gets 104% of the vote.

    • Well said OB.

      Irish referendum for a European treaty on establishing a constitution for Europe…………….2.0.0

      Just keep voting till you get it right.

  7. “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” Churchill….and no no no no no not that talking insurance dog…..I think David Cuntmoron thinks he’s Churchill and after his Euro toadying we all owe him a debt of gratitude…cunt!

  8. I’m not sure what the EU means by “special status”, but I think they don’t mean it in a good way, special needs probably

  9. Special status means we pay more than anyone else, leave our borders open wider than the Zeebrugger ferry doors and are sniggeringly known as the mug of Europe.

  10. Wait!! not all bad news, according to a friend in the know one of the benefits of “special status” is that (licensed [non unitarian authorites excepted under EU directive 98/2006]) riding school horses will be allowed to wear full beards after Michaelmas day
    Now, no one can say our blessed leader came back with fuck all. This day will long be remembered and future generations will read about this triumph in one of the 357 official English languages.

  11. Iain Duncan Smith seems convinced that if we stay in the EU we are likely to be bombed by ISIS. Frankly, I don’t think ISIS give a flying fuck whether we’re in the EU, Equity, the Masons, the chess club or the Tufty Squirrel club. As far as they’re concerned, we’re a load of “infidel” non-Muslims, and they’ll blow us up anyway, ‘cos ISIS are just a load of swivel-eyed, camel-arse-fucking twatmongs.

    I know it’s boring and repetitive, but even on this highly sensitive occasion, IDS still deserves THE most massive, Kirstie Allslopp-size cunting imaginable. CUNT OF CUNTS.

    • Israel would never bomb us not like that… ISIS.. er I mean ISIL knows not to bombs its major contributors to the war. Yes though Iain is a bucket of cunt I agree with that.

  12. Can’t go with this one, calling DC a cunt is like calling water wet. He was born a fully fledged cunt and then educated in superior cuntatude. DC has the genetics of cuntitude he comes from a long line of cunts. DC is top cunt, his life’s work is dedicated to being top of the cunt pile.

    When you call DC a cunt it makes him smile and say a polite “thank you for the compliment it is so nice to be appreciated”

  13. When asked by Andrew Marr if his deal was legally binding, The Cunt Cameron lied through his teeth and said it was.

    According to The Sunday Telegraph (September 2015), one of the EU’s top lawyers would beg to differ:

    “…Among the ‘fixes’ being discussed is to bundle up British demands in a future round of EU treaty modifications at an unspecified date, most likely as a result of fiscal consolidation of the Eurozone countries. However Jean-Claude Piris, the European Union’s former top lawyer, told The Sunday Telegraph that a political commitment would have ‘no legal value’. Asked if there was a name for a political commitment to change the treaty at some point in the future, Mr Piris replied, ‘Yes, it’s called bulls***. There is no possibility to make a promise that would be legally binding to change the treaty later.’ His assessment is said to be widely shared in Brussels…”

    So not only has Cameron been offered mere crumbs, but even those are likely to be kicked into the long grass.

    This is a more accurate reflection of Porky’s so-called deal:


    • The only way it is legally binding is if people accept they are their birth certificate.
      Your name is legal fiction which is used for EVERYTHING, but what does it say on your birth certificate? crown copyright & not to be used as proof of identity!

      That’s the lie and how we have been tricked in to servitude. we believe we are these legal fictions.

    • That is truly an uncanny resemblance. Visit YouTube and search “Guest House Paradiso Kitchen Fight” for a demonstration of how their new found friendship will likely end up…

  14. He’s put so much vaseline up his arse-hole his brain is clogged up with it, and his shit-coloured (and shit smelling) tongue is dripping with slime.

    When the pig-faced cunt was aked why it would not be better if Britain left the EU to regain sovereignty, old cocksucker said, “That might give you a feeling of sovereignty, but it would be an illusion of sovereignty.”
    “Sovereignty is the ability to get things done.”

    WTF you cunt – ‘sovereignty’ is the full right and power of a governing body to govern itself without any interference from outside sources or bodies.

    He’s a right bent bastard Cameron. Most of Britain’s £16 billion ‘aid’ budget (money thieved off taxpayers – the government has fuck all) fins its way into

    Tory cunts have pocketed 100s of £millions in EU farming subsidies. The demented psychopathic cunt Iain Duncan Smith has grabbed £1.5 million in recent years while gloating over the suicides of defenceless cripples he has tortured to death with cuts and sanctions.

    David Cameron is a shell of a human (with a pig’s head) spewing out an endless torrent of lying slime, ludicrous spin, creepy obfuscation, and a mist smelling of shit and cock.

  15. ‘Right now, Cameron is like a two year old who has just smeared the walls of his bedroom with his own shit, and is now proudly showing the brown coloured palms of his hands to his horrified parents.’ Beautifully put. Still, I bet the BBC will give us a nice, even-handed coverage of the issues.

  16. Gee I thought our Australian pollies were the worlds top cunts but it looks like your mate dc plays them of a break we’ve got a prime Cunt that is about as useful as a cunt full of cold water but your prime Cunt seems to be he’s one doing the filling

  17. this balding slaphead is deluded he’s even predicted WW3 wtf??? is this geezer criminally insane or just completely fucking downright demented, either way this wanker needs to be got out before this country is permanently fucked up by this borderline EUcentricbumming crank!
    The only reason why he wants to keep this country in it is because hes already got his EU gravytrain job in Brussels line up after he slings his hook as PM fucking scheming cynical fatcunt

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