The People’s Vote

I would like to nominate everyone who is insisting that we need a second Brexit referendum (because they are not at all happy with the result of the first one).

Today Lord Kerslake, said that “if the government was unable to strike a deal with Brussels, there would have to be a pause” in the Article 50 process under which the UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019”. He went on to say that in those circumstances, the European Commission would likely insist on some “re-examination” of the 2016 referendum decision to leave. “The consequences of a no deal would be so serious as I think Parliament would have to seriously consider whether it could contemplate this,” he said.

“The question people need ask themselves is: is this a risk that they think we should be taking? If the government can negotiate a good deal, then so be it.
But if they can’t and we end up in this position, then we have to reopen the question of whether we go forward with Brexit at all. It is not too late to do that.”

Well my old mucker Kerslake, it was absolutely clear to absolutely everyone that the unelected cunts at the EU never wanted a deal, so the only option is to leave without one. We do not pay them any money and simply walk away. They had the chance to be reasonable and grown up about things but decided instead to be vindictive arseholes to a country that they should be thankful to.

As an unelected cunt in the house of Lords who the fuck are you and what gives you the right to tell the nation who voted to leave the corrupt and frankly ridiculous European Union that they got it wrong? Stupid little turd..

Also today millionaire twat Superdry co-founder Julian Dunkerton (who has pledged £1m to the People’s Vote campaign) said “we have a genuine chance to turn this around”.

No you stupid cunts- we have already had a referendum and the result was TO LEAVE. The question was not ambiguous and both Conservatives and Labour said this meant leaving the single market and the customs union.

Article 50 has been triggered so we MUST now leave, either with a deal or with no deal. And if you remember, the unelected wankers at the EU threatened us unequivocally (just before article 50 was eventually triggered) that
Article 50 is irreversible. Why must there be a pause? Think you just made that up. Cunt.

Fed up with the Remain fuckers now- have really had enough and they are becoming tiresome. Nigel- really don’t know how you managed to keep your sanity over the last 20 years. But glad you are back on side.

Nominated by willie stroker

Catalan Independence

The independence Catalan movement are cunts. Such a bunch of whinging faggoty pussies.

Spain looks like a country on the verge of civil war. The right wing Mariano Rajoy government of Spain is getting most of the Spanish people united behind him against the Catalan separatists. Meanwhile, the separatists yesterday called a general strike in Catalonia bringing transport and businesses to a halt. Public workers striked, roads were blockaded and shops big and small were threatened by the separatist mobs if they did not shut down for the day. National police and civil guard members have been harassed and ejected from hotels they were staying at in Catalonia by the mobs and local politicians who threatened hotel owners with violence or permit problems. The Catalan police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, stood idly by as the region was paralysed by the strikers and demonstrators. These strikes backed by the smaller unions were not balloted as they would have to be in the UK.  They were supported by the Catalan government. Strike or be harrassed… that democracy?. This has the feeling of a socialist/communist separatist uprising backed by corrupt wealthy Catalan politicians. No wonder comrade Corbyn is supporting this uprising.

First, the Spanish government handled the whole thing badly and should have  given them a referendum Scottish style. Although, to do it they would need to change Spain’s constitution. With a legal properly monitored genuine referendum they would have most likely voted to remain a part of Spain, since ‘no’ voters stayed away on Sunday, as it was deemed an illegal referendum. The current situation is a PR disaster. The Catalan Mossos police whose wages are paid for by the Spanish central government agreed to close down the illegal polling stations on Sunday morning to avoid any trouble, yet they disobeyed orders at the last minute. They acted like traitors to Spain, the country that pays them. As a result the Spanish national police were sent in and that is when the violence occurred.

Why did the Catalans allow young children, toddlers and elderly people to sleep overnight in the schools and other buildings being used as makeshift polling stations?  Putting vulnerable people in the “front line” when the police entered. Where were the young Catalan men to face the police?  They are nothing more than fagotty cowards using old people and children as ‘human shields’ to help sell their story internationally with images of old people and women being manhandled by the ‘brutal’ Spanish police.

Make no mistake, the Catalans are NOT some wonderful libertarian, freedom fighting, independent minded people. They are EU schlong-suckers. They want to remain part of the EU.

To quote their Vice President from the Catalan parliament of 24th January 2017  “We are members of the European Union, we are European citizens and this process to incorporate Catalonia in EU institutions has to be automatic,”. He also said It would be “good news for the EU to have a society that is as pro-European and federalist as ours”   Yes, they are full-on retard federalists – more pro-Eurpoean than the Spanish.

They are also a mixture of commie, neo-liberal, religion of peace lovers, including anarchist, anti-capitalist groups such as Arran who have waged an at times violent  campaign against tourists in Catalonia. Barcelona is full of wigga, dog on a string hippies living in squats. There are plenty of lazy, unemployed fuckers milking the system. They are not all hard working, honest people, they like the world to think. There is more undeclared  (no tax paid) black economy money in Catalonia then any other part of Spain. A separatist movement comprised of lefties, neo-liberals and shifty capitalist politicans manipulating them.

The pro-independence Catalans HATE the Spanish and they say they contribute more to the Spanish economy, that benefits, for example, the ‘lazy’ Andalucians in the south……what makes this funny is that some of the most frothing at the mouth ‘independentistas’ are first or second generation Andalucians. Lots moved to Catalonia since the 1950/1960’s to find work. So they have Spanish heritage but now loathe Spain and resent giving any money to their ‘breathren’ down south. Sounds like remainiacs in the UK….. gimme, gimme, gimme and fuck you.

The Catalan authorities discriminate against the Spanish by breaking laws on the use of dual languages of Catalan and Spanish in Catalonia. They brainwash the children from as young as three years old in schools and students in universities to hate Spain and yet welcome rapeugees by the tens of thousands per year from North Africa and the Middle East. Cultural marxism is rife in their institutions. “Welcome refugees” banners adorn town halls. Catalonia has more peacefuls than any other region of Spain, around 600,000 (8 percent of the population of Catalonia) out of the million or so total in Spain (only 2 percent). Some large towns in Catalonia have 25% plus peaceful populations. Barcelona has more extremists and jihadis than anywhere else in Europe. A hotbed of terrorism being conveniently overlooked by the neo-liberal Catalans.

The previous Catalan presidents Jordi Pujol and Artur Mas were accused of huge corruption by taking big fat brown envelopes for public works contracts. Pujol amassed millions in tax havens. Puig-de-cunt, the current leader, was brought into draw attention away from their past leaders dodgy dealings. The referendum bullshit is a useful distraction to avoid further investigations into the Catalan political heirachy’s dirty laundry and spending cuts they have had to make due their financial mismanagement of the region’s economy. It is much more convenient to blame the Spanish central government for ‘austerity’ and  cuts.  Sounds familiar….local authorities blaming central government.

The ordinary Catalan is being worked into an independence frenzy to further their political leaders power and wealth. Useful idiots being shepherded.

I detest the EU, however, this is not some David and Goliath battle of Spain being backed by the big bad EU versus the democracy supporting, ‘freedom fighting’ Catalans. The Catalans are solely nationalistic against Spain, they are cheap poundshop nationalists NOT true democratic nationalists. They represent all that is bad in the form of neo-liberal socialism. They could be respected if they chose to be truly independent and leave the EU – independence ‘a la’  Brexit. Yet, just like the Scots and wee Jimmy Krankie they want to desperately suck on the EU titties. The wee Krankie is watching the Catalan situation closely to have a go at ‘IndyRef mark II’.

Hypocritically, the Spanish Catalan leaders have no desire to re-unite with their Catalan brothers and sisters on the French side of the border. This is because the French Catalans are from the poorest region in France. So much for  culture, language and unity of their people – it is simply bollocks. It is about only money and hatred of the Spanish. The Catalan language is a cross between Spanish and French. The Catalans are arrogant, just like the French and use about the same amount of soap and water, the dirty cunts.

Since they continue to invite so many peacefuls to settle there, believing they can teach them Catalan and make them integrate, they are perfect EU stooges. In twenty years time, the small population of 7.5 million Catalans will lose their identity once the peaceful hordes increase in numbers. The peaceful extremist Salafist leaders living there have promised they will take over in time. The Catalan independence from Spain  – if granted – will be short lived, as peaceful integration has not worked in Sweden or Germany, so why will it work in Catalonia? The Catalans will end up having to learn Arabic, Urdu or some other scrawl, not the other way around. Handing out roses and sitting down in the street is not going to work with the Religion of Peace, it’s terrorists and their sympathisers. Then, with hindsight, remaining in Spain will have looked the better option than being known as the Caliphate of Catalonia.

They really are a bunch of cuckold, pussified, delusional cunts. Their symbol is the donkey, and they truly are donkeys led by donkeys. Fuck ’em up the arse with a big fat Catalan sausage.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.



Remainers. Again. So here we are, nine weeks after telling the EU to go uck itself. The world has not descended into to World War 3. The UK is NOT in recession, nor is it likely to be anytime soon. In fact, NONE of the doom laden predictions of Cameron, Osbourne and all the other lying traitors has proved to be even remotely true. Yet we STILL have braindead, ignorant, cock sucking, anti-democratic SCUM, whingeing about the result of the referendum.

On Saturday there were demonstrations in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Oxford, and Cambridge. Backed by arrogant arsewipes like Umunna and ‘comedian’ Izzard, (dunno about comedian, he’s certainly a clown), these tiresome arseholes will once again demand that democracy be pissed on, and a second referendum held. How many times must these traitors be told…NO?

So weary am I of these whingeing fucking monkeys, that I would not only applaud an ISIS attack on these scum, I would actually offer to pay for the ammunition and explosives. The referendum is OVER, you ignorant fucking cretins. Democracy has been done, the people have spoken. It doesn’t matter that you disagree with the result. What you’re too thick to understand is that this is how democracy works. We get asked a question. In this case, ‘Do you want to leave the EU, or stay in’? We then get to vote. Some people will vote to leave, and some will vote to stay. Whichever has the most votes at the end, is the winner. In this case, LEAVE won. It was simple, it was fair, it was democratic.

If you wish to live in an EU country, that’s fine. You have every right to do so. I suggest you pick an EU country, France, Belgium or Germany for example, and FUCK OFF to live there. Because regardless of your fucking childish whingeing, insults and foot stomping, this country IS leaving the EU. And there is NOTHING you can do about it. So, either move to the continent and live in your anti-democratic, EU dictatorship, or SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

The EU Referendum


The EU referendum deserves a good cunting.

Much like the Scottish referendum, the result has already been decided, of course the public will vote to stay in the EU.

Democracy is a fucking load of shit, the illusion of choice but the decision is already decided.
There is no way in hell Britain will be ALLOWED to get out of the EU, it is all part of the step to world governance (EU under the guise of free trade, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement etc)

If the EU referendum vote turns out to be NO I will insert a pineapple in my arse and film it for isacunt whilst Mrs Boaby shits on my face!

Nominated by: Boaby

David Cameron [17]


David Cameron is my nomination. Possibly a little obvious, but still, he deserves it. Despite having spent months flying all over the EU to “renegotiate” Britain’s membership of the EU, he has today confirmed what those of us who aren’t rabid, braindead Europhiles have known for the sometime. His “deal” with Brussels is worth far less than a 3 week old pile of dog shit.

Apparently, part of this deal is that the UK now has a ‘Special Status”. Although, what that special status is I don’t know, because as far as I can tell, this wretched deal is as hollow as the centre of Polo mint. And I’ll be surprised if Cameron knows what it is. Right now, Cameron is like a two year old who has just smeared the walls of his bedroom with his own shit, and is now proudly showing the brown coloured palms of his hands to his horrified parents.

I am not just angry, I am fucking insulted, that Cameron’s contempt for the British people is such that he actually thinks we’re all stupid enough to think he’s brought back something meaningful from Brussels. He actually brought back LESS than what he went with. And now we know that the June 23rd is referendum day, we’re going to have four months of lies and bellendery from those dumb fucks who hate democracy and want unelected foreign cunts who hate us to run this country.

My birthday is on the 30th of June. I’m hoping a majority of British people will give the best birthday present ever, and vote to leave the EU.

Nominated by : Quick Draw McGraw