Remainers. Again. So here we are, nine weeks after telling the EU to go uck itself. The world has not descended into to World War 3. The UK is NOT in recession, nor is it likely to be anytime soon. In fact, NONE of the doom laden predictions of Cameron, Osbourne and all the other lying traitors has proved to be even remotely true. Yet we STILL have braindead, ignorant, cock sucking, anti-democratic SCUM, whingeing about the result of the referendum.

On Saturday there were demonstrations in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Oxford, and Cambridge. Backed by arrogant arsewipes like Umunna and ‘comedian’ Izzard, (dunno about comedian, he’s certainly a clown), these tiresome arseholes will once again demand that democracy be pissed on, and a second referendum held. How many times must these traitors be told…NO?

So weary am I of these whingeing fucking monkeys, that I would not only applaud an ISIS attack on these scum, I would actually offer to pay for the ammunition and explosives. The referendum is OVER, you ignorant fucking cretins. Democracy has been done, the people have spoken. It doesn’t matter that you disagree with the result. What you’re too thick to understand is that this is how democracy works. We get asked a question. In this case, ‘Do you want to leave the EU, or stay in’? We then get to vote. Some people will vote to leave, and some will vote to stay. Whichever has the most votes at the end, is the winner. In this case, LEAVE won. It was simple, it was fair, it was democratic.

If you wish to live in an EU country, that’s fine. You have every right to do so. I suggest you pick an EU country, France, Belgium or Germany for example, and FUCK OFF to live there. Because regardless of your fucking childish whingeing, insults and foot stomping, this country IS leaving the EU. And there is NOTHING you can do about it. So, either move to the continent and live in your anti-democratic, EU dictatorship, or SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

64 thoughts on “Remainers

  1. These stupid spoiled lefty hipster cunts would be sneering like crazy at Brexiteers had we lost by over a million votes.Democracy only suits these uber cunts when it goes this way.I blame the cultural marxism infecting the education system.You eliminate competitive sports and teach every child they are a winner then you end up with aload over self entitled wankstains with an over inflated opinion of themselves.As for Lizzard the poncy prick always going on about how he has been transgender for 31 years despite still looking and sounding like a man who has dressed up in drag as he lost a bet.Are we surprised though the cunt couldn’t even pull off geting on Labours NEC (national executive of cunts)

    • Quite a lot of “righties” wanted to Remain as well and are whining about the referendum result only being “advisory” and insisting that the result should be put to a vote in parliament. Neither the left nor the right have the monopoly on cuntitude.

      • You are of course right.Most on the marches seem to be young hipsters.The right are of course guilty of enormous cuntitude just look at Heseltine Clarke Cameron and Gideot.Spoilt fat cat tosspots.

  2. Does the term remainers include the BBC? Sick of the fucking lot of them, alwaus assume they have the moral high ground at the same time they will do everything they can do undermine and overturn the democratic choice of the people.

    Bring it on you cunts, if you think you will overturn our vote and walk away whistling with us shrugging and saying “fair do’s guv’nor” you are even more deluded than I think.

    Bunch of fucking shitcunts

    • The cunting BBC. Radio bastard four were doing a piece on the Calais blockade by fucked off frogs and Lorry drivers, and the main interviewee on it? Some jam and spoon from the refugee camp moaning that he was scared that all those nasty people on the protest were going to come and beat the shit out of him! Radio four have said fuck all about the cunts attacking cars and lorries on the way to the port, but the thought of those poor migrants being upset? Typical BBC journalism.

  3. I too am tired of their bullshit childish tantrums.

    I have campaigned for fifteen years for the UK to get the fuck out of Greater Germany…oops, sorry I meant the EU. Because I returned to my homeland after living in Europe for six years to find that some cultural Marxist fuckpigs had turned the capital into a third world ghetto in a spiteful attempt to win votes.

    I HAVE done my homework on the EU. I am an adult and made my decision based on what I see with my own two eyes.

    So no, I wasn’t lied to. There are 17,000,000 plus people just like me who also did their homework, they don’t feel lied to either, we just have longer attention spans than the leftards in that photo…

    And we’re really pissed off with the EU.

    • You must be a right wing racist like me then. That’s what these Remoaners say isn’t it ?
      Like you Odins Balls I have a brain, looked at all the points, used my intelligence then voted. Just because those cunts were on the losing side of the argument doesn’t make us wrong.
      Bunch of self righteous anti democratic cunts. Seeing that poof cunt Tatchell and unfunny comedian Izzard on that march the other day merely confirmed I got my vote right.

      • Although I totally agree that the leave vote should be totally upheld and respected under the upholding of a so called democracy, and it was all set out and clear that it was a one time vote.
        here lies the fault with democracy, as a Brit living in the EU worked in the uk paid takes law abiding etc etc,
        Can some one inform me how and why so many people not living in the UK at the time of the vote were denied the right to vote, so yea out won and im no moaning about the outcome, but don’t preach about democracy , and how people whinge and whine , when the true result will never be known, as perhaps you lay down the cuntings based on the out come of a democracy that did not uphold the terms of its own democracy in the denial of citizens not in the UK votes being allowed, so have your rants cunt away, but your cunting on a basis of a false outcome what ever way the result was, it takes a cunt to cunt a cunt that is protesting the cunts that cunt democracy.

      • All expats had to do was register and they could have voted. If they were too lazy to do that then they shouldn’t be moaning about it now…

      • Apparently most did in ample time, but of course the ballot papers that arrived the same day they were to be returned, was blamed on the British postal service failures, or not processed at all how convenient !!! but then another example of failure of privatisation, of public services controlled by the elite. I do not understand how such a failure can be dismissed by blaming people that did the right thing in ample time, but then, it depends on the bias the response to a point of failure was written with !

  4. It’s the sheer arrogance of the cunts that boils my piss. They act like a bunch of spoilt brats who can’t get their own way. Screwing up their earnest faces, lips quivering,stamping their feet, and finally dissolving into tears when their tantrum is ignored. They should be treated as such, smacked and sent to bed until they grow up and learn that the sun doesn’t actually shine out of their arseholes.
    Their arrogance and condescending attitude caused them to lose the vote,and yet, they still haven’t learned their lesson. However,like a lot of over-indulged kids, I think that they’ll probably get their own way,maybe not another vote,but a gradual erosion of what Brexit was meant to mean.They might have lost the battle,but they certainly haven’t lost the war.

  5. The working class have spoken, and the posh twats don’t like it…. Nearly all of these Remain cunts are middle class tossers, career politicians, celebrity cunts and spoonfed arsewiped student shite with stupid names and even stupider hair (see horrendous pig with a blue wig in picture)… Cunts like these don’t give a fuck about the British people… They only care about what ‘they’ want and nothing more… They don’t have their bins emptied once a month, they don’t have to live in Bradfordabad or Lutonistan, they will never have snotty Jobcentre or NHS receptionist Nazis looking down on them, and they will never have a bunch of Romanian human rats in their neighbourhood, and what’s more they don’t care…Their problem is they don’t want the ‘riff-raff’ having too much of a say in the future of Blighty… They’re scared that things just might start to even out, and all their gravy trains, cushy numbers, tax dodges etc will go for the toss…Fuck them all… Fuck them, I say!

    As for that pink beret wearing ponce, Izzard, someone should have put a boot in his mincing traitorous gob…. If the twat doesn’t like democracy or how it works, why doesn’t the fat fairy fuckface piss off to North Korea?

    And Vaz must be gutted about Brexit… Where will he get his gyppo botty boys from now?…

    • Dont worry there are plenty here already for him to bugger senseless.Funny how these young Europhile migrant loving tossers go on about how the working classes are disenfranchedand then when they dont agree with them they are racist bigots who should be ignored.That shher level of hypocrisy makes me wonder. whhy anyone gives these protesting cunts airtime.

    • Maybe Izzard could grease up his arsehole,and Vaz could rodger him?Keep both the cunts happy, and make a smaller target when the peaceful people decide to stone them.

    • The thing about these newspaper stings is that they are only set up as a consequence of cunts doing the stuff they are subsequently caught at. Vaz was fucking and sucking long before the press caught him. He is a lying cunt if he is claiming his drink was spiked. No, he is a lying cunt. Period.

      • And if Vaz gets away with it, the Sunday Mirror gets sued back to the stone age. A win either way in my book…

      • See tomorrows Mirror. There is a tape and the lying cunt Vaz is on it saying ” show me how he is your bitch” Was he fuck drugged, he knew the rent boys involved, he had done it before. His wife likely knew all about it, she is just pissed because he got caught and it makes her look a cunt.

      • “someone should have put a boot in his mincing traitorous gob”

        @ Norman
        But why should we give him what he wants? I’m sure he’d fancy a boot in the arse too

  6. MOAS need a cunting. They are a supposed charity going round the Mediteranean picking up migrants, they are basically a ferry service for wogs wanting to get into Europe and there after find their way to Calais.

    They are very well funded, we are talking about large ships here not a few small boats. Where is the money coming from? Its all a bit vague, they simply say it is crowd funded but my bet our old fiend Mr Soros is behind it.

      • Probably in Gibraltar. I have seen one there on several occasions and heard the radio traffic between it and the Dago cops. Johny Dago likes to harass the sub when it comes in and out of port in Gibraltar by buzzing round it in little rubber dingies. The captain of the sub tells them in no uncertain terms to fuck off.

    • Who is supporting them? They sail out and “rescue” a bunch of migrants 7 miles off the coast of Libya take them to Italy and then as far as their concerned It’s job done. Then they sail out and pick up some more of the cunts.

  7. First Post.

    What is wrong with these fuckwits? How dare they march with banners extolling the virtue of democracy. What are the lies we all fell for in voting to leave. The only ‘lie’ they can quote is £350million for the NHS every week. Now I’m going to credit some Remoaners with some intelligence, but surely they can work out that it was merely an indication of the scale of our contribution to the EU coffers, a little taster of what UK PLC might want to spunk it’s new found wealth on. Surely, I would of also thought that they would understand that exactly where such cash would be spent would be dictated by an incumbent government! Leave.EU&VoteLeave are not even political parties. So why would these twats take that as a spending pledge. Maybe they a being a little obtuse.

    And why does the BBC keep on doing news reports on people saying they are going to leave UK to return home. Like I give a fuck! Nobody forced them to come here, they were happy enough to leave their roots before So just
    Fuck Off,

    And now we keep on hearing ‘what is Brexit’ in sneery sniveling tones. Easy No Free Movement and No Single Market. So if these stupid cunts can just shut the fuck up for 5 minutes and stop distracting those that need to ensure Brexit happens rather than spouting their putrid filth . Things will move along nicely, thank you.

    When they next interview one of these twats they should be ask proper questions like ‘Do you actually know anything about the crumbling pile of festering shite that is the EU, what it does, how it does it or anyone involved in it?’ Because to me, if you know anything about the crubling pile……………… voting for it makes as much sense as trying scratch your nadgers by dropping them in a food blender


      • I hope they fucking do, the cunts.

        We need a points system not only for those wanting to come in but also those wanting to stay. What we want is; Female, under 25, at least DD cup tits, single, never had kids, speaks English but is also fluent in French. They can come in, every other fucker can fuck off.

  8. I don’t know the title to this cunting and I can’t be bothered to think of one.

    Pubs abroad called ‘The English Pub’ and ‘The Scottish Pub’ etc etc can fuck off, and it is a cunt. Out in Copenhagen and Ive seen two different Pubs called the names already mentioned. Firstly your not an English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh Pub unless you’re actually in the country. You might have a Dart board and some fucking Cider on tap but you can fuck off. If I want to go in an English Pub I’ll go to one in England you cunts, when I’m abroad I like to see what the local people eat and drink and not be in somewhere that’s trying to remind me of where I’m from. Fuck off you cunts.

      • ‘Fucking hate Irish pubs. They are all called scruffy this or dirty that and are about as Irish as chicken vindaloo. Cunts.

      • You can’t win with irish pubs. The “Irish theme” ones are utter shite, and the real irish ones are full of boring Irish cunts.

      • What is an “Irish theme” ?
        Caravans parked outside, scraggy ponies running about, fenian bomb makers having a meeting, fist fight in the car park.
        Perhaps all of these.
        All bollocks. Usually a couple of plastic shamrocks and that’s it.
        Keep clear.

    • I visited Copenhagen one time. Really enjoyed it. Went to a place called Cafe Norden or Norden Cafe. Had their tomato soup in a bread bowl plus a beer both times I went. Place was pretty busy, but the staff were friendly, food was great and it wasn’t overly expensive. Pity about the psychotic Italian girl I was with at the time. She really was fucking mental.

      Been to many US cities and many seem to have their oirish pub. I’m sorry, what makes it oirish exactly? The toothless simpleton propping up the bar? The loud, drunken, violent yobs trying to glass you? The quiet, shifty looking nerd in the corner making a bomb? Do tell. It’s certainly not the chemically infused weak-as-piss sad-as-fuck excuse for beer the Yanks seem to inhale. Can’t be the menu either. Oirish cuisine is what, 3 different shades of boiled potato? Jeez – give me a break.

      • They do have the mashed potato, boiled potato, roast potatoes and chips combo……..otherwise known as the Irish mixed grill…..

      • Yep I listened to the warning. Didn’t go in any of them, they look like they’re full of cunts.

      • Norwich has a couple of “Oirish” theme pubs but there’s never any Irishmen in them. Just studenty middle class silly-hat-wearing types who wish they were Irish, or black, or Nepalese or anything other than the lilywhite English kids that they “aaactually” are.
        Oh and they’re all cunts.

  9. Is it too soon to nominate Sam Alladyse?

    There’s been some interesting bs on the BBC Sport website about This twat saying he can’t tell Wayne Rooney where to play. And there was me thinking that was his (ludicrously well-paid) job.

    Here’s a thought, he could say “Listen to me, you useless, fat, wiggy, Scouse cunt. Fucking play where I tell you to play or I’ll have you out of the team faster than you can open your wallet when a 70-year-old prossie comes into view. You cunt.”

    Just a thought.

    • Wayne Cuntney, he is a disgrace to the England shirt. We have had in South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014, and the recent Euros totally shit performances and this cunt has been one of the shittest performers. Gets paid 300k a week and he’s been shit for year’s. What a cunt.

      • Agree, Black and White cunt… Rooney is a useless, wigheaded fat Scouse cunt… Does next to fuck all at Old Trafford and no way should he be picked above Rashford, Martial, and Zlatan…. Also a sack of shite for England and fuck his ‘record’… Mostly scored in meaningless friendlies against shite opposition… Rooney will never be as good as Charlton (Bobby), Greaves, or even Lineker as long as I have a hole in my arse…

      • The England selection process is a joke. No matter how crap he is or how much he refuses to do what he’s told, the fat Scouser is always first on the team sheet.

        Bit like when that poof Beckham was still in the team when playing for a third division outfit like LA Galaxy. He must have swallowed a lot of Swedish cum.

        Norman, is it true that Ferguson threw that boot at bender Beckham because he was found sucking off Ronaldo in the manager’s office at Old Trafford? If it’s not true, shall we spread the rumour anyway?

      • Spread the rumour anyway,Cunt’s Mate Cunt…
        They’re a pair of preening ponces…

        Beckham missed training because of his showbiz marriage and that dreadful cunt of a wife… So Fergie was already steaming… United played Arsenal and Becks was shite, and to blame for Arsenal’s first goal… Fergie gave Beckham the bollocking of a lifetime and kicked a boot that hit the flash bastard… It was no more than a little nick above his eye, but the media whore went around town with a fucking alice band on and a giant cross of elastoplast above his eye and lapped up the publicity… He married a slag and he became a slag, a showbiz slag….

      • Loads of strikers who played for England who were better than Rooney… Shearer, Hurst, Channon, Keegan, Kerry Dixon, Trevor Francis, Even that Scouse dwarf cunt, Michael Owen, was better for England than The Wigheaded Grannyfucker

    • I already tried to cunt Allardyce when he was first appointed.

      My points were basically these. What qualifications does the fat, useless cunt have to be the national team manager? Has he managed at the highest club level? No. Was he a highly respected player who’s played at the highest level? No. Has he managed clubs who’ve had regular European competition thus exposing him to experience outside of the domestic leagues? No. Has be regularly managed big ego players at the height of their careers and molded them into winning teams? No.

      So again, what exactly are his qualifications? It just goes to show how far the national football team has regressed such that this industrial strength ‘com on lads get stook in will ya’ gets a shot at England manager. If you thought Hodgson was bad, he was merely the appetiser for clown Allardyce.

      The national embarrassment continues.

  10. If these moaning undemocratic remain cunts are basing their argument on “we weren’t told what to expect after the referendum” …does that apply when there’s a new cabinet appointed after a General Election and I’m not happy with some faces appointed.

    Can we have a second election because I wasn’t told we’d have cunts like Hammond as chancellor?

    • The same hippies were protezting that the conservatives won last year.They cant stand democracy yet call anyone who doesnt agree with them fascists.Oh the fucking irony.The biggest cunts in this campaign have definately got to be David Lammy and Anna Soubry pandering to the fuckwits on these marches.Whenever I am own I watch Soubry crying to a load of hippies whilst drunk and David Lammy being made to look a cunt by Kay Burley.Cheers me up no oend.When Kay Burley makes you look a cunt then you really have problems.

  11. Sky “News”. Again. Merkles CD party get beaten in to 3rd place by the anti ILLEGAL immigration party the AfD. How does Sky cover this story? By reporting alleged neo nazis saying nasty things to “refugees” in a small German town. The key word here is “alleged”. I’m sure if any of the alleged abuse had actually taken place then the “victims” would report it to the police and the evil neo nazi scum would be banged up. But no. Just hearsay, nothing more but being reported as facts.

    Meanwhile 100s of women, girls and even young boys are being raped and sexually abused by immigrant rape gangs. Why isn’t sky reporting on those? Because Sky are a bunch of fucking cunts, thats why.

    • It’s the same on the cunting Beeb, with the attack on that polish guy. It’s not right, particularly if it was a racist attack, but for the Polish ambassador to get involved, saying he was worried about the safety of the poles living in the UK? Cunts don’t give a shit if it was the other way around, and there has been plenty of that.

      • Someone should tell the Polish ambassador that if his precious darlings don’t feel safe in the UK, then they can frig off back home with him… Of course the BBC doesn’t mention their thieving, blags, and clogging up both the Welfare State and the NHS…

      • Funny how the BB of C are outraged about the demise of a Polish person (and it is out order, I agree), but they don’t give a fuck if some elderly French priest is virtually decapitated by demented towlhead savages, nor are they bothered if a mentally ill British person is told they are fit for work and they top themselves… They also don’t seem too concerned about the shitty arsed vermin that threatens UK lorry drivers in the Calais Jungle… Cunts…

  12. Had “we” voted remain nowt would have been said, we would have accepted it and thought “fuck” to ourselves. That would have been me anyway.

    With the exception of Nigel Farage – possibly – no one would have been clamoring for a re-run.

    They’re just a set of spoiled selfish cunts who’s outlook on the Brexit vote is the same – as someone said above – as when they were shite at sport but still wanted a fucking trophy.

    For my sins I play a bit of sport and to be frank I’m pretty shit at it. I take my beatings on a regular basis but every now and then the stars align and I win a match.

    Now when this is against someone who has more life experience than a fruit fly they accept it and its a “get you next time” pint in the bar afterwards. When it’s against a hipster fuckwit they usually do a pram chuck and fuck off to Mummy & Daddy with a Kevin & Perry “so unfair” stride to their gait.

    It’s these unaccepting cunts that need a strip tearing off. They’ve never been allowed to fail (Mummy and Daddy always made sure their homework was 100% correct, did theit A* rated craft projects for them, bought them a new PS4 as though a winner when they came last in summat, etc.), and yet the parents blame the school when their (allowed to be thick as pig shit) kids walk away with one GCSE, a ‘C’ in R.E. (and only then because R.E. teachers know their days are numbered and are bricking it).

    The modern parents era of the 80’s to now means we’re reaping the seeds they sowed with these intolerable, insolent, arrogant cunts and the cunts have bred an even more irritating breed of uber cunt known as the “millenial”.

    I’ve got kids and I wouldn’t do their homework, etc., for them. I would help them to try and understand the nature of a problem but ultimately it was up to them. My Mrs would’ve been one to “make sure it was right for them” (like the other prince and princesses parents – which wound her up) but I was quite firm in my reasoning and is probably the only victory I have to this day in our marriage.

    Well low and behold it was GCSE results a fortnight ago and all these prince and princesses have failed miserably where as my #1 kid has walked out with all A’s and A*’s (whatever the fuck that means). O’course it’s not their fault. The school was shite, the examiners were probably biased, they’re going to ask for the papers to be remarked by an independent…blah, blah, blah…sorry accept your kid is as thick as pig shit and it’s all YOUR own doing you cunts!

    And guess what, every one of these parents were remainers! Hah! Loser cunts! And still they’re bleating on about it. Cunts!

    P.S. #1 kid did get a solitary C grade, in R.E. Try as she might she couldn’t fail the cunt! I’m still proud of her for trying to fail it though (and yes this is no word of a lie – well – I didn’t tell her to fail it but I told her it didn’t matter what the result was in that pointless shite).

    • As parents at some point we have to accept little johnny is not going to be a brain surgeon, and actually thats fine.

      My three have all grown up and left home, our approach has been to try and teach them to deal with the problems they will inevitably face in life, and yes life is not fair and often quite shit.

  13. I wonder what their reaction would have been if the result had been the other way round, 52/48 in favour of remain. Would they be demanding a second vote then?

    • Nope, they would be loftily declaring that “The People have spoken so have some respect for Democracy”. The Cunts.

    • Would they fuck. Democracy works they would say. Well you cunts, democracy DID work so shut the fuck up and live with it.
      Spoilt bastard in Viz was well behaved by comparison.

  14. How about Anjem Choudhcunt for a cunting. Just seen some old clips of him on tv and he makes my piss boil. Evil cunt who should have been taken out and shot years ago.
    I am sure it has not gone unnoticed that these so called “preachers” are quite happy to persuade other cunts to go and die but make sure they stay at home nice and safe whilst taking benefits from us.
    The time cannot come soon enough for all of the “peaceful” people fuck off. Also why don’t the majority of these cunts come out and shout down the likes of Choudhcunt ?
    Answer is they are not anti as they would like us to believe.

  15. These cunting Remainers make me sick. Yet again, it’s all about what they want, not anyone else. It’s all Me, Myself, I with them. Go and get a proper shower you stinking news-whoring cunts. Do they give a fuck what sacrifices men and women made in past wars to defend this land…do they bollocks. A total mockery. Dying your hair a bright offbeat colour and creating “Look aren’t we pioneering” placards doesn’t make you a voice for justice or a champion of free expression…it makes you look like a freshly graduated cunt of the highest order.

    Sadly I think the disease of backsliding will come into play here, although I really would like to think that’s not the case. These Remain cunts are the real traitors to this land. Moaners and Scaremongers are whining like a schoolkid on the last day of the holidays because their freeloading meal tickets have been ripped up. Cunts. As for that pink beret wearing tosspiece, apparently he ran after the chap who pinched it in his high heels, the fucking weirdo.

    Once again, usually the middle class Generation Manbun hipster fucks who think they know all about life because daddy has financed them. What a load of shit. Damned Traitors. Anti-Democratic. Pure filth. Total cunts.

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