Dicky ‘Rickie’ Doubleday


It’s competition time over at “The Troll’s Lair”!

Our favourite tripe hound has been unsuccessfully trying to post shite on this blog since 10 o’clock yesterday morning. So far he’s tried 81 anonymous proxy servers. All blocked.

But that doesn’t stop our Rickie! As off 14:11 today he’s tried to get in no less than 1,780 times.

So here’s the craic. Guess at what time Rickie will make his 2,000th unsuccessful attempt and win a prize. Details on his very own site which you can find [here]


Nominated by: Dioclese

42 thoughts on “Dicky ‘Rickie’ Doubleday

  1. Probably about now I recon, his mum/sister/wife will be downstairs washing up after their tea (boiled turnip again LOL!).
    So he will be back in his little den playing cyber troll where the big boy’s can’t see him! Hmmm where can that den be? Best I google it.

  2. “As off 14:11 today he’s tried to get in no less than 1,780 times.”

    I guess everyone needs a hobby. Maybe he can make a career out of it, always room for one more professional cunt.

  3. I’ll say 3.25
    I do hope I win.I’d just love to take tea with Rickie,and I’m sure that he’ll find me to be most stimulating company. I just hope that his girlish squeals of delight don’t alarm the neighbours.

  4. I’d like to cunt the Italian coast guard. What the fuck do they think they are doing “rescuing” black cunts 12 miles from the Libyan coast? Isn’t it obvious that so long as they carry on doing so the cunts will keep on coming? Throw them a line and tow the cunts back where they came from, job done, nice one, simples innit.

    • Its done by vote, the captain says “hands up all of you that think it would be a good idea to dock in Libiya and repatriate these poor devil’s? “

      • To make things more retarded merkel just has for the last 3 days been back tracking on her hardcore ‘don’t question me’ migrant stance.
        Saying that when she invited 50 million migrants she was greatly misunderstood fuck off burqa merkel your only saying that because your country now hates you and youve been doing horrible in the polls

  5. I heard that the Italian navy have now got glass bottomed boats…………….so they can see the old Italian navy…………..Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  6. “At 14:11 today he’s tried to get in no less than 1,780 times.” I wonder if he has help he can’t be doing all this by himself?!

    All I know is that everytime I see kath gillion Sir Stoke or flaxxen I automatically think its him and 35% of the time I’m right

    • Dear oh dear I hope I am a tad more eloquent than the name thief, although I am sure he would look FABULOUS in my rock boots and skin tight jeans with a motorhead T-shirt and Motorhead bandanna over claret coloured plats LMAO.

  7. Thing is on other sites, when they get trolled, the troll often has some wit and/or guile about them.

    Random key presses and saying nothing isn’t really trolling is it? It’s just sad.

    If he’s been trying that many times during the day the cunt obviously doesn’t work or lives off his Mrs as a kept man.

    I mean I’m off today in lieu of a weekend day but this cunt doesn’t strike me as being the type who’d work weekends (if at all)?

    Maybe he’s a public sector worker (which is the same as not working for a living I suppose).

    • No, I’m afraid this bloke is just plain stupid.
      He’s shitting himself since Anna Raccoon paid him a visit.
      Trying desperately to convince everyone she’d got the wrong man and the details on the top of this blog are wrong….

      …they’re not.

      • Good for Anna was Mrs Doubleday home? Pitty Anna didn’t take some snaps πŸ˜€
        I can’t believe he has nothing better to do, I mean this is ridiculous. WTF is wrong with the man!
        (A rhetorical question, because I don’t actually care).
        If he wan’t my life he is welcome to it, try dealing with what I am dealing with and he wouldn’t have time for this bollocks.

  8. Fuck me purple, does that troll clown have nothing better to do with his time? Someone should tell him that sitting in a darkened room downloading hardcore inbreeding grumble movies off the web is a desperately sad thing to do. Get out into the fresh air, go for a walk, let the sunlight touch your pale skin and stop trying to troll. It’s boring.

    I would like to think that the dubious art of trolling is getting a bit old hat these days, but not in the case of this joker. I read the Anna Raccoon blog with interest and I can only imagine him shitting his trousers when confronted by someone outside internet-land. Prick.
    I’ll take a wild guess and say 6.15pm for the 2,000 mark?

  9. 2,000 attained at 17:26
    Unfortunately I win because everyone else was too scared to risk winning the prize…
    I’m going to put it on eBay later at a Buy it Now of 1p

    • I pity the poor bugger who wins.

      Nervously driving toward Norwich…then spotting the sign which reads “Welcome to Upton…You’ll Never Leave”. Going into the village shop…shaking like a shitting dog, only to be confronted by his weirdo inbred sister in a headscarf…”Yesssss….can I help you at all? I haven’t seen you before? Are you local?”.
      Maybe he likes to taste the butcher’s meat and touch the precious things?

  10. Why bother though? Hasn’t he got anything else better to do? Is he insane?
    Good to know Anna and her old man paid him a visit… After all, this is the despicable twat who accuses innocent people of being nonces, steals peoples’ online identtites and writes crap and lies in their names, tries to intimidate people by making out he is in with the authorities (which makes him a grass anyway!), threatens others and their families, harasses women and even pretends to be women when stealing their names and identitiies… I dare say he will get other visits at some point… The way he behaves, he will have more enemies than Hitler … Not so much fun antagonising people online, when some brick shithouse and his pals are banging on the door…

    • Funny you should say that Norman.

      I have some ‘travelling’ pals up in Trimmingham and Kings Lynn. Although they are thick as pigshit and will kick off at the drop of a hat, they still don’t like to see a lady mistreated or unnecessarily upset.

      They also owe me some favours.

      Having briefly perused Anna Racoon’s blog, she seems like a decent sort, although rather poorly.

      I am wondering if I should send a carrier pigeon in their direction with instructions to make Dicky Doubledickhead their new ‘best mate’ when they rock up in the picturesque village of Upton……
      Complete with feral children, mangey dogs, untaxed 4×4’s and their inate ability to make anything with a scrap value disappear in a matter of seconds.

      Do you think that this is the human contact that he so desperately desires in order to get him away from that keyboard?

    • At this point he retires to his cellar and guards his coveted turnip collection, all hand dug and stollen from the surrounding fields.

  11. What troubles me is that whilst a reasonable person might conclude that Ricky is a hopeless pathetic cunt who needs a thermic lance right up his no doubt diseased rectum, there are those out there in the ether who admire him.
    They are the ones for whom we should be building the bonfire .

  12. Does Dickless even count as a cunt? Failed as a troll because there is actually some skill to real trolling and that’s way beyond his feeble grasp.

    Calling him a cunt gives him way to much credit, at best he is an annoying attention seeker and not even annoying because of what he posts but annoying like an unpleasant odour.

    He isn’t worthy of a real cunting, that would let him think he is somebody, he isn’t he is nobody, nothing, less that a spot on a lepers arse.

    Like most obnoxious small children best ignored or laughed at, mostly everyone who ever met him will of chosen one of the two options.

  13. The prick will end up trolling some knuckle draggers, who will find him, and fuck him up. I honestly didn’t think a fifty year old could be so childish. Impotence does strange things to men who already have low self esteem.

  14. Can I just clarify that I personally abhor violence that I am actively opposed to anyone ‘paying him a visit’.

    Incitement to violence is a criminal act and I am expressly doing nothing of the sort!

    • Not as far as we are aware and I would think it highly unlikely.
      He has two brothers and a wife called Barbara.
      50 years old, born 1966 in Norfolk if that helps?

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