The People’s Vote

I would like to nominate everyone who is insisting that we need a second Brexit referendum (because they are not at all happy with the result of the first one).

Today Lord Kerslake, said that “if the government was unable to strike a deal with Brussels, there would have to be a pause” in the Article 50 process under which the UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019”. He went on to say that in those circumstances, the European Commission would likely insist on some “re-examination” of the 2016 referendum decision to leave. “The consequences of a no deal would be so serious as I think Parliament would have to seriously consider whether it could contemplate this,” he said.

“The question people need ask themselves is: is this a risk that they think we should be taking? If the government can negotiate a good deal, then so be it.
But if they can’t and we end up in this position, then we have to reopen the question of whether we go forward with Brexit at all. It is not too late to do that.”

Well my old mucker Kerslake, it was absolutely clear to absolutely everyone that the unelected cunts at the EU never wanted a deal, so the only option is to leave without one. We do not pay them any money and simply walk away. They had the chance to be reasonable and grown up about things but decided instead to be vindictive arseholes to a country that they should be thankful to.

As an unelected cunt in the house of Lords who the fuck are you and what gives you the right to tell the nation who voted to leave the corrupt and frankly ridiculous European Union that they got it wrong? Stupid little turd..

Also today millionaire twat Superdry co-founder Julian Dunkerton (who has pledged £1m to the People’s Vote campaign) said “we have a genuine chance to turn this around”.

No you stupid cunts- we have already had a referendum and the result was TO LEAVE. The question was not ambiguous and both Conservatives and Labour said this meant leaving the single market and the customs union.

Article 50 has been triggered so we MUST now leave, either with a deal or with no deal. And if you remember, the unelected wankers at the EU threatened us unequivocally (just before article 50 was eventually triggered) that
Article 50 is irreversible. Why must there be a pause? Think you just made that up. Cunt.

Fed up with the Remain fuckers now- have really had enough and they are becoming tiresome. Nigel- really don’t know how you managed to keep your sanity over the last 20 years. But glad you are back on side.

Nominated by willie stroker

52 thoughts on “The People’s Vote

  1. Someone should point out to this Kerslake fuckwit that nobody has ever voted him into any of his lucrative positions so he speaks for nobody. They might also remind the cunt that, as a Member of the House of Frauds, he is not entitled to vote and there’s a fucking good reason for that.
    They could also tell him and his mate Stewart to shut their fascist cuntholes and go and fuck themselves.

  2. Working away this week I was having my breakfast in the hotel and the TV was showing Am-BBCeer yesterday.

    They were wanking themselves into a frenzy over the ‘leaked letter’ from obviously non-partisan ‘doctors and NHS workers’ over their concerns about having no drugs the day after Brexit.

    As far as standards of reporting go this really was from the bowel of the gutter press.

    At no point was their any reference to the 2 year transition and hence no balance to the report.

    It’s really getting beyond a joke and I like you Willie welcome back to the front line Nigel.

    Even though they hate him they cant resist giving him airtime as in their bubble they’re convinvived hes ‘waaaaycisssst’ so keep on showing him convinced everyone thinks like they do.

    Top cunting Willie.

    • No drugs after BREXIT? Project FEAR writ large. Have quite a variety orf botanicals growin’ dahn me manor and if the NHS want it they got it – subject to negotiation.

  3. Kerslake s just another turd in the swamp of remain!
    I particularly hate the term “ people’s vote” it’s really nothing of the sort, it’s just quisling buzz words for Cunts who simply can’t accept the result and will do everything in their power to thwart brexit…….
    it’s the same Cunts who have been sabotaging the negotiations from the off, the same Cunts who are doing the EU,s dirty work!!!
    Treasonous Cunts one and all….

  4. How the hopes and dreams of those that voted Leave have evaporated. Never mind, there’s only 2 million Eastern Europeans to pay pensions to and house in the UK in perpetuity.

  5. Apart from the EU Gravy Licking MP scum front and centre, is there anyone over 12 in that picture who is not from the remoaning Kalifate of Londonistan?

  6. Great, heartfelt post, Willie.

    Cunts like Cuntsnake are unlikely to patronise this brilliant site. I think you perhaps need to edit your post for profanities and then send a copy of this, by letter, to the Cunt’s plush offices.

    As for Superdry and Dunky boy, who the fuck with half a fucking brain wears his overpriced, skinny tat anyway?

    Cunts to all men.

  7. My fucking piss is steaming and it’s not even 8am

    Some fucking turd at breakfast was sat across from me with not a hair out of place wearing a fucking ID badge.

    I fucking hate ID badge wearers when there’s no need to wear one. I’m in a fucking hotel FFS, I’ve posted on these cunts in the past but can feel a Nom coming on.

    I’m also over fucking come with the thought that he voted remain and works for the local council and is enjoying a tax payer funded ‘away day’


    • You should always recognise that ID badge wearers are special. In this case by scrutinising the badge carefully. If it’s a photo badge, be sure that the wearer’s features match it, looking repeatedly from face to badge. Whether they do or not, register suspicion, move to just within earshot, and pretend to be calling the police. If not a photo badge, ask the wearer politely if he has a pen about him (yes – fine; no – fake it) and make a note on the back of your hand before courteously returning the pen and ‘phoning’ as before.

  8. Well said Willie. We all know the remainers can dress this people’s vote up any way they like. It is what it is.. A cynical attempt to overthrow the original vote result.
    We should have walked away long ago. These cunts in Brussels will never give us a decent deal. We could have a few years of settling in to a new system but I am positive we will be far better off. As for that cunt Julian Cunterton , I wonder how much of that million quid was made off the back of the Indians in sweat shops that he pays 50 an hour or less ?

  9. Anyone called Julian Dunkerton has to be -and is- a colossal gargantuan cunt…
    Superdry is overrated, overpriced shite anyway… Superdry? Supercunt more like….

  10. Do not worry chaps a new series’s of bake off is starting soon. Let us also be thankful in these troubled times for such splendours as strictly and X factor it should calm our souls to know that these wonders of modern creativity are balm to the raging beast. All will be ok if we watch this shit all day (they show lots of repeats for those who have missed the action and the papers dine out on this bollocks!).

  11. The impotence of these “2nd referendum” weaklings always makes me chuckle. Pouring time and money into something so absurdly anti-democratic has to be the most desperate, powder-puff concept yet. If this is the best argument they can muster, then I’m content.

    Furthermore ‘Superdry’ is a heavily-marketed brand of cheaply-made, brightly-coloured tat onto which is scrawled some oriental slogans. Matalan for the overpaid. Hmmm, I wonder whether it’s made in an EU country.

  12. The People’s Vote. I like it.
    It has been lifted from the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s masterpiece.

    The Brussels vote.
    The Establishment vote
    The big business vote
    The Whitehall vote
    The House of Lords vote
    The tax dodger’s vote
    The vested interest vote.

    In fact the vote of the unelected interest groups who now identify as ‘the People’

  13. Kerslake is an ex- beancounting mandarin. He was given his Sir by Blair, and Lorded by the pigfucker. Although a crossbencher, he has advised Corbyn on preparing for government, and runs a consultancy in addition to interests in ‘global’ companies.
    His is not the only swill-smeared Civil Service snout in the trough, (apologies to those with reservations about Guido, like me):

    • I hope the advice he gave to Corbyn was make sure the rope is not too long when you hang yourself. Two broken ankles is a right pain.

  14. We have a cabal of people in my county who want this who like to make themselves heard through the letters section of the paper. Finally wrote one in myself this week asking them if they would feel the same way about Brexit voters demanding a second referendum had the result been different in an attempt to force them to question their motivations. I look forward to the responses that will be in next week’s issue.

  15. It appals me that the EU has been not only allowed but encouraged to make all the running. We knew the EU would stall, promote additional referenda, make unacceptable conditions and the rest; they’ve repeatedly done it to other countries. Our starting point should have been:

    ” We’ve voted to leave. We’re leaving. We are assuming a complete break. We realise that this will impact not only us but you. And we will be happy to consider your suggestions for easing the impact, as long as they do not disadvantage us, and if we receive them within one calendar month. But we’re leaving.”

    Starting from any other position indicates either or both of 1. idiocy and 2. mendacity.

  16. The vacuous slimeballs of politics. There was only ever and in or out . Not “half in Half out ” No such thing as hard or soft.

    A single vote resulted in a leave vote.

    If the leave vote is to become a simple “taster” or “opinion” and is not honoured. then the future for freedom and democracy is a certain black hole event.

    My solution is very simple. Tell the remainer’s, the moaners, the rich and the verbally incontinent fuckface’s to simply fuck off.

    The alternative? let the petrol bombs fly.

  17. Fourth Reich Goebbels wannabes. Here’s hoping they get to suck their mentor’s cock in Hell real soon.

    Top notch Cunting btw Willie!

  18. I’d like to see a remake of The Dam Busters.

    This time it wouldn’t be the dams as a target, just Brussels.

    FFS, would ANYONE really miss that dogshite-reeking pile of wank ?

    I know that EU is an ideology, but it would still be fun to reduce its Speeresque architecture to rubble.

  19. All of these campaigns are designed to deflect peoples’ attention from the sell-out which the government is implementing. I don’t believe for a second that there’ll be another vote. The government wouldn’t take the risk of (A) The Leave camp winning again,or (B) a real threat of “trouble on the streets,or (C) the Tory Party forever being labelled as the Party which betrayed the majority of the country,
    Far better to let Mrs. May quietly accept capitulation and then play the “We got the best deal we could” card,ditch her,and attempt to distance themselves from the fallout. It’ll work too,after all,that dreaded bogeyman, Corbyn,is waiting in the wings…although I look at the state of the country and wonder if even Pol Pot could have as effectively ruined a country as The Tory party and their paymasters have managed in the last few years. The Tories have allowed themselves to become the whore to Big Business, everything geared to the greed of a tiny minority.

    Have another vote, Don’t have another vote….why give a Fuck? We’ll get the same result no matter what the outcome. We sold out as a Country years ago when we decided that “The City” was the way forward,and if anyone believes that those fine gentleman are prepared to remove their snouts from the trough just because a few plebs want a return to a Country governed by the People,For the People, they’re deluded. Too much cheap labour,too much rationalisation….too much PROFIT for them to allow that to happen.

    Fuck them.

    • Agree – this stunt is just another diversionary tactic. Hard to imagine what more Mrs May could have done to negate the will of the people.

    • That looks like a completely accurate assessment, and fits all the facts available. Nicely summarised, and agree 100%.

    • ” It’ll work too,after all,that dreaded bogeyman, Corbyn,is waiting in the wings…”

      Thats been the plan since the day after the Referendum,make sure the Tories fuck up the Brexit process,lose the snap general election and let Corbyn negotiate a second referendum,didnt work first time round coz Labour are so crap they couldnt defeat a suicidal Tory Gov,pretty sure itll work sooner or later.Corbyn,head of a minority or all party gov announcing we didnt call the first referendum so let me renegotiate with the EUSSR commissars and put it to the people a second time.

  20. Any chance we could have a ‘peoples vote’ on my A level results. I didn’t like the outcome even though I sat the same paper and had the same teachers as about 40 others and would like to reverse the outcome.

    These cunts may have 99% of the wealth that they are desperately trying to keep hold of but we have 99% of the vote. I almost want another vote so we can in the words of Alf Ramsey have beat them once and will go out there and beat them again

    • Claim to be a young member of the Royal family…..your A level results,no matter how appalling,will be enough to open the door to any University or career.

    • Know of two young people who got their A level results through last week.

      First is having one of his papers remarked- if upgraded he will be going to Loughborough.

      Second got a C, D and a U. Not sure what her options going forward will be.

      Anyway, best of luck to you,

      Regarding the EU, I am genuinely of the mind that a second vote (whatever anyone wants to call it), if conducted honestly and fairly would see an increased majority for the Leave camp. I have met several people post referendum result, who have changed their minds from Remain to Leave. Some have stayed the same. Not one has gone from Leave to Remain. I call this the Willie Stroker poll.

      What I have my doubts about is whether an second official referendum will be fair and above board.

      The government and their big money supporters are anti democratic/anti Brexit, and in addition to their devious tactics and lies would not put it past them to rig any second vote in Remains favour.

      Like many others I simply do not believe the recent poll result propaganda put out by the government sources, which claims to show a mass swing from Leave to Remain in over 100 constituencies. More lies.

      Yesterday we have the NHS saying we will all die if we leave the EU. Every day there is more project fear.

      The only way I can see the government wanting a second referendum is if they are sure they can win it. And the only way they can do this is to fix it so that they do. In any case I cannot see it happening. Certainly with Remain as an option, or otherwise.

      After 40 years we have had the vote and the result was to Leave.

      Remainers can shut the fuck up- you lost- we are leaving (in one way or another), get over it.


      • Where did you get the impression we were leaving Willie? If you think what’s happening is leaving, then the Remainer’s job is done.

        There won’t be a people’s vote, not while things are going so swimmingly for political establishment. They won’t risk having to waste another two years pulling the wool over the electorate’s eyes.

      • Technically we are leaving, but as far as I can that’s all. The song remains the same.

      • Oh yes, the sainted NHS! Because we can totally trust an organisation that famously doesn’t tolerate any criticism or suggestions for improvement and allows mass murdering psychopaths to work for them. Here’s a novel idea – STOP TAKING THE BEST DOCTORS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES AND TRAIN OUR OWN! Cunts.

  21. How pleased with themselves do those two absolute Cunts umunna and Lucas look in the picture?
    Labours barry Gardiner broke ranks recently and said a second vote wasn’t the right thing to do and the result should be respected, constant frontrunner for ISAC Cunt of the year umunna wasn’t very happy with that infact he said gardiner wasn’t being very democratic?? Fucking priceless even by umunnas shitty standards ……….

    • It’s all Liebour smoke & mirrors Q – Corbyn and Labour are even more in favour of Brino or Remain than Tory high command could ever dream of their party being.

      Ugly situation… not one party left in Parliament unequivocally in favour of leaving the EU.

      Maybe DUP? WTF more like.

      • Agree labour are for a brexit in name only/ remain but not everybody’s onboard…
        As I’ve previously posted my wife works for a union and she’s a lifelong Labour Party member
        Recently they had their annual conference where they get to vote on union related issues, the voting is done electronically BUT the head Cunt of the union insisted the vote on the EU was done by a show of hands!! Why? Because the Cunts a remainer and knew people wouldn’t want to be seen voting against him!!
        That’s absolute bullying!! Anyhow they stood up to him and the vote was done electronically, they voted to back remain but by the slimmest of margins…….

      • Interesting Q… no doubt microcosmic of the bigger picture. ‘Twas ever thus.

    • A pity Umunna doesn’t top himself as a *protest* then we wouldn’t have to say his ugly gaping jaw and rubbery lips ever again or hear his fucking condescending voice. Mind you, I’d feel sorry for the mortician who had to make the greasy cunt look lifelike. The Soubry woman could do a Lady Godiva type protest and ride stark bollock naked on a horse. Not a pretty sight, but it would make a change to their fucking whining.

    • Umunna could well be cunt of the year, especially after his fucking stupid remarks about gang members being *victims* of a *disease*rather than plain criminals. I nominated him for a cunting last night (last item on the nominate list)

      • If there was a separate category for ‘Dim Cunt Of The Year’ Malteser would be well in the running.

        Plenty of competition though, not least from the entire Labour Front Bench.

  22. I just wish the shit stained motherfuckers who are so upset about Brexit – especially the poncy luvvies (unlike Patrick Stewart, who already lives outside the UK), would all just fuck off to Brussells and have a never ending circle jerk with Barnier and Juncker, and take rubberlips Umunna and the Soubry cunt and all those soft Tory and Queer Labour politicians with them as well.

  23. A top of the range cunting Mt Stroker.
    Just what part of ‘we’ve HAD a vote and voted to get out’ don’t these cocks understand? And by out of this money pit, we mean fucking OUT

  24. Just in case they’d forgotten (the poor dears have such limited minds), here’s a memo to Remoaners: the people voted in 2016…and your lot lost. So either shut the hell up or go and live elsewhere.Oh, and if you choose the latter option, please don’t forget to take our beloved PM with you. And Khant, Campbell, Mandelgrot (or whatever his name is), Cliff Richard (dunno if he’s a Remoaner, but take him anyway), Owen Jones, Jug Ears Lineker, wee Jimmy Krankie, the muppet that’s the head honcho at the Bank of England and…tell you what, we’ll mail you the list. It’s long and undistinguished…

  25. News for all the cunts who want a second People’s Referendum We have already had one We voted to leave the EU end of No second Referendum

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