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Well it seems the Beatles haven’t been cunted before, and seeing that they’ve been cunts since the early sixties, I’d say it’s long overdue.. A few years ago I heard some Yank girl on the radio saying “I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like the Beatles.” I wanted to hold my hand out and say “Hello, my name’s Allan.”

I thought they were rubbish from the start and I can honestly say I’ve never heard a Beatles song that I’ve liked. I was listening to bands like the Pretty Things and the Nashville Teens, and I couldn’t understand how these scouse cunts had become so popular.

Years later I saw McCartney and Wings (?) on the tv, his band were all glowering at the camera and he was pulling silly faces, he looked so pleased with himself that I felt the urge to do him some damage. Smug bastard.

The rest of them were no better, Lennon was shagging that horror show exhibit from Japan and Starr’s best work was in the film Candy.

Overrated bunch of cunts who got lucky.

Nominated by: Allan

The Beatles are cunts. I like that song “Oh No” by Zappa and the mothers of invention which was a throwback to the Beatles “all you need is love”. I find it ironic that Lennon wrote it considering he abused his wife hated his children, took any drug given to him, was a asshole to anybody and everybody, and supported IRA and black panthers .

My favorite songs of the beatles are Here comes the sun and My guitar gently weeps(Harrison), Rain, Benefit of Mr.Kite,A day in the Life,Strawberry Fields Foever(Lennon) Yesterday and Helter Skelter (McCartney) Sorry Ringo nothing from you haha but yes your right they were cunts and they used their ego to be musical saviours when in reality they were just abunch of bitter douchebags who hated each other.

Nominated by: Titslapper

The Beatles, what a load of fucking thieving scallies, one day they may be as big as Oasis, another bunch of thieving northern monkeys

Music has been shit since 1980, same old digital shite compressed/processed and time-stretched to the point listening to it makes your ears bleed, in a bad way. Bring back vinyl, it was the source of my best chat up line that does not work anymore : “Hey love, I’m a DJ, want to come back to mine and play with my 12 inches?”

And it actually worked once, but that was when condoms were pretentious and I got a fucking dose of crabs off the slag – happy days

Nominated by: Sebastian Cod Roe

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  1. Least I’m unbiased towards the beatles music its there personality that stinks but that doesn’t hold me back from liking some of their songs, I don’t have to become friends with them most musicians are egotistical assholes. Whats that saying don’t meet your idols? then again they shouldn’t be your idols to begin with just musicians worthy of praise of their talents but they shouldn’t be your gods I don’t think. Anyway other beatles songs I like are Sheik of Araby, Tomorrow never knows(JL), Across the universe(JL), Something(GH), I’m a loser(JL) Elenor Rigby(PM)Taxman(GH),Blackbird (PM) I have the acetates and mono versions of my favorite beatles songs. I mean if your a girl you’ll probably like the boy band period of the group with the love song shite. I was listening to the king crimson song happy family and supposedly its about the beatles breakup. It’s here if you want to check it out.

  2. Everyone goes on about ‘Sgt Pepper’ but there are better albums from that time… ‘The Notorious Byrd Brothers’ ‘Electric Ladyland’ ‘The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’ ‘Led Zeppelin II’
    amongst them…

    Love’s ‘Forever Changes is the album of that time as far as I am concerned… It pisses all over ‘Pepper…’ The thing with The Beatles was you rarely heard them cook as a whole band… It was either McCartney playing other instruments or overdubs and all that crap…
    It was rare on record when all four had a role (‘For You Blue’ ‘Rain’ ‘Come Together’ ‘Nowhere Man’)…. The fact that they stopped playing live, I think, went against them… When they got together in January 1969 to begin the ‘overdubs-free’ ‘Get Back/Let It Be’ project they were almost clueless… As they hadn’t properly played live together for years… The best example of The Beatles together is probably ‘Yer Blues’… Without Epstein they were also a monster without any control… There were massive egos, drug habits, bad business decisions, hiring that cunt, Phil Spector and, of course, the pain in the arse that was Yoko…

    • Thanks for the Crimson link.TitSlapper… I was listening an old vinyl copy of ‘The Best Of The Bee Gees Vol.1’ the other day… Songs like ‘I Started A Joke’ and ‘I Can’t See Nobody’ are as good as any Beatles stuff from that time…

      • No problem King Crimson is awesome I’m quite fond of Mr.Fripp and Giles brothers as well. Brondesbury Tapes was awesome It was better then Sgt Pepper More musically diverse too i think. Here’s a link to song wonderland if anyones interested off the B. Tapes pure genius. The Bee Gees are disco having cunts mate.Their 1st album was alright, I listened to that odessa album you told me about I’m mixed feelings on it still good. It reminded me of moody blues Days of Future Passed where half the songs are done by a Symphony orchestra and half done by the band so its kinda cheating in a way but yeah it probably is their best.

    • I’m with you on Love’s ‘Forever Changes’, Norman. I also regard Brian Wilson as far superior to and far more innovative than The Beatles – he was after all writing, arranging and producing pretty much everything (he didn’t have or need a George Martin to fall back on).

      • It may sound strange, but I like everything Arthur Lee did except Forever Changes. Horns and strings isn’t my thing.
        And apart from music, if we’re talking about cunts, he was a prize specimen.

      • Arthur Lee and Love are a great band, actually if Syd Barrett hadn’t listened to their 1st self titled album he wouldn’t have thought of the epic Interstellar Overdrive he nicked the guitar riff from “my little red book” you hear the riff 4 times in the song. I still haven’t listened to forever changes but heard people didn’t like the production done by Mike Love the aforementioned strings and horns he was actually a uncredited producer. Agree with Brian Wilson being musically better trained but wilson himself states if it wasn’t for revolver ,rubber soul and sgt.pepper he wouldn’t of made albums like Pet Sounds and Smiley Smile. Mike Love is a bloody evil cunt the way he has screwed over Brian Wilson and other beach boys is legendary Its strange how how the cunt judges let him win those phony lawsuits just proves justice can be bought.

      • Brian Wilson worked better with Van Dyke Parks and Mike Love hated this…. Love was openly hostile towards Parks and slagged off material like ‘Heroes and Villains…’ Love attempted to fuck up the ‘Sm!le’ project from the start and he eventually succeeded… Love was (and still is!) happier singing “Be True To Your School’ and ‘I Get Around’ than acknowledging the true genius that Brian Wilson was…

        Love also despised Dennis Wilson… Because Dennis was better looking and got all the best birds… The Dennis solo album ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’ also craps on anything Mike Love has ever done from a great height…

      • Love were a great band… But I think Arthur was better with Bryan MacLean.. Arthur released lots of stuff under the Love name, but the Lee, MacLean, Forssi, Echols. Stuart lineup was the real shit…

        Arthur could (as Allan says) be a bit of a cunt… And Jim Morrison was an even bigger cunt than Arthur….

    • Thanks for the link also the mono version of rain and a day in the life(also the acetate version has some noticeable differences) its worth checking out anyway.

      • No worries, TS … I have ‘Pepper’ in mono and the White Album is an odd one in mono… Tracks like ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ and ‘Yer Blues’ are longer and more heavy… While ‘Helter Skelter’ cuts out and doesn’t fade back in again…. ‘Mono Masters’ collects all the A & B sides… I agree that ‘Rain’ and ‘Paperback Writer’ are superior in mono, the four ‘Yellow Submarine’ film tracks in mono (especially ‘Hey Bulldog’ and ‘ Only A Northern Song’ are worth having too…

      • I just wish those cunts at ABKCO (Klein was a cunt!) would put out the 1960s Stones records out in mono…. Preferably on vinyl…

  3. Their early stuff was fine, in fact pretty good pop. And then came the drugs, the stupid cunt girlfriends, the inflated sense of importance, the “let’s give our money to an obviously crooked mystic twat”. Fuck them and all those “man they were the greatest” stupid fucking cunts. Two down, two to go.

    • Maharishi Mahesh Yogi what a cunt I don’t trust those indian guru cunts and alot of them fiddle small boys. That whole Transcendental Meditation sounds like a load of shite I’m surprised the beatles bought into it especially George. Btw I think the beatles best music came from drug use thats more or less a fact. Although I agree with the inflated egos and peace loving crap that part ruined it for me. Also hogging the spotlight and being dumb cunts.

      • Yeah, agreed – Mike Love of the Beach Boys (one of the biggest cunts in the entire history of recorded music) can’t fucking shut up about TM. Yet you wouldn’t think he ever practised it seriously when you watch Love single-handedly ruin the Beach Boys’ Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony:

  4. They are a ‘brand’ now, like most things these days…. You won’t see the name Beatles now without a ‘TM’ next to it…. Makes me laugh about artistic integrity and protecting their ‘legacy…’ Since Lennon’s demise we have had the horrendous grave robbery that was ‘Free As A Bird’ The utterly pointless ‘1’ compilation, the ludicrous ‘Love’ production (which only Las Vegas highrollers can see!), that fucking Rock Band game and, despite their longrunning courtroom feuds with the other Apple, they took the dollars from Steve Jobs and handed their Apple name over to his company… They also never give their fans what they want… I am sure Beatles fans want the Let It Be film and sessions remastered and released, not to mention a DVD of all their videos/promos and TV stuff… Instead they put out that Cirque De Soleil crap and the same remastered (in 2009) music in ‘different’ box sets… We’ve had a UK, USA, Japan, France and Italy Beatles box set… Where the fuck is next? Swaziland? Mongolia? It’s taking the piss…

  5. Arthur Askey is another cunt from Liverpool. The vile little bastard fell into the orchestra pit and had a heart attack while doing that fucking Bee Song.

    The beatle cunts are no better than Arthur Askey – and every Beatls’s song is a load of farts.

  6. Yvette Cooper is a cunt. The pin-head lady-boy has never had a job. The worthless cunt studied sodomy and CIA stooging at Harvard before ‘working’ for the fuck-pig Shadow Chancellor John Smith as researcher (ie, shoving stuff up his arse while pissing in his mouth).

    Yvette Cooper is cheap nasty theif from the sewers of hell.

    • So few politicians have had real jobs though.

      Gideon “George” Osborne failed in his chosen profession (journalism) by not achieving a place on the The Times trainee course and folded towels in Selfridges’ towel department for a couple of months before becoming a research assistant at Conservative Central Office, then a SpAd, then an MP.

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