The EU Referendum


The EU referendum deserves a good cunting.

Much like the Scottish referendum, the result has already been decided, of course the public will vote to stay in the EU.

Democracy is a fucking load of shit, the illusion of choice but the decision is already decided.
There is no way in hell Britain will be ALLOWED to get out of the EU, it is all part of the step to world governance (EU under the guise of free trade, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement etc)

If the EU referendum vote turns out to be NO I will insert a pineapple in my arse and film it for isacunt whilst Mrs Boaby shits on my face!

Nominated by: Boaby

20 thoughts on “The EU Referendum

  1. ‘I will insert a pineapple in my arse and film it for isacunt whilst Mrs Boaby shits on my face!’

    Not that again!

  2. If the EU referendum result is a resounding OUT, they will have another one, and another, and another until the desired result is achieved. May as well vote to take the Earth out of The Sun’s orbit…

  3. Odin’s guide to Europe.

    Frogs, Wogs, Spicks, Micks, Sprouts, Krauts and Dagos.

    All of whom have nothing but contempt for us.

    For the next four months, it is going to be nothing but scaremongering propaganda from the ‘IN’ camp. Trying desperately to pursued us that we are fucked without a meddling bunch of cuntbubbles dictating how we should run our country for their benefit.

    For those cunts and any other cunt who think I want or need your pro-Euro cultural marxist doublespeak bullshit, I have this for you:

    If I want to hear an arsehole, I’ll fart.

    Now fuck off to Europe if you want to.

    Europe needs limp wristed cunts like you to keep it European.

  4. Apparently we’re so much safer, and stronger in Europe (whatever the fuck that even means). Like Britain will just sink into the North Sea if we vote to leave! Bullshit, we’ve got the only functioning economy on the whole fucking continent, and every eurocunt south of Dover will be queuing up to do business with us if we leave. But I agree, there’s too many vested interests, and we will never be allowed to!

    • No danger of Britain sinking into the North Sea…unless, of course, Emma Watson is having a swim and practising some new wanking technique she’s learnt orf Minge-o-Phone or whatever it is, has a terminal big O, then we’ll all be sucked into her endless twat, along with Putin’s entire fleet, barrel jellies (Adele and Allslopp) and christ knows what else. This, in fact, disturbs me seriously…

  5. I’m not sure how opening the borders for migrants from the EU’s Eastern beggar provinces “makes me safer”, but that will all be nothing to when they let the Turks in.

  6. nearly all the cunts telling us to stay in are the same cunts who told us we HAD to join the euro. fuckin eejits

  7. They are all worried they wont be able to get their Mercs washed at one of those hand car washes that have crept up all over the place or that their Latvian nannie will get deported

    • There’s one of those hand car washes near us and to be fair, they do a fucking good job (probably because if they don’t the gang boss will starve them)

      • There was one of them in my local city, turned out to be a money laundering place for drug money.
        Apparently they were laundering £30,000 a week yet every time you went past it there was never a car ever being cleaned.
        Think they were Polish or Eastern European, there’s a surprise :p

  8. Is there anybody on this forum that actually wants to stay in? I’m desperate to leave the EU but I agree, it will be a stitch-up and there’ll be so much scare-mongering that we’ll end up staying in.

    I feel it’s a decision that we’ll deeply regret in the future with idiots like Merkel in charge and the Islamic problem – it keeps me awake at night. Still, the EU may eventually disintegrate into a puddle of self-loathing, self-destruction.

  9. Every election in the UK is corrupt.

    The fucking filth in my local council are all there because of ballot stuffing and fraudulent postal votes.

    The Lib-Lab-Tory party are filthy corrupt cunts that will not let decent people into politics.

    It would be really great if a nuclear bomb went off in London and MPs were burned and irradiated just enough so they died in agony after a week of shitting out their innards.

  10. At least we have stood up to the ULTIMATE cunts the political elite now we need someone to take charge and put all the cunts signing on from the eu home on a lilo with a fucking big hole in it power to the people

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