15 thoughts on “The Students’ Union

  1. Ah, yes. Students. The worthless, gobshite seepage from Satan’s own arsehole.

    Long has it puzzled me why these fuckwit turds would need a union, so I looked up their website.

    What I found there would make a grown adult (ie, not a student) either laugh out loud or cry into their non-subsidised beer.

    Are you enraged by the fact that however much you whine, the government elected by the majority are still in power?

    Confused as to what sex you are on a day to day basis?

    Deeply traumatised by the fact that the worthless course you signed up for in ‘gender studies’ doesn’t even qualify you to scrub toilets and now you’re £27k in debt?

    Are you a hideous bull-dyke or a fat, useless mummy’s boy who is destined to die a virgin?

    Do you think that communism is the way forward for this country, even though everywhere it has ever been tried it has failed miserably on every level?

    Then the student union is for you.

    Yes, you too can act like a spoiled five year old with a similar grasp of national and world politics when you take to the streets in pointless protest at ‘the man’.

    Yes, you too can have a ‘safe space’ to run and hide where none of the nasty things that happen out there in the real world can set off your ‘trigger’.

    Yes, you too can identify with whatever sex, animal, inanimate object or mythical creature you choose and if anyone with half a brain laughs at you, the rest of the dipshit students can accuse them of an -ism. Before ganging up on social media like a pack of rabid Hyenas going in for the kill.

    The Student Union. A Union of cunts, for cunts, by cunts.

    And may I just add, we out here in the real world are really, really looking forward to the day you try and join us.

    There are no ‘safe spaces’ out here you fucking maggots!

  2. The reason the NUS exists is to give whiny Trotskyite spoilt middle class little cunts an outlet to project their false sense of superiority on all other students and society by shutting down debate and promoting revolutionary causes to compensate for the fact they are boring thick cunts who will never succeed in anything other than perhaps the Labour party.My Student Union is nicknamed the Soviet Union by even left wing students!

      • To some extent but the beauty of this generation of students is that with the growth of social media they won`t be able to sweep their actions and the vile views they have at University under the carpet when they run for Parliament like previous generations did!Faccebook messages intstagram pictures of them on demonstrations and online news reports will mean that for my lot the newspaper of today will not merely be tomorrow`s chip paper!

  3. Having been a student I can verify first-hand that I spent 3 years surrounded by morons.
    Believe it or not the majority of overseas students were amongst the hardest working.
    NUS ‘politics’ generally consisted of talking shit whilst wearing Che Gue-somebody-or-other t-shirts and occasionally running through the library banging a tambourine.
    Membership did get got you a cheap train ticket though… so you could take your washing home, obvs….

  4. Anyone who believes gays,trannies or immigrants are being treated unfairly is a thick cunt

    These student wankers should use their brains to put Britain back on top

    Jude law is a massive luvvie cunt for demanding England accepts unlimited rapefugees

  5. A good and long overdue cunting of these filthy pieces of shit. They’re at college/university to learn and so should keep their festering gobs from spewing forth verbal diarrhea.The thing that worries me most about these retards is that those over 18 have the right to vote. If i had my way that right would be revoked until they’ve held down a proper job for a minimum 5 years and experienced life in the real world.

  6. They really are a fucking joke. A truth acknowledged by real unions (ones for grown-ups with, you know, fucking jobs) who ignore the little pissy twats.

  7. My wife’s cousin once said she would never date somebody who wasn’t educated to degree level.

    She also gets her medical advice from a ‘homeopath’, is still ‘writing a novel’ for the 10th year running and enjoy strumming her guitar on the beach….

    Presumably along with her cunt since she can’t find anybody else to do it for her.

    Cel fucking suprise.

  8. Fings certainly ain’t wot they used to be. In the 70s, and even earlier for those on here who still have memories, it was all about cheap ale, demonstrations and, in my case, not giving a fuck about the peripheral PC shit. If you decked a drama student or behavioural scientist it was a badge of honour.
    Endless rounds of ale at 26p a pint, Glayva and shit weed.
    I’d go back tomorrow if I could be arsed to actually attend a fucking lecture.

      • Indeed, that’s when charity was for folks who needed help, not fucking charity CEOs with beamers and expense accounts.
        Jokes were pretty good too, mostly veering towards the Bernard Manning school.
        Mind you, I went to a Poly before they all became fake universities but it was good fun.

  9. Cannot be too surprised that Labour picked up alot of VOTE’S in predominantly university cities/town’s. With a majority of these uneducated, un-intelligent, illiterate, immature retard’s believing everything that comes out of Corbyn’ the terrorist’s friends’ mouth, nothing amazes me anymore. You think your ‘Degree’s’ are gonna get u well paid job when u leave university? NOT A FUCKING HOPE IN HELL. Let’s see where your ‘SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT’ attitude get’s you. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS who get so much, but give little or nothing in return. All u CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS have dug your own grave’s by your own actions. And destroyed your own futures. How funny is that.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS.

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