Sir Jonathan Penn


I’m surprised that Sir Jonathan Penn isn’t cunted yet. His real name is John Pennell but he also uses in his latest motor dealer scam the name of John Penn, what a cunt.

His latest venture/scam is but he’s been a director of over 200 companies.

If you google his titled name you will see photos of the cunt looking like a pirate in articles about the arson on his Jaguar on his driveway. What a cunt.

He’s served time for gbh, fraud and bestiality.

He’s ripped people off for hundreds of thousands of pounds

His latest websites are Mafiosa and champagne and caviar and Sourcing Group. What a cunt.

He was taken to court by Max Clifford for not paying his bill to the paedo pr man and turned up in court in a wig of memorable style. What a cunt

Nominated by: Steve McQueen

12 thoughts on “Sir Jonathan Penn

  1. I want to nominate residents associations.

    I live on a nice little award winning estate near the garrison town of aldershite, we have a residents association made of the very few people who own and live in their houses whilst the other 70% rent from owners.
    We have nice little rules about,
    No hanging baskets,
    No comercial vehicals alowed,
    No modifications to the “Front garden” (which is actualy a hedge that comuters shove shit in on their way to work, mine blooms with costa cups)
    and most of all the promotion of “comunity spirit”
    Adult litracy in the area is hight, comunity spirit is fucking low.
    The reason I say this is my car (my means of transport) died two months ago, however I was able to use a works van to comute to and from work, now living in a culdesac I would imagine most people know who I am and what I drive, also where I live.
    So logicaly come and knock on the door and ask what is going on and I will explain.
    But no why not stick shitty hand writen notes on the windscreen and threaten sanctions via the residents association (fuck knows what, brick me in maybe?)
    The best bit was on finding out who had writen them I realised it was the home owner who regularly drives over what was once a grass verge to park their car blocking two garages.
    However being a reasonable person I have said nothing about this, however being the owner of a nice hand writing sample I have been able to assist others in identifiying the “poisen pen” (the other one uses crayon! and smokes class B in her back garden!)

    In fact when my car was vandalised they didnt show much interest in it, I wonder………..

    • Are there any directives from the Politburo about new patios? Have mixer, pick axe and van, will travel.

      Interfering CUNTS!

    • You better watch your back mate, residents association sanctions can be brutal. They’ll tut loudly and report you to each other on facebook.

      So they procrastinate about community spirit but won’t knock on the door. Fucking busy-body, snobby, 1st-world problem cretins.

    • I feel for you. It’s just like that round here!

      Round here they’re very quick to point out that you’re breaking the rules whilst the fucking hypocrites do exactly what they like. Rules only apply to somebody else in my town…

      Megacunts. Can’t stand hypocrites!

    • What’s wrong with hanging baskets? I can think of some right baskets I’d like to see hanged.

  2. fucking neighbours there are always a couple that are wankers,we have a new cunt in my street,we live in a culdisac and the prize wanker has bought/renting the end house and is now laying claim to tree parking spaces he reckons block his drive[this is due to the black audi he cant park due to him being an audi driving cunt,he blocks people in when they park in the spaces and is very rude when asked to move up until he blocked me in ….so now he knows he,s a cunt and should check the deeds before you buy lest you get your fucking head kicked in……cunt

  3. Tesco – as we know – are cunts… We all remember the horse burgers and their ever so tasteful remeberence day pizza… But now the cunts have thrown customers out of one of their stores for putting their shopping in Asda bags that they brought with them… Retail fascism? What lunacy is next in this crappy country of ours? The UK has gone for the toss… People who are out of work are treated worse than actual criminals ( the unemployed get longer Community service and more surveillance!), We’ve got an Etonian deviant who puts his John Thomas in pigs heads as PM, and now innocent people are ejected from a supermarket because they have the wrong bag?!? This country is absolute shite and fucking insane… And I hope those Tesco scum get the bollocks sued off them….

    • too right! I cant affrord tesco I shop in asda, but I have a selection of Marks and Spencer bags for life so the neighbours think I am loaded

      • I shop in M & S and use Lidl bags, firstly it annoys the shit out of the undeservedly snooty staff and second the neighbours think i’m skint so never ask me for anything.

    • Somewhere on the net there’s a picture of “TESCO MINGE” Instructions for opening: push finger under flap…(I suspect this is only available in their Warrington branch)
      Camoron, of course, prefers pork minge, especially if gob or arse-end is not available.
      Has anyone ever seen a picture of that ugly old boot Cherie Blair standing next to Michael Jackson? I think one is a dragged up version of the other, although they’re both so feckin’ awful I’m not quite sure in which direction…

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