Sir Jonathan Penn


I’m surprised that Sir Jonathan Penn isn’t cunted yet. His real name is John Pennell but he also uses in his latest motor dealer scam the name of John Penn, what a cunt.

His latest venture/scam is but he’s been a director of over 200 companies.

If you google his titled name you will see photos of the cunt looking like a pirate in articles about the arson on his Jaguar on his driveway. What a cunt.

He’s served time for gbh, fraud and bestiality.

He’s ripped people off for hundreds of thousands of pounds

His latest websites are Mafiosa and champagne and caviar and Sourcing Group. What a cunt.

He was taken to court by Max Clifford for not paying his bill to the paedo pr man and turned up in court in a wig of memorable style. What a cunt

Nominated by: Steve McQueen