Fourth Reich [2]


I may be an old cunt but I have a memory like an elephant. I well remember the slow inevitability orf the decline into war. “Sleep walking into war” was the newspaper phrase that described the wraiths orf Hell that almost invisibly blinded the nations on the path to WWI. Then barely twenty years later it happened once more, heads in sand, appeasement and deceit, Hitler’s war, Germany’s second World War. I feel it in me bones, stronger now indeed than during the mendacious machinations orf the Scots Scum.

This once great nation is now faced with the prospect orf total capitulation to the krauts and frogs without having firing a shot in its defence. We have been betrayed by David Cameron and his cohort orf arse leeches, all strangely silent and bloated on the blood orf the nation in these last few days (Thursday for Christ sake) orf negotiation orf a “deal” as fake as fuck. Germany’s bully boys know that they have only to sneer “nein” at Cameron and his arse is presented ready for the taking. Cameron has already repeatedly caved in to the irish, the jockos and the the yanks and any issue from bankers to tube drivers. This cunt has previous.

Take the advice orf an old blagger and card sharper. The only way to play this hand is to bluff and bluff again. If Cameron genuinely wants a deal that is good for Britain he must campaign to come oit and we must vote to come oit. Put the cat among the pigeons just like the jockos did over their referendum vote and thus extort the best deal. A vote to come oit is the best card we can hold. If they won’t ante up then we bugger orf. Rule Britannia ect ect and check the Kruger Rands under the bed.

All me guns orn the estate are loaded and the old tosser that cleans me ditches stands ready to bomb Berlin.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

37 thoughts on “Fourth Reich [2]

  1. Let’s get the Churchill Mk IV up and running again, I would love to have another crack at the bastards.

    Discussion are that important, Merkel popped out to get some chips

  2. If he manages to get a deal the only thing likely to change is the colour of bus lanes in parts of London or some other pointless shit. Has anyone pointed out to the fuckwit that once a power is given to the eu it can never be taken back I mean I am not a politician or government lickspittal but I seem to know more about eu law etc than he does. We are controlled by the eu over 80% of the legislation that whistles through “parliment” is from eu. The eu parliment is a fucking complete joke if they fail to pass something from the eu commission it goes back to the commission and then back to the eu parliment who then as if by magic pass said legislation. I would advise anyone who has a spare lifetime to study the eu. I did and by God it is the biggest arsefest in the known universe, cunts producing cunts non stop; the biggest gravy train since BBC celeb contracts. The eu is a cuntfest if you ever get the chance to climb aboard do. Rewards far outweigh the ability of those who get them, in fact you could be a fucking brain donor and still get on the wagon if you had a relative or good friend with snout in trough. Fuck the eu fuck our “leader” fuck them all; goodnight!!

  3. Cameron is a cunt, and I can see this in out referendum ending in a Britain stays in majority. This whole European Union shit will fail big time if Britain leaves and the Euro cunts won’t let it happen. The UK, France, Germany are the big players and without the UK it will crumble even more than the stupid EU already is. Too many backhanders, big business contracts, and whatever other corrupt shit that goes on will prevent The Tories letting us leave, we will be bombarded with lots of “It will be awful for Britain to leave” crap and all the bearded, Veggie cunts will want to stay in plus all the Cunt companies who employ Eastern europeans will want to stay. I will be surprised if the vote ends with an out majority. I don’t get the benefits of being in the EU, I know I can go and work in Germany or France but don’t fucking want to. It seem we get less out of it than the other cunts get out of it. I am beginning to believe the New world Order/One world Government shit. What a piece of cunt, no fuck that what a supersize piece of cunt. The cunts.

  4. We need to have a ‘Cunts Colony’ somewhere.
    I was thinking of maybe clearing the Isle of Wight or maybe one of those Scottish Islands to house the cunts. You could fit the cunts with a GPS tracker so if any cunt tried to leave you can find them using the ‘Cunt App’ and send the cunt back into ‘Cunts Colony’.
    The following cunts would be on the first shipment there:

    -Iain Duncan Smith (Would probably be the Prime Minister of Cunts Colony).
    -Most of the cunts who have been on the Jeremy Kyle show.
    -Any cunt who ‘hates this country’ but doesn’t fuck off.
    -Ready chopped onions/carrot/cheese buyers (you know the cunts I mean)
    -Any bearded cunt who shaves his head and has a designer beard, and even worse puts hair ‘products’ in his beard.
    -Any cunt who can’t get through a day without taking a ‘selfie’ of themselves posing like a cunt. (Add to that any Facebook and Twitter addicted cunt).
    -All of TOWIE, Made in Chesea, reality ‘Star’ etc cunts.
    -Any racist British cunt who sympathises with Hitler or who likes Swastikas, you dumb cunts are traitors to the real heroes who fought the Nazis.
    -The Tory Party
    -Tony Blair
    -Dianne Abbot
    -That dumb fucking Troll from Norfolk obsessed with getting on here.
    -Majority of those Somali cunts.
    -Majority of those beard and shaved head Muslim cunts
    -Any cunt who stands outside the Apple Store for two days in the rain to get a free iPhone.
    -Any cunt who talks tough online but who really is a wimpy cunt.
    -Most of the Liverpool FC Team
    -Dominic Littlewood
    -Any cunt building a basement in Notting Hill (you fucking annoying cunts).
    -Those Loose women
    -All the Cunt from Eastenders.

    Fuckin ell there are too many.
    Imagine what would happen with all them cunts in one place? What a piece of cunt the place would be.

    • Not a bad idea but not isle of wight there was some fucking awesome concerts there 1969 had hendrix,doors,jethro tull,elp and a bunch others mind you the whole thing was a strain on organisers

      • And if the colony has a football team, it can be manged by Louis Van Cunt… Because we don’t fucking want him…

      • I can imagine Kanye West’s speech for the Cunts Colony Constitution… He’d just use that word like he always does…

        ‘We hold these niggers to be self-evident, that all niggers are created niggers, that they are endowed by their niggerr with certain unalienable niggers etc… This is the greatest speech of all time! OF ALL TIME!’

      • Thanks Norman,

        How could I forget Kanye west. What a fucking cunt. Your right him and Kim Kardashian could be the King and Queen of Cunts Colony with Tony Blair as President and Iain Duncan Smith as Prime Minister. I can imagine Kanye saying “Wad up my Nigga Iain? Whats going on in my Colony?” and Iain Duncan Smith replies “Yo Kanye old chap, Im trying to get my niggas to pay more tax to me and you dawg”.

      • Now, now Dioclese.

        Lets not be mean to the Welsh, I have Welsh ancestors going back to around 1500.

      • My mother was Welsh so I feel vindicated!
        Mind you, both sets of her grandparents were English – not that she’d believe it even when I produced the birth and marriage certificates…

      • Dioclese how about adding a Cunts Colony section to the website? It could be like a room 101 for the cunts who deserve a cunting but need to be ‘Exiled to Cunts Colony’ to stop further spreading of cuntitude to the masses. Imagine life on the colony with Kanye and Bono ‘performing’ all day, Theresa May handing out the welcome packs and Dianne Abbot talking shit all day.

      • Technically Wales isn’t an island but was that wishful thinking? Give them Anglesey and blow up the bridges, hey presto, job done.

    • Black and white cunt would make an excellent prime minister. The cunts colony could be a hugely inspirational election campaign.

      • Any cunt/refugee who wanted to come here would have to spend a month on Cunts colony first. Immigration would end.

    • Sends all these cunts to North Korea, would be interesting to see what nutjob Kim does with their collective displays of cuntishness.

  5. Camoron has just announced part of the ‘deal’ means we will be out of the Euro ????? We already are FFS !!!!!

    • Denmark got a few opt-outs in 1992 (monetary union etc) as per the Edinburgh agreement, but their governments (liberal cunts) keep wanting to hold referenda to revoke the opt-outs. Even though the Danes vote to keep them the win % is only just over 50. Cunting europhiles regard it as a war of attrition. Lose 1 vote, start buying more politicians and MSM in preparation for the next. Fuckin cunts.
      This is the sort of shit that will happen here, except nearly all our pols/MSM, cunts, bought already.

  6. ‘The Scots scum’, one of whom invented the Radar that was instrumental in winning the Battle of Britain. Yes lets get rid of the Scots Scum . Cunt.

    • Comment aimed more at Salmond, Sturgeon and the SNP rather than the general Scots population I think…

    • A lot of English revisionists also don’t like to mention the Polish pilots who flew Spitfires and Hurricanes during The Battle of Britain… Everybody did their bit, that’s how the war was won… I can’t stand these cunts who think that the English (or the Americans, who are even worse at it) won the war single handed… Like those two cunts, Hanks and Speilberg… You’d think there were only Yanks at Normandy when watching Saving Private Ryan…

      • Agreed Norman,

        My Jamaican grand uncle fought in WW2 and lost a leg, my English great grandfather fought in WW1, was shot in the face and left for dead in the hospital, the next morning they realised he was still alive patched him up and he fought some more in France.

      • Then the yankee bastards had the temerity to make a movie about the capture of a German enigma machine in which they re wrote history claiming the Americunts captured it when in fact it was the British. Dumb yankee fuckers are only good for bombing wedding parties and British tank squadrons .Cunts.

  7. And Speilberg & co had the gall to tout Saving Private Ryan as an “anti-war” film. Didn’t look like one to me.

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