Went from being Quite Funny to Quite Shit to a complete sack of cuntspill.

Formula is as follows:

Stephen Fry says “bum” or “bottom” or something equally brilliant.
Audience laughs.

Cuntishly unfunny knobhead panellist (Jack Whitehall, Sue Perkins etc) says something cuntishly knobheadedly unfunny.
Audience howls.

Alan Davies does a few cuntishly stupid facial manoeuvres to act out whatever the cuntishly unfunny knobhead panellist has just said.
Audience goes berserk.

Cunts. The whole bloody fucking lot of them, including the audience.

Nominated by: Galted Asas

26 thoughts on “QI

  1. – and of course, just when you thought QI couldn’t get any worse, uber cunt Sandi Toksvig is due to take over from Fry as host.

      • I have loathed Toksvig since my youth…. I was gutted when they replaced Tiswas (and the lovely Sally James) with that cunt Sandi Toksvig playing some (naturally) smug cunt called ‘Ethel’ and a load of other cunts posing as her fake family of cunts for the utter cuntfest that was No. 73….

        The Mersey Pirate was fucking shite too… Some unfunny Scouse cunt on a boat…

  2. A good and totally deserved cunting, your synopsis is so accurate I cannot add anything..well, apart from saying QI and all of these comedy panel shows are fucking shite.
    The same bunch of twats on every show, Hugh Dennis, Andy Parsons, Josh Widdecombe, Adam Hills, Romesh Ranganatha, Sarah Millican, David Mitchell, Lee Mack, Sara Pascoe, Andi Osho, Ross Noble, Sue Perkins, Sandi Toksvig, Phil Jupitus, Noel Fielding.
    Not a single joke between them, ever!

    • Ross Noble is seen as the Messiah for comedians and their bum-licking followers.Cunt has never even made me smirk as he’s an unfunny prick.
      As for Jupitus….there are no words.

      • I’ve hated fatty Jupitus for a long time
        He must have sucked alot of dick
        The pain of dick sucking leads fatty to much on food
        A never ending cycle of blow jobs and kfc buckets
        He is ultra left wing,which would explain why the bbc keeps his fat arse on tv

        I watched his stand up routine, even citizen khan is funnier than the fat lump

    • And it seems every one of them gets a chance to host their own show now. The other night I was subjected to Sue Perkins sitting in the host seat of whatever the latest slight variation to the formula is. With the same fucking one-joke twat brigade that you see on every other panel show in attendance.

      And that one which Alan Davies hosts, just sit 4 cunts round a table and assume because they’re supposedly comedians that they’re going to be hilarious. Fucking self-indulgence on a dictatoresque level. “Like being down the pub with your mates, only funnier”. Bollocks. My mates actually make me laugh, your cunt of a program doesn’t.

  3. And our old ‘friend’ Stephen Fry is due another cunting… Due to his latest appearance on The One Show and telling all and sundry that he is ‘bipolar…’ When, in actual fact. he is probably simply fucking crackers and attention seeking (yet again!)… Surely such medical conditions (if you’ve got them) are private and personal, but this is Stephen Fry we are talking about… And of course his latest tantrum on Twitter and ‘closing his account down’ are the same old shit… The fat attention seeking fruit will be back on social media very soon, which will get him even more pointless headlines and the attention he craves… What a cunt…

    • “Baaaaahhhhh! Tish and Pish, I’m running away to Belgium again” Would this “bipolar disorder” be in any way the legacy of a massive Coke habit?

    • Ah yes the cunt openly boasts about doing shitloads of Coke for years and then claims to be bi polar. Dozy cunt.

  4. A programme with great promise, but as is the usual wont of the bbc: done to death.

    Queers In’er.

    Cunts from the top down.

  5. If, by some implausible freak accident, Sue Perkins and Stephen Fry produced a child, it would be a cunt of planetary proportions! Cuntzilla, a cunt black hole sucking in and devouring all non-cunty things! What horror…

  6. I have always hated this show. Even if there is someone genuinely funny on the panel (a rare event) they are drowned in a sea of guardian cunts. Toksvig is the obvious choice for this – The News Quiz on radio FUCKING 4 was funny many, many years ago, witness her cunting it up. Depressing.

    • Loved the News Quiz but when fucking Toksvig, bastard cuntless, fat, panty liner sniffing Calman and ooh err listen to me total wasre of space Perkins were on together squawking away until Calman collapsed into one of her laughing fits then had to tell a story about her and her wife. Cunt cunt cunty cunts. I rest my case, bit more cunt!

  7. Stephen Fry is, apparently, gay.

    Yes that’s right. He’s a gay person, although you’d never guess from watching him present QI. There are some very subtle queues that one can follow though, like when he alludes to bum sex, using Grinder, shagging his husband, past gay encounters, or shoving things up his arse every few minutes.

    But yes, little things like that give the game away. Shouldn’t someone tell the BBC? I mean, think of the children (and tell them QI, an interesting idea for a panel show, has been ruined by the self-indulgent old fart who looks as bored presenting the programme as I feel watching it).

    Up yours Stephen Fry, you boring, lazy, predictable, self-indulgent old git.

  8. We are being too soft on Alan Davies. He is a cunt’s cunt. Not funny. Not clever. Not remotely interesting. On the show so that the rest of the cunts look less cuntish.

  9. QI was great once, but as others have said has turned into a farce. As for Tossvig taking over, that’ll be even worse as apoarently she’s a Queer Intelectual also. Fnarrr.

  10. Just a minute is back and straight away fucked up with the inclusion of that norton fellow. Another favourite programme consigned to the dustbin of radio greats.

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