Barack Hussein Obama [20]

Barack Obama (not a climate scientist, carry on – NA) and the media bullshit that surrounds him are cunts. He’s flown over by private jet to save the world at Cop26 and, according to the sycophants at the BBC, was met by a cheering crowd. Why the people of Glasgow would cheer Obumma in particular is anyone’s guess. Anyway, Obumma has given a speech which hinges on the spurious allegation that the Trump administration is responsible for America’s delay in saving the planet and the usual shit about the little people making sacrifices to save mythical polar bears, whilst over promoted losers like himself carry on regardless.

Fuck off you cunt! You were a useless president who the leftie wokies thought was going to redefine the cosmos because of the colour of your skin, and you proved them to be utterly wrong.
Get back on your plane and fly back to that thing you call a wife.

Nominated by: Field Marshal Cuntgomery

71 thoughts on “Barack Hussein Obama [20]

  1. Hm. Barack Obama. Black father, white mother. Black father fucks off when Obummer is small and his mother (white) brings him up and makes sure he gets educated and goes to university. However, he miraculously becomes a black president, rather than mixed-race.

    Private Eye (pre-woke) did a great spoof years ago on Obummer coming to the UK when Camoron was in charge (another uber-cunt).

  2. Apart from assassinating Bin Liner (admittedly a great success) and Obamacare, I can’t think of anything else he achieved in 8 years. Spent too much time up his own arse, I suppose.

    • … well he claims credit as CIC … the Military … the ones that found OBL then developed and worked the plan did let him watch though. Very cool operation even tho’ it almost fell apart at the beginning. Great to see OBL staring down the barrel of an M4 for a very brief instant. Wait for the flash 💥💥💥

    • Hmm, I think he played a bigger role in abandoning the US embassy in Benghazi and offing SEAL team 6 who carries out the bin liner raid (allegedly).

  3. This self righteous, entitled heap of piss and wind is merely a darker hued version of our own Anthony Blair, both strut around (or mince, in Blair’s case) pretending they are still important, totally oblivious to the fact that the world has moved on and is doing very nicely without them.

    Blair sounds a bit like the late Lionel Blair – Obummer sounds like Deputy Dawg or Yogi Bera, anyway, one of those cartoon characters my some watched when he was little.

    • why was that cunt blair at the cenotaph yesterday? he fucking caused many deaths of UK soldiers.

      • If only the Cenotaph was in North Korea – Blair would have arrived with his poppy wreath and as he stepped forward to lay it, he would have expired in a hail of bullets. Today he would be laying on a slab with a bunch of pansies

    • I image he is “Droopy”-particularly when “Michelle” undresses😙

      Morning WC👍

  4. Barry,Barry,Barry.
    The living imbodiment of “Cunt”.

    At least “Tackleberry” Clinton donned cool shades, spunked all over naughty ladies (“…aaah did not haaave sex-u-al reeelations, with that lay-Dee..) and had charisma.
    O-bummers just opened the cages and let all the freaks out 12 months a year, rather than just on Halloween.
    Useless fucking token.
    Fly back home, Barry-Michael, I mean “Michelle”, needs help taping up “her” 4” clitoris and testes. Cough!

  5. For a moment I though Obarmy was Sparkletits’ dad, given that they both identify as black, even though they’re not really.

    Fuck knows why he’s poking his nose in things these days – he’s had his day in the sun, but like most old relics just can’t be seen to be sitting at home, whittling away while gawping at Daytime TV and doing crossword puzzles.

    Obama can cast all sorts of aspirations at the likes of Trump knowing full well he won’t have to be accountable given he’ll get full backing from Sleepy Joe and a sycophantic media.

    Moreover, he knows he can side up with “young people” and tell them they have right to be angry regarding climate change and their future, but he won’t be the one under the spotlight to do anything about it. In fact he should be kicking Biden up the arse to make sure he delivers the goods instead.

    • If only it were true that he was an irrelevant relic. Sleepy Joe is just a corpse reanimated into a macabre marionette, the strings of which are being pulled by bath-house Barry, Soros and a bunch of other Uber cunts trying to impose technocracy and Marxism on the world.

      The confected ‘we’re all doomed’ climate narrative is just a part of the plan. And for those asking why that other Uber cunt Bliar still hangs around like a bad smell, well he’s one of Soros operatives too and probably occasionally is allowed to pull Joe’s strings a little too.

      • Why hasn’t Soros been exiled to the Wall Of Cunts?

        Justice prevailing, this cunt should have a wall to himself.

      • Well you know what they say.

        ‘If you want to know who rules over you, just find out who you aren’t allowed to criticise.’

        Maybe ISAC is a Soros financed psyop, the regular’s data is being harvested and we’re all going to disappear after jack booted men appear at our homes in the middle of the night.

  6. This is the guy who’s ‘wife’ is allegedly a man and who’s kids therefore are from unknown origin.

    I wouldn’t trust him.

    The shifty cunt.

    • There are several creation myths for Obammy, none of them particularly credible, especially on the question of his being a natural born citizen and therefore eligible for the presidency. Rumor had it the kids were loaned to him.

  7. He spent 8 years getting fucking rich. How many houses does he own now…is it 4 or 5? Imagine the size of this bastard’s carbon footprint?
    How come a shithole like Brazil sends 479 cunts to this piss up? What is the fucking point of that? In fact, what is the point of any of it, other than to screw us up the arse?

  8. Ahhh the stench of liberal woke bullshit!
    Fly back to your mansion after you’ve told us off again and been heartily commended by the vermin at the BBCistan.
    Oven..full coal oven.

  9. Joan Rivers once said that Obama was indeed an Obummer and that his Mrs was a chick with a dick.
    (I’m paraphrasing)

    Fair enough – she looked and sounded 2 sheets to the wind when she said it but it was still very funny.
    And probably true.

  10. That photo of him with that stupid mask on, smirking with that grin he looks fucking Evil!

    Also climate change isn’t real and greta thundercunt is a window licking mongoloid

  11. Remember the last time he stuck his big nose into something? That back fired, didn’t it? People hate being told what to do. Or at least they used to before cuntvid 19.

  12. This site in the link below is one of my regular favourites as it gives a far more objective criticism of both Republican politics AND Democrat in equal measure.

    The link below gives 6 reasons (but there are many more) as to why Obarmy is probably the worst ever US president (not that the liberal elite/MSM would ever admit to any of it of course)

  13. Scrolling down the link in the nom, Ghana is 5th on the list of number of delegates, country with a population around 30 million, I wonder how many of the 337 have lost their return tickets 😂

  14. One thing for sure is that he doesn’t live in Chicago anymore, not with the brothers anyway, with it wanting to defund da police and hitting stabby and shooty records of crime.

    No, he lives in $12m Martha’s Vineyard mansion on an island which is almost 95% white.

    Keeping it real bro!

    • It’s also at sea level, LL. If he really believed that sea levels are going to rise, why would he buy a waterfront palace? Fucking cunt.

    • Doesn’t one of the co-founders of the BLM live in a predominantly white middle-class area of the US?

      I’m sure she recently moved there thanks to the alleged proceeds from the BLM fund!

  15. So what is the minimum amount of black you must have in you to tell the world you are black. 10%? 20%? Or do you simply have to visually show some faint traits to qualify?
    Obummer is just as white as he is black.

  16. Like Ronald Regan he is a Teflon president to which nothing sticks. He insulted the people of Glasgow by mispronouncing the name of the city, the people of Scotland by saying he was in the “Emerald Isles” and then referred to Shakespeare not Burns as the Bard. However, the Greta groupies lapped it up and gave him a rapturous reception.

    • I read somewhere from some Twitterati SJW that if you mispronounce/misspell a person’s name then you’re a racist or some such shite.

      Using the same “logic” this can also be applied to towns and cities, in which case Obarmy is a racist.

      But I was forgetting: such things don’t apply to certain folk.

  17. Verily, this individual is a cunt of some distinguished note.
    Who can forget him flying over here to the UK previously and threatening us over leaving the EU?
    Mutherfucker! How’s Michael by the way? Packing a fine, pendulous package between his/it’s legs I see!

    • Indeed, who could forget?
      Now he’s just another ‘do as I say, not as I do’ cunt. He’s worth even less attention than that those other ubercunts Major and Blair. At least they’re from here if nothing else.

  18. Sirs:

    Obama’s problem is he can’t decide if he’s a) gay b) black or c) Muslim.

    A doesn’t work well with B and not at all with C.

    Oh I forgot d) Marxist

    Fuck it. He’s a grifter, a very talented one, and he’ll never have to work again.

  19. Magic Barry is so worried about climate change and rising sea levels he bought a beach house in Florida.

  20. Barack Obama had a drop the Mike moment? Announced it publicly? That’s no way to dump your partner Barry – you cad you! 😃
    Barry suntan Blair is certainly committed to “doing his bit” by leaving his sea level carbon munching mansion in Marthas vineyard – the kind of place where a black face would normally be constantly followed around by “da powlees” – then hopping on his private jet and flying over to the emerald isles of great Scotland on sea to lecture people with nothing how bad air travel is. This glad handing shitfest was paid by the UK taxpayer to the tune of £120 million so tens of thousands of parasites could fly from all around the world to enjoy gorging themselves and getting pissed to crawl to a microphone to sneer at people.
    FUCK OFF TINTED TONY! Climate change? Been occurring naturally since the creation of planet Earth, the CO2 input of humankind has made precisely zero difference and the planet WILL kind of warm and cool when we live on a thin skin of rock around a ball of constantly moving superheated lava – it is a naturally occurring cyclical event which will go on as long as the Earth exists.
    CO2 is plant food – insufficient CO2, the plants die, we die – and how come atmospheric CO2 levels were considerably higher in the last ice age?
    And when the dinosaurs lived atmospheric CO2 was also considerably higher and the Earth was covered with lush, verdant vegetation?
    The climaloons are ignoring and dismissing basic facts, they base their nonsense on fuckwits like Greta Thunberg screaming “listen to the science” from “scientists” who are very well funded to invent this BS whilst simultaneously ignoring scientific FACT – with her carbon munching mansion – who flies around the world lecturing people on their carbon footprint whilst appearing to forget she wears size 80 carbon shoes.
    It is just a stick for the self titled “elites” to browbeat, bully and rob the people – but these hypocrite cunts aren’t selling their property portfolios, moving to a shack powered by a solar panel on the roof and a windmill in the garden, eating grubs and insects and walking everywhere are they? – they just want US to.
    “Methane! The horror! Tax them more and lecture them forever” is 2022’s con trick – the CO2 bullshit is wearing thin, people are sick of it and they need another excuse to fuck us over, and that will be the one.
    And congratulations to the guy who told little Barry to “shut up, butt out and go back to America” when Cameron shipped him in to order us to stay in the EU.
    Barack Hussein Obama – yet another unflushable turd.

  21. Trump did more to reduce America’s CO2 emissions that this cunt ever could. By opening up fracking and tapping into shale gas, Trump massively reduced the reliance on coal for power stations.
    The shale we have under Lincolnshire would keep us going for the next 50 years if we only used 10% of it. There is enough under Blackpool to last 500 years!
    It would produce less carbon than the eco fuel (wood burning) and coal fired power stations and be much cheaper and more reliable than dealing with Russia, who by the way were instrumental in backing the green warriors camped at the fracking sites.

  22. I hate this bastard. I had $3K in a Health Saving Account, then this cunt rocks up and mandates you have to buy health insurance or get fined by the IRS (Yank equivalent of the Inland Revenue). So I ended up being forced to flush that $3K to some cunty health insurance company for health coverage I didn’t want and didn’t need. Lovely.

    Prior to this POS fucking up (even more) the health care industry, the general rule was low premiums, high deductible or high premiums, low deductible. Thanks to this bastard, the healthcare insurance companies responded to the market with massive premiums and huge deductibles. So even though you had health insurance, you’d have to spend $10K+ of your own money first, before the benefits kicked in. Lovely.

    Naturally, under this cunt’s administration, the Delroys and Winstons were getting health coverage for pennies which the rest of us were paying for. And of course all the illegals were cashing in on the ‘free’ healthcare which again, the workers and tax payers were paying for. You couldn’t make it up. The fact this uber cunt has the bare faced cheek to show its face in public tells you all you need to know about his ego and how detached from reality he is. An absolute national and international disgrace. Please fall down a well.

  23. He knows Fuck all and he did Fuck all, hurry up back to your nest where the rest of the tribe are passing round the Jenkum.!

  24. What comparisons we can draw from this, BLM O’BUMMA is the Demorats equivlent of Liebours Tony Tosspot Bliar in reputation, corruption and politics. The USA did have an effective, strong, put the country first president, but the corrupt pedo Biden cheated his way in, and like the UK, they now also have a weak useless bastard in charge that puts the country last for back handers and immigrants.

    FARAGE would of been our Trump, but he cut and run.

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