Barack Obama [15]

Just got some from my revolting armpit of an office and what do I see on the news websites? Deep joy – Trump has taken a massive shit all over the absurd rule which sought to give young ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS the right to stay in the US and a path to citizenship which they don’t deserve and should not have. YES!

And guess who has crawled out from under his rock to flap his lips about something which no longer has anything to do with him? That’s right – that massive, ocean going, industrial strength cunt Hussein Obama.

Two things:
1. Round up all the illegal cunts and invite them to leave peacefully and of their own accord within 24 hours. If they don’t send them back home in a body bag.
2. Someone please tell that cunt Obummer to shut the fuck up. You had your turn you utter turd, now fuck off out of it. Cunt!

Nominated by Imitation Yank

44 thoughts on “Barack Obama [15]

  1. I love to cunt the Jolly Golly. He really does deserve a cunting again. The part baked Tesco baguette is a class A tosser who spent 8 years in the Shite House doing exactly fuck all for America, and fucking everything for the sandwogs. A spineless gutless piece of shit who honestly believed he would be handing the keys over to that ginormous bitch cunt “illary” the spunk bucket of the equally odious Bill of “Clitoris” fame.
    Well it didn’t happen, and having fucked off to lick his wounds, he now returns for another session of “Gurning”
    Listen up twat!….Trump got the keys….so shut the fuck up!! CUNT

    • At least we now know what it’s like to have have a lazy, narcissistic President who’s flag ship policy is to do FUCK ALL in order to make it over the winning line.

      As for the sandwogs, he even managed fuck-all for them too!

  2. At least George W, for all his plentiful faults, when it was time to fuck off, he stayed fucked off. Obama promised everything, delivered nothing, is such a cunt that he thinks people want to hear what he has to fucking say.

    Now Michelle, that would be a conquest.

  3. Nobody should take this cunt seriously, when he got elected on his ‘yes we can’ mantra the golly’s were dancing in the streets like it was the re-birth of the messiah. After 8 years and the US is more divided and fragmented since the 60’s over race and his limp dicked approach to foreign policy has allowed terrorist ragheads like IS to flourish. As for his views on Brexit, try getting elected as President on transferring all powers to an obscure Central American country who tell you when to eat, shit and beg for more.

  4. They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps?
    Well this grinning eggplant goes kiteboarding on holiday with catweazel impersonator Branson and apparently has EU immigrant loving obergruppenfuhrer merkel on speed dial…
    From allegedly moving Churchills bust in the White House to jetting into the uk to threaten us with ” back of the line” during the run up to EU referendum the Cunts got form for sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong!!
    I’m afraid much in the way we’re stuck with swivel eyed Machiavellian cunt of the ages Blair America too unfortunately will not be rid of this shit stain for years to come….

  5. The guys a cunt.

    What about the cunts that think he’s “cool”?

    Take a look at him. He’s gangly, dresses like Basil Fawlty, has big ears, talks in whistles, he’s all out nerdy as fuck.
    So why do they claim him to be the coolest?

    It can’t be coz he is black(innit/init), as that would make his followers racist.

    • Talks utter ballbags in both clicks and whistles.

      This sandgibbon needs to cease flapping his enormous rubbery lips. Far too much nonsense continues to dribble from his orifice.

  6. Off topic but I don’t want any Cunters to miss the pinnacle of tv broadcasting. Sky News coverage of Prince George first day at school. He got out of the car, walked a few paces and went through the school door!!! I’ve Tivo’d it and gonna save it for my Grandchildren.

    • Isn’t it utterly sickening, the obsequiousness of the press, the bowing and scraping of the general idiot public? And now we’ll have to hear about his mother’s 3rd blue-blood rugrat. Parasitic cunts them all. I sometimes wish the peacefuls would up their game…

    • Feckin’ ell, they gave birth to summat that can walk ??

      That’s a bleedin miracle…

  7. We can’t have these dam fuzzywuzies running the dam show. They come over here with their dam voodoo limbo dancing and bongo drums and they think they own the dam place. We didn’t defeat the dam crouts only to hand it all over to a bunch of Lilly livered quires and man hateing lesbian lovers lead by some dam loud mouthed philistine half cast. Bloody madness I say.

  8. Holy fucking Christ.

    Hold me back, lads.

    Barack. Cunting. Obama.

    If someone dragged Tony Blair and shoved him into telepod A, then stuffed some two-bit bootlipped shoeshuffling conman from Alabama into telepod B, out would be shat something 40x more hideously disgusting than Brundle-Fly: Barack cunting Obama. This being’s cuntitude is colossal; almost infinite. It would take a Dostoyevsky-sized novel to justifiably cunt this mega-bastard but I will try my fucking best.

    This fucker perfectly encapsulates everything about modern career politicians. He almost flawlessly merged vacuous celebrity with politics: the ideal prez for the then liberal drama class that constituted left America. Anyone with insight knew he would deliver precisely fuck all; hiding behind endlessly scripted speeches written by an army of cunts, tasked with making the world think this excremental smear of a man was the second, third and fourth coming. The sum of exactly fucking ZERO was achieved during his shit-tenure, and he only succeeded in fucking over the working classes and hyping his accursed Obamacare, which incidentally said working classes were largely shafted by.

    One of the main things I despised about this fucking snake was his chameleon-like, cringeworthy attempts to claim he had a deep association/love for any fucking area he ever visited. Anyone recall his fucking toe-curling visit to Ireland, complete with photo-op downing of Guiness pints, and trying to pronounce ‘craic’? Ah but to be sure now, he did of caarse have Oirish roots – or so he fucking claimed – his birthin’ name probably be Barrack Seamus Kielty Declan O’Bama. Basketball lobbing motherfucker.

    And his fucking buck-toothed, fame whore of a wife. Don’t fucking bore me with horseshit that she is an ‘intelligent’ woman with degrees and diplomas – she was a glorified clothes-horse and craved attention like all black fucking women seemed to do. I hate this equine-faced cunt nearly as much as her cunting ‘boo’.

    Do I need to explain therefore, as a dyed-in-the-wool anti-EU cunter, just how fucking supercritical this legit cotton-plucker boiled my piss when he came on TV threatening the entire UK with trade hostility if they voted the wrong way? The sight of him preaching lyrical, with Cameron standing there like the weak mum who had to resort to getting dad to punish the unruly kids… How my TV avoided a terminal fisting remains a mystery to this day.

    Shame this cunt-god wasn’t holidaying with the equally deplorable Branson in the carribbean when this recent hurricane struck. That would have been one true act of divine fucking intervention.

    Give this unflushable turd a Zinger Tower Burger and shut the fucking door behind his sorry cuntlord ass.

    • What think you, TECB, of the amusing notion put forth that Michael…sorry, “Michelle” Obama had Joan Rivers bumped off (during a supposedly safe surgery) because she outed the First Lady as a chap and therefore Obama as an Obummer? Fanciful stuff, of course. But maybe…just maybe…

  9. Saw in my paper yesterday that cunt, Michelle Obarmy, alongside many other sambo celebricunts licking the a-hole of coconut cunt ‘Queen Bey’ as a ‘birthday tribute’… These thick egg and spoons will cheer anything that’s remotely black and famous… Remember all those spearchukkas out in force for known and convicted rapist, Mike Tyson, when he visited Brixton?… Thick ignorant cunts…

    • I used to have a black labrador called Tyson. He was a black bastard who wouldn’t no for an answer from the bitches. Didn’t matter what size or shape they were,he’d line them.

      • What are queen bey’s musical accolades exactly? shes got 4 solo albums and they all suck a donkeys nutsack, all her music is trashy rap/pop garbage at least tina turner, dionne warwick were unique singers and musicians whats queen bitch tits got?

  10. thats a jolly good wheeze Kate has going there. can’t come out and shake hands or cut a tape ‘cos i got morning sickness ain’t I? very very handy.

    • Probably using some of the compensation money she got for those topless photos to have a tit-enlargement op. I know if she was married to me,she’d have no say in the matter…Get the fuckers pumped-up,or fuck off.

  11. Just so we know whom and what we are talking about:

    CUNT. All senses of this word are vulgar slang and are very strongly tabooed and censored. The meanings that refer to a woman and a contemptible person are used with disparaging intent and are. There are many words used to refer to people in sexual terms.

  12. That twat did more damage to relations in 8 years, than the KKK did in 100. Funny isn’t it, how all those Confederate statues could be ignored during Obama’s stint in the Whitehouse, but are suddenly racist now that Trump is President. On top of that, you’ve got racist scumbags Black Lives Matter now demanding compensation for slavery that THEY were never the victims of. All because the ignorant, bigoted cunts can’t get over the fact a White man is back in charge of the country.

    • I live near the coast. Does that mean I can get compensation for all those Viking raids?
      Only, even though I wasn’t actually there, I feel so violated…

  13. Michael Barry(bum)more look alike Oh Bummer is probably THE most inept, useless and racist president ever to soil the White House in all it’s short history. Cunto numero uno!

  14. A cunting for David Lammy MP. The author of a new report detailing how black and ethnic minorities are unfairly represented and imprisoned for crimes in the UK.

    Apparently, they are scared and do not trust the system, including their court appointed brief. Also, there seems to be a higher proportion of black and ethnic minorities in prisons.

    Mr Lammy, a few words of advice before you write your next report, the reason for this is that the majority of crimes are undertaken by these people, you don’t get arrested if you haven’t committed a crime, you dumb cunt. And telling us that you investigated the system in places like Florida tells me that you got a free jolly over the the States and pretended to be working, so you’re a sponging Wanker as well.

    It’s like saying the majority of people who play women’s tennis are women.

  15. Michelle Obama apparently wears a perfume that is specifically aimed at black women.

    The aptly named ” Eau de doo-da day”…..

  16. Worlds biggest cunt this one. Seems to foeget he studied at a madrassa for some years and that his middle name is Hussain.

    Impoverished millions of black Americans the 2 faced cunt.

  17. Under this cunt’s watch nothing changed. He is the anaglypta wallpaper of politicians – you can see he’s there but is easily ignored.

    The “Great Black Hope” of the American people proved to be nothing of the sort, favouring “nothingness” over “assertiveness”, and globalism over patriotism.

    We’ll ignore “Obama Care” for the white elephant that it is, and therefore this cunt’s only claim to fame is that they found Bin Laden on his watch…who happened to be at home all along! Woooo, top spy skills there eh!??

    Everyone thought Jimmy Carter was a piss-poor, ineffectual President (and he got the shit end of the stick on more than one occasion) but at least we only had that cunt for a single term.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Obama’s Presidency was like adding a glass of water to the Pacific ocean, i.e., he added nothing.

    So what gives the cunt any right, or any say on what Trump’s doing to repeal his executive orders which favour illegal immos over US citizens?

    None whatsoever, and yet he chooses to be his most vocal now that he’s not in power! The cunt!

    • “a black man is my president” the T-shirts read. How about “My president is (was) a useless race baiting peaceful loving apologist cunt.

  18. He was the head of the immune system that was tricked by the aids/islam virus. Trump could be the antibiotic.

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