Geriatric snowflakes

Seems there’s a new breed of cunt in town that I came across while enjoying a quiet game of bridge this week with the Womens Institute – a delicate little bunch of geriatric snowflakes.

As the room became crowded and more tables were required to be set up, one ‘gentleman’ suggested I ‘got off my arse and did some work’ so given that I’d already done most of the work that morning and many many mornings before, I felt bound to tell him to fuck off.

Shock! Horror! The little old ladies went into apoplectic shock at the use of such vile language! Never in all their considerably long lives had this word ever been uttered in their esteemed and delicate presence.

The ‘gentleman’ in question then threatened to ‘punch my lights out!’ Apparently, this language was perfectly acceptable.

Naturally, in true snowflake style, this was entirely my fault. Perhaps it’s a ‘normal for Norfolk’ thing? Maybe they were experiencing their second childhood and it’s proof that snowflakes come in all ages?

Either way, they can still fuck off…

Nominated by Dioclese

67 thoughts on “Geriatric snowflakes

  1. The more you mix with people the more chance you have of encountering cunts. The Women’s institute sounds like cunt central.

    Perhaps David Lammy will lead an investigation into why they are all cunts. It will definitely be due to race bias and white privilege.

    • What are you talking about? There’s nothing BUT brothers and sisters in Norfolk…..wait….Oh….I see. You meant minoritees.

    • I was reading about his report this morning. As soon as I saw his name, I just knew that any kind of impartiality had been thrown out of the window before they even started to investigate for the report. Lammy is a twat. Not only that, he’s an Abbottesque racist and moron.

  2. As a lifetime resident of Norfolk, I can confirm that the place is absolutely brimming with cunts.
    Well, except me of course…

  3. That’s the answer, Dio, have WI bitches bring you cake and jam because you’re their leader now.

    Your choice of aged concubines as well, happy days!

  4. “The little old ladies went into apoplectic shock at the use of such vile language!”
    Did they faint,gasp and say “well I never” in that old upper class victorian accent lol

  5. Heres a bit of news for all the fellow cunters, Lee Rigbys killer has just been awarded £100k in compo for a scuffle with prison guards,WTF why oh why cant we just hang these cunts and be done with it…….any cunt shouting allah Akbar and killing someone should be dressed in a pig skin and the fed to the pigs and then all their family should be sent back to the fly blown shit hole they left to usually illegaly settle here,claim any benefit they can and the shit these extremists into the uk…..I was hopefull that brexit was going to slow down the tide of shit landing in the uk, but I strongly suspect they will still be negotiating in 20 fucking years by which time we will be a minority,if some of these shit holes were better I would be tempted to go there as this country will be chocked full of cunts,even more than now……….it should be the right of the prison staff to give prisoners a good kicking now and then its not a fucking holiday camp…….

    • Who?…………I did not know that, and indeed it makes me fucking incandescent with fucking rage to think that that puke inducing nigger cunt can gain such a deposit for his retirement fucking fund. This fucking political/legal/ideological/liberal/coksucking/ponce loving/fluid orientated arseholes who have charge f this nation should be shot with the shit of a thousand baboons, and their miserable carcasses dragged around the streets. The fucking bastards.

      If a prisoner kicks off, there should be no expectation of reward for the prisoner…REGARDLESS!

      Fuck the cunt!

    • So in short, bootlipped wog-savage murders innocent British man in one of the most outrageously brutal attacks of modern times, and by virtue of his ensuing incarceration, gets £100,000 for a bit of roughing.

      This should be fucking headline news.

      Demonstrates the core reason why this country is such a fucking soft target right there. I remember watching one of the numerous documentaries on the Krays, and it showed you the old cell doors on Brixton prison – complete with one-sided opening for attaching a water hose to give unruly cunts a 5-bar cooldown. That’s what AdebeWOGs A and B need. Spend that £100k on renting a Karscher washer for the duration of their sentence to blast the pair of subhuman murdering cunts on an endless cycle.

      As far as regular prisoners are concerned, I never entertain liberal notions of criminal inclusivity. As far as I am concerned, a cunt should proportionately forego his own human rights as soon as he impinges or takes away the human rights of another. That should be society’s fucking contract right there. A cunt does their time, THEN we can consider inclusivity but not a moment before.

    • It should be taken off the cunt and given to the Rigby family as compensation. Absolutely outrageous that the scum should profit,when,by rights,he should have had his neck stretched.

    • Just fuckin reiterates what a cunt of a country Britain has become. This cunt should have been chucked into a vat of acid. Save us all the cost of this piece of shit using up tax payers cash. Compensation!!! Fucking joke.

  6. Olde cunts are like this all over the place… The fuckers think they can do and say what they want because they’ve ‘been coming here for years’…. I had run-ins with old cunts like this when I used to work at a working men’s club… These old cunts were as rude and ill mannered as fuck and it was almost always women… But give them as good as they get and they act like a wounded animal and suddenly all these ailments and Illnesses appear in order to get sympathy and make me look bad… I quit because I was sick of pandering to these corrosive old vermin and they make it clear to anyone that young(er) peeple (even people in their 30s!) are not welcome in ‘their club’… Most of them should be dead by now… I hope so anyway…

    • Trouble is with working men’s clubs and in particular those on the committee, they are probably dustmen in the day (nothing wrong with that) but given some authority they think they’re the chief executive of some fucking multinational conglomerate. As they say, power does go to some people’s heads.

    • Apparently these rohypnols are akin to your average Parking Stanley, with a sprinkling of pikey dust, and a bit of Roma thrown in for good measure. Eat, Pray, Breed and Steal is the motto. Why has no one asked the simple question that if these rats have managed to piss off the Buddhists, there must be a bloody good reason. If a Buddhist thinks your a cunt, it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate your life.

      • Spot on Big Khunt pissing off Buddhists means you must be a cunt. Normally when Buddhists protest they kill themselves so these mussie cunts must be another branch of the just can’t blend in and be happy gang instead wanting more and more of their shite. Well the Burmese have said fuck off. Britain any chance of growing a pair and following suit. Not gonna hold my breath though.

    • No idea why we have to keep this bullet-dodging gobshite . Send the fucker back to Pakistan along with the rest of her extended family. I have no interest in her views or her welfare. Just another sponging ingrate. Fuck her.

    • Is this the cunt who having been shot, came over here, had an operation on our national health at Christ knows what cost and is now using this country as a vehicle to start preaching bollocks and telling us what we should if should not do?

      • Yep the Taliban done well there get the west to pay loads to keep her going. And now she’s following her training by acting up and telling us why we are wrong. Expect the Taliban topped a hundred girls trying to get the head shot just right not too dead or brain damaged so can’t complete the mission but like goldilocks porridge “just right”. Coming to the west soon. Sharia law and all the goodness of five times a day alans snackbar.

  7. Would it be possible to give a treble cunting to the gistapo head teacher at colditz high school who has been comparing a shade a grey cloth to kids trousers and if they don’t match he sends them home…….what an utter cunt I bet he,s on some sort of kick back from the one local shop that sell number 7 shade of grey [they can now call him 50 shades the cunt] I hope the parents kick up such a storm he has to eat the shit sandwich.

    • Its September and the little darlings have finally fucked off back to school but that hasn’t stopped little Hitler head teachers being cunts. One story was about a school who has introduced a ‘gender neutral’ policy of no skirts for anybody, how will this work if some prepubescent transbender wants to ‘express themselves’?. And teachers are no one to judge on uniform since a lot look like they have just got up to go to a fucking soup kitchen.

    • True enough, but it works both ways. I’ve just been reading about some daft cunt who sent his chavy-looking brat to school in some £70 Nike trainers instead of the proper shoes,and is now whinging like a bitch because the little shit was sent home. I didn’t read it all,but I’d bet the parents were professional benefit scroungers. The kid certainly looked the type.

    • Buy the right colour trousers it’s quite easy. The parents will bleat on endlessly about sending said offspring to some particular school well if said school has a draconian uniform policy tough shit. My senior school was a technical school and I started in 72 had to wear shorts, blazer with badge, tie and a cap. I lived in a tower block in a Portsmouth rough area. My parents worked hard but because I had gained entry to a decent school did all they could for me including buy the proper uniform. Mind you they did get it from the Co-op and not Debenhams or another posher dept store.

  8. It always amazes me the hypocricy of those who demand the smelling salts when one tells some time serving receptionist to her face or at least soto voce that they are a fucking bitch and the bitch then acts as if she has been physically assaulted her and yet every time the bitch goes to the cinema or watches a drama on telly she fails to notice that every other sentence contains one expletive or another. To add insult to injury they always also claim that one or other unnamed and unidentifiable others (patients, customers and the like) are equally offended. Such people are largely invented and would if they knew the circumstances and actually existed, agree with my sentiments. Heat and kitchen come to mind.

    Men always white-knight even for the geriatric.

  9. Am I missing something? Back to Brexit.i am surprised this isn’t causing more of a stink. It seems as part of the deal with the EU all European law will be incorporated into British law.pardon? Wtf? Are we fucking leaving the EU or not? Doesn’t look like it.

    • It really is time to just take Juncker the Cunt, Schulz the Shitface, Verminhofstadt, Barmier and Muffley Merkel off to a place of execution, and stretch their nether regions with something metallic, sharp and white-hot.

      Then all the cloth-touchers from the Al-Jeera Beebistan propaganda dept.

  10. There has been a report into the disparity of numbers of ethnics in jail compared to the general population percentage. Something like 4 times the expected number apparently. And guess what? It is our fault. Yes, nothing to do with criminal propensity, socio-economics, morals, lack of fathers, general attitudes and morals etc. It is the fault of white Britain. These criminals are usually uneducated which is our fault. They are under-represented in the judicial system, which is our fault. They don’t trust the law or solicitors. Our fault again.
    I couldn’t give a fuck for colour. But culture is what makes a difference and gangsta culture, gyppo culture, peaceful culture, babyfather culture, making a virtue out of thickness culture, drug culture and on and on do have my prejudices flowing. But this must all be our fault due to colonialism, slavery, racial prejudice and probably protestant work ethic.
    And anyone who doesn’t support these conclusions is a foam flecked racist member of the KKK or even worse UKIP.

      • Will it have leopard-skin seat covers,a banging sound-system,blinged wheels and extra chrome? I’d like one like that. I’d also dress in a white suit,wear a fedora,carry a silver topped cane and smoke a cigar as I cruised the streets checking on my bitches. 🙂 .

      • I wasn’t sure but now you mentioned it that all sounds good, I could fit some of that hydraulic suspension
        Thinking about it, I’ll get a custom push button opening that can fit an Uzi for the drive by shootings, and an electric tray that can hold the fried chicken, and lastly super powerful air conditioning that gets rid of the weed smell in ten seconds.

    • Maybe gimmegrunts DO integrate…

      It’s just that they integrate into criminal activities, and prison.

      David Lammy is a spazmotron cunt.

  11. From what I can see when your older you’re expected to behave a certain way and speak a certain way (maybe it’s setting an example), I think if you’ve made to a good age you have earned the right to say what you want. When I’m an old cunt I’ll be swearing every sentence probably, I’ll have to learn Polish and Somali swear words as they will be the main languages then.

  12. Misplaced morals, Dioclese.

    Kind of reminds me of the time some old cuntfuck geezer barked at me to give up my seat on the bus for an old woman who was nowhere near my fucking proximity; presumably as I was the most able-bodied on the vehicle. However, seeing the old dear stand did seem a bit unfair so I walked down the aisle, pointed up at my vacant seat and said “would you like a seat?”

    “Mind your own bloody business!”

    And of course in the meantime, some other opportunistic cunt took the seat, so I was left standing there like a fucking unwaxed lemon for no reason. I glared with hatred at the codger who sent me on that ill-fated quest in the first place.

    Now, I won’t give up my fucking seat on public transport for no-one. Pregnant, old, hypothermia, quadriplegic… they can all fuck right off.

    • Bit like disabled and mother and baby parking you’ve got a guaranteed parking space you cunts but why have it right next to the doors make them walk or wheel a bit farther gives them some exercise never a bad thing surely

  13. I would like to nominate Sir Kier Starmer KCB PC QC

    This gormless looking shithead is not in fact Glen Hoddle’s bastard brother. He is Sir Keir (don’t call me ‘Sir’!) Starmer, who first came to my notice as Director of Public Prosecutions in Gordon ‘bigot’ Brown’s hopeless, fag end, New Labour Government.

    The dim fuckwit’s DPP job was to find ways of not charging corrupt politicians caught defrauding the taxpayer by fiddling their expenses.

    For this he was appointed in 2014 Knight Commander of the Order of Bath (KCB) for “services to law and criminal justice”. You could not make it up.

    Between June and the end of September 2016 he was paid £18,000 by remoaner law firm Mishcon de Reya for 24 hours of “legal advice”. Mishcon was one of three firms that brought remainerminger Gina Miller’s High Court legal challenge to chuck spanners in the Brexit works and prevent Theresa May invoking Article 50.

    Sir Kunt also revealed a payment of £100,000 on May 13, 2015, for work carried out before he became an MP. Late last year he was also paid £7,000 offering them legal advice for 12 hours – or £583 an hour.

    Mishcon de Reya first hired Sir Kier in 2014 as a part-time consultant for its business crime unit. He quit client work for the firm in April 2015, but was reappointed as a consultant to its in-house academy in June this year. He stood down from that role after being appointed as shadow Brexit secretary by comrade Corbyn in October 2016.

    Earlier this year, in answer to an opening question put by Andrew Marr, Sir Kunt – with total irrelevance – couldn’t help but immediately launch into something like (I paraphrase):

    “Could I just say…before going any further… that my thoughts, prayers and bleeding heart goes out to the families and friends of [insert victims & calamity of choice here] who I know not from Adam, care even less about, and would run a country fucking mile from spending even 5 seconds with in the same room if I could help it, blah-blah-virtue-signal woof-woof.”

    Andrew Marr’s reaction? Irritation, judging by the expression on his face.

    Man of the people Sir Kunt lives in a £2million house in North London. He also co-owns a house in Surrey. Despite using his ‘Sir’ title when it suits, he dropped it during the recent General Election campaign so as to promote the illusion of ‘ordinary man of the people’.

    “Address as Mr Starmer,” he advised Commons colleagues and officials.

    Since then Sir Kunt (together with ‘principled’ comrades Steptoe & Flabbott) has performed multiple policy U-turns – most recently calling for Britain to stay in the restrictive Single Market and Customs Union for AT LEAST two years AFTER we finally extricate ourselves from the Evil Empire…

    Now the useless cunts are predictably competing to further undermine Brexit by voting against the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill currently going through Parliament.

    A festering cunt attempting to fly under the radar.

    • Comprehensive cunting there, Shitcake me old mucker.

      For some reason, Kunt Starmer’s name was being banded around the election ’17 as though he was some kind of fucking mythical creature. Mythical levels of cuntitude perhaps, but not much else.

      Lest we forget that this cunt helped to excuse plod Simon Harwood for the blatant manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson back in 2010. Starmer is as corrupt as a fucking malware-ridden Windows XP hard-drive.

      • Yeah, good point TECB – should’ve mentioned Ian Tomlinson (R.I.P) manslaughter whitewash. There’s tons more besides.

    • Saw him on tv the other pm, slumped in parliament, with a mind-numbingly sneery expression on his cunt-face. Bastard, prick,…

      Btw, weren’t Pisshtake da Robba the Queen of Tart’s solicitors ?


      • Talks like he’s got suet pudding between his ears. BTW, Gina Miller does get a mention.

  14. When dealing with oldie cunts singularly they are manageable, but get a group together, it’s hurricane fucking Irma. Hair nets, sherry, bingo, Strictly, black and white movies and watching a Muslim bake a fucking cake.

  15. A gentleman holds a door open for a woman of a certain age (probably in M&S or John Lewis). She walks through with her nose in the air, doesn’t say thank you, doesn’t smile, and doesn’t even acknowledge that he exists.

    Sound familiar?

    If so I recommend simply saying in a very loud voice “don’t mention it you ignorant old trout”.

    I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere near the WI myself..

  16. I thought that I could be a bit of a Cunt,but even I’ve never been threatened with physical violence at a meeting of The Women’s Institute. What did you do for a follow-up ? Bellow obscenities at a passing bunch of nuns? Deliver drive-by Cuntings through a megaphone at the Mother/Toddler group? For Shame, Dio. For Shame. 🙂 .

      • You’re not going to slap me round the chops with a pair of driving gloves and then say “I demand satisfaction, Sir, Choose your weapon.” are you?

    • I went to see a mate in hospital recently, i noticed the only people that were demanding, down right rude, abusive and physically violent were geriatric old men, all the younger patients were no problem at all.
      Is this what we all become like ? The old gits as portrayed by Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse ?

  17. If you get any more trouble down there Dio tell them you know Black and White cunt and he has connections to the Yardies, I’ll have machete’s and gun’s all over the gaff. When it all goes down I’ll know naffink abaaaaaht it of course.

  18. Pikey tramp has-been Bob Geldof is headline speaker at the anti Brexit People’s March for Europe tomorrow, I wonder if there are any peaceful’s at their local Hertz enquiring about the availability of a large van?

    • The only time I could ever bring myself to watch a FaceBook beheading video is if it ever featured a director’s ‘cut’ of Geldof.

      Freeloading fucker with a career built on the back of faux-charitable concerns – Geldof easily the biggest beneficiary of all Live Aid/Band Aid efforts. What, you think he made his millions from his days as front-cunt-man for the Boomtown Rats?

  19. Sorry to go off point but is anybody else fucking tired of the EU,s bullying over the brexit negotiations???
    Of course for all their rhetoric they want us to stay as we pay around 12% of total contributions to the overblown turd swamp that calls it self a union!! , but the levels of absolute cuntitude exhibited by merkels bagman French cretin barnier beggar belief!! , making numerous threats about ” teaching the U.K. About what it means to leave” to deliberately running down the clock asking us to agree a dubious exit bill before any talks about trade can start?, it’s an ugly attempt at blackmail as apparently the EU cannot justify huge parts of the bill…..
    Well I would like to move the talks forward by telling puppet barnier, junker, vehorstadt and merkel to stick their fake bill up their fucking unions arse!!

    Talking about mama merkel I was delighted to see her getting pelted with tomatoes at an election rally recently!!!

    • Quite right Q. We seem to be hearing very little about the “no deal is better than a bad deal” that May used to spout. We might as well face facts…We are going to pay the “divorce” bill,it might be hidden from plain sight,but we’ll pay it. We will also end up with a bastardised version of what we were expecting on immigration and law-making. The politicians are going to sell us down the river and no matter how much they obscure the facts and lie,in time it will become obvious.

    • It’s not EU bullying – it’s the complete fucking ineptitude of David Davis being concealed by helpful misrepresentations of the situation by the Mail and The Sun (recycled on rightwing websites)..

      Mrs West’s brother is a civil servant in the team supporting the British negotiators. They are all at their wits’ end at the sheer incompetence of Davis and his inner circle (Davis is apparently often pissed, always unprepared and has absolutely no grasp of detail or policy). By contrast, I’m told the EU team is far better prepared, far more professional and publishes helpful position papers well in advance which David rarely bothers to read. Like me, Mrs West’s brother voted Leave so there’s no personal axe to grind in what he tells me.

      Cameron never expected Leave to prevail in the referendum (he was cockily telling everyone in Brussels that “we’re going to win this 60-40 – maybe more”), there was no Plan B, and there’s been no serious work on a Plan B because there’s no one in the Tory Party with the brains to match the EU team.

      Mrs West’s brother says he would have preferred former Attorney General Dominic Grieve to lead for the Tories, but he also feels the UK would have more credibility – and, ultimately, achieve more – with a cross-party team in charge of the negotiations. That’s the view of a Leave-voter who is directly involved with the negotiations.

      • Dominic Grieve to lead the negotiations for the Tory Party, not to lead the Tory Party. Apologies if unclear.

      • Interesting insight Fred.
        David Davis doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence to be honest. I can’t believe how unprepared we seem to be going into all this, it’s going to enable to EU to get a massive pay off and a lot more of their demands. What a pile of cunt.

    • Bang on, Q…

      Sooner or later, the skidmark-fest that is Brussels will just wash away, as one Austrian author similarly said of the Austro-Hungarian dual Monarchy:

      “It will perish of its own unutterability”

      and eventually be flushed down the crapper.

      People ARE realising what a dreadful mistake of nature it is, and it’s not just Brits that are pissed off..

      German business leaders (and French) have realised that they need US as customers, and are regularly telling Merkin to shut the fuck up. She may well be important within the eu, but if the Germans give her a drubbing (and it ISN’T entirely impossible), the solids will hit the aircon… And Macron the Meerkunt is now suffering very low ratings…

  20. The french are just beginning to realise they have been duped, macron and his faux Party are not a change from the status quo they led the gullible French into believing they were…..
    Macrons popularity has nosedived since he strutted out to the EU anthem ode to joy to give his victory speech after the french elections, those halcyon days must seem along time ago?
    Will EU rent boys macrons popularity drop as low as previous incumbent midget president hollande (4%) ??
    Don’t bet against it…….

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