Paul Leighton

Emergency cunting for Paul Leighton.

Looks like a sex offender, doesn’t he? Well, he is.

Kiddy-fiddler? Rapist? Nothing as simple as that, fellow cunters. Leighton had set up between 30-40 fake teenage aliases (both male and female) on Facebook which he used to befriend young teenagers all over the world, from whom he solicited nude photos and/or compromising videos. As soon as the images were obtained by Leighton, he immediately began to blackmail the senders, threatening to send their pictures and videos to all their Facebook friends and families if they did not immediately comply with his demands.

And what were those demands? Here are a few examples –

Leighton coerced a terrified 15-year-old American girl into abusing her 10-month-old sister while he watched and filmed the abuse via webcam;

A 14-year-old boy from Florida was instructed to repeatedly rape his 12-month-old niece while Leighton watched/filmed via webcam;

A 13-year-old girl in Tennessee was blackmailed into having sex with her 19-year-old brother while Leighton watched/filmed via webcam.

Leighton admitted three counts of rape as well as numerous other offences, including blackmail, causing a child to engage in sexual activity, making indecent photographs of a child and sexual assault. Plod believes he had more than 100 victims in North America alone, but found evidence that he had also blackmailed kids in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Two days ago he was sentenced to sixteen years which to my mind seems a bit on the lenient side, so I’m inviting suggestions for more suitable punishments for Leighton…

Nominated by Fred West.

46 thoughts on “Paul Leighton

  1. Oh my fucking life! That is absolutely disgusting. What is wrong with people? How can the justice system think for one second his sick depravity will all be ironed out in 16 years? He’s a wrong un. Lock the horrible cunt up for good.

  2. An idea from Catherine the Great.

    Tie the cunt to a trestle and have him fucked up the arse by every shire horse we can get hold of. Then cremate the worthless shit whether he’s still alive or not.

  3. That goes beyond being a cunt into a realm I do not know.

    Some sort of Hannibal Lecter style death would be best, slow and fucking painful.

  4. Going a bit old school here, well 9th century China and would suggest slow slicing, the Chinks are nothing if not inventive and was only banned in 1905.

  5. If Leighton had been a Catholic priest the church might have decided to limit the hours he was allowed to be online…then again,they probably wouldn’t have bothered.
    This piece of filth is beyond Cunting. His kind will never change or even feel remorse. .Hang them and be done with it. I’ll happily pull the lever if the authorities’ morals prevent them from doing it.

  6. A relative of mine got 16 years!! for being involved in a minor case of money laundering. Hoping to be out in 2020. The system is fucked beyond belief the nonce cunt should have got 16 years for each offence on top of a really good kicking for each offence. So the situation today, my relative 16 years for some dodgy deals of which he was basically a bit player did not involve conning any one out of their savings etc. Most of the case was built on the evidence of some “supergrass”. Multinational nonce who has screwded the minds of loads of kids and most likely had a good fiddle on the side gets 16 years. Fuck this shit.

    • Stick a red hot soldering iron up the nonce’s arse , that will make him atone for his heinous crimes

  7. This is why social media like Facefook and Twatter should be permanently banned and outlawed… It is a breeding ground for p@edos and freaks and of course thick mongs (mainly daft wimmin) are happy to help these nutjobs… That daft scouse cow who is married to Wayne Rooney’s wallet… She puts a picture of her young son all over social media in his school uniform… Doesn’t this thick chav got lucky realise that every weirdo on the web can now see her kid?! Thick as fuck….

    As for Leighton, he should have his fingers and his dick cut off… These type of sickos have always been about, but crap like Facebook and Twatter has made it that so much easier for them… Suckerberg is a cunt and should be ashamed of himself…

    • Indeed.. the sexualising of schoolkids…carried out by their oh-so caring, adoring,…fuckwit parents.

  8. Is anyone surprised or outraged by this in hampshire? Oh, yeah, let’s not waste time and tax-payer money prosecuting silly things like minor cases of child-rape and trafficking, fucking useless plod!

    If the Rotherham case showed that even when little girls are getting kidnapped and raped by the thousands by these filthy Paki invaders, the authorities not only turn a blind eye to it, but actively assist them in their crimes and call them racists whores (for example, by arresting fathers who try to rescue their girls) So in that case just let Paul Leighton off with a warning its the progressive thing to do after all. But In all seriousness feed him to a bunch of hungry pissed off lions or something like a pool full of piranhas and Box Jellyfish for something uniquely evil

    • Sadly, the New Forest is about as notorious as Thetford Forest, not a million cocks’ lengths from Rickeeeeeee’s domain…

    • Fucking hell how the fucking cunt can the old bill class Rape and Sexual Assault as minor crimes. Unbelievable.

  9. Some of these kids are truly fucking stupid tho, big deal if some perv releases your nude selfie you were stupid enough to give it to him in the first place. You’re going fuck your baby sister or brother because some stranger online vaguely threatens you to release them?

    • Have to say, though – these kids are like 12, 13, 14. Always online so probably few friends in the real world and glad of the attention. Don’t expect an emotionally and intellectually immature 12, 13, 14 year old to have the same degree of common sense as an adult with tons of life experience. And don’t expect parents to be able to monitor their kids’ online life either since kids are always more tech-savvy and one step ahead of their mum and dad. Facefuck would throw a massive strop if governments changed the law to prevent under 18s uploading traceable contact info and recognisable photos to these sites since that would diminish the value of the personal data they sell.

  10. I lost all faith in British justice over the faggy way we dealt with two of the biggest cunts England have ever produced, namely Jon Venables and Robert Thompson.

  11. Just noticed – in the pic, he looks a bit like Morrissey. Maybe that is punishment enough..?

  12. I had an uncle who murdered his girlfriend. He got 18 years, did 9 and was released. Murdered his next girlfriend. Why we let cunts out early is beyond me.

  13. Hooman Rights? Cunt seems to have been active in Good Ol’ Boy territory Tennessee and Florida. Natural practices there shurely? Sir Limply’s suggestion? Get the Good Ol’ Boy’s arse up there online equipped with these virtual beauties and let the world cum to him:

    • Apologies for the cuntus interruptus but once again victim orf the spam filter crapola re link. Will have a fiddle.

      • Oh dear…one look at those oh-so perfect teeth is rather off-putting.

        My tv perving of the luscious Lucy Lane (keeping Cornwall’s coastline c#~@-free) was frequently interrupted by some balding cunt, and his twat-faced ginger bro whining on about the greatest mummy in the world.

        FFS, when is this crapola going to sink without trace ??

  14. Cunts like Leighton are beyond cunting, really.

    I would sentence him to an eternity of seeing and having to listen to Sir Kier Starmer (a putrid cunt now well overdue a cunting, IMO), eyelids propped open wide, Clockwork Orange style.

  15. Medically paralyze him from the neck down, cut his voice box out and eyelids off, wire him up to life support, secure to frame in bare room with pictures of victims above him. Leave to go slowly mad a prisoner in his own body.
    Not that I’ve thought about it or anything.

  16. That peice of shit should have been fried in the electric chair with no wet sponge on the head. Vile human being and a waste of good oxygen

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