Munroe Bergdorf

Can we join in a unanimous cunting for Vogue and its first transgender model Munroe Bergdorf and the whole PC\Diversity bollocks please?

Vogue in it’s rush to be seen as diverse, PC and right on thought it was harvesting the high fruit when it hired the chick with the dick as a model. We are all gender fluid and race neutral after all.

Now Munroe spends all “her” time trying to look like a woman and despite the fact he is obviously a geezer down to heavy use of makeup and possibly a bleaching agent it’s not so easy to tell she he he is also of ethnic origin.

Geezer Munroe took her rusty but very heavy irony bar and mashed herself around the head by tweeting “all whites are racist” and the walking version of animal\vegetable\fuck knows what it is has been fired for her/his/its failure to embrace diversity.

Never mind love, if you had bothered to read ISAC now and then you would be fully aware that being a cunt has no boundaries, racial, gender or sexual persuasion.

You Mr\Mrs\Miss\Ms Bergdorf are a cunt and your name sounds like it should be German for dog shit.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

I’d like to go mano-a-mano and give a high noon cunting to gender-bender extraordinaire Munroe Bergdorf. Who? Exactly. Who. Or more specifically, ‘what’.

This fucking transgender specimen, possibly now only 5% cock but 100% prime, bullshit-reared cunt has been desperate for attention recently, by claiming that all white people are racist. Insisiting that it is ‘ALL’ whites. Not enough that ‘it’ lost it’s fucking job as a model for L’Oreal for such a divisive, neo-lib attention seeking outburst on FaceBook, the fucker is now doing the rounds and got an almighty tolchoking from cunt Piers Morgan on GMTV this morning. Now, Morgan’s cuntitude is stratospheric to be sure, but when standing up to this freak he was spot on.

Why is it that any fucker a slightly browner shade than Shakespeare’s Sister has carte blanche to demonise the entire spectrum of ‘white’? Remember almighty cunt and hypocrite Jason Osamede OKUNTdaye recently, who spouted similar on Twitter, before folding like a cheap fucking tent and closing his Twitter account to avoid the backlash, no doubt to retreat to his fucking ‘safe space’. Notwithstanding the fact that OKUNTdaye enjoyed every supposed ‘white privilege’ going, and had been afforded a prestigious position in a seat of learning from a supposed ‘white institution’.

Back to this fucking Bergdorf abomination though – the core of it’s message seems to be that colonialism (that old fucking chestnut) somehow logically means that everyone born hundreds of years after the fact is a, quote, “violent white racist”. Munroe later refined this during the Morgan interview as “Straight, white, homophobic violent white racist men.” This fucking freak has so many cards to play of course! Tell me, do the fucking Turks submit to this constant self-flagellation of old colonial guilt for their Ottoman forefathers? Does Italy have to constantly bow it’s head when reminded of the actions of the Romans?

What bothers me most of all is why the fuck are such cunts allowed a platform to spout this level of divisive bollocks? Tommy Robinson gets hauled over the coals for far, far less. This is hate speech, pure and simple – baseless, factually incorrect, totally uninformed unadulterated bollocks. Yet because the cunt ticks so many diversity boxes, they get treated as if they are expressing an ‘opinion’. Funny enough, if I express an opinion that the Pakistani community in Yorkshire have a problem sexually abusing young white girls, then that is deemed unacceptable. Why? It bears more correlation to actual events than the horse-shit spouted by this fucking creature.

Of course, any hate this monstrosity receives will undoubtedly fuel it’s confirmation bias – on this occasion though, I am happy to oblige. Fight cunts with fire!

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

31 thoughts on “Munroe Bergdorf

  1. Spot on. It just goes to show if you spoil people and treat them like the world owes them something, they turn into cunts. Thats why they call it spolied.

    So now we have this spoiled cunt thing, 2 generations or more of people, and most of the non-indigenous population.

    Who did this? Do gooding, sentimental, self satisfied liberal shitcunts.

  2. In Thailand, years ago, I had a bit of an itch around my growbag and decided to visit a doctor. The receptionist said, ‘She velly busy but see you in five minute” and I consequently waited. Eventually I was called in.

    She told me to remove my shirt; she then said to remove my trousers; she then said I have to take off my pants. There I stood, nude. She then said, “In this situation, it perfectly normal to have erection.”

    I replied, “I haven’t got an erection.”

    She said, “No, but I have.”

  3. All Blacks and Browns are racist. All Blacks and Browns hate nice white people.All Blacks and all Browns are therefore ALL racist cunts.
    Personally I have no problem with fluidity for these fuckers. Drowning the cunts is OK.

  4. “Straight,white,homophobic,violent,racist white man”….Well I have to admit that the Tranny’s summed me up perfectly.

    • I’m going to boycott ALL L’Oreal products and cancel my subscription to Vogue. I urge all other heterosexual men to do the same. They’ll think twice before hiring another tranny when they realise that they’ve lost the straight man pound.

  5. I don’t care how far you shove your cock and balls up your arse! You’re still a fucking bloke!!

  6. Thanks for this one – I was petrified this fucking abomination would escape nomination!

    The cunt has appeared repeatedly since trotting out the passive-aggressive line of ‘if you disagree, you’re racist’. Even being given an opinion piece in the Guardian – no surprise there.

    A reminder, if we needed one, of the seemingly incurable cancer of liberalism in our society.

    Ironic of course that liberals are more intolerant of other people/opinions than any other cunt.

    • The far left are even redefining liberal now as seen with the onion headed bell end Tiny Tim Farron. You can forget being a Christian and hold traditional views on marriage,abortion and the like without cunts like James O’Brian and Owen Jones to name two branding you intolerant. The Religion of Peace is obviously off limits and immune to criticism no matter how hypocritical or backwards.

  7. I saw this cunt being interviewed on Victoria Derbyshire.
    The bullshit that issued forth was outshone by an even bigger load of cunts getting in contact to support the drivel.
    Uncle Bob would love this sort of racist talk in Zimbabwe, why doesn’t he/she go and live there? Just wait and see what happens when he discovers that it’s got a dick. (As well as the one on the top of its neck).

    • From what I gather Uncle Bob ain’t that fond of tranny arse bandits either. Remember when Tatchell got a kicking off uncle Bobs security detail during the attempt to arrest Bob for being nasty to queers. Send the cunt to Zim good idea.

  8. Munroe Buggeredorf?! That’s a real name, isn’t it? Course it is! I bet this cunt was originally called Ernie Bloggs or something else dead boring… So she/he/it had to have a ridiculous and over the top new stage name that was as ludcrous as him/her/itself…

    And it looks lie something from the Book of Revelation… The abomination walks among us…

  9. The joke is that this disgusting freak is probably white anyway… It probably gets spray tanned and ‘browned up’ just so it can play the race and diversity cards…The fucking monster….

  10. And this covered in bovril abomination is attractive how exactly?…. It isn’t even convincing… Danny La Rue, Stanley Baxter, Foo Foo Lamar, and even Queen’s drummer on ‘I Want To Break Free’ all looked more convincing than that Munroe thing…

    • “covered in bovril abomination”!!! OMG Norm, just spat out my morning coffee laughing so hard. I’m choking here! Too funny. Thanks for brightening my day.

    • When I lived in Switzerland, there was a bloody good TV act from a circus (his real name was Joseph Giorgiono, I think – stage name Marie-Therese Porchet), looked like Julia Mackenzie, aged about 40, on a good day. Fucking filthy sense of humour, too.
      But on the downside, there was “Madame Pahud”, an old charlady type, some sad cunt who just liked dressing up in old bat’s clothes for kicks – a sort of Swiss Gizzard…

    • I see a school near me in Lewes east sussex have banned girls from wearing skirts to appease the transbenders.
      Young girls have tits and cunts for a reason. Nature put them there to attract men for the purposes of fornication and the continuation of the species. Any school biology book will tell you that !
      These fuckin right on Liberal cunts think they are being balanced and fair when all they are doing is indulging these freaks mental health problems. I hope right thinking parents ( if there are any ) boycott the fuckin school

  11. What an ugly fucker. Not only an ugly fucker but an anti white racist, sexist ugly fucker. How come this “thing” and other anti white racists can spout out bollocks and not get prosecuted? If I or any other white person came out with the same racist sexist crap old fuckin bill would be round the house like shit off a shovel,and we’d be up before some liberal cunt of a beak and sentenced to a stretch.

  12. Model for Vogue!!! Fuck me sideways. Model for Builders Gusset maybe. We are doomed , fucked and dammed ten times over.

    • Kenny Everett as Cupid Stunt was more convincing than this circus freak of a PC puppet…

      Token darkie, transbender, ‘victimised minority’, fake fanny, bearded lady… Talk about ticking boxes… Fuck me…

  13. Did you know, some men can actually give birth in these enlightened days? So long as they were born a woman (or female, if you want to be pedantic about it). But they’re not really men, are they? (Cue howls of PC protest!)

    I should know: a few weeks ago I declared myself a woman after The Rt. Hon. Justine Greening MP announced in Parliament that she’s now making it easy for people like me to change gender – all I needed to do was fill in an official form – input of Doctor or Psychologist no longer a requirement. Also said she’d make it possible for me to change my birth certificate to reflect the gender of my choice, fanfuckingtastic!

    But you know me, I was sceptical. Don’t get me wrong – some of my favourite porn stars are ladyboys, but when I applied to join the pudding club the good folks at the Fertility Council told me I couldn’t get knocked up cos I wasn’t a real woman…

    “You’ve been scammed, Mrs Baker,” said MumsNet when I whinged all over social media. “We are convinced you’re victim of hoax belief system and false consciousness.”

    Naturally I was devastated. I was hoping to get my State Pension right away instead of having to wait, unreasonably IMO, for another five years as a man.

    Anyway, the upshot is I lost my nerve and decided to bin the entire project and stick to wearing the wife’s clothes and applying her lipstick while she’s out earning ‘pin money’.

    Might be a better bet instead if I declared myself a different species – a parrot, for example. At least if I catch a painful terminal illness I can get the vet to kill me humanely without the hassle of going to Swaziland or wherever to exercise my human right to die in a dignified fashion at a time and place of my own choosing. 

    On the downside, it might leave me vulnerable to market forces in the local pet shop… So now confused and concerned as to way ahead.

    One way ahead could be the way the country’s going: won’t be long now before some cunt will declare it their right to be considered DEAD just because they BELIEVE themselves to be DEAD.

    They’ll then be able to apply for an official Death Certificate – no questions asked – and their distraught snowflake dependants will be able to cash in on their rip-off life insurance policies, premiums starting at only 13p a day if you’re interested.

    Surely, it’s just a matter of time, isn’t it?

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