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I personally think football is totally vacuous and total Bollocks. Blokes running about kicking a ball.
Well that’s the beginning and end of it as far as I can see.
Some twits with small head get so excited when there teem hits the ball into a net more times than the other twits in different shirts do, and in reality these twits can’t see that nothing whatsoever has changed around them, everything is still the bloody same as it was before.
I recon that if the media etc spent as much time ranting and raving about tiddlywinks as they do this kids playground pass-time game you’d see the same Burks behaving in just the same fashion as they do now with this vacuum of a dead end pursuit.
Its literally become a religion with its elders, saints, heroes and sacred places etc.
You’d complain if the Jehovah’s whiteness forced there way into your home and force fed you with their religion every time you watched the news and had to put up with them suddenly appearing as you change the channels. how’d you feel if you had to listen to muggs enthusing about their peaceful religion in the cafe, waiting for the bus,train or where ever.
Well I’m not falling for it and you should see through this utter contempt and insult to public intelligence hype too , Bloody wast of time and fucking irritating.
LOL. ?

Nominated by Blue Van Man

57 thoughts on “Football [4]

  1. Football is indeed a cunt; although I won’t lie, I would get behind the England team during tournaments. That all stopped though in 2010 after, in part, seeing through the hype that always failed to materialise; often spectacularly so. I am almost ashamed that I bought into the shit for so long prior to this.

    The modern game is more akin to a fucking investment banking trading floor than a sport. Cunt agents and cunt boards all throwing utterly obscene amounts of money at some tattooed wankstain, barely able to regurgitate his spoon-fed PR lines in front of the cameras. Look at the fucking ‘excitement’ on transfer deadline day – how is any of that fucking entertaining?

    More annoying than football itself is the modern image around the sport – this now hyper-polished, fucking Matrix-like puritanical and highly technical bollocks; ads like Ray ‘Oi Faacking Gahmboo Responsibli’ Winstone and all the various Sky Sports ads. It’s a sport now ran by money men for middle-class wankers.

    It’s all a lie. More often than not, ‘big games’ are fucking dreadful affairs; either one-sided or beyond dull. Fans are exploited to the fucking hilt. I think following a local team is legit; obsessing over football as the be all and end all however is beyond cuntdom.

    • Totally agree TECB….
      Englands national team have been a fucking joke virtually all of my life, like you I used to buy into all the tournament bollocks but first saw the light during Euro 96, magnificent England ??managed to make it all the way to the semis ( it was at home for fuck sake!!) before predictably losing to the kraut on pens, the nation mourned but not the players, 5/6 of the team where photographed a day later on holiday, champagne and cigars!!, listen Cunts!! You didn’t win it!!.
      Moving forward to 2010, capellos clowns got humiliated 4-1 !! You would think they would exit using the fire escape whilst wearing a fake nose and beard?? Not on you fucking nelly, they were photographed in the changing rooms drinking champagne and a few enjoying a cigar!!, usually drinking champagne and partaking in a cigar would be proceeded by a victorious display!! Not having been fucked up the arse with the whole planet watching!!
      Useless overpaid over hyped Cunts!!!

  2. Q. What’s the difference between football and motorcycle racing?

    A. Football only requires one ball…

  3. Football fans are the total cunts. Mindless wankers totally addicted to their cult and allowing the fat cunts running the show to screw them rigid. Football is not a sport cunts, it is big business that sucks the blood oit orf its slaves and charges extortionate cashola at the turnstiles for the privilege. Those doing the sucking (for their own profit and glory) generally have little connection with the area. Long gone are the days when local boy makes good and pours his own wealth into the area of his youth. Call me a lying cunt if you went to school with a dodgy sheik, a ruskie oligarch or some yank media tosser.
    Along with it all the fans blind themselves to the masonic business deals, the property scams and the general corruption that are part and parcel of the cunts M.O. Today we hear that dear old Motty is to retire. Well fuck him and get him in The Pool.
    I make little comment on what passes for a player these days other than they all are an international set orf overpaid under talented shite holes. The main problem seems to be that the Blighty bunch have less brain and less playing ability than the rest orf the world despite being orn mega wages. And we still go on losing penalty shootoits!

    Football and its fans are just a major embarrassment. At least in my day there was some talent aboit and every chance orf seeing some baggy shorted cunt getting knocked oit by a leather football. Indeed players could get as punchy as fighters. Actually earned their ten bob a week.

  4. I used to follow the football, but not so much now. Top-class football just seems to be a contest between teams of overpaid mercenaries. Celebrity fans were the final straw for me,every two-bit politician,comedian or actor had to continually bang on about “their” team…load of bollocks,most of them would have shit themselves if they’d gone before the days of the Corporate boxes.
    Personally I couldn’t give a fuck which team of overpaid prima donnas wins the premiership,and I care even less about those serial failures,the England team.
    I shall continue my campaign to have cheese-rolling made into England’s national sport,At least people get seriously hurt indulging in this sport,which always makes me chuckle.

    • Seeing footage of the cheese rolling/broken limb extravaganza makes me wish for a more urban alternative: peaceful rolling. Force several of the Birmingham-based sons of the prophet into a slightly too small section of tube and roll them down the steepest Malvern hill to be found with them coming to rest in an enormous trough of pig offal. I’d buy that for a dollar…

  5. Toss into the mix the absolute top notch cuntitude shown by bbc and itv presenters when ingerlaaaaand are on the box. The verbal self congratulatory back slapping when the shites in white equalise against a third world country . Absolutely sickening.

  6. Football is the food of fools peddled by tax dodging cunts who already have more money than they could ever spend. The establishment loves it becuase it keeps the mindless drones and masses amused. Bread and Circuses comes to mind.

    Negroes, wops, spiks and dinks all earning obscene money to keep fat burger munching football morons happy.

    The whole thing makes me sick to the fucking core of my being.

  7. I support Arsenal.

    Arsenal are cunts.
    Wengers a cunt.
    Gazidis is a cunt.
    Kronke is a cunt.
    The players are cunts.

    Conclusion. I’m a cunt.

    • Arsenal are fucked, Wenger should have fucked off ages ago.
      The cunt will stay there now until he wins something and then he’ll fuck off, might be a while.

  8. I loathe football and the cunts it attracts . I have been accused of being a poof coz I hate the game. The players are all small minded cunts that can only string a sentence that’s usually At the end of the day we should have won. Gary Lineker and his ilk sit in a spectators box pontificating over a boring game of fucking footie . Fucking ball brains the lot of them. I remember kids at school that were into it, they never had anything to talk about other than football, no point of view in any given subject other than cunting football.

  9. Fallen out of love with the ‘beautiful game’ in recent years. Gone are the characters replaced by mangina cunts like Ronaldo, granny grabbers Rooney and very average cunts iv never heard of worth more than a GDP of a malaria infested African shithole. And Motty is calling time..cunt.

  10. The beautiful game has gone mad, crazy transfer fees (I’m sure there cleaning up dirty money, especially the Spanish), mercenary cunts who will change club each season to make sure they’re in the Champions League, wimpy cunts who roll around like their leg is broken if a player slightly touches them and Managers not given a fair shot at managing a bunch of self obsessed cunts.
    Still love the game though and LFC of course.

      • To see Coutinho in a dressing room with Tommy Smith, Graeme Souness, Phil Thompson, and Terry McDermot would be hilarious…

  11. It would help if we weren’t so shit at International level, surely there is no other team that has underachieved as much as England.
    Even Portugal has won something, time they cleared out the old cunts in the F.A and why is Prince William the head of the F.A? If you kicked a ball to that cunt he would totally miss the ball when trying to pass it back to you.

  12. Watched that bunch of overpaid crayon eaters on Monday. If they can’t even get a convincing win against Slovakia, they’ve got fuck all chance against the better teams. The most annoying thing is that you can guarantee that in the run up to next years World Cup, at least one of those window lickers will be all over the press with “we can win the World Cup this time”. Of course you can dipshit, and I can kick the shit out of Jackie Chan and Jean Claude Van Damme. At the same time.

  13. Just a collection of cunts who,s only talent in life is being able to kick a ball around a field,aformentioned cunts get paid thousands a week for doing this and still don’t have the brains to be grateful or even behave when they are out for the evening……. you have to subscribe to your TV supplier and pay a fortune to watch said cunts………so who are the cunts really football fans, if your not paying through the nose to watch this wank your starting riots whenever your preferred team of wankers play anywhere other that the suit hole town you support…….. football played by cunts for cunts to pay to watch to line the pockets of other cunts…….smell the coffee football fans

    • Cunts entertaining cunts, nice one fugly. I just wish I could be so easily pleased.
      Unfortunately it takes much more than a bloke and a ball to hold my attention.

  14. Moto GP is the way, the only cunt in that is kal crutchlow… insufferable cunt who would throw his own mother under a bus to get a win…… should have been a footballer he would fit right in

  15. i blame Sky. i haven’t actually got sky but i sometimes buy a weekly Now tv sports pass to watch the golf. fuckin hell, it’s relentless, endless fuckin plugging of the upcoming weekend matches even its just Middlesborough V Stoke or some such irrelevant shit. the way they talk about it! you’d think it was actually important ! but as long as the muppetts keep paying they’ll keep putting the prices up. the fuckin obscene money even the merely average player now pockets is all down to Sky.

  16. Apparently Wayne Rooney returned to Goodison Park stating he has unfinished business at Everton.

    Her name is Ethel and she’s 84…

  17. All American professional sports are a cunt. It’s a waste of every Sunday afternoon and blah cunt blah. Now they are trying to push soccer, it’s called that because the cunts already had a sport called football which is the King cunt of pro sports.

  18. Holger Czukay of Can is dead don’t think anyone had him? future days was a pretty good album, tago mago had its moments too

  19. I get that football is not your thing, BVM and I have to admit, it has few saving graces these days. Money has totally ruined it along with the win at any cost mentality, including blatant cheating.

    I do respect the sacrifices the top players make to get to and stay in peak physical condition. That’s work in anyone’s book. I also respect the skill and technique some of these players have. While a football follower of sorts, I have become disillusioned with it all as the years have passed. I used to have a season ticket at White Hart Lane in the late 90s/early 00s. When I left the UK in 2001 and gave up my season ticket and wasn’t devastated if I’m honest. Since I’ve lived in the US, Spurs have bumbled along in relative uninspiring fashion until recently when they suddenly started to be quite good. You’d think the following would have turned me back into a rabid Spurs fan:
    – successive seasons of Champions League qualification;
    – top goal scorer 2 seasons running;
    – some good prospects coming through for the first team;
    – new stadium on the horizon;

    Actually it hasn’t. Despite relative recent success, I’m still very “meh” with it all. I know why though. Spurs is run to make money for the Chaircunt Daniel Levy and his owner boss, billionaire Joe Lewis. The much lauded current manager, Mauricio Pochettino, is a fucking yes man whose tongue is so far up Levy’s arse he can taste his tonsils. Spurs fans hate red. So what does Levy do? Sell the shirt sponsorship to AIA whose massive and gaudy logo is splashed in massive letters across the clean white shirt in what colour? Yep, fucking red! I could go on, but there are so many things wrong with and at Spurs that I can barely be bothered with it anymore.

    Maybe I’ll feel differently after Levy, Joe Lewis, the holding company ENIC and Pochettino have all fucked off. Somehow I doubt it.

  20. I love Soccer football, American football, Rugby League Football and Australian Rules football, but it’s fair to say that out of the players, coaches, administrators and media there are a cuntingly large number of cunts.

    • And since it depresses me when my team loses, even though I have no real connection with anyone at the club, and even though I am perfectly aware spectator sports are vicarious pastimes with no direct effect on my life, I must be an utter cunt.

      • I won’t even acknowledge american footy until they call it by its fucking rightful name…. handegg Thats what it bloody is a fucking Egg! It should be the NEL The National Eggball League not the NFL. Americunts had to steal a already established sports name the fucking lazy pricks

  21. Hetty Douglas is a fucking cunt and everything I utterly despise about society.The 25 year old “artist” who laims that her artwork “simultaneously conveys, subverts and celebrates the complexities of trust, sexual boundaries, and the labyrinth of unspoken intimacies of masculine/feminine truths.”(Looked up her art it is shite but you already knew that) posted a picture of 3 construction workers in McDonalds without permission with the caption “These guys look like the got 1 GCSE”.The spoilt snobby little cunt had previously posted a picture of herself with a jobseekers booklet in an expensive hoodie.So this know it all rich girl is taking state money from hard worker taxpayers like the 3 gents she mocked.I have recently started a job that is seen as stereotyped as for people who are dumb or unintelligent but those cunts saying that would I guarantee you not last 5 minutes doing the job and doing it myself I am in awe of those who have done it for decades.Very easy to mock a job when Daddy has a nice house and the state will still give you money whilst you draw shitty paintings most 10-year-olds could do in art class.Apparently, she has found a job in a high-end clothing shop hope they sack her but high-end clothing shops in London I reckon are full of elitist liberal Guardianista cunts like her.Hope they sack her but Hetty Douglas is an egotistical stuck up typical Metropolitan middle-class spoilt cunt who I hope jumps off a cliff.CUNT CUNT CUNT!!!!!

    • Hetty is a …wetty name. F equivalent of Josh, I reckon.

      I am confused, is ginger-Harry screwing Merkel, or Miss Marple. ??

    • Saw one of her ‘paintings’, it looks like something that was hanging on the wall of a special needs nursery class wall. As for being a smart arse, every fucker knows that art college is where cunts go when their friends go to uni, but they were too thick to do an academic course.

  22. I nominate that witch faced slut cunt Nicola sturgeon for another cunting. This poisonous self righteous bitch was constantly driving a move away from Britain until the jocks told her to shove it up her fat arse. Now the smarmy cunt is trying to claim she’s gonna get rid of petrol run cars by 2032, 8 years before the rest of Europe I believe.
    1. Electric cars and cunts and should be abolished
    2. How the fuck is she cunt gonna somehow pull it off anyway when she can’t even convince her country to leave the shambles that’s the uk.
    Good luck to the cunt she’ll fucking need all of the luck she can get

    • Once she bankrupts Scotland, no fucker there will be able to afford petrol, let alone a car to put it in.

      • Will be nice to see her demise when she’s whining like the little bitch she is because she can’t get her own way

  23. I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in football. Overpaid, over hyped, and all over the world.
    It’s surrogate tribal warfare.
    Can’t wait for Rollerball. At least some of the fuckers get killed playing that…

  24. I support a club and will do my best to watch them, but when England play I’d rather watch Hetty Wainthrop Investigates.

  25. At last a negative response to the horrible game I am surprised you were allowed to post it! Lovey comment that has made my day, hate the rubbish

    • To be honest Kevin when I was running the site there were so many football cuntings that I used to fail to notice them and they didn’t get published. Oh dear…

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