Mike Ashley (2)

Mike Ashley is a fat cockney tight fisted cunt. This bloke who is somehow a multi billionaire came out a few years ago claiming he wanted to win something with Newcastle. I would usually have not blamed him for any problems that occurred after he started spending money on the club. But now the fat cunt has decided because we haven’t won anything yet he doesn’t want to spend anymore money on Newcastle. He reckons he can’t afford to giving anymore money yet Jabba the cunt has recently bought 200 million worth of property! And I wonder where it came from since he hasn’t got that money to spent? Fuck off back to your hole and sell Newcastle while your at it you lying humongous sub human tub of lard cunt!

Nominated by Lord cuntington.

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  1. He looks constipated.. or maybe hes just fat. Come to think of it lot of fat people are always constipated because they are fat fucking cunts who are always snacking or shovelling shit into their mouth

  2. Belongs on a travellers commune the fat greasy skid mark. Put him on a raft with Fillup Green and Branston. Bit more pollution for the oceans won’t hurt.

  3. Nice Cunting of a piece of shit that sticks to the soles of the feet wherever you go.

    His products are shite, his prices extortionate, and the mark up obscene. He abuses the value of all employees, and operates in the manner of that equally odious Van Hoogstratten.

    Yet Lardy gut is lauded as a success. He is praised in the circles of the ruling class and is courted for his donations by those who would aspire to high political office.

    He has fucked over a once good team, and is about as committed to Newcastle as any Sunderland supporter could be. ( that’s fuck all ! )

    I despise everything about this useless fat git, who in my opinion has been catapulted to the top by his willingness to exploit the weak, mug the public, fuck over the tax man etc.

    He is, a monumental CUNT!

  4. Agree with most of what’s been said apart from the prices he charges, they are in fact very reasonable but you have to wonder how he is able to do it. What conditions are the workers of his suppliers having to endure? If people didnt like what he was doing they wouldn’t visit his shops would they.

    • Played by cunts, owned by cunts, administered by bent cunts and watched by gullible cunts. A proper cunts game.

  5. People are asking the wrong questions about this bulbous tub of cunt dribble. What should be asked is – how many of your employees are on benefits and what is the exact amount of benefits in total does HMG pay your workforce ? We would soon look at shit stains like this in a very different light when it comes to light that he probably pays 1 million in tax, takes 10 million in profit and HRMC pays 9 million to facilitate this cunts workhouse. Personally I’d have him shot from a canon to join the rest of the near earth objects somewhere near Jupiter. Utter cunt.

  6. I don’t know how to do that you-tube address thing,but Cunters should listen to The Macc Lads song “Fat Bastard” for an Ashley theme tune. Their tune “Now He;s a Poof” is canny too…..Although I should make it clear that I don’t think that Ashley is a poof. I do think that he’s a Fat Bastard.

  7. A cunting for the BBC, again. On radio and tv ahead of a Panorama special about a detention centre in London we were given the impression that G4S were employing psychopathic SS guards to brutalise the poor detainees – poor failed asylum seekers natch. Oh, and also some very violent, dangerous criminals awaiting deportation. So I watched it. I saw some overworked probably underpaid officers dealing with these fuckers with cynicism, black humour, piss-taking and sometimes restraint. None of which was brutal. The cunt who filmed this and went to the BBC should get a fucking life and perhaps a job at a unisex hairdressers.
    It is obvious that the Home Office and G4S couldn’t run a fuck up in a brothel but to puff this shit up as a shame on British society was fucking irresponsible and highly selective. BBC Cunts.

    • The Brussels Bullshit Corp are way too far beyond a cunting now. They are irredeemable and can only be either pitied or ignored. Nothing they say is impartial, absolutely nothing. I don’t give 2 fucks about there impartiality claims or the argument ‘other establishments are far more biased’ which is true… from their perspective… that anyone to the right of Eddy ‘Pink Hat/Brown Hat’ Izzard is a trying to emulate Hitler. I don’t care what any other news establishment does because I’m not fucking funding them and I’d rather not be funding you. It’s that simple.

    • I gave the program ten minutes …. the snowflake that set it up had to be planted in there from before he applied for the job. I knew this was going to be ‘an assassination’ of blokes in a job only doing their best with the Cunts they have to deal with.
      I turned over to something else …. Mrs BMP felt ‘there was too much violence’ …. I didn’t think there was enough.

    • I wonder what shit the staff have to put up with, I bet there is plenty of that. And if someone went to the BBC with hidden footage of these cunts acting up, the Beeb would tell them to fuck off with their racist propaganda. Fuck the BBC.

    • Frankly, couldn’t be bothered to watch it.

      My guts told me that it would be an enormous heap of Al-Jeera / BBC cuntitude.

      Spent an hour or so watching Hitler Farting parodies on youtube instead.

  8. There’s worse than Ashley. Bankers,pension providers and various other “Establishment” figures have robbed and exploited far more people than Ashley. Most of them are given a knighthood and are allowed to walk away with their ill-gotten gains and reputations intact.
    As for the football. Newcastle United were effectively bankrupt when Ashley took over. He has forced them to live within their means,and when the shit hits the fan, I suspect Newcastle United to be in a far healthier financial position than a lot of football clubs.

  9. Northumbria Police need a Cunting.
    I’ve just read that they have published CCTV pictures in a bid to catch a motorist. Apparently the man was driving through Newburn when a group of children who had been egging cars chucked some at him as he drove along. He stopped,threatened them with an axe,and kneed a 14 year old in the face. The child suffered “minor injuries.” Now you’d imagine that Plod would be doing the little bastards for criminal damage,never mind the potential for accidents caused by throwing missiles at moving cars,but no,they’re more interested in catching the motorist who was doing what any right-minded person should do….Standing up to these feral yobs.
    The police do themselves no favours with action like this. It just confirms many people’s suspicion that the authorities no longer care about the very people whom they are meant to serve, but are more interested in protecting scum and giving themselves an easy life.

    • Dick, wielding an axe for egging your car does seem a tad extreme. A kick up the arse by all means but axe murder is off the scale. Except for cyclists.

      • I think that he was remarkably restrained. I’d have liked to see him wading in swinging a Norse battle ax capable of cleaving Chav heads off Chav shoulders.

      • When I was young there was this 12 year old cunt in our street who’s parents gave him a knife for his birthday. He used it to go around slashing tyres until the last one he did exploded and a huge piece of rubber got lodged in the back of his throat and the cunt died. His fucking parents came on tv saying he didn’t deserve it. Yes he fucking did. It
        The story still makes me smile 40 years later.

      • BK, I like your idea of how to save money in the justice system very much.

        If we brought back the death penalty, could wire the chair up to one of this wiggly hook & wire set-ups…

        They’d die anyway, as 1.5kV would arc…

      • I’ve often wondered Mike (reaching for the tin foil hat now). It’s the perfect setup isn’t it. Crime Pays.. but who exactly? Plod do a good job on the whole, but it’s what happens after this that gives me pause for thought. There’s a whole mess of people who get paid very handsomely because some little toe rag smackheads got caught pinching a few hundred quids worth of tat… to make him serve a full sentence means these parasites will only earn half there commission over the fuckers lifetime. You’d be an idiot NOT to let him out early. And fuck me while we are at it the stats show that crime is down, fuck me let’s import some villains. Quids in. I have a solution in mind (semi sensible too). Instead of giving these cunts time off for good behaviour, give the fuckers time off for a 100% admission of guilt and signing a form that says straight to jail, no bail, no court, no solicitors, no legal aid. They can choose the justice system, but no time off. Found guilty = full sentence served. Would save fucking billions.

      • Similar thing happened to me in a works vehicle just got back from working a long day on the isle of Wight driving in portsea a particularly shitty area of Portsmouth when splat splat eggs on windscreen and passenger window. Chased the cunts round the estate for ten minutes and nearly run one over had he not jumped out of the way. Looking back I overeacted but at the time they fucked me right off and some discipline or a good smack round the head is needed cos they sure as shit ain’t getting that at home or school

  10. I’d like to deliver a cunting upon the businesses decrying the proposal to reduce imported immigrant labour/give preference to British workers for available jobs.

    One of the most common reports and articles I see, which are pro-remain, immediately cite farmers complaining that they will not be able to cope once their steady stream of Bulgarian fruit-pickers is stopped.

    Shut up you fucking cunts.

    If anyone, and I mean anyone complains that they cannot afford to pay people a minimum working wage, either through additional costs of training or associated, then they are CUNTS of biblical proportions. Similarly, anyone who denies the serious ruination of society as a result of wage suppression is also a bona-fide shit-encrusted CUNT.

    How can the fucking remainiacs explain the sense in paying unemployed Brits benefits while allowing cheap bastards like Erdogan and Vilius to work for fucking peanuts picking cabbages? If the farmers are that insistent on problems, then divert part of the money saved from the welfare state towards grants for fucking farmers – basically the same level of subsidy we provided the entire EUs farmers, including our own.

    Nobody’s fucking fault if a company or business, based in BRITAIN, cannot afford to pay BRITISH people appropriate wages. Save me the fucking sob-stories. It’s always about fucking greed, at the end of the day. For once, the government is on the right fucking track with this proposal and fuck anyone who opposes it.

    • Spot on, TECB.

      Mean cunts who just pay the lowest possible wages. And if that means bussing them in from Crapolatia or wherever, no probs.

      Health & Safety regs translated into thousands of bloody languages? Why bother ? At a quid an hour, they’re cheap-as-chips, if there’s a nasty accident, just chuck them in the eco-furnace, send the ashes home 2nd class, and bring in more cheap labour.

      Saw some mean cunt on news this pm, fatcat gobshite from British Hospitality Association, bewailing fact that he won’t be able to get any staff (or dirt-cheap skivvies) after Brexit.
      This is the BIG problem. Stupid feckin cunts should STOP relying on eu for cheap labour (after all, Flabbott, black, so very obv NOT a way-cist, said nice blonde Finns no good for NHS, as cannot gibber in wog, or “empathise” with said mediaeval cunts), and should start TRAINING GB staff here, in GB. Not rocket science…is it ??
      My granny (b. 1899, Granny DIDN’T know Wayne Rooney !!), used to fruit-pick for Wilkin’s in Tiptree ( a break from her home in Walthamstow). Also, what about all the itinerant British hop-pickers ?

      I wonder if the fat gobshite was proud to be a hotelier (or was he just in it for the spondulicks??) – if so, he could go out and tell schoolkids what a wonderful life it is…
      Take some Fawlty Towers vids along.

  11. Fuck me, I do hope that Hurricane Irma gets Branson. Apparently the twat’s still sat on his island, hopefully he thinks that he’s actually King Canute (as opposed to King Cunt0 and can turn back the waters.

    • You can almost picture the Cunt as a James Bond villain,making his getaway in a fucking escape pod as everyone else gets flushed down the shitter.

      • I can’t wait for him to take his “giant step for mankind” out of a space station airlock, minus pressure suit of course…

  12. We are getting closer to 1984 thanks to Amber Rudd and Theresa May https://www.rt.com/uk/402034-nazi-terrorism-arrest-planning/ Terrorist” is now defined as “any heterosexual white male who refuses to apologize for having been born.” National Action has never done anything violent. They have never been accused of doing anything violent. They were banned by the government because their political program was politically incorrect same government who refused to ban muslim brotherhood and other batshit crazy islamic gang affiliates.

    “Amber Rudd decided back in December 2016 following an assessment that the group is “concerned with terrorism.” Yes you stupid braindead cunt now we are on to something! they are concerned with the terrorism of “peacefuls” and it constantly being allowed to happen, Rudd is such a fucking lying shitfaced bitch

    • The Two Ambers – Turd and Dud.
      If you’re invited to any parties, make sure they are NOT turning up.
      Laugh ? You wouldn’t start !!

      Penny Mordaunt looks a right party girl, though !!

      Jacob R-M has been a little bit of a cunt, though.
      Victims of rape, in his opinion, should NOT be allowed abortions…
      So if rapeugees get really busy, guess who’s obliged to scoop up the mess.
      NOT on, Jacob., not on. Go back to your cuntstituency, and THINK it through cogently.

  13. He’s connected to football and sports, an absolute breeding ground for cunts and tit swingers.

    Him, his football team and all his crap can go suck a barrel of cunt.

  14. This cunt is rumoured to be worth about £2.1bn. That’s an awful lot of trainers. Say he makes £5 on every transaction that’s 420 million sales. Over 30 years that’s 14 million sales per year. He must be making that personally on every fucking thing sold in his shops. After paying rent, overheads, rates etc. that leaves little money for the poor sods that work there.

    JJB Sports was a decent old established company. When it went into administration this fat bastard took over most of the shops and turned it into one of his dark minging hell holes. Didn’t he try to rename St. James’s Park to the Sports Direct Stadium? Cockney bastaad.

  15. He is a bit of a fat cunt, but I actually quite like Sports Direct. And I couldn’t give a fuck about the shit working conditions the EU immigrant cunts moan about. If they don’t like it they should fuck off back to whatever cuntry they came from.

  16. The Two Ambers – Turd and Dud.
    If you’re invited to any parties, make sure they are NOT turning up.
    Laugh ? You wouldn’t start !!

    Penny Mordaunt looks a right party girl, though !!

    Jacob R-M has been a little bit of a cunt, though.
    Victims of rape, in his opinion, should NOT be allowed abortions…
    So if rapeugees get really busy, guess who’s obliged to scoop up the mess.
    NOT on, Jacob., not on. Go back to your cuntstituency, and THINK it through cogently.

  17. Thanks to this fat cunt there are armies of chavs dressed head to toe in Lonsdale.

    Benefits Street owe him a fucking fortune, the cunt.

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