Cunt of the Year [2] The results!

After much debate I am pleased to announce or is a cunt cunt of the year 2016.Judging by the comments I reckon it is Tim Farron.However Blair and Gina Miller were very close seconds.

So let us have a summary to this momentous year that was in which cuntitude become a competitive sport indeed:

The year began with a flurry of celebrity deaths which by February had reached full virtue signalling griefjacking proprtions.We then of course had the cunt fest that was the EU referendum campaign were the Remain and Leave campaign both were labelled cunts by milions across the land.The really substantial cuntitude came in the form of the reaction post referendum from those loyal servants of the people who showed what democracy hating cunts they really are.We had Farron Miller David Lammy Tony Bliar Ken Clarke Michael Heseltine Anna Soubry the late Tam Dalyell Paul Flynn and that fucking useless non-entity Owen Smith telling 52% of the population they were dumb ignorant racists who would have made Hitler proud.

Of course not to be outdone by us English the Jocks had to send in an army full of whinging cunts to claim us English were stupid and racist.From Wee Jimmy Crankie to Alex Salmond or Taggart as I call him to Angus Robertson Pete Wishart and dozens of other of the Scottish cunts went into full whinging mode all in the midst of a pointless second referendum calls in both the UK and US.

And not to outdone by us Brits the Americans had their own election which comprised of more cunts than a pornhub gang bang.And then when Trump was elected after crooked Hillary failed to endear his sociopathic personality and shaky health to the nation the liberal Hollywood retards showed their true colours.From de Niro threatening to punch Trump in the face Cher`s whinging and Rosie O`Donnell and the views incessant whinging the yanks Trumped the Brits on hissy fits.That isn`t to say we didn`t have our fair share of whinging cunts.From Damon Allman to Lily Allen and Charlotte Church Bono Eddie Izzard Bob Geldof James Corden and Saint Gary fucking Linekar and J.K Rowling to Richard “I don`t believe it”Wilson it seemed everyone in celeb land was suddenly a professor in Politics.

I would also like to give a shoutout to Dioclese who stepped down from admin duties at the very end of last year.He has served this site with disnction is indeed not a cunt as far as I can see.Without Dioclese many Cunts would have gone un cunted over the years and what a terrible loss that would be.

Anyway this was a hard contest with so many worthy recipients of this award.I miss last year when It was Corbyn Abbott and Blair fighting it out.I will leave with some of Farron`s nomination reasons for this prestigious award.I duly invite Mr Farron to do the SLS shit bucket challenge in a ceremony where he is crowned king cunt from all of us here at is a cunt.But of course after he arrives and does his challenge we will have to make the members vote again to make sure they really knew what they where voting for.

“Blair is for me, cunt of the century. Little Timmy bulbhead Farron is still my pick. He is the yardstick with which future cunts will be measured by. Such as, ten Linekers equal a Farron, there are four Farrons to an Abbot, and there are at least fifty Abbots to a Blair. You can get change for a Kinnock, two Izzards and a Lilymong, from a Hilary. Also, there are five Nadyas to the Sue Perkins. I did start wondering what a Corden was worth, then I realised it was fuck all, like a fake pound coin……”

“Tim Farron, and his stupid little face on his empty bulbous head.”

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

“My first thought was Cameron or Osborne for Project Fear. Then Sturgeon for her ridiculous Brexit posturing. Then there’s Corbyn for getting a vote of no confidence, standing for re-election and being elected by different people, then expecting the PLP to do what he tells them. Ffs!

But the crown has to go to Farron who believes that there’s a vote winning strategy in defying the will of the electorate that should finish off the Lib Dems forever!”

Nominated by Dioclese

“Hang on for a nano second.. FARRON. I mean, what is the fucking point!”

Nominated by kendo Nag

“2016 Cunts of the year…
Political cunt…. farron”

Nominated by Quislings

“Farron has to take the crown of cuntitude for now.”

Nominated by Deploy The Sausage.

43 thoughts on “Cunt of the Year [2] The results!

  1. Well, there you have it, no its not a nightmare, ladies and gentlemen, Tim Farron is the cunters choice.
    Lily Allen has done so much to become COTY, and it would have been lovely to have a female COTY, but the thick as pigshite voters , voted for this clown and unless we get a virtual march going, it looks like he’s here to stay.
    Sad day in the world of cuntilics, and a sad day for us all.


    • Yeah, of course it was hugely sexist/misogynistic not to award it to Lily Allen or Gina Miller, just proves the old adage about the white male patriarchy….(yawns).

      Perhaps next year we should impose a 50% quota of female COTY nominations? After all, there’s nothing like postitive discrimination to fill you with confidence that the right people have been chosen…

      • Farron is white too! Racist cunts!

        Including me, however, I have had a word with wickle Timmy and he’s agreed to do the awards ceremony in blackface – along with the de-rigeur white lipstick and straw boater.

        Good on yah Timmy! Now if you can just do a verse of “Mammy!” as you walk on – just to keep the BLM cunts happy you see – then you’re golden me auld China!

  2. Tim Farron will lap this up, coz he sure as hell ain’t winning anything else.
    I wonder how many cunts in the non real world were waiting for the outcome.

    Nobo,Lilly,Gary,Cordon, Miller, Blair, Clinton, Obama, Cumbertwat,Mad-donna, Beckham,Cox etc, you all played the game perfectly, and yer cuntishness didn’t go unnoticed and truthfully, yous are all winners.

  3. I would never go against the will of the people…..however…you lot are ignorant,racist,ill-informed bigots,who have stolen the young people’s future, I feel I must start a vigorous twitter and facebook campaign,culminating in a screaming hissy fit until my morally superior wish for a revote is granted.

    I excuse your ignorance,and won’t rest until my superior understanding saves you all from making a terrible mistake.


  4. Ha Ha Timbo. In your Dad’s face. He thought he’d whipped it out in time 9 months before (actually it could have been 6). He was devo’d when he saw ya and said you’d never acheive fuck all. Get wrecked Pa!

  5. Well I guess pickled onion head won it but hold on.
    Now it has to be debated and voted through by the admins so that they can really understand the content of the cunting and decide if it really counts.
    Then it’ll need to come back to be voted on again by the electorate because apparrently we didn’t actually vote him a cunt.
    We actually voted him to be half a cunt and half not a cunt and even though it was never on the ballot paper or mentioned by anyone ever during the run up, that is obviously what everyone voted for.
    Not that any of that matters coz it was only advisory anyway.

  6. Unlike mssrs farron, clegg, Branson, Blair , CLARKE and super Cunt miller I accept the result of cunt 2016 and want to thank the moderators for all their hard work, I think titanic cunt Farron will indeed prove to be a worthy champion of the minority of voters who oppose a free standing democratic Uk..
    keep the faith fellow cunters..
    2017 will be full of surprises..
    let’s move forward and find new objects of ridicule…. 👍👍

  7. Yay, my cunt won! There were many cunts who could quite rightly earn this accolade, but Farron is a sneering, anti democratic, pointless little cunt, not bad considering his shit political party has democrat in its name! Congrats to my fellow Farron pickers for putting this cunt on the podium.

  8. Kylie Minogue has been shat on again. HAHAHAHAHAHA HA.

    When will the media realize that she’s a wee robot whore, who only does what her paymasters tell her.
    She’s the one that always ends up single, so, catch the net, and get on board with the fact that guys can only put up with the cunt for a short period of time.

    I know she’s a cunt, but she must be a supa dupa cunt if a sexy wee thing like that, cant hold on to a bloke.

    • What was she expecting though really? This fella was young enough to be her child. Age gaps like that don’t lend themselves to long relationships.

    • I like a woman with no long term relationship goals, Kylie can have me for a night, specially if Danni comes with her.

    • Kylie Minogue has been shat on again… I remember that strangle wanking cunt, Hutchence, doing that to her years ago..He probably really did shit on her too… He was a kinky cunt…

      Dannii was always the fitter one… Much nicer tits…

      • INXS were excellent IMHO.
        Michael Hutchense was one of “rocks” better front men, and ticked all the boxes of what you want in a rock star.
        All that money, fame and poontang and he ended up with Paula Yates.

        And why not ?

  9. Phil shiner a remainer??
    Jewish human rights lawyer??
    Bear shit woods….
    Cunt should go to prison….
    he FUCKIIN won’t!! 😡😡😡😡

  10. Well, I hope you are all very pleased with yourselves, you have voted little face COTY. But what does COTY mean? Does COTY mean COTY? What kind of COTY is it going to be? Hard, soft, red white and blue? You have voted for COTY without any idea of what it means or what you were voting for. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, think of the children for Gods sake, THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

  11. Stolen millions representing fictitious cases against British soldiers!! Nasty bastard., shyster lawyer….

  12. I wonder if I should notify the Lib Dense press office that Tim has won a man of the year award 🙂 I will just forget to mention what award he won 🙂

    • I’m sure he already knows and is celebrating his win profusely. He even called ISAC head office he asked if there was a trophy.

      Alas there wasn’t and so he’s had his very own Golden Vulva Award made up all for himself!


      Speaking in a recent awards ceremony (wearing blackface, white lipstick and a straw boater) Mr Farron said: “Oh, I mean, my God, oh! It’s such a surprise and…well…gosh, such an honour for a non-entity like myself. All I say is this: to my loyal fans who thought I was the biggest cunt if 2016, let’s do a Tom Hanks and see if I can pick up the Golden Vulva Award for 2017 too! I’m so happy…”

      Before exiting Warren Street tube station to greet his fans personally.

      • I used to send the winner a bar of CoTy soap and a photoshopped certificate but I never got a thank you for it – although I did get an email from Gordon Brown’s office calling me a cunt.


      • It wouldnt surprise me if Gordon sent the email himself.A mutual friend of mine worked for him and the rumours of his ferocious temper tantrums were if anything understated according to her.He apparently once shouted her in a lift demanding that she got a story about him in the Sun pulled even though she was only an advisor.

  13. Message from Tim Farron’s Press Office…

    I would like to say a few words on behalf Tim Farron. Although Tim recognises the result he is concerned that although he was nominated several times, a lot of the voters (although they voted for him) didn’t actually get to vote on where the final destination would be. Now that’s not fair on the voter who clearly didn’t really understand, now Tim has told me although he knows he’s a cunt he himself and the Lib Dems can be the party for the poor voters on Is a cunt who feel they were lied to and then not listened to.

    • Cigarette smugglers 0
      Birdman 1

      Went down earlier this evening and there they where.
      I strolled right past them, eyeballing the cunts the whole way, and nothing.
      Went into the hash house and the dealer told me that he’d heard all about the shite they gave me and sorted the cunts.
      Turns out the smugglers don’t live in that part of town, and as I’ve been known there for years, I’m more welcome.
      The one that was the gobiest to me, took a slap and they were told that i was to be left alone.

      Not a bad day, when a dealer backs ye up.

      When I left, i passed them again, and this time i repeated adiós, over and over in a Dame Edna kinda voice.
      Funny as fuck.

      • Nice one Birdman, they sound like cunts. Type of cunts who think there hard when there’s loads of them but are pussies when they’re on their own. Fucking cunts.

  14. Hang on there’s a steward’s enquiry out on the COTY result!

    This just in from the Fox News desk.


    “And on Tucker Carlson Tonight – the *only* non-libtard news show in the world currently – we’re pleased to have that limey fat cunt James Corden on our show after these announcements…”

    “Hi James. Great to have you on the show.”

    “Hi Tucker, thanks for having me.”

    “So James why aren’t you in some libtard march right now on Regents Street in London or moaning about anything Trump does or says, or – in a lot of cases doesn’t say – in New York?”

    “Well Tucker I am actually in London, and I am here because I truly thought I’d been nominated for the ISAC Award of 2016.”

    “And to explain – to those unfamiliar with ISAC – that’s the ‘Is A Cunt’ Award right?”

    “Yeah that’s it. I mean for most of the year I have been laying the groundwork for being the biggest cunt of the year both here in the UK with my League of Their Own dross and over there in the states with my totally unfunny Late Show but – the clincher I thought – Carpool Karaoke. I mean how much more of a cunt can I be!?! I have no redeeming features, I’m unfunny and I make mates in order to further my own career. Well if that’s not the embodiment of being a cunt then I don’t know what is.”

    “Well James you’re certainly leaning against an open door as far as Fox is concerned. So who actually won it this year?”

    “Tim Farron.”


    “Exactly! He’s the leader of a political party in the UK right now but no one knows who he is! He even had to wear blackface, white lipstick and a straw boater just to receive the award!”

    “Hmmm, well we had a President do that same thing 8yrs ago James so I guess this guy must be a cunt as well?”

    “Oh yeah deffo is…just not as much of a cunt as I am Tucker!”

    “Ok well thanks for your time James, appreciated. Next on Tucker Carlson Tonight: did Hillary get her pissflap augmentation operation done free of charge courtesy of ObamaCare? After these messages…”

  15. Thanks for the honourable mention. It’s much appreciated and my thanks go to Shaun for stepping up to what is not a easy job. I’m sure you’ll all agree that without the new admins stepping up, the site would have died and that would have been a shame. I’d have been particularly sad after my time at the tiller…

    • Definitely would have been a shame if is a cunt ended. Was wondering Dioclese does having to deal with all the cunting, having to deal with cunters bickering etc take it’s toll? As a contributor I sometimes find myself overwhelmed by all the cuntishness, so I can’t imagine what it’s like having to deal with it all the cuntishness on a daily basis. Well done sir.

    • I think I came to ‘Is A Cunt’ not long before or after Brexit.

      Thing is, when you wipe away the swears, and the odd slur/generalisation there is more than a true word spoken on ISAC – and delivered with such aplomb that a lot of the time it’s as funny as hell!

      I think – and this is going back some – the last time I physically laughed out loud at something was when I was an early teenager reading Jasper Carrott’s “Sweet and Sour Labrador” book (the Joe Dolce bit) but on ISAC I have one of those at least once a week.

      All intermixed with serious and intelligent analysis of world affairs albeit with a lick of humour.

      Sanity prevails on ISAC where insanity rules on the auld TwitBook sites (et. al.).

      Is A Cunt would be sadly missed if it weren’t maintained, so cheers to all ISAC mods past and present. If I could buy you a pint, I’d buy you a gallon!

  16. As I’ve said before, Lucas Leiva is a useless cunt and Simon Mignolet is a fucking cunt. Roll on summer transfer window.

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