Cunt of the year 2016

It just occurred to me that when the site was changing admins we never conducted a cunt of the year for 2016.So if each one of you can nominate a cunt you think most embodied cuntitude in 2016 with a brief explanation as to why I will collate all the answers of the winning candidate in a separate post. I may even stretch to a photoshop of said cunt in a graphic sexual position complete with a crown if I can be arsed.Fill your boots. We Will allow nominations until 23:59 on 3rd February and will post the official result shortly after.

309 thoughts on “Cunt of the year 2016

  1. And even more worrying kimi raikkonen makes Lewis Hamilton sound like oscar Wilde, full of sparkling repartee….

    • Remember bring at Silverstone and before the race they were interviewing drivers and as soon as Kimi came on everyone laughed. Talk about a monotone cunt.

    • And I bet that every single one of them is a cunt…

      Lineker’s ‘love’ of Leicester City makes me laugh too… The cunt sold LCFC out and fucked off to Everton for big money (but won fuck all as Liverpool pissed on them)… Then after only one season at Goodison, the fine and upstanding Lineker pisses off to Barcelona for even more money… This pattern continued throughout his career (Spurs, Grandpa’s Eight in Japan) and he won one trophy in domestic football (and that was a stuffy result in 91)… Now the cunt is all ‘Leicester is in my blood’… Lineker’s ‘love’ of The Foxes is like Beckham’s ‘love’ for United… There when they’re doing well and when they get some press and publicity out of it… l never had time for that Green and Gold bollocks at Old Trafford… It was pointless and a total joke… But I just knew that cunt Becks would put one of the fucking scarves around his neck and lap up the media frenzy that followed…

      Lineker and Beckham… Two of football’s ‘nice guys’, but actually two cunts who aren’t that different..

  2. Just before any of you cunts start getting giddy at the thought of Tony Blair becoming cunt of the year ( sometime this year would be nice ) I hereby put you on notice I shall be demanding a recount on account of being an undemocratic cunt. Thank you.

  3. Blair greatness as a cunt is his longevity, many Cunts have come and gone but Blair has consistently performed at the highest level..

  4. I hope no fellow cunter is putting any pressure on the moderators with their nominations for Cunt of the Year. I think they are doing a great job and it is always their posts that I look for first and very highly entertaining they are. So when are you going to announce Gina Miller as Cunt of the Year, I have bought a new suit for the occasion as well as making placards for my protest outside my local chippy if she hasn’t.

    • I am planning a “Burn the Miller cunt” party. It’s all arranged. Banana starters then bananas for main followed by banana split (without the split). After the food partygoers will take part in. treasure hunt. Just one object: find the cunt miller.
      Whoever wins gets the chance to strike the first match once she has been trussed up and put on the bonfire Joan Of Arc style.

  5. away from COTY can i nominate all those feckin idiots suggesting we switch our energy supplies. what exactly is the feckin point? Npower have just put their prices up by 10% so we get the usual ‘ switch’ shop around. do they really think all the other companies wont be doing the same, so you switch from Npower to say SSE, then what happens? SSE put ther fuckin prices up of course. it’s a cartel, they take it in turns to be first. anyway if this switching bollocks really did work everyone would be with same company wouldnt they? the Lowest.. its all cobblers.

  6. I’ve a horrible feeling that the moderarors have “done a David Cameron”….disagreeing with the outcome,they’ve bolted. 🙂 .

  7. Cunt of the year? Tony Blair, the fucking CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNT is unchallengeable.

    • Tony realised he had competition for the prestigious Cunt of the year award. He got one of his middle eastern mates in a Fighter Jet to ‘get rid’ of the competition. The cunt took a fucking selfie moments later.

  8. James Robart is a cunt… So America is now a place where some leftie judge can ignore the orders of the President?!… Yet another bleeding heart septic snowflake who thinks more of the ‘peaceful’ types than he does about American people and their safety… It is a disgrace, it is siding with terrorism and rapists… And I hope Big Don is planning his response/revenge right now..

    • The president actually doesn’t have that much power, they aren’t even allowed to fucking drive during their term in office. Congress has the main power I believe.

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