Catherine Russell

Emergency deadpool nomination, please, Shaun of the Dead 69.

Catherine Russell, please.

Heart attack or suicide, i don’t know, but if her Twitter account is anything to go by, I think that she’ll be dead in the morning.
I’ll split the winnings with you.

Nominated by birdman

Unfortunately you already have 5 names in the Deadpool but I will post this anyway


12 thoughts on “Catherine Russell

    • Nope that is the wrong Catherine Russel.The Catherine Russell this post refers to is an English actress best known for her role as Serena Campbell in Holby City.She is also the daughter of the late Are you Being Served Actor Nicholas Smith.

      • Holby City another shite medical drama…, so why is she gonna off herself? BBC laying off lesser actors so they can pay the overbloated shite ones first? Perhaps shes a remoaner or anti-trumpette?

      • “Best known…”

        I’d have started that sentence with “Barely known…” as I had no idea who she was, until birdman mentioned her, either.

        Mind you I barely watch anything ABBC related these days because any programme they – from news to drama to light entertainment – has to be “on message”. Cunts!

      • I had no idea who she is either.
        She was having one of those meltdowns about brexit, that only a luvvie could have.
        Even unfamous luvvies.

  1. FUCKIIN weird…
    on twitter she appears to be waiting for the rugby to finish (husband watching) so they can go out for dinner?? Last supper maybe???

    • Fucking ridiculous.If she was my wife,she’d have been in the kitchen cooking my dinner,before serving it on a tray in front of the telly….then giving me a gobble after we beat the Scots.

  2. Watching marr on Sunday this morning and there’s a new cunt coming into view, conservative MP Anna soubry, a FUCKIIN crafty remainiac, with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp , she is full of tricky words, apparently she ” respects the referendum ?” , then like the rest of the remoaners goes on to say there are so many issues with Brexit timetable, this election, that election, she’s from the camp of string Brexit out hoping that it runs out of steam, I wouldn’t trust this cunt to deliver my morning paper….
    Just when I was thinking the show couldn’t get worse up pops Emily (champagne socialist ) thornberry, married to a judge, massive house in the right postcode this sneering cunt looks down her nose at the very people she proports to represent, when challenged on anything ( dermot on sky) etc thornberry gets really defensive and hides behind all the usual shite, sexism, racism etc etc , a political dud and 24 carat cunt..

    • She used to be a presenter on a late night current affairs TV show called Central Weekend alongside Nicky Campbell in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. So being employed as an argumentative cunt made her a good choice to be an MP.

      She’s MP for Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire which voted resoundingly to leave the EU. On the night of the result her face looked like a well slapped arse but she had to honour her electorate’s vote and vote to leave in parliament.

      She has designs on a top job (if not *the* top job) in the cabinet and likes to come over very much like a Margaret Thatcher type in dress and manner, but be under no doubts, this one is about as trustworthy as Killary!

      A nasty piece of work who’ll fuck anyone over if it’s to the benefit of her career. Keep an eye on this one I’m warning you.

  3. Soubry is instantly dislikeable, a rising star in the world of cuntitude, very much on my radar from now on!!

  4. Ffs another non-entity cunt I haven’t heard of. Catherine Russell who? give me a fucking break or give this fucking bitch a break.

  5. Another stupid cunt who thinks being on twitter makes your opinions matter. This whole social media bollocks does does my fucking head in. Cunts getting excited about likes or followers is like getting excited about how many flies their shit attracts. As for the bint? I’m none the wiser.

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