Tony Robinson [3]

Last night I watched a show called ‘ Britain’s Hidden Wars’.
Hosted by Baldrick it covered the Mau Mau uprising in 50s Kenya.
But lo and behold!
The Mau Mau (who massacred black women and children) are nowadays brave freedom fighters against the hated English who are worse than the nazis!
Baldrick couldn’t be impartial,
It was obvious were his sympathies lay.
The program itself was good having ex Mau Mau terrorists talking and footage from the uprisings.
Well Baldrick,
I came away with a different opinion altogether.
I think that colonialism was good.
I think we should of if anything been harsher on them.
One fact that Baldrick didn’t cover, and I know,
Being a intellectual.
Is that Idi Amin fought the Mau Mau for the British in the King’s African Rifles.
Winning a medal for bravery.
Well done Idi.👍
So Baldrick,
Do your fuckin research better you traitorous little virtue signaller.
(Link provided by: Ruff Tuff Creampuff)

Nominated by: Miserable northern cunt

Tony Robinson [2]


“Sir” Tony Fucking Robinson is a left wing short arsed 4 eyed bullshitting CUNT. Why he thinks that Blackadder is a suitable educational tool about WW1 fuck knows.

An utter fucking disgrace that this arsehole is indeed a “Sir” as he was perfectly placed as a smelly fuckwitted mong as Baldrick. A great shame he can’t be buried alive in one of those deep fucking trenches his motley crew dig in Time Team.

Nominated by: Ollie Burton’s Grandad

Birthday honoured bastards


Red mist rising. Despite comprehensive cunting by yours truly commie crap cock Tony Robinson has gained a Knighthood. Why oh Fuck why?

Did the card carrying commie stand in solidarity with his comrades and turn it down on principle? Fuck no. Gimme gimme gimme. Cack arsed Cunt.

Alongside the full tawdry list of closet paedos, party hacks, pc charity cunts and wanker bankers.

Outrageous. Return my Knighthood in disgust? Have to get all me toilet paper reprinted. Bugger.

Birthday Honours – the final reward for the total cunt

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

Tony Robinson


My old Eton fags recall union activist, crap actor, former Baldrick and Time Team presenter Tony Robinson emerging out of the right on rat holes of the 80s Brighton arts scene. Before that he did similar things in Bristol apparantly.

So Time Team has run out of time after 20 years but the endless repeats remain, padding out daytime Freeview scheduling where Tumbrils Tony continues to shoe horn in his marxist mantra alongside Carry on Cabby and Dickinson’s Real Deal.

The March of Time Team starts with the svelt pig tailed Tony talking to da yoot, shape shifts into cunt with skid mark dyed beard and finishes with the current bald champagne socialist fat old fuck.

Time Team’s legacy? Archeology for all? It has tought white van man to buy a metal detector and find the best sites to ravage for the car boot sale.

Tony Robinson, a cunt for the common man

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

(And the cunt never had a cunning plan in his whole fucking life!)