Tony Robinson [3]

Last night I watched a show called ‘ Britain’s Hidden Wars’.
Hosted by Baldrick it covered the Mau Mau uprising in 50s Kenya.
But lo and behold!
The Mau Mau (who massacred black women and children) are nowadays brave freedom fighters against the hated English who are worse than the nazis!
Baldrick couldn’t be impartial,
It was obvious were his sympathies lay.
The program itself was good having ex Mau Mau terrorists talking and footage from the uprisings.
Well Baldrick,
I came away with a different opinion altogether.
I think that colonialism was good.
I think we should of if anything been harsher on them.
One fact that Baldrick didn’t cover, and I know,
Being a intellectual.
Is that Idi Amin fought the Mau Mau for the British in the King’s African Rifles.
Winning a medal for bravery.
Well done Idi.👍
So Baldrick,
Do your fuckin research better you traitorous little virtue signaller.
(Link provided by: Ruff Tuff Creampuff)

Nominated by: Miserable northern cunt

79 thoughts on “Tony Robinson [3]

    • Yep, says it all really.
      Just another virtue-signalling luvvy champagne socialist. There’s too much of it about for my liking.

      Great shout Miserable.

    • Evening Ruff.

      Sure I read somewhere that hed quit Labour during the anti-Semitism uproar?
      Don’t quote me on that,
      But pretty sure he stuck up for Jewish Labour members?
      Which probably earnt him some enemies in Comrade Jeremy camp.

      Hes a right little lefty though.

      • I think you’re right, although he did campaign for Corbyn during the 2017 election.

        A rat deserting a sinking ship.

        Still a commie cunt though, however you slice it.

    • He was a poofy Blair arselicker in his day, I remember, now just a Starmer lickspittle Remainer, who no doubt hopes the little cunt will become PM and reverse Brexit.

      He is a sad littleman, trading in the one role that bought him 15 minutes of fme – and that nearly 40 years ago.

      He had some little position in the Blair party – a bit like Michael Cashman, another actor laddie with pretensions

  1. Call in the Time Team, they will reconstruct a whole Iron Age village from one shard of pot.

    He was very good as Baldrick though so I can cut him some slack.

  2. I saw him once at Alican airport, he was probably on his way to his villa in Denia, north Costa Blanca.

    He was living up to his green credentials by coming off a regular Easyjet flight.
    No first class on those planes.

    He is, without doubt, the ugliest, midget, goggle eyed, hook nosed, pot bellied bastard that I have ever seen.

    A fucking horror that can’t get cunted enough.

    • Never liked the cunt … on Blackadder he played the part of a fuckin’ retard … kinda sums him up.

  3. Friend of my Dad’s was an officer in the King’s African Rifles. Came away with PTSD from what he saw and did in the Mau-Mau conflict. Not a man to complain, but his wife said he would wake up sweating and shouting from time to time. No racist either, thought the world of his men. Got a rocket from HQ for shelling the shit out of an orchard full of Mau-Mau and destroying its commercial value. He told them no way was he going to send his boys in there and risk their lives.

    Tony Robinson is a turtle necked cunt.

    • You have to wonder how many of the decision makers in government realise the horrors they unleash when deciding to send in their troops.

  4. My brother is an archaeologist and met him on a Time Team dig in Devon some years back.

    A few of the locals addressed him as ‘Baldrick’, and apparently it really upsets him.

    Ironic, considering it’s the most entertaining thing he’s done.

    • What was the fucking point of Time Team?

      Baldrick would always say “As usual, we have just 3 days to find out”

      I can’t understand why they would have just 3 days for their explorations.

      The co-presenters were soap dodgers.
      The wierdo in the hat and the scruffy cunt with huge, filthy fingernails who’s talent was ‘flint napping’.

      I only watched it for the occasional ‘down blouse’ from the female student dirt scrapers.

  5. Champagne socialist, remoaning little cunt.
    Move to Brussels and shut the fuck up.
    In fact, “Brussels sprout” is an excellent description of this cunt.

    • I recall Baldrick demanding that we re-join the Reich a few years ago. What a cunning plan, to ignore the biggest democratic victory in British history. Shove it up ypur time tunnel Robinson, you shitty, little gjome.

  6. Splendid cunting indeed.

    Loved it in the film Branigan, where big John Wayne pushed the little shit in the Thames.

    Fuck off Baldrick.

  7. Didn’t the Mau Mau have a hit song with Dolly Parton about being justified and ancient?

    • Speaking of communists wasn’t torture of his/her grandfather by ‘the British’ for his involvement in Mau Mau one of Obammy’s many creation myths?

  8. I have a cunning plan!!
    Fuck off and live in the D. ark continent enjoy it and don’t ficking return you Cunt.

    • As Tonys got older hes starting to look like Gonzo from the Muppets.
      Hes a proper little product of the BBC,
      Hates our achievements as the greatest country ever to exist,
      Hates our record of punching above our weight in military engagements.

      He proper soured my tripe with his despicable treachery.

      If he does Time Team again watch for him planting false evidence!
      Chicken bones and afro combs in a Mesolithic encampment..

  9. Unfunny little Wanker, I would have gladly kicked his character Baldrick to Death, I rate him down there with Gobshite (Uncle Tom) Henry, that fat old Poof Fry, pretty much all of that talentless bunch of anti comedians from the 80s, laughing at each other’s jokes, waiting all year to suck at the teat of Comic (hand) relief. wankers every one.!

  10. I used to like time team in its early days before it became contrived. Tony was always a bit of an irritant and I thought some of the archaeologists thought that as well. His knighthood was a fucking disgrace in my opinion. What was it for? Services to the Labour Party? That should fucking bar you from receiving an honour, not earn you one.
    Revisionist history has always been the thing on tv, especially on C4 and C5. You know the stuff. The British drank tea while the yanks bled to death fighting for freedom in the Normandy bocage. American generals were all go getters and everyone else was fucking clueless. Now it’s all about making out that every black person who rebelled against authority was a freedom fighter and how western white man (they mean British) was and is racist vermin. I’m waiting for the C4 documentary about how wimminz, gays and tranny’s and spear chuckles brought down the Berlin Wall. Believe me, I bet I’m not far wide of the mark.

  11. Have been in the vicinity of the little tosser lefty now champagne socialist cunt for decades. Remember him as a little crap pinko actor in a little crap pinko theatre company decades ago. A little svelt cunt with hair then in a black suit playing an alternative James Bond for crissake on some shitty alternative stage.
    Still alternative in an alternative to a turd sort of way and a wobbly arsed fat cunt full of his own devious post Stalinist notions. Fuck orf back to your hacienda in Spain Yoooo Kahnt.

  12. Channel Bore

    What else would you expect from the terrestrial channel of self loathing degeneracy other than an anti white load of revisionist bollocks presented by a champagne socialist cunt.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

  13. Fucking hell, just tuned into GBNews, live broadcast of the fag end of CROC26.

    Unfuckingbelievable. You couldn’t make it up.

    • GBnews sounded promising at first but its fuckin dire.
      Michelle Dewberry and Nigel Farage are ok but jesus,
      The rest are right little metropolitan wokies.

      • I’d like to scuttle old Dewberry,

        In a dark little alley in Hull,

        The Humber Bridge lights would be shining,

        Her nipples would be crimson and full,

        I’d pull her wet lacy knickers over onto one side,

        And like the big silty Humber,

        I would empty my tide,

        “I’ve got to get back to Grimsbeh!”, Michelle would suddenly exclaim,

        “Well it’s free to walk over the bridge my love, or it’s thirty-six quid for the train”

      • Grevious Bodily News rapidly turned into a shite fest. Beyond redemption now so the only option about from ramming a high explosive charge up the arse of that tall skinny guppy mouthed arse sniffer Mark Dolan is to set up GBCuntNews then sell out (we are cunts). Would enjoy running the show via Zoom from Barbados peddling the same straight from Reuters crapola that all the other so called News Channels piss out.

      • Agree with you on this Sir Limply – apart from the explosive charge bit.

        A nice idea, poorly executed.

        Makes me wonder if that was the plan all along.

      • Everything with you cunts has got to be perfect.

        Compared to BBC & Sky, GBNews is a roaring success!

  14. I was watching a Ricky Gervais interview last night – he said he was offered 1 million quids for a Gin advert and he said no. They thought he was haggling and countered with 2 million quids! Ricky still said no because of whatever principle he held.

    By now you’ve already gathered your own thoughts about pay checks and principles with regards to Tony.

  15. Did anyone have Dean Stockwell in the DP?

    I’m a bit cut up about it actually. I feel like it’s yet another fond childhood memory gone down the toilet. Like when Rolf Harris ended up being a diddler. 😔

    • Evening Harold 👍
      I was very disappointed in Rolf.
      Not sure I believe it still?
      He egged me on to learn to swim,
      To try to create art.
      To play stylophone.
      Seemed dead nice!
      Genial Aussie.

      ” Can you guess what it is yet?”

      Your hand in my underpants?

      • New avatar LL?
        Evening mate.
        Loads of those deviant tv types I liked!
        Rolf, Stuart Hall, Fred the weatherman.
        Oh well, at least the Christmas panto at HMP Broadmoor will benefit.

      • Evening MNC

        Tony Hart was my favourite. Even if he did have that annoying little shit morph trying to upstage him.

      • I liked Tony too Harold.
        I assumed he liked the scent of violets, skipped when happy,
        Bit ‘ducky’ in his neckerchief.
        But I was dead wrong.
        Tony Hart was a captain in the Gurkha regiment!

      • Evening Mis, its a Greta Thunderbird one, Miles seems to have gone off her a bit since she went from pigtails and bunking off school to militant arsehole.

        That’s quite the collection of deviants, you didn’t have a Gary Glitter poster up on your wall too did you?!

      • @MNC – he’ll hate me for saying this, but I picture Miles as looking like Tony hart with a neckerchief.

        Either that or Brian Sewell. 😃

      • Hehehe 😀
        Brian Sewell!!

        Funny how you picture cunters from how they write on here isnt it?
        I imagine creampuff as looking like John leMesurier and Spoonington as private Godfrey from Dads Army.

    • Harold, Morph was OK, it was the fucking degenerate Chas that caused the mayhem..Come to think of it morph was brown and a model of inquiry and civility. Chad was white and a complete cunt. This was the BBC after all.

  16. Well cunted, can’t stand the narcisstic dwarf he ruined time team he knows nothing about history just gobbed of and spoke over the top of everyone else

  17. Horrible little cunt of a thing.

    Should be left in one of them holes the ‘time team’ dug in a field in Sussex, after it had been filled back in.

    Lefty luvvie socialist knob.

  18. I recall his Excellency President Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada first got promoted to sergeant because he was strong enough to handle a Bren gun in each hand. The image of him laughing whilst tearing up a rebel village makes me proud to be a subject of the Commonwealth. #BLM, Bren loving motherfuckers.

  19. Mrs Geordie Cunt once had him stay in a hotel she was working night for when she was just out of college. Being a massive fan of the character Baldrick it was very disappointing to hear her description of just how much of an arrogant little jumped up cunt weasel he is. Great cunting!

  20. This hideous lefty faggot goblin isn’t worthy to clean my arse.
    He’s got the sort of face that you’d want to smash with a cast iron skillet.

  21. Champagne socialist. Took a Knight hood from the Queen. But believes we should be a republic. Blackadder was as good as it got for Tony. Muti millionaire, hypocritical cunt…..

  22. I liked him when I was a kid as he was Baldrick and the Sheriff of Nottingham in his Maid Marion comedy, which at that time was highly popular. He also had his biblical story programme called Blood and Honey which I used to watch regularly.

    I never bothered with Time Team though. Was there some downblouse from Bettany Hughes?

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