Tony Robinson


My old Eton fags recall union activist, crap actor, former Baldrick and Time Team presenter Tony Robinson emerging out of the right on rat holes of the 80s Brighton arts scene. Before that he did similar things in Bristol apparantly.

So Time Team has run out of time after 20 years but the endless repeats remain, padding out daytime Freeview scheduling where Tumbrils Tony continues to shoe horn in his marxist mantra alongside Carry on Cabby and Dickinson’s Real Deal.

The March of Time Team starts with the svelt pig tailed Tony talking to da yoot, shape shifts into cunt with skid mark dyed beard and finishes with the current bald champagne socialist fat old fuck.

Time Team’s legacy? Archeology for all? It has tought white van man to buy a metal detector and find the best sites to ravage for the car boot sale.

Tony Robinson, a cunt for the common man

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

(And the cunt never had a cunning plan in his whole fucking life!)

6 thoughts on “Tony Robinson

  1. He looks like he smells worse than my itchy cunt. And my itchy cunt smells like the off-cuts bin at the fish market. Putrid. Fetid.

  2. Fuck me vitals! As soon as that fat fuck Robinson has been pulled alongside Time Team the bollox is back again pretending to walk our fair isles in Walking Through History. Do me a very large favour. Like all trots and lefties he may be as hard to get rid of as genital crabs but what is certain is that with that seasoned suet gut the cunt is unaccustomed to walk anywhere so we live in hope of a coronary.

  3. Tank de lawd! This vile,talentless,bloated little shitcunt upsets other right minded folk.The manner in which this putrid weasel insults and shouts down his elders and betters on Time Team is disgraceful; I only hope for a brief and extremely painful demise for “tosser” Tone in the very near future; he will not be missed, completely devoid of any type of skill or talent whatsoever..

  4. Have to admit, I pissed myself laughing when I found this on the net. Why was I checking out about him on here, I had an argument with the wife while watching an endless repeat last night, about whether he was a poofter or not, just wondered as he always plays the bitch on time team, everyone I have spoken to, and I mean everyone, thinks he is a total arshole who talks down to the time team mob, I cant believe none of them have scudded him in the puss yet with a spade, or rammed a pick shaft up his arsehole yet. how the fuck has he got a knighthood, I am total puggled about that. he has one of those faces you would just love to slap till your hands got sore, and still keep going till your fingers bleed. He knows f….k all about f….k all. he took the shine right off that program, if he is a poofter, then he gives them a bad name, The wife cracks up with me when I go on about him so much, cant help it, I bet he got the f….k kicked out of him at school.

  5. Agreed. How, the fuck, did he ever get to be cast as Baldrick? He was the worst thing about Blackadder. How, the fuck, did this ‘actor’ then become an archaeologist? By all accounts the Time Team, not surpringly, were an unqualified bunch of cowboys who did more harm than good.
    I don’t mind people being arrogant, snobbish, and condescending if they are indeed superior human beings. But, this thick as pig shit, talentless runt is just a cunt.

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