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I’m not saying Change’s public petitions aren’t a force for good, or at any rate can be. If the issue doesn’t run counter to the self-interest of the Establishment, and it receives healthy support, I’m sure the petitions at least provide Troubling Public Issues for the tabloids to sell papers with.

But they’re not the same as Government petitions, and they have no legal force. There is no automatic scrutiny in Parliament for sufficiently popular gripes. Incidentally, you can search in vain for a government petition regarding Asmodeus’s Garter knighthood. Was this because no-one tried to start one? Pull the other one.

And if someone wants to dilute the force of a perfectly good petition on Change, they can simply start another one with similar wording to confuse anyone typing, let us say, f’r instance, “Blair+ knighthood + change.org” into the search box. Doing just that, I found six such petitions additional to the original ( <i>”Tony Blair to have his “Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter”
rescinded”</i> : 701,467 signatures at this time)

Change Link

and those caught an additional (perhaps) 117,915 signatures between them, counted a few minutes earlier.

I submit that Change.org is a cunt for failing to amalgamate petitions on identical topics, and that it should take a leaf out of our revered Admins’ book to remove confusion. A small cunting perhaps, but a sincere one.

Nominated by: Komodo

27 thoughts on “Loose Change.org

  1. Change.org only works for woke causes.
    Ok, it may force parliamentary debate-but it achieves the square root of fuck all.

    Well maybe it diffuses public anger-people feel they have done their bit and “protested”, by signing a petition.

    How many of us signed and circulated that petition to publish the results of the “root & branch” grooming gang report?
    Where the fuck is that report?☹️👎

    • It’s true, but also the official government website has 42 such knighthood rescind requests for the David Keller murderer.

  2. Very much agree Komode. Like out electoral system, designed to divide.
    Chasing the tigers tail is exhausting , and as you suggest will ultimately lead to a defeat . Excellent nom

  3. Petitions are an utter waste of time apart from being a bellweather of public opinion – or, somewhat sinisterly – what we are TOLD is public opinion – always check who funds these supposedly “impartial and not for profit” organisations who do the petitions thing.
    Anyone remember Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot or Adolf Hitler reading a petition and thinking “you know what – they’re right – I’ll stop being a dictator immediately”?
    No, neither do I.
    I prefer action to petitions.

  4. Whether or not you think he’s a cunt, Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon) got over a million names supporting his release from prison.

    Parliament had to debate it. And they did.

    For about 30 seconds – in which he was called a ghastly racist and such and they swiftly moved onto other business (probably a five course lunch at our expense).

    These petitions are a fucking waste of time. They’re only bothered if it’s woke shite.

    • Totally agree. 52% of the population signed the “petition” of June 23rd 2016 and they wanted to ignore that so a couple of million complaining about fucking dinghy raiders goes straight in the bin. ( By the way another boatload of the cunts arrived in the early hours courtesy of the RNLI)

      • You signed the one for corned beef tin keys that work? Your nom inspired me Miserable and I found a tin at the back of the cupboard for dinner. Fuck me, I was like Geoff Capes trying to do needlepoint getting it open.

      • An industrial style opener is called for, LL, the kind they use for opening those 20 kilo tins of beans you find in prisons.
        Not, I hasten to say, that I have any personal experience!

    • Over the years Ive signed hundreds of petitions,
      And probably will sign hundreds more.

      But doubt they accomplish much?

      Problem ive got with Change.Org is them trying to tap me for money.

      Sign something, got a few quid?
      Dont be so cheeky!
      I don’t care enough to put my money where my mouth is.

  5. I don’t mind signing the odd one or two,safe in the knowledge it will be completely ignored.

    After all,we are governed by colossal cunts.

  6. Petitions DO work…the members of my local golf club got up a petition to ban me and the committee wasted no time in doing just that…I wouldn’t have cared but I was only a fucking social member anyhow….suspect they were jealous of my performance at their karaoke night…according to a couple of my friends who were present,my interpretation of Rod Stewart’s ” Do ya think I’m sexy” was a “once in a fucking lifetime experience..genuinely unforgettable”….modesty and the fact that I was too pissed to remember anything of the evening prevents me commenting.

    • Afternoon, Dick. If you’d identified as transgender and done it in drag, you’d have been fine, apart from where you put the No.5 iron (up the iron from No.5, if you’ve forgotten). I hope this does not interfere with your golfball recycling enterprise, anyway.

    • I have to say, I am hardly surprised, I mean, fucking hell, Rod Stewart?
      What did you expect the reaction would be?
      Now, New York, New York.
      That would have won you friends.
      And a bullet from my Glock 17.

  7. I distinguished between Change.org and UK Government and Parliament petitions.

    The latter system automatically rejects petitions which ” relate to honours and appointments, which includes calling for an honour to be removed.” So 40 petitions (after which I got bored counting) solely to remove Bambi’s knighthood were automatically kicked out.

    As was this one:
    ” Rejected petition Review UKG Petitions (UKGP) Committee Rules

    UKGP rejects Petitions which do not fall within UKGP criteria. If another respectable Petitions platform hosts a Petition which gains great popular support, in a very short space of time, it might be appropriate for the UKGP Committee to adopt that Petition so that it might properly be debated.
    More details

    The decision to award A. Blair a Knighthood has generated a deal of public oppobrium. Many unsuccessful (due to UKGP Rules) attempts have been made to launch a UKGP on this topic. However: The Prime Minister DOES advise HMQ, and it follows that HMG does have some influence with HMQ in matters of this kind. On 5/1/22, over 700,000 have voted for a Petition on the Change.org platform, on this topic. UKGP Rules need review so that such petitions may be adopted for Debate by HMG.”

    And why? The petition’s intention is apparently not clear. Anyone else have difficulty understanding it? Clue: Read the last sentence.

  8. I worry that signing petitions on subjects I agree with may put me on some secret naughty list, that might result in me having a freakish, fatal accident.
    Then I realise that I’m not important enough for anyone to give a monkeys toss about my opinion. I am after all a mere white, tax paying, law abiding citizen and voter. Why the fuck would anyone think my opinion counted?

  9. I would be interested if anyone could point me in the direction of places where my “vote” might actually help.
    I know there was a change thing that recently elevated theft of a family pet to a crime with a sentence.
    I’d like to help.

  10. There cunts anyway , the government ignores the. The lefties love a petition and a march, both a total waste of life.

  11. Over 1,000,000.00 signed the petition to remove the Blair Creature,s blood soaked order of the fucking knighthood shite award…. Will it, Will it FUCK…..☠️

    • Christ… that’s about 1.5% of the UK population… not counting illegal gimmigrants…

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