Maureen Lipman

Maureen Lipman really is a shrew-faced Harpy….

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The hypocritical old Bag reckons that only a Jew should play Golda Meir…don’t hear the same outrage from the auld trout when Sooties play white people or rampaging Homosexuals portray normal people.

What a shame the producers didn’t ask an up-and -coming Muslim transsexual Raspberry to take the part…I might have tuned in then.

No, all the grasping Hook is bothered about is missing out on a big payday.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

93 thoughts on “Maureen Lipman

  1. You might think I’m talking shit but about 12 years ago when I was a bit slimmer. Anyway she was filming at Heston services she was next to me in the queue for coffee. She wanted my body she was a bit creepy. True story

  2. I’m on the phone so can’t see whether or not this point has been already made several times, but this ‘Jewface’ accusation has to be the most ill-advised piece of band-wagon jumping ever conceived by the lefty cunts.

    Silverman came out with it a few months back. It was as retarded then as it is now.

    If the principle extends logically, Jewish actors (90% of Hollywood carry the taint) would be utterly out of work, as nobody want to see Jewish characters on the screen unless they are in striped pyjamas.

    Shut the fuck up Jewish actors and you can keep the gravy rolling in playing evil ‘white’ folk.

  3. Acting. Adults playing dress up and pretend. Some engage in this fantasy world better than others but that’s what it boils down to.
    Lipman giving back the money she was paid for playing non Jewish roles then?
    Nope – Jews make Yorkshiremen look generous.

  4. I don’t see the problem with Jewish people, watch the diary of anne frank, fucking atrocious, anyway Mel brooks (Funny), Ben Shapero (Speaks sense), Israel (Diffending their country), Einstein (Smart cookie), it seems to me the Nazi witch hunt is back on, when there’s other demographics causing real problems in the world, but getting a free pass. I’m not Jewish by the way, I’m still wearing all my clothes if you know what I mean.

    I do acknowledge there’s problem individuals in every race and religion though.

  5. I didn’t know who Golda Meir was till looked at the link.
    Fuck me!!!
    Thats some fuckin hooter shes got there!

    Nearly took my eye out.

  6. Enough already with this “You should have given me the role because I’m Jewish/Black/White (sorry, don’t know how that got on the list), Yellow/A puddle jumper/A woofer etc. For fucks sake, what happened to getting a role, a job, a career, through TALENT???????

  7. Sony Pictures want to make my screenplay into a film. Its all about aliens.

    They are finding it really difficult to cast because they can’t find any aliens to play the aliens and they say they can’t have non-aliens playing aliens because that’s offensive.

    Fuck off.

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