Maureen Lipman

Maureen Lipman really is a shrew-faced Harpy….

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The hypocritical old Bag reckons that only a Jew should play Golda Meir…don’t hear the same outrage from the auld trout when Sooties play white people or rampaging Homosexuals portray normal people.

What a shame the producers didn’t ask an up-and -coming Muslim transsexual Raspberry to take the part…I might have tuned in then.

No, all the grasping Hook is bothered about is missing out on a big payday.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

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    • Apparently she’s currently in some soap thing called Coronation Street. For this role she was made a dame in 2021.

    • Last time I watched that Minnie Cawdwell had a ginger cat called Sunny Jim, it used to lay on the roof in the opening credits, stopped watching when Albert Tatlock died, never the same

    • I have it on good authority that if she hadn’t married her husband she would still be asking her punters if they want tea or coffee with their eggs and ham.
      As an aside I do love your website/blog thingy.

      • Jaguarpig@ – I imagine the evenings just flew by – “Maureen – your mouths hanging open again”..

  1. One suspects if someone digs deep enough into her “career” as a TV/film actor, I bet she has plays non-Jewish roles without a word said about cultural appropriation.

    But as its now a trendy thing she has clearly hopped on the bandwagon just to make people aware she’s not dead yet!

    • Techno@ – Yep, she has
      – Is she returning the money from these roles?
      Fuck off and die Maureen – burial as opposed to “a cheap cremation deal” of course – they ain’t falling for that one twice! 😀

    • The old Bag actually played a Vicar in that dreadful programme with the unfunny fat Cow who was married to the unfunny chippy Sooty.

      • I laughed when I heard him ranting about racial stereotyping black people in film and on stage, and then seeing somebody post a link to a photo with him smiling away with the black and white minstrels.

        They should bring that show back. Great family viewing and we had less trouble from the dark keys back then. Now they have ‘gangster rappers’ encouraging violence, when they used to have parties where they’d don white gloves and sing ‘Camptown Races’ and do tap dancing and shit.

      • True enough,HJ….I remember laughing when I saw the photos of him and his zeppelin-sized wife surrounded by starving Sooty brats in some refuge camp….trolling of the finest order by Sir Lenford and the fragrant Dawn,I thought.

      • DF@ – Afternoon Sir Fiddler – Lipman did indeed – as well as some hideously unfunny “comedy” roles in the 1970’s.
        I imagine that big hook nose would make short work of opening a tin of corned beef though! 😀

    • The spouse tells me that this lady plays “Tyrone’s granny”. It has never been suggested as far as I know, that he paid a visit to the Mohel or that he says no to a bacon sarnie.

      Surely being an actor means that you act a role that is nothing like you. A few years ago Anna Soubry played the role of Nancy in a new production of Lionel Bart’s”Oliver” this year she is in the revival, but she is playing Fagin. She belts out a rousing version of “As Long As He Needs Me” to a picture of Donald Tusk and other EU old flames.

    • I remember she played a factory girl (non jewish) alongside Dennis Waterman in Ken Loach’s up the junction movie, brilliant film actually, got it on DVD with old Queenie Watts singing in her pub, Lipman is full of shit

      • She was in an episode of The Avengers too…
        (That’s the real Avengers with Steed and Mrs Peel, as opposed to Iron Man and his band of spandex wearing toy salesmen)

  2. For a woman who appears on the idiot box – with contradictory statements such as what she’s spouting, she obviously doesn’t watch it very often.

    Wonder if she’ll have anything to say, if and when an actor such as Forest Whitaker ends up playing Prince Phillip in an upcoming biopic.
    (it could happen)

    Stupid old bint.

    • Lipman also said gays should be the ones to play gay roles etc…can’t wait for the remake of Forest Gump with potato Biden in the lead

  3. Luckily nobody gives a fuck who she is or what she says.
    Indeed I thought the dried up old crone had been pushing up pansies for many years.

    • It’s not like she was an historical figure 😂

      Can you imagine what would happen if a whitey was cast in the lead role for a film about Martin Luther King or Mandela 😳

      • Until they cast some cunt like Ray Winstone as MLK jr, they can shut the fuck up.

        “I av’ a dream treacle”.

    • too be fair a week underground without her bonce Boleyn would look pretty much black, like the ones on that vogue cover they look fuckin dead

  4. Anyone can play the part, stick on a Jew nose and it’s sorted, don’t need to be a real 4×2

    It’s not like she needs to black up 😂

  5. Surely the part of Golda Meir should be played by someone with a passing resemblance to Golda Meir and can imitate her mannerisms convincingly?

    Or is that too much common sense for one morning?

    • They should get the spouse then – I’d be happy to see her in Hollywood for a few months. It would save the wear and tear on the TV set.

    • Well we had yanky meryl streep play maggie thatcher and it was spot on, looked just like her, voice was really close too, amazing what make-up can do, Lipman just isn’t a good actress

  6. Aye, she say fuck all when Rastus Umbomgos are cast as Victorian noblemen.

    I like four be twos overall, but a few (not all by any stretch) do seem to hate ethno centrism – but think it’s ok for them to do it.

    You’re either for all ethic groups to be the rulers (with privileges like free education, the vote etc) of their lands or not. Can’t put yourselves as a special case.

    She’s one of those ‘For thee but not for me’ types, I’m afraid.

    For this role, I hope they cast some Mammy Two Shoes type to see how she fucking likes it. Some front wheels are dark keys too (not many but they do exist – I saw one playing in the Israeli football team recently).

    I wonder if she’d be ok with a dark key four be two in that role? Because I bet she fucking well wouldn’t be.

    Fuck off

  7. The last decent thing I saw Lipman in was the film ‘Outside Edge’ (1979) where she played a character called Maggie, who I’m pretty, pretty, pretty sure was not Jewish.

    She had a cracking pair of pins.

  8. Anyone remember her playing a very stereotypical Jewish lady in those awful, grating 1980s BT adverts?

  9. Sounds like she’s pissed off cos she didn’t get the role.
    The next actor to play Superman better be from fucking Krypton then…

  10. Never heard of her … but just the fact that she’s banging on about shit that I don’t wanna hear about makes her a total and utter cunt!

  11. So sad that there are so few parts for horrible old trouts that the vast pool of horrible luvvies have to resort to handbags at dawn. But will they take method acting to its logical conclusion? Will they mazeltov.

    Surely the main qualification for playing Golda Meir is to be dead. Invite me to the funeral already…

  12. I encountered this attention whore at the Chelsea Flower show in 1993, posing for the paps. I had a special invitation on the “press day”.

    In an event full of pretentious, look at me, me, me types, she was head and shoulders above the rest.

    At one point she was standing next to me getting a glass of wine, ok, she was slim-but fuck me, what an example of “Mutton dressed as lamb”

  13. An irrelevant old has been who once took over from Busby on the old BT ads. Bit of a shocker since Busby was clearly more talented and better looking. Mind you, his beak was smaller than hers.

  14. I just read Maynard Bassett (sweet company) are changing Midget Gems to Mini Gems in case the sweet offends people with dwarfism……The world has gone fukin bonkets! CUNTS!

    (There is a nom on that very subject due to go live soon. – Day Admin)

  15. What does she think about men pretending to be women and visa versa? Her complaint is full of holes. This moment in the limelight tells me she is grasping for relevance and to move from the Z list to Y for a few seconds.

    • MC@ – The freakflakes do not understand or accept facts – we are dealing with the insane here remember.
      Cured by Gatling gun.

  16. Actors are cunts! They spend their lives pretending to be someone else.

    Was Daniel Ratcunt a wizard? Some poor wizard lost out on that part!

    Black woman plays white English queen and it’s a triumph, white non Jew plays White Jew and it’s somehow a crime against minorities.

    Taken to the ultimate writers will only be able to write about their own gender and ethnicity because it will be illegal to write about anyone apart from yourself. The best sellers of the future will be diaries!

    On the one hand we are told we are all equal but on the other we are shown we are definitely not!

    So much diversity in the world but being a cunt is universal.

  17. I wonder what Ms Lippmann thinks about fellow Jewish thespian, Ben Kingsley, portraying the father of India-Ghandi?

    Any comments Mo?

    No-I fucking thought not!

  18. When will we see the new blockbuster from esteemed film-maker, W.C. Boggs?

    Moaning Lipman as the central character in “Deep-Nose”.

    An erotic masterpiece about a sexually frustrated librarian, who discovers her Clitoris is inside her vast nasal passage.

    Scene 1: whilst having a Lateral flow test, the swab dislodges decades old nose-crud, exposing her “little man in a boat”, leaving her writhing in ecstasy on the floor.

    Thus begins a quest of sexual exploration.

    WC makes a Hitchcock style cameo appearance as “man on bus”, sitting behind her, as a wasp fly’s up her nose, leading to her squirting all over the No. 42 bus to Golders Green.

  19. Yes hypocrisy is rife amongst the thespians, Cunts, its acting lippy. playing pretend. you Cunt.

  20. Wilfred Brambell would have pleased Mo Liphooknose, he looked the part and had the heritage.

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