Tony Robinson [2]


“Sir” Tony Fucking Robinson is a left wing short arsed 4 eyed bullshitting CUNT. Why he thinks that Blackadder is a suitable educational tool about WW1 fuck knows.

An utter fucking disgrace that this arsehole is indeed a “Sir” as he was perfectly placed as a smelly fuckwitted mong as Baldrick. A great shame he can’t be buried alive in one of those deep fucking trenches his motley crew dig in Time Team.

Nominated by: Ollie Burton’s Grandad

10 thoughts on “Tony Robinson [2]

  1. Fuck off!
    I adore Time Team. Especially that long-haired fucker with the filthy hat – Phil, I think his name is. He can flint-knap my labia any day!

    And it’s WWI, not WW1, Jesus Fucking Christ, have you no shame?

  2. Nominating Kanwal Butt. Arse by name arse by nature! This fuckslap thought it would be a great idea to listen for approaching trains by placing his ear on the rail because that’s what they do in Pakistan. Unfortunately he opted for the electrified live rail and got 750 volts up his jacksy for his troubles. Darwin’s theory at work.

  3. Bruce Springsteen…
    Oh yeah, he plays for four hours every night and his music is just fantastic…like fuck it is, four hours of listening to that middle of the road ‘rawkkkk’ shite would be hell on earth.
    And anyone who styles himself the Boss, isn’t a boss…he’s a cunt.

  4. Tony Robinson has the type of face that would benefit from a good thumping. Then burning, in that order.

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