Al Murray

Al Murray Pub Landlord

Al Murray, the “pub landlord” is possibly the worst comedian to ever be allowed to assault us with his working class pretensions.

Less funny than Ross Noble, Sarah Millican and Harry Hill. And that’s saying something!

A right boring cunt!

Nominated by: Geordie Cunt

8 thoughts on “Al Murray

  1. I suspect I am to consider myself quite fortunate that I know nowt ’bout these Non U, anal sphincter muscles.
    I will rest and wallow in the bliss of ignorance.

    You’re right about Geordies being cunts I reckon. The Tutor’s mam was Scouser and they apparently know of these things.

  2. The prick flings beer about and hides behind a microphone the cunt needs a kick in the balls twice a day and three times after meals

  3. Alistair posh boy Murray,yet another posh cunt who pretends to be funny for a living,one trick pony with that pub wanker thing ,stood against Farage for laughs but just looked a cunt,I know from personal experience he doesnt like being critiscised on twitter or facebook too,I saw his book in The Works and wanted to do a very nasty shit on it….CUNT

  4. True. Spoilt, fat, ugly, talentless cunt. He even embarrasses himself. No wonder his wife left the pisshead. His idea of what a pub landlord looks, behaves and dresses like is bizarre. Looks like an old, bald, fat public schoolboy – which is what he is. Die, cunt!

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