Joanna Rowling (6)

Rent-a-gob celebrity has been all the rage for some time. Recently, it has become derigeur amongst the millionaire class of Hollywood and the arts world, collectively aligned against the Tango Man.

Over the past few days J Kunt Growling has waded into another Twatter spat against him.

She accused him of ignoring a three year old disabled boy called Monty at an event.  She stated on Twatter he could not “bring himself to shake the hand of a small boy who only wanted to touch the President.”  She wrote the display was “stunning” and “horrible,” calling the president a “monster of narcissism” in a series of seven tweets. She spewed forward a tirade of abuse against him.

Here is the rub. It turned out she was WRONG and The Donald had in fact interacted with Monty.

So after facing a Twatter and social meejah backlash she apologised to Monty and his family. Good you may think. However, she did NOT apologise to the Tango Man. She only deleted the tweets after the storm of condemnation.

This sanctimonious storyteller does not have the manners and decency to apologise to the subject of her criticism and abuse. She cannot bring herself to undertake a simple act of contrition.  Her tweets of lies and abuse were re-tweeted 75,000 times by her followers.

I wonder what ‘Jack’ ( or whatever he/she is called this week) Monroe thinks of gobby Growling’s behaviour? After all ‘Jack’ sued Katie Hopkins for a mistaken tweet meant for someone else. Here we have J Kunt defaming the President of the US of A, without any justification and still has (and does) not apologise to him.

This is what we have come to expect from a woman who holds the warmongering and crooked Killary Kiloton in such high esteem. She is also a Barry Obummer groupie. Additionally, her great wisdom of all things political is shown by her sycophantic love of the EU.

She applies to geopolitics her simplistic knowledge of who and what she THINKS are good and evil from her childish books. She should stick to writing mind-numbing fairytales and leave politics and real world issues to the grown-ups. Living in a world of fantasy and fiction, so it would seem, she doesn’t need to let facts get in the way of a (fake) story.

I have just one question for J Kunt. Who is the narcissist in this true life story?  I recommend she looks in the mirror for the answer.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

JK Rowling [2]


JK Rowling is a complete cunt…

The other day this silly bitch milked the Harry Potter cow again, as she apologised on the ‘anniversary’ of the ‘death’ of some character called Remus Lupin…

Yesterday would have been my brother Andy’s birthday, had he not been killed when he was hit by a car… Yet this attention whore one trick slagwagon is mourning fictional characters and commorating their ‘deaths’ with ‘anniversaries’, while playing up to every Harry Potter fanmong cunt in the world?

Go and boil your fucking big head, JK, you fucking cunt!

Nominated by: Norman

Kiddies’ books


What the fuck do you have to do these days to get a decent book to read to your kiddies at bed time?

For example “It hurts when I poop – A story for children afraid to use the potty” or “The Queen’s Knickers” or “But what if? – a book about being worried” or “Who cares about elderly people?” or “Mummy, I did a poo.”

And let’s not forget “Games you can play with your pussy” and “The gas we pass – The story of farts” or my personal favourite “Pop goes the Hamster and other fun microwave games” – I mean who the hell writes this shit?

Whatever happened to good old fashioned childrens’ classics about wolves eating piggies, Hansel and Gretel burning the witch, the troll getting slaughtered by the billy goats? Now those were books!

Even J K fucking Rowling was better than this and she wrote Harry fucking Potter!

Nominated by: The eighth dwarf

J K Rowling [3]


“I wrote it under a pseudonym because I wanted genuine feedback.”

Sales = 1,500 copies. Name is leaked. Rises 5,000 places in best seller list overnight.

“To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. I feel very angry.”


Nominated by: Harry Potter’s lovechild