J K Rowling [3]


“I wrote it under a pseudonym because I wanted genuine feedback.”

Sales = 1,500 copies. Name is leaked. Rises 5,000 places in best seller list overnight.

“To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. I feel very angry.”


Nominated by: Harry Potter’s lovechild

10 thoughts on “J K Rowling [3]

  1. Filling kids’ heads with witchcraft and using her shit books to promote her lefty, New Labour, Marxist shite is evidence of how much of a cunt she is and how fucked in the head you need to be to sit outside Ottakars all fucking night to buy her badly written ramblings.

    Anybody who befriends Gordon Brown and his dysfunctional beard must be a cunt, and Rowling is living proof.

  2. What a cunt. She gets money for writing shit. I write shit but get no money. Makes me fucking angry and want to burn stuff. Is she a witch? I don’t know, but lets burn her just in case. Can’t take too many chances these days. God knows his own and surely will pluck her from the fire- unless she is a cunting witch.

  3. If the filly requires artistic and literary “feedback” then I am happy to oblige. Skipping the boatrace its’s your jugs that need most work. A full lift and tuck my dear. A few more years gravity and they will catch up with the memsahib’s on the plummet earthwards. Unless you have any magic spells up your sleeve.

    • Perhaps your next money making venture could be the Hogwarts Wonder Bra sweetheart. At which point I intended a killing bon mot finish but since I have never read a fucking Harry Potter and avoid the crap film reruns like the plague I could not be arsed.

  4. I nominate the cunts who read her shit making the silly cow rich. What the fuck is a Hogwart anyway?

  5. Rowling is an overhyped cunt, and Harry Potter is the most overrated, Eton with magic wands shite known to man… The basis of the stories is shit anyway… A school for wizards, where kids become wizards… Errr then what? And Voldermort is a piss-poor rip off of Darth Vader….

    I used to read these books when I was at primary school: they were about a boy called Tim and his magic witch’s cat… Rowling nicked a lot of stuff out of them for Potter… Thieving bitch…

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