American Empire


Vast arses squeezed into huge crap cars. Vomit sweet takeaway food. Coffee floating in liquid sugar. Huge portions glued together by cheap corn syrup.

A tide of salt, sugar and fat has swept the world. Cadbury’s? Mega sweet fatty tasteless yankshite. Yankshite Mars bar or Coke new flavor? Add more fattening cunt syrup to hook the kiddies and their bloat arsed single mums on benefits.

NHS spending millions on beds and ambulances for fat fucks. Teams set up to winch lard cunts out of bed at home. PC brigade in there. Against their human rights to call them fat for crissake. Even Ryanair too scared to charge if a fat fuck needs two seats.

Roman Empire left us straight roads and civic architecture
British Empire gave the world railways and democratic government
And the American Empire? Face jobs and pig fat arses for all

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

14 thoughts on “American Empire

  1. These phat phuks take more space than thy have paid for or deserve on the plane. Something ought be done about it.

  2. The entire cast, every single one, of EGGHEADS

    AKA Cunt heads No one likes a smart arse.

    Theres not alot more to say…..

  3. I watched a programme recently which was entitled ‘The United States of Bacon’. It was an hour long documentary on the travels of a morbidly obese and annoyingly moronic, loud-mouthed yank (are there any other sort?) attempting suicide by gorging himself on bacon-based ‘meals’ in various ‘restaurants’ in ‘merka.

    One such meal actually weighed more than 2 lbs and consisted of various lumps of pig and cow mashed into a pulp, after which great spoonfuls of bacon fat were added to mix before being fried in bacon fat and after which bacon strips were added, along with peanut butter and mayonaisse.

    Utterly fucking revolting. Just like the people, especially the annoying cunts always banging on about the fucking military. America have only ever fought one real war, Vietnam, which they lost to bunch of gooks in sandals.

    Mightiest nation on Earth? Is it fuck. Just a bunch of cunts. Fat ones.

  4. Au contraire monsewer cuntnut. We know precisely what we are. We despise ignorant tosser cunts like you. Free market? What fucking free market? Manipulated and fixed by predatory yankshite bloodsuckers like Kraft on some ultra capitalist screw the world sexual perversion trip.
    The only way those cunts can get an erection is to rob their own grandmothers.

    The currency of Cunt is universal. Found left, right and centre, commo or capitalist, ac, dc or neutral. If cunts are cunted it is because they are cunts. Get it cunt? And do try to learn some elementary economics, there’s a love.

    Oh and my pants are generally full of a lot more than just piss. Want me to send you a pair? I take PayPal.

  5. This is the smiling face of Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld. What a sweetheart. Reminds one of the last view of the world a duckling might get before the alligator strikes.

    You may also recall how she refused to appear before the select committee of MP’s inquiring into the Kraft takeover of Cadbury’s and the blatant lies the company told about their intentions for the British institution.

    • Jesus Christ! If that monumental twat David Icke was actually right, that is what the fuckers would look like without their masks….

  6. America needs nuking with all the fat big mouthed mcfucknolds eating cunts in it, result- end of all the worlds wars!

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